You all thought this was a chapter? HA, I lied!

No, actually, I'm really sorry. So sorry, so sorry. I originally was going to upload a chapter along with this announcement, but... Fuck chapter 10. Fuck the damn plot (might have to tweak earlier chapters because seriously, what was 13 year old me fucking thinking, if at all?!) because I have no where to go. Fuck it.

Oh, I will most likely just edit a bunch of earlier chapters, so try to reread at one point. It will affect the story slightly/kind of a lot. In all actuality, this story needs a little revamping.

But anyway, I need to seriously ask this of you.

Please look at my profile page. There, you will see a poll asking you guys to decide on what story I need to focus on. The winner will receive more attention (even though I barely give my stories attention as it is, but I will attempt to focus on that more and try to hurry it along), while, sadly, the others will be put on the back burner for quite some time.

Just know that I intend to finish all of my stories. All of them. Even if it takes me years to do so. I can imagine that a lot of you are hating me right now, or are very disappointed at me for doing this, which I can understand. But in all honesty, fanfiction is not my life. Previously, it was a huge fucking deal for me and all as a lonely pre-teen who had nothing better to do, but I grew up—not a lot, since I'm still in high school and all—and now I have other priorities: school, bands (as in multiple bands that take up a majority of social life and mental/emotional energy throughout the year (marching band is a fucking cult, indoor percussion makes me want to hug everyone and stab them in their sleep simultaneously, and early morning concert band is a good time to vent about the two aforementioned groups)), my relationship (guys, I'm pretty sure none of you care, but I'VE BEEN DATING FOR OVER A YEAR SO YAY!), and... life, man.

Good thing about being older is a vastly improved writing style (in my case, considering my earlier, cringe-y stuff). Bad thing about being older is no time to exercise said writing style. Bleh.

So yeah. Sorry to do this kind of shit to you guys, because I'm sure you get enough of it from other authors/authoresses. Check the poll if you really want the story to continue. Duty, my other popular story, has an advantage because I updated that story as well as telling them to vote earlier than this one, so if no one does anything for the rest of the month, this story may very well be put aside until the other is finished.

Until next time,

—The Doctor