Ch.2 – Pack

Having Ulquiorra remove the girl's stitches was harder than Grimmjow thought it was going to be. She fought really well. Not only had she obviously been trained for battle, but she unleashed a power that they had never encountered. Both ended up in their resurrecciόn forms in order to complete their self-appointed task, and not of their own accord. By the end the girl had exhausted herself, which the guys were thankful for and made cleaning her now open wounds easier. "Well that was a hassel." Ulquiorra sighed as he shifted back to his normal espada form.

"Well you can't say that wasn't interesting." Grimmjow grinned as he layed the girl down on his bed and tucked her in.

"I will have to research what she is. Do not let Aizen get ahold of her. That is no ordinary power she wields. If it could change us so easily, it could do a lot of damage."

"No shit. Like I'd allow Aizen to have her. I'm keeping Stitches."

"You named her? Stitches.. how original." The bat rolls his eyes.

"She's obviously more then just a girl and she can't tell me her name. You got any better ideas?" The cat growls.

"…Its not my problem." Ulquiorra shrugs before waltzing out of the room.

"Well that just leaves you and me, Stitches." Grimmjow turns to the girl to find her awake and curled up, fear in her eyes. "Calm down Stitches. I know it hurt, but once you're all healed up you'll thank me. That was some display you put up. Ulquiorra will figure out what you are. You're definitely not something normal found in this world." He situates himself on one side of the bed, she shuffles to the other side. "Get over here before you freeze." She whimpers. "It was a necessary hurt to help you heal. You hurt me in turn when you tried to electrocute me with those weird powers of yours. I don't shift forms easily you know." He growls when she refuses him again. "I'm not gonna rape you in your sleep Stitches. I'm much higher on the food chain. I haven't purposely hurt you since I found you. Don't you know anything about pack?" That word seemed to trigger something as she practically launched herself at him, her head nuzzles under his chin, her hands pressed against his chest and her tail wrapped around his waist. Grimmjow smirks as he wraps his arms around her. "Goodnight Stitches."