Regular is Present
Italicise is Past/What BB talks about during interviews

Chapter 10

On every news channel:

"That is the end of the interviews" the spokesperson said and pulled out another video, "With the same case, we got permission to play these two security tapes by the warden" she said playing the tapes


Beyond Birthday was sitting in the visitation spot as the guards said that someone was going to visit him. BB's breath hitched as his twin brother came into the room and sat down on the other side of the Plexiglas.

"…L" BB mumbled as his heart was racing, not knowing what to say or even think

"Beyond" L said and BB winced slightly after hearing the formal name come out of his twin's mouth. That means that L hated him

'… I guess that means that Misora didn't show him the videos yet…' BB thought "U-uh… so how are you?"BB asked after a moment of silence

"Good…" L said and BB nodded

"That's good…" BB said

"Listen Beyond. I came here for a reason. I'm moving away with Light" L said and BB froze as his heart throbbed


"So this is the last time I will ever see you" L said


"So this is goodbye" L said getting up and started to walk away. BB stood up and put his hand on the Plexiglas

"Wait L please!" BB said in a desperate begging tone "Y-you can't leave! You just can't!" BB yelled and L stopped and sighed and walked back

"Watch me" L said about to leave and BB had tears in his eyes

"B-but… y-you—" BB started not knowing what to say to make his brother stay a little longer and it hurt. L glared at his older twin brother

"Beyond, you killed 3 of Light's friends, not to mention almost killing my boyfriend!" L yelled as angrily and mean as he could seeing his brother wince

"P-please L… y-you don't even know my side of the story! L-look for M-Misora, she has the truth… pl-please, at least do that for me… I'm your brother" BB said almost to the point of a break down. BB froze when seeing his twin shake his head and take something off from around his neck and placed it on the table, hand covering it

"No Beyond… we may be twins, but you're not even close to being considered my brother… all you are to me is a cold blooded killer that looks like me. And I am leaving with Light, and nothing you can say would stop me" L said leaving. BB had wide eyes as he looked down to the table. On the table was the necklace that BB had given L when they were kids, it had a B on it. BB felt his blood run cold as the last bit of hope he was holding onto broke. BB reached under the Plexiglas and took the necklace before the guards pulled him towards his cell. BB had a sad, heartbroken look on his face, which he usually hid under the calm mask he usually does, but this time he just couldn't. They put BB into his cell, where he sat down thinking about something for around an hour and sighed. BB took out a piece of paper, he was supposed to write home to, like the other inmates, but he didn't. BB took out a pen; he had taken and started writing on the paper, letting a few tears drip down onto the paper. BB sighed sadly before taking the necklace he was wearing, with an L on it, and the one L left behind and squeezed them slightly before putting them on the paper. Taking his shoe off, revealing a sharp, arrowhead shaped plastic piece, BB stared at it with pain before stabbing it through his heart. By the time the guards found him, he was already gone.

End of videos:

"The suicide letter had said the following" the spokesperson said looking at a piece of paper and began reading,


I'm sorry for everything… I only killed because Light was cheating on Misa Amane, and Takada and Mikami had tried to hurt and kill you on purpose. I-I'm sorry… When I shot Mikami, Light showed up… He kicked me and I accidently pulled the trigger. I never meant for him to be hurt, since he was the only one that could make you happy. I-I love you, so much that I would kill to protect you, and not see you hurt. But there is someone else that had hurt you that I need to kill off

Love, your twin brother , BB


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"This was all the note had said… now on to the news with Olli Williams"

The End

The note says:

"I probably wont see you again because I know you are too kindhearted and sweet to ever go to the place I'm going"

Author Note: Sorry if anyone here was waiting a long time for this... I thought I posted the rest of the chapters because I posted them on DeviantART and thought that I posted them here... ^^'

Oh and at the end of the letter when BB says, Love, your twin brother, BB (There is supposed to be a strike through the word brother)

Well anyways here is the ending, sad I know and sorry.