Brandon was cooking dinner for his family that night. He was really tired, sleepy, and needed a break. He said "we were going to eat tacos, but I'm to tired to make tacos tonight, they will just have hotdogs." Just as he was about to sit down he saw this man on TV that was cooking variety's meal. Brandon thought" hey I can cook better than that man."

So Brandon got up and started cooking variety of meals like the other man on TV. He cooks lasagna, spagetti, Buffalo wings, and Ham. Brandon was going at it. He said" yeah, I bet that man on TV got nothing on me now." He was doing absolutely great until the oven caught on fire. He yelled" o my goodness the oven."

He flunged the oven open and grab the extingsher. "Oowweee"he said "that was a close one." Brandon felt really crazy about trying to compete with a person on TV. He realized that many people couldn't cook as many great chiefs. So he grabs the rag, and started cleaning up the mess.