Death Note: Interviews


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Italicise is Past/What BB talks about during interviews

On every news channel

The spokesperson began reading the headlines

'The infamous criminal, Beyond Birthday, charged with taking the lives of pop star, Misa Amane, and fellow spokesperson Kiyomi Takada, was found dead in his cell early this morning. It appears he had committed suicide the night before. A reporter, Naomi Misora, had investigated beyond Birthday's side of the story of why he had killed. She had given all her recordings to us to show us the truth. We, today, are going to playback the interviews' the spokesperson said and began rolling the tapes

Interview tapes

"Hello Beyond Birthday" a reporter said sitting across a black table from BB. She was the only willing person to get Beyond Birthday's side of the story, since the accusations were off the top.

"Yeah… hi" BB said with an already annoyed tone, "why did you decide to interview me? Everyone else either is too afraid of me or just believes any of the 'accusations'" he finished and Misora put some papers down in front of her

"That's why I'm here, I want to get the truth" Naomi said and BB huffed

"Yeah right, you think I'll believe that. You're like everyone else; trying to something out of things and don't care what happens" BB said glaring slightly and Misora had wide eyes and shook her head

"No. I am here for the truth only. I want to uncover the real reason why you turned on your twin brother" Misora said and BB hunched over the table he was chained to (supposedly for Misora's safety). BB smiled and the reporter noticed the sadness and dullness suppressed in the faint smile.

"I never turned on L" BB said and the reporter nodded

"I'm here to prove that; if you are willing to tell your side of the story" she said and BB looked to the side and Misora got the hint

"I'm not here to judge you Beyond; I promise I only came for the truth. By the way I'm Naomi Misora" she said with a slight smile and BB looked to her and sighed as he looked down.

"Well it'll take a while to tell you the story; Misora" BB said dully and Misora nodded with a smile

"I planned this would take a long time, and I'll be here listening throughout the story; even if it takes all year long" Misora said putting a hand on BB's chained hand, "You don't seem like a bad person Beyond. I've been following up on this case and I find it hardly fair that they make accusations without your side of the story; even if you did kill two people" she finished and BB looked to the side

"Misa Amane and Kiyomi Takada" BB said dryly

"And almost killed—"

"Teru Mikami and… Light Yagami" BB said and froze slightly as he said the last name reminded him of Lawliet, his twin brother, "ok… I'll tell you" BB finished and sighed as memories began flashing by of the incident.

"Really?" Misora asked

"Yes. Even if you are here for the wrong reason, which I highly doubt, there is a slight chance that L would see this and… he needs to know" BB said and Misora nodded

"We'll begin whenever you are ready" Misora said and BB nodded; beginning to wonder if he could make it through one day of what will probably be one of the most painful interviews with a straight face.