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An new kid, Platyborg starts school and Skucker and Wild Perry make an new friend.

A few days had passed since their trip, as Wild Perry and his siblings were at school, but at school, Wild Perry saw an new kid at school, but he was a platypus like him and Smucker.

But Wild Perry thought his metal eye and paw was cool, but wondered whose grade the new kid was going into.

"I've heard he's going into your grade." they heard Roxy say.

Smucker and Wild Perry smiled, highfiving as they went to class.

They then were listening to the teacher tell them and the entire class about the new kid.

"We should hang out after school.." he whispered.

At recess, Platyborg was looking around the playground for something he could get involved in, but saw Wild Perry and his friends playing baseball, as he approached.

"Is it okay, if I jouin in?" he asked softly.

"Sure, Platyborg.

You look cool with your eye." Wild Perry said, as Platyborg looked a little sad.

But Tia growled, seeing them having fun but had to get Platyborg away from Wild Perry, before he became a troublemaker like him.

She then approached, hearing Platyborg laugh, as Smucker was telling them some stories about what he and Wild Perry had done.

"These guys are bad news, Platyborg." she told him.

"Nope I like these guys, they're fun." he replied.

Roxy then smiled, hearing this.

They then were playing for the rest of ewcess.

Doof was stunned, as he hadn't heard from Monogram about something Wild Perry had done, but Brooke smiled knowing this was a good thing, but heard the phone ring, as Wild Perry had set off the fire alarms, trying to make smores in Home Ecomics, making Brooke sigh.

"I know he didn't mean it, honey." she said.

She then saw Gentle Perry along with Amore playing in the living room, as she smiled knowing that they'd just gotten home from kindergarten but they then heard the cellphone ring, as Vanessa answered it, but Doof had a feeling that it was Wild Perry.

She then hung up.

"Wild Perry's hanging out with an new friend, Platyborg." she told them.

Doof felt a cold sghiver go down his spine, hearing Platyborg's name but hoped it wasn't the one he was thinking of.

"Honey, maybe he's an nice kid." Brooke said.

"Yeah, I guess." he told her.

She was making snacks for her kids.

Amore was walking into the kitchen but carrying milk and cookies for her and Gentle Perry, as she wondered where Wild Perry was.

"He's hanging out with an new friend." Brooke answered her.

Wild Perry smiled, finishing his homework, before dunner but hoped that Smucker and Platyborg along with Roxy would call him later, but he liked Platyborg a lot, as he was funny and had a great personality like his other friends.

He then heard Doof call him for dinner...