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rosescorpius, bubotuber pus.
requested by RoseScor90


The day Rose Weasley got covered in Bubotuber pus was not particularly exceptional in any other way. She got up, got ready for school, went to breakfast, argued with Malfoy, went to lessons, argued with Malfoy, went to lunch, argued with Malfoy, went to Herbology, and argued with Malfoy.

Just like every other day.

Except today, naturally, she was continuing her argument with Malfoy over a Bubotuber plant as Al sat in the seat next to the aforementioned blonde-haired git, his head down on his arms as he tried to block their bickering out. You'd think he'd be used to it after five years of being in Gryffindor with the pair of them.

"You're wrong, Malfoy," Rose informed him firmly, trying to stab a wriggling Bubotuber pod with her knife. "Like always."

"I hate to disappoint you, Weasley," Malfoy replied calmly, knifing his pod expertly on his first try (the bugger), "But actually, you're wrong."

This was the usual tone of the arguments. Except, this time, he was really getting under her skin for reasons she couldn't fathom (probably PMS or something), so she stabbed her knife firmly into the desk and was about to launch into a full-on tirade at him when Al suddenly leapt into action and made a grab for a Bubotuber pod that appeared to be making a bid for freedom off the edge of the desk. Two seconds later, the pod was stuck by a knife to the table, and Rose was covered in pus.

The only thing that made it worth it was that Malfoy couldn't keep his eyes off the way the pus made her shirt almost entirely see-through until she was given permission to go and change. Thank heavens she'd remembered not to wear her pink dotty sheep bra.

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