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A year before the rest of the story

Riddle Estate

Tom Marvolo Riddle better known too many as Lord Voldemort sat on his throne upon the platform at the front of the great hall of his family estate. His followers surrounded him. They had all noticed his dramatic change in personality, what once would have caused him to crucio them he now let slide. That's not to say he failed to punish them he did of course but not as frequently as he once did and never the children. He in turn was glad his followers seemed to trust him more. His inner circle - those he once considered friends, were still wary.

They hoped he would stay like this as they had missed their friend. He glanced around the room, and spotted Severus in a corner speaking to the Malfoys. The potions master had his back to him so he could see the worry on Narcissa's face and was instantly on alert. It took a lot to get the woman to panic and a lot more to get her to show it. Just as he was trying to decide what to do Sev touched her arm and said something she nodded and Lucius led her away. Severus looked up and Tom caught his eye and beckoned him over. His reluctance made the 'Dark Lord' curious.

"Is something the matter Severus?" Tom asked and Severus replied there was not. Tom persisted "I saw the Malfoys leave. Narcissa looked upset. Is there nothing you want to tell me?"

The potions master blinked and seemed to struggle with something and Tom knew something was wrong Severus obviously wanted to tell him something but wasn't sure if he should. Tom sighed inwardly and decided to let it pass. If Sev saw he could trust him he'd tell him at some point.

"Where did Lucius and Narcissa go?" Tom asked and hoped Severus would at least answer that.

"They returned to the manor. School begins in a few days and they want to be with Draco, Narcissa's been very protective lately." Tom nodded accepting that answer and allowed Severus to go back to the others.

Malfoy Manor

As they left the party Narcissa clung to Lucius. She needed to be as close to him as possible this was going to be one of the hardest things she had ever done. She also knew that this was going to be easy compared to what she would have to do soon. As they left the manor they were able to apparate to their home. As they walked to their sons room Narcissa could feel her panic grow. Draco thought he hated him, how would he react. Lucius tried to calm her but she wouldn't let him. It was her actions that had caused this. If she had been stronger. Less afraid this wouldn't have happened.

But no she had to be weak and now her sons were paying for it. She didn't want to have only one child she didn't want it to be lonely. She knew Lucius felt the same he had been an only child himself and knew from experience it was lonely. She paused outside his room before she knocked and Lucius squeezed her hand as her son yelled to enter.

Upon entering they found their oldest child on his bed surrounded by clothes and hair products obviously trying to pack for school. Narcissa sat on what could have possibly been the only clear space on the bed and his father took the chair.

"Baby" Narcissa began "I have some things to tell you and I want you to stay quiet till I finish." At his nod she continued. "The day I found out I was pregnant I was so happy. A friend of mine had told me she was expecting and I had been so jealous. Her name was Lily." At Draco's look she nodded he knew it was Lily Potter and wanted to say something but she continued. "We were in hospital at the same time due on the same day. We were so excited, when the day came though Lily had complications and her baby was still born. A few hours I went into labour. I was terrified I'd been told about Lily and didn't want anything to happen to my baby. Not even the doctors suspected but I had twins."

Draco was shocked he couldn't have said anything if he wanted to. Twins? Lily baby still born … but Harry… NO. NO WAY! His parents watched his facial expressions change and knew when he worked it out.

"Please let me finish. Lily was devastated and I was terrified. Tom had changed. It wasn't safe anymore we were his friends and he didn't harm us yet but we could see it was coming. Once he respected those who followed him and his ideals but now he tortured them for minor mistakes. I was sure I couldn't protect you both. One I could watch constantly, keep Tom away from but two it was impossible. Then I thought of Lily and how wonderful a mother she would be. James wasn't there yet he was away. I looked at you both sleeping peacefully one of you an image of your father and the other with the Black looks. It would be so easy. I went to lily and told her what I was thinking. She asked me to wait for your father to return the next day but I refused. I told her to choose then and she agreed. James was a cousin, he had the same hair and skin colouring all he needed was something from Lily so we changed the eyes. When your father returned I told him what I had done and he agreed. Tom had just tortured Severus."

Draco just stared at them and nodded. It made sense the Dark Lord was unpredictable, but Harry, his brother. Wow. "Does he know? Does anyone know?" Draco asked.

His father answered "your brother doesn't know. Severus does and so does Bella."

Draco nodded Sev would be his godfather too and it explained why he was so tough on him. Sev had always punished Draco and Draco knew how to behave, but with Draco it was in private, he didn't have that option with Harry so he had to do what he could to teach him. Harry of course didn't know that and it cause a lot of resentment. He thought Draco got away with it but his punishments were usually worse; he got punished by Severus and then his father. "So when are you going to tell him and what's his actual name? I know you didn't name him Harry." Draco said with a tone of distain for the name.

"We don't know when we're going to tell him, but it will depend on the Dark Lord. No, we did not name him Harry. He was going to be Casimir Severus Malfoy." Lucius told him and Narcissa smiled.

"Sev was so happy, he was instantly devoted to you both. I think it hurt him that he didn't have Cas in Slytherin." Lucius nodded and Draco grinned.

"I can't wait to tell Blaise he'll be so jealous he always wanted a brother."