I was inspired by a story by Julius Lester. It is called "Spear". I found it in some of our old English books-or at least in one of it. The characters aren't also mine. :)

Outside it is a little bit stormy, though it is summer. Probably it will rain in the next few hours. It always rained when the weather was like this.

He sits in his office waiting. Waiting for anything to happen. Something he couldn't quite define. Indefinable.

He sighs as he takes one of the test papers of his students. For how long he now teaches psychology? How many years? How many of them had he been alone?

Most of it, he thinks.

How many years had he wished for having a companion? Not many, if he ever had.

He underlines a sentence of the test paper and writes down his opinion to that.

As he carries on, the day passes along. It is dark as he finishes. He somehow is glad about it.

So he stays in his room and plays on his computer. Mainly Lara Croft.

Once a week or so, late night, his phone rings. (Since the day he found out) He always answers before the first ring is through. They never talk about personal impressions of their jobs, or anything that would be linked to it in the slightest way.

"Hello?" he always asks, though he knows that it is her.

"Tony?" she asks.

"Hi" his answer to say he remembers her. He hadn't forgotten a second of their shared time.

"It´s me." She says.

"I know."

She isn't coming back, but at least she´s there. On the phone and talking to him. Then he says what´s going on at the station. The kind of small talk, they´d always avoided. It now seems to be a nice distraction. But just sometimes. Mostly, though he says nothing, and both know that they´re holding the receiver so tight that their hands hurt.

Sometimes the silence is like a gulf that never can be crossed.

Most of the time the gulf only opens when she says: "Good night, Tony. I love you." And he hears the phone go dead.

He never is fast enough to reply, though he has no idea what to say. He just knows that she is right. And that she knows it.

(A/N) Hope you enjoyed reading it.