Here's just a little thing I came up with while looking at the pictures from my trip to Cardiff last autumn. It mixes up the series with reality, so the setting doesn't really make sense, but just go with me on this one ;) All the quotes at the beginning are taken from the actual shrine in Cardiff.

Torchwood belongs to the BBC, and all that.

"Ianto Jones, forever in our hearts."

"Ianto Jones, never forgotten."

"If something can be remembered, it can come back."

"Time to come home Ianto."

"Ianto Jones – Time can be rewritten."

Jack Harkness bent down to look more closely at some of the messages attached to the bottom of the fence. With a sad smile, he read through cards and laminated sheets of paper with caring messages addressed to Ianto Jones, that wonderful man. Jack stood up, and took a step back to have a last look at the whole shrine that had been put up by the former entrance to the tourist office. The metal fence was covered with messages, flowers, coffee cups and tea bags. He couldn't help reaching out and touching one of the pictures of his smiling former lover, looking just as he remembered him. Then, quickly, coat sweeping behind him, he turned his back on the shrine, and walked away. The rain had made sure no one was there to witness his private moment with his dead lover, and even if someone had been there to see it, the rain concealed his tears.