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Chapter 1: A Big Surprise (or And Some Things Do)

"I guess some things never change," Kim mumbled to herself, eyeing the so-called 'food establishment' with a slightly dubious expression. For years, Bueno Nacho had been the place to hang out, to meet, to do just about anything. Even the invasion, and subsequent destruction, hadn't managed to distort her memory of the place; the managers had the building rebuilt exactly as it had always looked. It should have comforted her, right? Considering her house was destroyed that same night, not to mention her high school, both of which look nothing like their old selves. To have something still the same should help to ease her tense nerves, shouldn't it? But no, Kim Possible, the former teenage cheerleading superhero was not comforted by the sight before her. By sheer willpower, the young woman managed to open her car door and step out into the chilly December air, barely registered through the thick jacket she wore. Scarf, gloves, half high boots made with imitation fur: Kim had dressed warmly considering the cold temperatures but there was still a slight chill in her. She couldn't help the wry smile as her emerald eyes fell on a scooter that had definitely seen better days. Some things never changed indeed.

However, the smile quickly disappeared. He was already here, waiting for her. She'd hoped to arrive first, to get a few minutes to prepare herself for what would undoubtedly transpire. Oh well; she'd saved the world on less notice than this. And she could always outrun him, if it came down to it.

Yes, because running away is the mature response. It's Ron Stoppable, Ron, my best friend for years! So what we broke up, no big, we're mature adults now! The words seemed to rebound inside her head, doing nothing to calm her nerves. With a deep breath, Kim opened the door and stepped through, focused and determined. The interior of Bueno Nacho was notably warmer than outside though the redhead's mind was unable to register the information. She was already taking note of how he was sitting, his uniform (he was on lunch break from Smarty Mart, after all) and his constant companion, already halfway through his owner's plate of whatever the newest culinary concoction the management managed to pass as edible food.

Once upon a time, Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible were a crime fighting team renowned the world over, not to mention the best of friends since pre-kindergarten. Okay, it would be unfair to call them a nearly unstoppable duo, as Rufus, Ron's naked mole rat, had done more than his fair share of work saving the world with them, not to mention their techno savy friend, the young Wade Load. They made a fantastic team, overcoming impossible odds while keeping the world safe from supervillains (and aliens, though that was much rarer). Kim couldn't hide the smile as she thought of those "glory days" with such fondness.

Sometimes, she caught herself holding her trusted Kimmunicator, just wishing it would go off, that the world might need her to save them just one more time. But Wade never called. She knew why, too. College was important and would require her full attention, so she had done the logical thing and closed down her website. It never occurred to her that all the calls would stop. It seemed like the supervillian community just forgot all about her, or found someone else to annoy. Maybe she'd wished for such a thing before, when it seemed missions always managed to either ruin or complicate her personal and social life (not that either one existed, really) but now, she just felt so… bored all the time. Like something crucial was missing.

"Hey KP! Over here!" Kim had to blink as Ron called out across the small lobby. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she crossed the short distance to sit opposite him. No matter what, they'd never sat at any other booth in the small restaurant, despite having frequented the establishment for years. Always the same booth. Always the same Ron.

But she was being extremely unfair and she knew it. Kim wasn't mad at Ron, per say. She just wasn't exactly sure how this was going to play out. And that was why she was a little on edge. She'd rarely dated growing up, what with all the missions and explosions, the crazy villains and twisted plots; there just wasn't a whole lot of room for emotional strain too. Therefore, she logically had no clue how a lunch "date" with her ex-boyfriend was supposed to go.

Two months ago, she'd dropped the bomb on him. She hated that she'd had to dump him, especially over the phone after he'd just gotten off work, but there was no way around it. She'd explained it as logically as she could- there just wasn't enough time for them to talk, they both could do without the added stress, it wasn't fair to either of them with the considerable distance, it was getting hard for her to concentrate on her studies- all reason she could justify in her head. Unfortunately, that was the only place she could find it in her to justify the words she'd said.

Her heart was a different matter altogether. That was an organ she could never understand, no matter how many biology and anatomy lessons she signed up for, Kim could never figure out why she just didn't care for Ron like she once did. Some part of her knew he was just her rebound after finding out Erik was a synthodrone; someone who cared and could numb the pain from losing someone, or rather something, she'd become emotionally attached to rather quickly. Looking back, she didn't know how he couldn't see that she was just using him to mask her pain. She could never voice these thoughts though. That wasn't something she could bear to tell him: that she had broken up with him because she just didn't love him, and probably never did. Especially after all they'd been through. But maybe that just made her a worse person, to lead him on, letting him think that maybe there could still be something there when, in all honesty, she knew there wasn't. When did being the "good girl" get so… gray?

"Hello! Earth to Kim!" Ron's voice snapped her out of her moral debate effectively, her light green orbs seeking his light brown ones. They were filled with concern. Friendly, normal, Ron-styled concern. Perhaps she was over thinking this. "KP, you alright? You seem a bit… spaced out."

"Sorry, Ron, just a little jet lagged. International flights and all, no big, right?" she replied, not exactly lying, and offered him a smile, turning her attention to Rufus. "You know, I'm surprised you haven't eaten yourself into a cheese-induced coma."

The small, pink creature just seemed to smile up at her, chattering away something that could almost pass for English. Something told her he was letting her know that his cheese tolerance had improved greatly and that he was just on round one. Or maybe that was just her imagination. Either way, the naked mole rat returned his attention to the food, seemingly pleased with Kim's return but more interested with finishing his… whatever that concoction was called. Now at a much closer distance, Kim wasn't sure it was anything but cheese and some strange brownish looking thing that probably passed for meat. What kind of meat? Tough to say.

"Well, you know Rufus, he's always looking to push the limits of his stomach. I just wanna know how he doesn't manage to gain any weight!" Ron's smile doesn't seemed forced, his joking tone doesn't seemed strained, and the more she thought about it, the more Kim felt she was the only one who felt any discomfort. Maybe she was stressing for no reason. Trying to let her old, joking self come through, Kim prepared to say something when Ron cut her off abruptly. "So, how's the college dating scene? Found a guy who can measure up to the Ron-man?"

His tone was joking, and he quickly followed the question with a laugh, but Kim couldn't help the shocked expression that took over her face. This was exactly what she feared would happen. She didn't want to tell him the truth; she didn't even know what the truth was quite yet. However, she knew that gleam in his eye. He wasn't going to drop it. Ron wanted an answer, maybe in the honest interest of seeing how his best friend was doing or maybe to see if she was sorry for dumping him, Kim couldn't be sure of his motives. All she knew was that, no matter what, she did not want to answer.

~Somewhere High Over Middleton~

"Are you sure about this Shego? As I seem to recall, no plan we've ever been a part of has worked out, especially when a certain redheaded cheerleader is involved!" Dr. Drakken yelled over the whirring of the helicopter blades to his assistant, poised at the side door. The two had been making remarkable progress with the Leaving Villainy Behind Program offered by Global Justice, Drakken more so than Shego, but this would certainly be a step in the opposite direction to any casual onlooker. Shego, however, didn't seem to care too much, dressed in her famous black and green suit and looking every bit the villainess, down to the evil smirk gracing her black painted lips.

"Look, Dr. D, you might not have a good record, but I happen to be a little better at this than you!" Shego called over her shoulder, trying to keep the sneer out of her voice. She'd worked too hard on this plan for him to chicken out now. She ran a hand through her ebony locks, trying to hide the nervous gesture. Despite having worked to make sure even the slightest miscalculation was accounted for, Shego was still worried that her plan might unintentionally back fire, as most plans with Drakken involved tended to do. She didn't let any of that worry show though; that just wasn't in her nature. "Trust me; this will be an absolute cake walk!"

Drakken didn't seem to completely believe her words which she couldn't rightly fault him for after their eight month vacation from villainy. While she'd objecting to leaving the supervillain lifestyle at first, Shego had become a tad lazy in her training recently, which Dr. Drakken had mentioned when she first proposed her plan. Of course, to keep up appearances, Shego had promptly hurled a few balls of plasma his way to remind him that her being 'out of practice' was highly unlikely. Though, truth to tell, she didn't like to admit that she was enjoying the prospect of not being blown up, fried, or otherwise adversely affected by Dr. Drakken's ill executed plots. Also, not seeing the inside of a jail cell in close to a year was too good for words. There was always a risk that this plan might fall through and her clean streak might be broken but, considering the stakes, she felt it was more than worth it.

"I'm starting to wonder if I'm rubbing off on you," Drakken mumbled, thinking he'd said nearly the same line to her once or twice during ill fates plans of his own.

"What did you just say?" Shego's voice cut like a blade through Drakken's thoughts, nearly causing him to jump out of the pilot's seat.

"Oh, nothing, just remarking on what would happen to our new lives if this were to get out. I'll have you know I'm now a rather respected member of the scientific commun-"

"Yeah, and I can still rip you to shreds!" Shego interrupted with a flare of green plasma accenting her point as she extended her claws towards her employer. "I promise you won't lose your precious little Global Justice gold stars because of this. After all, let's not forget what we're really doing here, Dr. D. As long as you do exactly as I told you, this'll all work out exactly as I planned."

Finally, they reached the point where Shego was to make her jump. A quick tug to make sure her parachute was on securely and a yell at the blue skinned pilot to read from the note card she'd given him was all she needed before jumping out of the helicopter and into the calm winter sky. With a grumble, Drakken swung the aircraft around and fished out said note card. Putting on his headphones, Drakken punched in the number Shego had written down and waited a few moments for the line to connect.

"The eagle is flying."

~Back at Bueno Nacho~

Kim couldn't believe her luck. Just as she was trying to formulate some sort of response to Ron's question, his phone rang. Never before had she been so grateful for the invention of cellular devices. With a surprising politeness, Ron had excused himself from the table to take the call, heading out into the chilly December air. Her first thought was that it might be his new girlfriend, and while she found herself curious about the call, she couldn't find it in her to even feign jealousy. Her eyes dropped to Rufus, who was moaning about not having more to eat.

"You don't think I'm a bad person because I don't mind that Ron might be dating again, do you? I mean, I'm his friend, I want him to be happy. That's not wrong, right? I even kinda want to meet his girlfriend, if he has one, I'm sure she'd be nice, and that's what a good friend would do, right? Want to meet the girl?" Kim frowned, trying to make sense of the jumble in her head. "But that isn't what an ex would do. I mean, I shouldn't concern myself with his love life, because I don't want to be in it, right? I'm sure he's completely capable of finding a cute, sweet girl on his own."

Rufus just stared up at her, blinking for a few seconds before pointing towards the cash register. "Naco?"

"One track minded today, aren't we?" Kim sighed, getting up to oblige the naked mole rat. Of all the things he learned to say, he couldn't pick a semi healthy word, like "apple" or "salad" or "don't worry", no, he learned "naco" instead. As she pulled out her wallet to pay, Kim felt a slight chill from the door opening. Ron must've come back inside… and he'll probably want to continue their conversation. 'Sometimes, I wish some superhero would come and save me from things like this!' she thought, tucking her wallet back into her pocket and turning towards the table. Only by chance did she notice that there was a dime by her shoe and chose to stoop down and pick it up.

She never reached it though. A second later, Kim felt a familiar heat pass through the air where her head had previously been, eyes widening in surprise as much as in excitement. Springing forward and rolling away, Kim felt her body react almost on intuition alone, needing no conscious thought as she settled into her familiar defensive stance. She couldn't help but smile. Didn't this bring back memories!

"Ah, Shego, some things never change, do they?" Kim felt her smile widen as the green skinned woman in front of her laughed, settling into a stance all her own, green plasma flowing along her claws. The two foes circled, watching the other. For the first time in a long time, Kim felt alive, like her old self, like the heroine she'd made of herself. Something inside her wished the battle would drag out, to keep her from facing Ron's questions and so she wouldn't lose this feeling of danger, this amazing rush of adrenaline.

"Well, Princess, I thought you could use a little welcome home beating," those black lips pulled back in a mean grin right as she lunged towards her target, nearly tearing through Kim's right shoulder. However, Kim's reflexes were as sharp as ever, effortlessly bending back to dodge the blow as her leg kicked out, just missing Shego's shin. Without a second to pause, the two continued their deadly dance, moving across the lobby with all the deadly grace they'd become absolutely famous for, in their respective circles. Though her university didn't have a cheerleading team, per say, Kim had applied to the gymnastics team and kept up a rigorous martial arts regiment. From the way Shego was moving, the redhead assumed her favorite foe had been keeping to her own strict training as well.

Punch, block, counterattack, block, two more punches, redirected, the dance continued with neither really gaining the upper hand. Kim could feel herself sweating through her coat and jeans, though she made sure she didn't appear to be slowing down in the least. Shego kept up her taunts, as usual, managing to run the gambit, from her wardrobe, to her car, to her college, even insulting Rufus as he cheered from the sidelines, too gorged to participate in the fight at all. It was strangely refreshing, this retreat into her old routine. However, about now was usually the time when Dr. Drakken or Ron would burst in, either stopping the fight completely or preventing one party or the other from continuing their assault. Instead, a strange beeping noise rang out, and Shego jumped away, clearing herself from Kim's attack range.

"Uh-oh, sorry Kimmie, seems you've run out of time. See you soon, Princess!" Shego laughed at the surprise evident on Kim's face, leaping towards the exit and giving Kim one last triumphant smirk before bolting through the door, a loud clatter signaling her departure. For a moment, the former teen super hero wasn't quite sure what had just happened. The moment passed though, her mind quickly remembering her usual routine. In a flash, her Kimmunicator was in her hand.

"Wade!" Kim practically shouted, hurriedly picking Rufus up from the table and almost put him on her shoulder. The small rodent gave her a disapproving squeak from her rough grasp as she headed towards the door though Kim didn't register it. Her attention was focused on the screen as her young techno genius friend appeared for the first time in entirely too long. The surprise of her call even caught him off guard, a small amount of soda made it onto his shirt as he coughed, trying to quickly recover and give a proper greeting. Kim, still the kind person she'd always been, apologized for her volume and continued in a much more civil tone. "Wade, please tell me you know why Shego came all the way to Bueno Nacho to attack me for seemingly no reason."

"I'm on it Kim!" Wade's fingers were soon flying over the keyboard as he tried to dig up any information he could. Kim pushed the door open and stepped out, hearing a sort of scrapping sound, like plastic on concrete. Managing to tear her gaze away from Wade long enough to examine the object she'd accidently kicked, Kim felt a smile conquer her features. "Well, there's nothing I can see that would have her in the area. Did she leave any hint as to why she was there or where she was going?"

"Maybe," Kim bent over and picked up the small, hand-held device. It looked an awful lot like her Kimmunicator, though far less sophisticated. She had no doubt who it belonged to; no one besides one familiar femme fatale ever mixed green and black.

"Maybe?" Wade raised an eyebrow, scratching his head as if nervous.

"Can't be completely sure, but it seems she left behind a little present for me. Think you can crack it?" Kim held the communicator in front of the screen, earning a cocky smile from her young friend. It turned out to be far easier than she thought; this device was just barely more insidious than your average cell phone.

"That was a bit anti-climactic, huh? Anyway, looks like there's only two sound files and a digital grid on it, Kim. I'll play in them in order." A second later, a familiar voice resounded into the December air, and Kim could almost pretend she was a few years younger.

"Shego, this is Drakken, Stoppable will be at Bueno Nacho today at exactly 2:30… that's pm… erm, make sure you capture him or my brilliant plan to take over the world won't work."

"Stupid back… grr… uh, yes, anyway, right, once you capture Stoppable, make sure you bring him to the Super Top Secret Lair, coordinates to follow."

Kim frowned as the playback stopped. Something didn't seem right. Sure, it was Dr. D's voice, his attitude, that all fit, but there was something in his tone, like he was annoyed or something. Wade seemed to share her sentiment.

"Hmmm, this sounds like a trap. A really obvious trap. Which is Drakken's m.o., right? Face it; he's not the kind of guy to be subtle. He invented the 'trap trap' for crying out loud!" Kim was more talking to herself than Wade, though he offered her an affirmative response. For a split second, she considered calling GJ and just letting them handle the whole ordeal. This wasn't exactly her bag any more, she'd been out of practice for a while, and she was supposed to be on vacation. But if that fight with Shego proved anything, it was that she still was 'all that' and the competitive cheerleader in her demanded that she prove it. "Wade-"

"Already on it KP! Luckily, you haven't cashed in every favor you've ever accumulated. There's a private flight waiting to take you to the coordinates, I've already forwarded the information." Wade smiled, nearly unable to contain the excitement within him. "It's just like old times, huh?"

"You bet, Wade. You know what they say: some things never change!"

~A Few Hours Later~

"I don't know if this is more embarrassing or annoying," Kim mumbled to herself as she snuck her way down a long corridor. Somehow, with or without Wade's help, Kim Possible had always managed to find that main room she needed to be in to foil her enemies' plots. However, she was having more issues with this particular secret lab/lair complex than she could've imagined. If she didn't know any better, she'd swear the hallways were rearranging themselves when she wasn't looking.

What a great time to get lost. I don't know what's worse: not knowing where the hell I'm going or being super paranoid in the process! Her paranoia was unfounded though. For what reason she couldn't begin to fathom, the alarms hadn't yet been activated, her presence still unknown to the good Doctor and his lovely assistant, which she could only count as a grand blessing. Perhaps my luck is just too good today, she thought, a grin settling on her lips. A little luck couldn't hurt. That's why she was dressed in her trademark mission uniform, hoping that maybe she could trick herself into thinking not a day had passed, that she was just as fast and quick and strong as she'd been not but eight months prior. She needed that special combination of confidence, luck, and raw skill to survive this ordeal. Just before she reached the large set of double doors at the end of the hallway though, Kim stopped and thought over the day. Yes, she'd had some extraordinary luck in the past, but nothing like this. In fact, the few times her luck had been nearly as good as this, she'd almost immediately faced some great challenge or other afterwards. If that reasoning held true, beyond these doors would be a greater challenge than ever before. Well, here goes nothing, I guess.

Kim kicked the doors in, jumping into the room and performing a near perfect combat roll, gaining her feet and instantly settling into a comfortable fighting stance. Her eyes were scanning the room from top to bottom, left to right, systematically working through the possibilities. Again, she found the room empty, though, by the looks of the area, it had to be the main room that Drakken would use as a staging point for whatever diabolical plan he had hatching. But where the hell was he?

"Kim Possible!" the voice she'd been waiting to hear called out, echoing in the room just a tad. Kim whirled around and looked up, suddenly noticing the platform above her. Maybe I am starting to lose my touch.

"Drakken! Just couldn't stay away, could you?" despite the doubting thoughts, Kim's voice was confident and strong.

"Oh, so you still think you're all that, Possible? Well, you've done a marvelous job so far!" Drakken hit a button on a remote and a wall to her right lifted to reveal Ron, looking surprisingly calm all things considered, dangling upside down over a pool filled with alligators.

"Alligators, Drakken? Really? I'd say that's a step in the wrong direction for you, much too cliché," Kim teased before directing her attention to Ron. "Just hang in there, Ron!"

"Oh, I'm hangin' alright!" came the shouted reply. Again, Kim had the sneaking suspicion that he wasn't as concerned as he should be, but she didn't dwell on it.

"'Just hang in there'? And you say I'm being cliché!" Her eyes refocused on Drakken just in time to catch him stuff some sort of white card back into his customary blue evil scientist suit. "Be that as it may, you are only here so that you can witness the fruition of my greatest plan for world domination!"

"And that would be…?" Kim arched a brow, surprised at the lack of details. Usually, by now, she knew almost everything about whatever he had planned, including the way to stop it. Instead of answering her by launching into a long winded speech, the blue skinned villain just laughed.

"You'll find out soon enough, Kim Possible! But where are my manners? I should introduce you to my other guests!" There it was, the thinly veiled threat, the promise that whatever was about to happen would not bode well for the young woman. It was just like old times. And Kim was loving it.

Kim ducked the flying kick just in time, Shego's lithe form landing just in front of the teen heroine. When the two faced each other, ready for their fight to begin, they each had a fleeting thought of how strange it was that the other was smiling like a damn fool. But thoughts like these had no business here, at the beginning of their dance between life and death. It would have to wait until later. Shego's mouth opened, probably to throw more taunts her way, but Kim was rather impatient and launched an attack of her own. Kim would like to say that she caught the villainess off guard, having come within inches of landing a punch straight to her adversary's green tinted cheek. Yet, Shego did dodge, and effortlessly threw the young woman over her, igniting her plasma as the former cheerleader made a perfect landing. The women faced off, suddenly forgetting everything else.

Kim took the moment to catch her breath before Shego attacked, raking the air with her claws as Kim ducked the swing and threw a punch straight to Shego's gut. The blow connected, but the green hued woman showed no signs of stopping, bringing her elbow down to smash into Kim's shoulder. The redhead bit back a groan as she slid away from Shego, keeping her hands up in defense. It suddenly dawned on her that, perhaps, Shego had been pulling her punches earlier, and only now was ready to unleash her full fury on the out of shape heroine. Not. Good. Kim gritted her teeth as she blocked Shego's kick, throwing her own with a twist of her hips. She caught the green woman in the ribs and elicited a groan of pain from the older woman. Kim couldn't suppress the smirk that came to her lips. Her smirk was short lived though as Shego's arm dropped, trapping the redhead's leg to the villainess' side. With a savage twist of her body, Kim was flying through the air, landing with a solid thud up against the wall and hitting the ground with a groan. Oh God, maybe I did bite off more than I can chew with this one. Kim coughed, struggling to regain her composure as Shego slowly approached, plasma glowing ever brighter.

"Having fun yet, Pumpkin?" Shego taunted as she drew closer. Kim wanted to reply with something witty or even taunting in her own right but her mind blanked. She was too concerned about how she was going to win this battle. Shego took her silence as a response and stopped about four feet away, her plasma extinguishing as she perched her hands upon her hips. "At this rate, you won't make it to the after party!"

Kim ignored the verbal jab and instead launched herself at her mortal enemy, tackling the woman to the ground. They rolled around for a minute or two, struggling to gain the upper hand, before Kim managed to launch Shego off, kicking her legs into the woman's gut. Kim quickly regained her feet and turned in time to catch the incoming punch, using Shego's forward momentum to throw her against the wall. Suddenly, there was a burst of confidence in the former hero, her famous motto echoing in her head. That's right. I'm Kim Possible and I can do anything! Wasting no time, Kim charged her foe and jumped into the air, her flying kick connecting with Shego's shoulder as the villainess failed to dodge. Kim hit the ground and rolled, fluidly moving in to attack Shego as she reeled from the kick. The former cheerleader almost felt like she was in her super suit, landing blows or having them narrowly deflected as the green woman continued to backpedal, trying to regain her fighting stance. This is what Kim had been missing: the thrill of chasing down her enemies, the excitement of fighting for her life, the rush at realizing she'd succeeded yet again. As Kim landed a kick to Shego's stomach, she made her decision. It was time for her to get back into the saving the world business. Something about that thought must have reflected in her face.

"Oh, don't you look determined," Shego's voice cut through Kim's thoughts, sounded slightly winded but nowhere near how the younger woman would've expected after the beating she thought she'd landed on her adversary. Kim gave a triumphant smile.

"Guess you could say that. I think you've just proven that I need to reconsider my early retirement."

"Is that so?" Shego raised a brow, those black lips curved into a wicked smirk. Kim couldn't help but mirror the expression.

"Yeah, that is so!" Kim dropped down into her stance once more, her left arm extended out, palm facing up, her fingers moving as one in the universal 'bring it on' motion. She expected Shego to attack, or Drakken to say something corny, or even Ron to start yelling about hurrying up so he wouldn't wind up as a snack for the alligators. None of these happened though. Instead, the entire room seemed to jump to life as several voices rang out together, Kim barely able to make out the word they all shouted.

"SURPRISE!" Kim blinked, whirling around to take in the several faces, all with large smiles directed her way.

"What the-" Kim was cut off as someone embraced her, a familiar face she hadn't seen in far too long. "Monique!"

"'Sup girl? Had you going there for a bit, I know I know, but, girl, you shoulda seen the look on your face!" Kim shook her head, trying to wrap her mind around what just happened when yet another familiar voice chimed in, though this one she could've done without.

"Aye, lass, it's good ta see you back in tha game," Duff Killigan clapped a hand on her shoulder, though it felt more congratulatory than malicious. Still thoroughly confused, Kim searched for some sort of explanation and was met with almost everyone she'd ever worked with or against. Lord Monkey Fist, DNAmy, Señor Senior Senior, and his son Junior, Professor Dementor, Adrena Lyyn, and Jack Hench stood around her, though she couldn't detect a trace of malice or anger in their expressions. They seemed genuinely… happy? But her old enemies weren't the only parties in attendance. Dr. Director was also standing by, with Will Du and Team Go, Yori and Sensei, along with one of Wade's mobile robots, and at some point Ron had been let down from above the alligator tank and had joined the group. Finally, Kim managed to find her voice.

"Wait, what just happened?" Rather than receive an answer, Kim was met with a chorus of laughter and some well meaning slaps to the back (though some were a little harder than necessary). Finally, Wade's robot stepped up, or rolled up, rather, and the young techno genius enlightened the newly reestablished heroine.

"Basically, Kim, this is a surprise welcome home party that doubled as a, well, intervention, I guess you could say," he reached a hand behind his head, scratching absentmindedly as he thought of how to best explain the situation. Kim was in no rush; she hadn't moved since the initial surprise.

"What Wade means is that we all know how much you enjoyed being the globe-trotting teen heroine and someone needed to make you realize it too," Ron spoke up, with Rufus nodding his head enthusiastically. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Kim wondered exactly when Rufus had managed to be reunited with his master, but that wasn't exactly important. Only now had did it start to dawn on her what had just transpired.

"Wait, so this whole thing- Shego's attack at Bueno Nacho, kidnapping Ron, the alligators, the fight- all that was staged?" Kim stared, slightly dumbfounded, at Ron. The blonde just nodded, a goofy grin on his face. "So was this Drakken 'plan'?"

"Uh, no, Princess, seeing as this plan actually worked, I think it's rather obvious he had nothing to do with the process," Shego's voice cut in, deflating her blue skinned employer quite thoroughly, also earning laughs from his fellow villains.

"I was skeptical to this little plot working myself," Dr. Betty Director cut in, a small smirk on her face. "But, seeing as you've expressed your wish to reenter the business, might I interest you in a contract with Global Justice?"

"A contract?" Kim looked to Ron, Rufus, and Wade for some form of explanation. "Not like those Team Impossible jerks, right?"

"That is up to you," Dr. Director replied, waving a hand. "This is a discussion for later. Right now, I believe there is some cake that needs to be eaten… if someone hasn't gotten to it already." She threw a rather severe look towards Mego.

"What? I was just tasting the icing, that's hardly something you can fault me for!" the purple hero replied, crossing his arms and avoiding eye contact. Kim couldn't help but smile as everyone agreed to finding the cake and start cutting it up. Before following the crowd, she managed to pull Ron aside for a quick question.

"So, who did plan all this?" she questioned, arching a brow, ready to resort to her puppy dog pout if he tried to hold out on her. Luckily, Stoppable knew better than to try to hide the answer from her.

"Actually, Shego did," Ron replied, nodding towards the emerald woman who was visibly trying to keep herself from whacking her eldest brother, Hego. "She did all the hard work; the rest of us just played our parts. She said she knew you well enough to know there's no way you could just give up the 'goody goody' role, as she called it."

"Really? I didn't know she cared," Kim replied, a hint of sarcasm in her tone. She could feel where her muscles ached, just waiting to turn into bright purple bruises, the ever constant results of their little battles. I'm sure she'd call them 'love taps' Kim thought, barely suppressing a laugh as she moved to rejoin the group. I guess some things do change!

"Yeah, she also said she was starting to get fat from not kicking your ass every other day," Ron supplied, earning a laugh from Kim.

"Now that I believe," Kim took another look around the room and felt a smile fix itself upon her lips. It was the strangest sight she'd seen in far too long and she wouldn't change it for the world. Some of the pieces still didn't seem to fit, like why so many of her past enemies would be welcoming her back, or why Ron hadn't started freaking out with Monkey Fist so close. Yet, it only felt right to thank Shego for doing this, no matter what her true motives might be. The redhead looked around until she finally spotted her target, standing in the far corner, talking to Drakken. As she made her way over, Kim was vaguely aware of Ron following, probably curious as to what she would say and the response she'd get from her usually snide foe. Of course, Shego saw her coming and stopped her conversation with Drakken before the teens could get within earshot.

"So, Princess, enjoying the party?" There was a trace of her usual humor but it wasn't malicious; in fact, Kim was certain, there was a touch of pride in her tone. Hell, there should be an award for getting these people to stay in a room together, much less do so without blasting one another to pieces! Kim nodded, extending her hand out, hoping the gesture wouldn't be too 'nice' for Shego.

"Thanks, Shego, for doing all this. It's just what I needed," Kim watched as Shego eyed her hand warily and, somewhat reluctantly, took it, a wide grin on her lips.

"Yeah, doy, just admit that I'm 'all that' so blue boy over here will finally give me a raise," Shego casually threw a look towards Drakken, who attempted to reply but was cut short by Shego's hand covering his mouth. Kim laughed, still shaking Shego's hand, having temporarily forgotten about it. Ron quickly noticed it and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Gee, KP, you might want to let her go before she fries your hand off or something!" Rufus squeaked his approval, earning a rather venomous glare from Shego.

"I don't recall seeing your name on the guest list, buffoon," the villainess replied, a slight edge to her tone. While Kim was certain she was just joking, Ron stayed on the safe side and hid behind his best friend. Kim stifled her laugh and gave her foe a final nod. Shego seemed to understand. "Don't worry, I'll play nice, but next time you seem me, I'm not pulling the punches."

"Wouldn't have it any other way," Kim honestly replied, relaxing her hand. Suddenly a green flash erupted in front of her, bathing her in a strange warmth before robbing her of breath. The world was spinning though she couldn't recall actually seeing anything, just the weightlessness of falling down an elevator shaft, but there was no wind, no sound, nothing. What the hell is this? Death?

After a solid minute of this strange limbo, Kim felt the world stop spinning, her feet coming in contact with what she thought to be solid ground, her senses returning in full force. The first thing she registered was the bright sunlight, which made no sense as she'd been inside, a few levels underground no less, but she opened her eyes anyway. That's when she noticed she was still holding Shego's hand, Ron was still griping her shoulders for dear life, and Drakken was clinging to Shego's other arm, looking as startled as Kim felt.

"Sh-shego?" Kim managed to mumble, though she felt like she'd just done a few hundred rounds on the tilt-a-whirl, her eyes trying hard to focus on the face in front of her.

"D-don't look at me, ugh, Princess," Shego grumbled back, releasing Kim's hand to cover her mouth, her face looking a shade greener than usual. "Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick."

"See, THIS is what happens when you have a party in a secret lab used by a mad scientist," Ron seemed the most coherent of the four of them, but that was only as far as speech was concerned. The moment he tried to move away from Kim, the blond young man ended up flat on his back. "On the upside, it's a nice day out."

"I take, mmfh, offense to that statement," Drakken finally managed, though still leaning on Shego for support. Her eyes finally starting to really focus, Kim looked around. They seemed to be on a nice, grassy hill, in the middle of a park.

"So, any guesses as to where we are, Miss Globe Trotter?" Kim thought about retorting with a sarcastic comment of her own but decided against it. Now wasn't the time for them to be fighting. She pulled her Kimmunicator out, trying to contact Wade.

"This doesn't look like any park I've ever been to, though that's not saying much," Kim looked around, noting the buildings in off to the Southeast. "We could check the city, find a map, and determine where we are."

"Assuming anyone speaks English," Shego mumbled, finally taking notice of Drakken clinging to her and shaking him off. The blue scientist smiled apologetically and scratched behind his neck. "You sure that's the best idea?"

"Do you have any other suggestions?" Kim bit back, tucking away her Kimmunicator. It was only bringing up static, which could mean there was some sort of jamming device close by. Regardless, Kim never enjoyed the idea of flying blind.

"Well, we could check there," Ron said, pointing to the West. Kim, Shego, and Drakken followed the line of his finger until their eyes came to rest on the impossibly large 'T' shaped building, standing alone in the bay. Kim raised a brow.

"I guess that's an option too," she mumbled, not quite certain how they would get there.

"Are you sure that's safe?" Drakken chimed in, trying to mask the sincere terror in his voice. "I mean, we don't know who lives there, could be the same people who brought us here!"

"Nah, I don't think anyone evil would live in a huge, obvious building in the middle of a harbor," Ron replied nonchalantly, picking himself off the ground. Kim couldn't help but give her friend a confused look. He was being way too calm, all things considered. "That's really a good guy only thing. Gotta be obvious for being to find when they need help."

"Blonde boy has a point. The only supervillian dumb enough to do something like that is…" Shego trailed off, seemingly lost in thought, then turning her gaze to Drakken. "Well, you, Doctor D."

Drakken scowled at that, crossing his arms over his chest. "Very funny, Shego. Guess that's why I quit being evil!"

"Can we save the drama for later, please?" Kim cut in, turning towards the city. "I still say the city is our best bet. We don't know how to get to that thing anyway. Once we know where we are, we can work on getting help from whoever to get home."

"As much as I hate to admit it, the cheerleader's probably right," Shego sighed, turning away from the harbor, though she did toss one last look at the tower. "Well, lead on, Princess. I'm sure someone will recognize you."

"I'm more concerned with them recognizing us, Shego. We might not be public enemy number one and two anymore, but I doubt people are going to be happy to see us," Drakken mumbled as he followed his archenemy and subordinate, Ron bringing up the rear as he quietly calmed Rufus down. The four made their way to the city in silence, each completely absorbed in their own thoughts, and completely unaware they were being watched.

Continued in Chapter 2: Welcome to Jump City! (or And You Are?)

Author's note: Alright, so here's my first attempt at fanfiction. Probably looking at 10-12 chapters, all about this length or more, as I have a lot planned for Kim and crew to overcome. I will try to avoid unnecessary cliffhangers, as I truly despise them. Oh, and as for pairings, there will be quite a few throughout the story, and while I don't wish to spoil the surprise, I did list Kim/Shego seeing as that could be… off-putting for some. Rating may go up, haven't truly decided on that yet, but I will post a notice if it changes. Criticism is welcome; I hope this will help improve my writing skills, so any tips would be appreciated.