Though everyone went on to lead their separate lives, they still remained very close friends. It was an unspoken rule, but the first weekend of every month, one member of their group was supposed to have a small get together, just so they could catch up on things happening in their post-Hogwarts lives.

Draco went on to the work at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Mysteries, as an Unspeakable. The score on his NEWT's were second only to Hermione's, only because she had taken a few more courses than he did. The Malfoy name had been in the gutter during the final days of the war, but Draco intended to change that. He helped support research projects: retrieving people from behind the veil, like Sirius Black (which he was personally working on); the further treatment and trying to find cures for the long-term residents at St. Mungo's; and a complete restoration of Hogwarts.

Susan had moved into Malfoy Manor right after graduation, but Narcissa and Lucius surprised the two teens by building them a guest house on the outskirts of the grounds. This allowed them privacy as well as more independence. Susan went to work for the Ministry as well, but decided to continue her Auntie's legacy in the Magical Law Enforcement Department. Draco was such a worry wort when it came to her well being. He was worried about her getting hurt on the job. She proved to him that she was perfectly capable of handling herself by means of a due, officiated by Lucius. They threw curse after curse at each other, neither holding back on their abilities. The duel ended on a tie, and Draco's mind was put at ease. Lucius was impressed by Susan and told her so (and he didn't give out compliments very often).

Draco and Susan got engaged three years out of school and had a two year engagement period. They were married in a small ceremony of friends in April of 2006. Their son Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy was born late in 2006. Not many people knew that Susan was about two months along at the wedding. She was so in shape that she didn't start to show until she was nearly six months along. They were really happy with their little family, but once Scorpius turned nine, Susan was pregnant again. In 2015, Judith Caitlin was born. Scorpius turned out to be a wonderful brother.

Draco took retirement after fifteen years in the Department of Mysteries. He stayed more than twice the average amount of years that most people spent there. They just got burned out so quickly. He managed their accounts from home and became a stay-at-home Dad. Susal was finally made the head of her Department and they couldn't be happier. They even managed to free Sirius back from the veil before Draco retired. (Sirius, the playboy, eventually married Madam Rosmerta)

Neville graduated in the top ten of their class, much more than his Gran had ever hoped from him. He went directly to St. Mungo's to apply for their Healer program; he was accepted straight away. He took three years to graduate instead of the typical four years. Neville loved every minute of it. He graduated with honors because he discovered a new cross germination. Since Neville loved Herbology so much, this was his final project, and he tried to cross a mandrake with bubotubers. When the essence was collected from these plants, he found that it had restorative property completely unknown to the wizarding or Muggle world. He used this essence on his parents, and after about a month of intense therapy, they returned practically to normal. He was given an Order of Merlin for his discovery. He patented this new discovery and made quite a bit of money.

Luna Lovegood took over officially for her father as Editor in Chief for the Quibbler. The magazine stayed the same for the most part, but there were some changes. Along with the oddities, there were not interview with important people around the wizarding the equivalent of a 'Dear Abbey' column for the magazine, titled 'Dear Aggie'. Neville published a column on medical advances that occur once a month.

Luna and Neville were married in the April of 2002. The wedding was rather large becauseAugustahad a lot of relatives. All of the Weasley's had been invited as well and there was a while lot of people with just them. They had their first child, Mary Anne, in 2004. She was the spitting image of Luna, much to Neville's pleasure. Their second child, Cara Michelle, who was born in 2010, looked just like him.

Hermione went into the Department for the Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures. This position allowed her to petition for the rights of house-elves, werewolves, dragons, and giants. She graduated with the highest grades in all the subjects that she had taken in Hogwart's history (except Harry in Defense). Higher even than Dumbledore. Eventually she became Transfiguration professor when Molly wanted to retire. Later on she became Head Mistress after Professor McGonagall passed on.

Ron went right into the Auror program. He was by far the biggest recruit, which the drill-Aurors liked. He swept the floor with the other recruits, except Harry, during basic training. Those two passed with such high scores, they by-passed the rookie stage and became fully functional Aurors. After the required fifteen years of service, they retired with honors. He was offered a position at Hogwarts, as flying/Quidditch instructor. Madam Hooch was very happy with her replacement. He took this job very seriously; in fact, he organized an annual alumni game. There were four teams and no one was placed via house preference, but by means of a draft. Everyone even seemed to get on with each other. The captains were picked at random and the games were a great success. Two galleon donation was require for admission and the money went to purchasing new brooms and equipment for the school.

Ron proposed to Hermione when he graduated the Auror program in 2002. They were married six months later. Making the decision to settle in their jobs for a while before they had kids, they waited four years to start. Rose was born in July 2006 and Hugo was born in 2007. Hermione took time away from the office so she could be home with the kids. She still worked via old and floo, and when she needed to go into the office, there were quite a few babysitters available: Bill and Fleur, who had Victoire Jacqueline (August 2001), and David Robert (2002); Lucius and Narcissa; and if they really needed, Teddy Lupin, who was fifteen. He volunteered to help the kids when they were a bit older. Contrary to belief, Hermione enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom. She would even babysit others from time to time.

Ginny had decided to become a healer. She too had graduated in three years instead of four, with the help of her study buddy, Neville. She set out to create a cure for Dragon Pox, and completed her research in 2010. She was offered a position on the Holy Head Harpies, the only all-girls team in the National Quidditch League and her favorite team, but she decided against it; opting for more a quiet life at home with the love of her life.

Harry joined the Auror Department with Ron, and they quickly became the most well known, successful Aurors. They dedicated their success to Mad-Eye and Tonks, the two Aurors they were close with in the war. Harry and Ron were also the most decorated Aurors since Mad-Eye himself. They became co-Head's of the department. After fifteen years of dedicated service, Harry retired and took up the DADA professor position when Viktor was killed by a gang inBulgariaduring a summer holiday, and Bill wanted to go back to his first love, curse-breaking at Gringotts.

Harry proposed to Ginny in 2004 and they were married six months later. Molly pulled out all the stops with this wedding, and with Ron and Hermione's. There were upwards of 500 guests for each one. In 2005 James Sirius was born, a year later Albus Severus, and a year after that was Lily Luna. Ginny stayed home for a while but she decided to share shifts with Neville so they would baby sit each other's kids on their off days.

So you see, they did manage to live Happily Ever After… even 19 years later.