The Hyuuga are proud creatures, not even considered human, as the willingly let go of all emotions for the perfect porcelain masks that adorn their faces every day. They show no emotion, feel no emotion, yet they can see through your very soul and know everything you feel. Every one of them is tainted, cursed, doomed to bear the weight of the separation of the Main House and the Branch House. The very day that Hinata was born into this clan, she was cursed as well- cursed with the tainted Hyuuga hatred that runs in her veins. And now, at 12 years old and a very talented genin (although her family refuses to accept this, not seeing her for her, but as a failure of the clan), she still remains with the purity of an angel, not at all bothered by the resent from her family. No, they are no longer her family- they shunned her away and she gladly accepted her exile. For her only family is the one who stole her heart many years before. Little does she know, she has his held tightly in her grasp.

But how was this little girl able to defy such a prestigious clan such as the Hyuuga clan? How was she of all people were to do such an incredible feat, an amazing achievement such as this one? The answer was simple: she wasn't alone. We may know the background of the Hyuuga clan, but why don't we explore the background of a certain blue haired white eyed Hyuuga: Hyuuga Hinata.

"I'm g-going to miss y-you! W-what if we don't s-see each other? What if w-we f-forget each o-other? What if I c-can't k-keep our p-promise? Oh, Panda-kun, w-w-what do I d-do?"

Her hold around his torso tightened, she wept harder on his chest, she was at a loss. Her companion, the aforementioned "Panda-kun," stood there awkwardly, arms at his side as his eyes widened in shock and confusion. Said pale green eyes are outlined by the black rings of insomnia, hence his nickname. He knew that she would have to go, and yet he knows neither of what to do nor what to say. How can he- a demon, a terror throughout the lands- know how to comfort one who should be cowering in fear, who should not be here, sobbing into his chest, waiting for his words to comfort her? So, with the best of his ability, he loosely wrapped his arms around her tiny body and plopped his head atop hers. A minute or so of silence occurred until Panda-kun, or Gaara, broke it:

"Don't cry. I don't know what to do if you don't stop."

Well, he did say something, albeit bluntly and blunderingly, and she was asking what she should do. She should just take it or leave it.

She picked the right choice- her tiny (soon-to-be bloody, war-stained) fists rubbed at her eyes, willing away the many tears that want to escape. When her cheeks remain dry and no sniffles were heard, Gaara finally sighed of relief. He really didn't like her crying, she looked so much better when she was smiling.

Not that he likes her like that- cooties and all that.

He resorted to thoughtful silence, trying to find words that will reassure her worries (and his, but he won't admit that). He continued to speak, "I don't know if we'll ever see each other again," he paused to listen to Hinata as she almost, almost, started to cry again, and when she didn't, he went on, "It's not like I'll ever forget you, you are really hard to forget, by the way, and if I can't forget you, I'll never forget that promise."

He hesitantly mumbled almost inaudibly, "Besides, how can I know you won't forget me?" It really did scare him to think his best friend, his only friend will forget him, move on with her life, and leave him here in this dark abyss he calls home.

Hinata, hearing his previous words of fear, stepped out of his embrace- only a few inches to assure her friend she won't run away- and stared right into his eyes, lilac meeting jade head on. Reluctantly, she tugged a bit of her kimono off to shed light to her tattoo- an exact replica of Gaara's, except blue and a little left of her heart, where she can feel it beat. Cheeks flushed rubicund, she swiftly snatched his hand and placed it on the tattoo.

It seems that Gaara, too, was blushing- not as much as the one holding his hand, but enough to seem uncharacteristic. He urged her to continue, for both of their sakes. A few, deep breaths was enough for her to go on, "As l-long as this h-h-heart beats, I-I will never f-forget you."

Gaara relaxed slightly, and Hinata seems to release some tension from her shoulders. Now that both of their qualms have been quelled, all was left for them was to stay within proximity of each other, and relish probably the last moment they'll spend with one another. That was brought to an end, as her father ordered quite loudly for his daughter to hurry up. Hinata had let go of his hand and followed the sound his voice. Her companion's eyes stayed glued on the back of her retreating form until she was no longer in sight.

And he had never seen her again.

His team made it to the grand gates of Konoha. This is where she lives, and he intends on taking her with him, clan be damned.

He walked ahead of his siblings, Kankuro and Temari, and sensei, Baki. He looked around for any hints of blue hair or lavender eyes, but to no avail.

Kid, why would she want you? We should make her suffer for forgetting you. Because we both know that's what she did. She probably scream at the sight of you. She will be terrified, she will hate you. You'll be left all alone...

He scowled lightly, of course she wouldn't be here. Who would love him of all people? But she promised...

She probably forgot, which is what he should do. Of all people, he should be granted the chance to lessen his pain, even if it means forgetting the one who helped him through said pain.

Hey, he never said it was easy, but this would most definitely benefit him in the long run (despite that area in his chest that denies ever wanting to forget, that clenches painstakingly hard whenever he thinks of a life without her, that Hurts. So. Much.).

He turned back to his team, only to find out that his siblings already left to go sightseeing, and Baki went to get rooms at the inn. He sighed, they left him (not that people haven't already done that...) with no guide, no sense of direction, nor a certain destination. Great.

He then started walking aimlessly.

She was walking around with no destination in mind. In fact, her mind is filled with thoughts of her red-headed best friend, who she hasn't seen in 6 years.

Does he remember the promise, even after all this time? No, he probably wouldn't care for someone as weak as her. Her family and the rest of Konoha, besides her team, doesn't even bother, so why should he? If he was here- 'Please, heart! Stop beating so loudly!- he probably came here without even thinking of her at all. If that is what she deems as true, then why does her heart ache from his missing presence, ache for the painful truth to be nothing more than paranoia? Why is she sad when Gaara isn't here to hug her, much like the last time 6 years ago? Why is she sad when there's no red head to comfort her when her father's words opens new wound on her heart?

The more she thought about him, the deeper she blushed. She thought of the rather bold action of placing his hand on her chest- 'His hand was on my chest! Uwaaaa! Stop! Stop thinking about it!'- when they parted ways. Looking back at it, that action would have been recognized more as an act of (DON'T THINK OF THAT WORD!) than the intended friendship.

But before she could ponder on this any further, the red left her cheeks, and she froze on the spot. There stood Naruto and Sakura, with the kids she recognized as Moegi and Udon. Hanabi had introduced them to her and played with the four whenever she can. They grew to like her and she them with their constant contact.

But those four didn't make her freeze like she did. No, what made her freeze was the three people a few feet away from the four. There was Konohamaru, in the clutches of two strangers. Strangers she knew as Kankuro and Temari. She didn't know what she was doing, as her body had a mind of its own. And that mind commanded her body to run up as fast as she could, slap Kankuro's hand off of Konohamaru's signature scarf and punched him in the stomach as hard she could (oh, if the clan knew she fought without using Gentle Fist...), all within the time span of 5 seconds. So one second later, Konohamaru was at Naruto's side, whose eyes were as wide as the others around him. Kankuro bended over slightly so he was an inch shorter than Hinata, which is quite a tiny height. She leaned down and did something very unHinata-like. She glared long and hard at his face reflecting his pain and sneered quietly, but loud enough for him and Temari, "So Kankuro, still picking on children? Think you're almighty knowing you can push around those half your size?"

The two had their eyes wide open, regaining memories of the little indigo girl in front of them. Temari's eyes softened at the good times the two girls shared, which were as much as the good times Hinata spent with Gaara. Being the only girl within a family of men is rather frustrating. It's nice to have another girl like her around. It's nice to think for one second that she has a little sister to fuss over clothes, boys and, of course, ninja training.

But Kankuro had a different reaction. He growled at her and lifted her up in the same fashion he did with Konohamaru and snarled, "This is what I hate about bratty kids about you. Acting all haughty in front of their elders, and their superiors."

He aimed a punch, but before he can follow through, or let Temari yell at him to stop, a cold voice was heard. One that made Hinata gasp in shock and blush lightly before turning her head at the owner of the voice.

"Kankuro stop it. You're an embarrassment to our village."

And there he was, hanging upside down, looking daggers-nope, not even, those eyes held so much disgust and contempt at the moment, that Kankuro swore that he would have died viciously and slowly at the this very moment- at his older brother and looking possessively at Hinata.

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