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AH/AU . . . Rated M for language and lemons

Summary: On the run from an abusive ex, Bella turns to the only people she can trust. Can her father and brother, Emmett, help her or will a new love come along and save her? ...


I jumped at the sound of the carts crashing into each other. I slowly turned my head to make sure that he wasn't behind me. I knew that if James found me he would kill me. Getting on the plane and heading to Washington was the easiest thing I have ever done. Facing Charlie and Emmett would be the hardest. They had warned me about James, they could tell what he was like the first time they saw him. Turning back around in the airport I kept heading toward the door to look for my family.

When I got outside there was no sign of Charlie or his cruiser or Emmett and his jeep. I didn't know which one was coming. I sat on a bench to wait, making sure that my hair covered the half of my face that I didn't want anyone to see. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide for long.

"You'll never be able to hide from me, Bella. I will find you wherever you go."

"Don't try to run. The punishment will be worse when I get you. No one will save you." James threatened.

I was broken out of my trance by the honking of a horn. I looked up and saw Emmett getting out of his jeep only my dad wasn't with him one of his friends was. He ran over to me and grabbed me in his signature bear hugs. "I missed you, Bells!"

I hugged him back briefly, "I missed you to, Em. Can you put me down now?" my voice did not have the same enthusiasm.

He put me down and pulled my chin up so that he could look in my eyes. When he took in the bruises on my face, his smile disappeared. He backed up and started to shake with rage. "I'll kill him. That son-of-bitch is going to die. Where is he?" he looked over my shoulder trying to find James.

I put my hands up to stop him from moving. "He's not here. I left him and he doesn't know where I am, Emmett. Just stop your macho bullshit for a minute. I can't let him find me or he will kill me. That's why I came home. I need you and Dad to help me. Emmett, please!" I pleaded. I refused to let the tears or the fear come.

"Fine, but this isn't over lets get you in the car and home. By the way this is Edward Cullen, " he said pointing to the man still standing by the car.

"Nice to meet you." Said the most angelic voice.

I turned to look at him and stared into the most beautiful pair of green eyes that I had ever seen. His features were chiseled and perfect. When he smiled, I saw a row of perfectly straight, white teeth, that made me want to smile in return. Too bad I had lost the will to smile a year ago. "You too," I replied.

We all got in the jeep and headed away from Port Angeles and toward Forks. I stared out the window and waited for the silence to end. Emmett was right. This was far from over. When dad took a look at me I could expect pretty much the same reaction. I just didn't want to answer any questions until we got home. I didn't want to have to repeat myself. The story needs to be told but only once.

"How is dad, Emmett?" my voice broke through the silence.

"He's fine now, but not when he sees you. What happened Bella? When did that bastard start hitting you? Why didn't you call us?"

"It started pretty much after I went to live with him. Look, I only want to have to tell the story once and not in front of a total stranger. No offense Edward, but I don't know you."

"None taken. Emmett why don't you just drop me off at home. You all need obviously have a lot to talk about and I don't want to intrude. I do need to say this, no one deserves to be hit and I hope that you are going to be okay, Bella. My sister went through this so if you need someone to talk to I can give you Rosalie's number." Edward offered.

"Thanks, but again total stranger." I didn't comment on the rest of his statement.

We were in the city limits at this point and Emmett took a turn off that I never would have seen if I wasn't looking. We drove down a long drive and finally stopped in front of a large white house. The property extended all the way back to the river. It was really gorgeous. I wondered what the inside looked like. Edward got out, said his goodbyes, and with one last look at me walked up the steps and inside.

Ten minutes later we pulled into the drive at home. Charlie's cruiser was there, so I knew he was waiting for us. I slowly opened my door and got out of the car. Emmett was already grabbing my bag and heading to the door when he turned and waved me along. We opened the door and Emmett called out to dad. "Dad, we're here."

Charlie walked around the corner from the dining room and walked straight to me. His arms were opening wide and I saw him hesitate when he looked at me before he pulled me in for a hug. "Welcome home Bella. I missed you."

"I missed you too, dad," I breathed in the smell of his shirt and clung to him like he was a life jacket.

I reluctantly let go of him and walked into the living room. Not much had changed in the year I had been gone. I went and sat down on the couch and waited while dad and Emmett came in. Once they were seated, the both stared at me expectantly. I sighed, not knowing where to start.

"What's going on, Bells? Please tell us the truth. You can't sugarcoat what has been happening with us sitting here. How long has James been using you as a punching bag?" Charlie broke the silence.

"It will be better if you take a look at these first. You being the sheriff I want to make sure that all my ducks are in a row," I said as I pulled a manila folder out of my bag and handed it to Charlie. Inside were all medical reports as well as a DVOP- domestic violence order of protection. I waited as he examined the contents before I asked any questions. When he looked up, I asked, "Will that be enough for the town of Forks?"

Before he answered, he gave the file to Emmett. "Bella everything looks in order, but that DVOP is only good in the district where it was issued. He can still cross over here and I have to wait for him to do something. Honey, why didn't you call us? He put you in the hospital on more than one occasion, from the looks of that, " he pointed to the file, "you've only been out a few days since the last time. What happened?"

"Dad, he never needed a reason to hit me, but apparently I always gave him one. This last time he went crazy because I told him something he didn't want to hear."

Emmett popped his head up at that, "What did you tell him?"

I looked at my father and my brother and dreaded telling them the truth. What would their reactions be? Could I even bring myself to tell them? I knew that I had to, but I was adjusting to the news and outcome still myself. My life had been turned upside down and I could only hope that they would still be around to support me.

I took a deep breath and said, "I told him...I told him I was...pregnant."

"What?" Charlie screamed.

I watched his face turn purple before I cut in. "Dad, its okay. I'm not anymore. When I told him he flew into a fit of rage. He kept telling me that it wasn't his and wanting to know who the person was that I had been screwing around with. When I told him there wasn't another guy, he didn't believe me a pushed me down a flight of stairs. I guess he wasn't satisfied with that. I don't remember much after the first punch and kick, but I knew that I was losing the baby."

"Well thank heavens for small miracles," Emmett muttered under his breath, but not low enough for me not to hear it.

I jumped up from the couch, "Fuck you, Emmett! I may hate James and so might you, but that baby was a life. A life inside of me. A part of you and Dad!"

Charlie calmly walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, "I'm sorry about the baby, Bella. I am however thankful that you don't have to have James in your life forever now. Your home, safe and you can start over and start to heal. Your room is all ready. Why don't you go up and lie down and rest. I ordered a pizza and will call you when it gets here if you want to eat."

I just turned and grabbed my bag and headed upstairs to my old room. When I walked through the door I could have laughed. Nothing had changed. The only thing different was the dust. I walked over and lay on my bed and sighed. I was home, but how safe remained to be seen. James would find me sooner or later and I was certain he would kill me. I didn't know what else he could take from me except my life. I needed to stop thinking about James, I would never get on with my life if I dwelled in the past.