A/N: Hello all :) Just a short little story this week... hope you like! Set somewhere in season 4... I guess

Title: Tears

Author: Starfan1245 (me) ;)

Word count: 100 yay ^^,


It was deafening.

He wanted to scream so badly, do anything to stop the silence, but he knew it was wrong.

Tears, large and thick, poured down his face; splashed into his lap. Don't let Sammy see, he thought. Be brave.

The bed dipped next to him; a large soothing hand settled on his shoulder. "Hey man, you okay?"

Tears pooled down faster, landing on his hands, his arms. No response.

The hand tugged. The strength pulled him into a warm body. The thought to be brave disappeared.

Dean clung onto his little brother, hugging him close, and cried.