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This is part two of the Beyond the Horizon series. If you haven't read part one-Beyond the Horizon: A Decade to Wait-you will want to surely do that. If you have read it already, then I present to you part two. Enjoy!

Beyond the Horizon: His Son's Realization

Captain Turner still saw their faces even though he gazed at a sunrise in his world. He stood there alone feeling lost again. A smile played onto his face though. It all depended on the one day. The price paid wasn't so bad after all. Already he missed his son. A burning pain filled his empty chest. He longed to hold him again. He had no more than a monkey of his son and food from his wife. Knowing they wouldn't come back, he sighed heavily and turned.

Bill gave him a gentle smile. He glanced at his son's loose hair and bare feet. He just shook his head.

Will noticed and shrugged. He and his father went on main deck.

The crew silently looked at him.

Will nodded. "We did it. We survived," he told them.

Everyone began cheering and dancing around. They threw their hats. They had done it. Captain Turner had done what Davy Jones never could. They were safe.

"Drinks all around!" hollered Skully, coming from the hold.

Will smiled. He quietly went to his cabin.

Bill noticed and so did Greenbeard.

"Look, you chased him away," said Greenbeard.

"I was hoping he would try six bottles," admitted Skully.

Will sat on the bench in the organ chamber thinking about everything that happened. Elizabeth was beautiful and strong. He thought she wouldn't make it, but she did. Little Wills was an exact image of her and had her temper, but had his eyes. He loved his ship and everything about him. Never having met him before, Wills still loved him more than he ever thought. He was very strong and smart. He seemed older than nine years old, but acted nine. Already, he was the greatest treasure in the world.

Above him, the crew sang A Pirate's Life. He could tell they were dancing around. They had every reason to celebrate. Without that crew, Will felt he would never have lasted. They had put up with him and his random action and bursts of emotion for ten years. No one questioned him. They loved him.

Will stood. He returned back to his quarters. A sack was sitting on the cot. Curious, he emptied its contents. New boots, a few bandanas, tunics, breeches, his sword, warm blankets, and a soft, fluffy pillow came from it. He suddenly breathed in her sweet scent. All this had come from her room. He put his boots on and smiled. Perfect fit. He pulled his hair back with his blue bandana. Attached to one of the ends were two small, gold hoops twice the size of the one he had now. He traded his silver one for the gold. Before anyone noticed, he traded his old sheets for the new ones Elizabeth provided for him. Though they were big, he didn't care. It felt wonderful to toss aside his old, flat pillow and provide himself with the new, fluffy one. 'Jack' was set on top of it. Everything else was placed back in the sack.

Both necklaces clanged together. Will sat on the bed. He tied the key around his old necklace. It made a perfect addition it and seemed as though it was an odd key that was just found among the shells and beads. He noticed a shark tooth on the opposite side of the shell. A child seemed to have placed it there. A light knock echoed in the room.

"You can come in Daddy," said Will.

"Daddy," replied Bill as he entered.

"Sorry, I heard that nearly every sentence spoken by Wills. He didn't say Daddy perhaps three sentences," said Will.

Bill smiled. He touched the earring. He motioned Will to follow him into the cabin. He set the chest carving on the table.

Will opened it. "You actually put sand back in it," he noted impressed.

"Sand that she and Wills have set foot on thousands of times along with this," said Bill.

He set a large jar of sand on the table. All around were beautiful shells and pearls. On a large shell that was shaped like a heart were the initials of two people. ET and WT. The bottom consisted of shell glass. Seaweed was wrapped around the lid and draped beautifully down the jar.

"Her hands did both," added Bill.

"Two available death traps on the ship," noted Will.

"The one is in a jar that I know you won't smash. The other you've had for nine years. It's in a wooden chest and your son is not here," said Bill.

"Wills was trying to help. That's all," said Will.

"It took forever to clean up," said Bill.

"If it took forever then you would still be cleaning," noted Will.

Bill nodded. He glanced at the paper on the table then immediately took it into his hand.

Will nodded "He doesn't really know what it means. He's just a nine year old boy trying to be helpful. He said now I don't have to do it. I hope I never have to. It is funny though, now that I think about it."

"What else was in that sack?" wondered Bill.

Will pointed at his boots then added. "A few more bandanas, tunics, breeches, blankets, sheets, and a nice, fluffy pillow." Bill looked at him with a hint of jealousy. "And Wills gave me 'Jack'. It's his stuffed monkey."

Bill laughed. "Jack will love that."

"He knows and says it's 'madly insulting'," said Will.

Come on, the crew is waiting for their victorious captain," said Bill.

Will nodded. He opened both doors. The crew cheered and clapped as he walked out.

"Let's hear it for Captain Turner!" shouted Edward.

Will bowed gloriously.

Everyone cheered more.

Will understood why Jack acted the way he did. When one was proud, one couldn't help but show it. He settled himself on crate.

"So, apparently you had an enjoyable," said Karibe.

Will nodded. "That I did."

"What didja do?" asked Skully.

Will shrugged. "Played on the beach, taught Wills to handle a sword, ate delicious meals, and anything we could do together."

"What about your wife?" asked Skully.

Will's mind fled back to those moments. "I missed her more than anything else. Her playful kissed, her gentle touch, the way she looks at me, her wild passionate mind, her love is tender and pure…she was wonderful and perfect and so nice. Her flawless body, so soft and smooth, her kisses and touch and—"

"Okay Will, we don't need to know everything," said Bill then added. "I personally don't want to know."

"But we do. You saw it all," said Skully.

Will snapped his head to his father. "You what?"

"He was spying on you. He looked every half hour," said Edward.

"You were spying on me?" asked Will. Bill opened his mouth to speak. He turned away instead. "How much did you see last night?"

"I saw you two walk down the beach," replied Bill.

Will sighed relieved.

"What were you two doing in the water?" asked Greenbeard.

"Swimming," replied Will simply.

"Oh, that's what you call it," said Karibe.

"If you were just swimming then why were your clothes and her clothes on the beach while the two of you were in the water?" asked Edward.

The crew glanced at each other smiling.

Will's face went red. He turned to his father.

"Let's just say there is more than one glass on this ship and the ship was tilted toward the side where you two were. I told them to stop," Bill said.

"After you peeked yourself," added Edward. "It was quite a long peek though."

"Did that consist of your night Captain?" asked Maccus.

Will said nothing. His face went redder. Everyone glanced at each other nodding. Will smacked his father across the head as hard as he could before taking a bottle of rum.

"I am entitled to one bottle," he told them then added. "Don't even think about it."

"Then why did I bring this up?" asked Skully.

Bill took a bottle. "I say we make a toast to Captain William Alexander Jonathan Turner. A man who defied death, defied a curse, became legendary, remains human, and is the best captain a crew could ever ask for and the best son in any world. To Captain Turner."

"Captain Turner," repeated the crew, raising their bottles.

They drank in long, well deserving swallows.

Will nodded his respect and thanks. He raised his bottle. "Let the celebration begin." He drank a small swallow while everyone else took long gulps, particularly Bill.

Will looked at his father's nearly empty bottle then the many full bottles beside him. A smile of vengeance widened on his face.

The crew of the Flying Dutchman and her captain celebrated the day away. They told tales of the sea and sang chanteys. The way they were drinking the rum was going to be gone as well as the coffee in the morning.

Will didn't mind though. He was enjoying watching his drunken crew. While they inhaled their bottles, he sipped. He wasn't ever going to try six, but he wondered about his father.

"This celebration is more fun than the one we had nine years ago," said Bill.

"That wasn't a celebration. That was you getting me drunk," said Will.

Bill shrugged and waved it off. He took another gulp form his bottle. "It was still fun."

"He has a point there," noted Edward. He hiccupped as he threw the empty bottle in the pile behind them. "Last one. How sad."

The crew moaned.

Will shook his head. He went down to the hold and returned with an entirely new case of rum. He barely managed to sit down before being swarmed by the crew. He took a bottle himself. He sat next to his father again. Quietly, he opened that bottle and set it where the almost empty bottle was. He set that one beside him along with the two other almost empty bottles.

Bill took his bottle, not realizing that it was just opened. "Have I ever told you lads about me wife?" he asked.

"Occasionally," said Karibe, swaying.

"Well then, her name was Charlotte Victoria Marie Seastone. Her mum was captured by pirates and she was made Lady Seastone. I married the lass despite that we were adopted siblings. Then, when my son was three, her father forced me from her and his life. You all know William I presume. Anyhow,poor William grew up noble and had to do all those noble things. Did I ever mention that Will is a lord of England? Well, if I didn't let me introduce you to Lord William Jonathan—something Seastone or Turner. Yep. He's a Lord of England not a pirate captain. When Willie was nine, I met his mother and we shared love and next thing I knew she was pregnant. Poor darling died when giving birth to my baby daughter and Willie's sister. Being his father, my son fled to the Caribbean to escape the noble life. Right Will? Of course. That's me wife's and son's and daughter's tale," Bill told them. He looked at Will hiccupping.

Will raised an eyebrow. His plan hand succeeded. His father was drunk.

"Wow, our captain a Lord of England," replied Edward in awe.

"Come here you two. You need a drink too," Bill called, pouring out rum in Orion's water bowl then spilling a handful in his palm for Teach.

Will laughed and shook his head. "I am no such thing." He poured the rum out of his dog's bowl since Orion was drinking from it.

"But you are Pirate Queen lad. You are royalty son," Bill said. He took another drink. "I propose we make another toast." He stood. Will helped him keep his balance. Bill fell back onto the crate. He took a long drink. "Is this bottle not gone yet? Amazing. Will, it's a never ending bottle of rum. I should give this to you. You can drink six without knowing it."

"Just like you've drank four without knowing," noted Will.

"No, I've had one," said Bill pointing at his "one bottle".

Will held up three nearly empty bottles of rum. "What would you call these?"

"I would call those not finished," replied Bill then finished all of them. All three were thrown into the empty pile. He finished his fourth. "The never ending bottle is ended. That calls for another round of our song." He cleared his throat then sang loud with his arms flailing about. "Yo ho me 'earties drink up. Yo ho, ho yo me life pirate's for."

Will ducked under his arm. "Was I this bad?" he asked Maccus.

"Yes and you had five," said Bill.

"Well, here's your fifth," said Will before smashing a full bottle of rum over his father's head. Bill fell back. "By the way. Drink up me 'earties yo ho. Yo ho, yo ho. A pirate's life for me," added Will to his father's limp body.

The crew fell on top of each other laughing and slapping the wood.

"I thought your father was cruel," noted Maccus.

"A Turner always seeks and seizes his revenge," said Will.

"Bloody hell, what hit me?" asked Bill as he attempted to sit up.

Will helped him sit up. "That would be a new bottle of rum."

"That's a waste of rum lad," moaned Bill.

Will shrugged. "Oh well." He helped him to stand and had an arm around his shoulder.

"Where are we going?" asked Bill.

"To your quarters so you can lie down," said Will.

"But Will, it's not time for bed and I feel fine," said Bill, facing the deck.

"I'm sure you do," laughed Will as he turned his father around.

Bill nodded then fell back, dragging Will to the deck with him.

Will stood. He and Maccus set each of Bill's arms around their shoulders.

"Do you remember the time I cut out your heart?" asked Bill.

"No, I was dead," said Will.

"Didn't we hear this from the other side nine days ago?" wondered Edward.

Swaying, Greenbeard nodded. "I thought that was nine weeks ago."

Edward nodded as he fell to the deck. Several others laughed then fell as well.

Will and Maccus looked at each other.

"Are we the only sober ones on this ship?" asked Will.

"Yep," replied Maccus.

Bill was set on his cot.

"I'll take care of him. You start the coffee," said Will.

Maccus nodded and left.

Will sighed as he looked at his father. Now came the difficult part. He stripped Bill of everything but his breeches and tunic. He untied his hair then gently looked at his head. No glass or blood, but his hair was sticky. Will began to pull the curtain over the window then decided not to. After all, he was spied on all day. He walked out and halfway shut the door. The best was about to come.

More miserable then ever, everyone but Will, Maccus, and the souls, sat below deck or in any quite, dark corner. Most came to the rail to empty their stomachs.

Will saved the bottles for future usage. He helped Maccus with the coffee. The only good thing was only four bottles of rum remained and there were still plenty of coffee barrels left. He went around deck giving everyone a mug. Just to be safe, Orion and Teach were given a shot of coffee to ward away the alcohol. By sunset, everyone had finally managed to find a quiet place to sleep. However, Will had plans of his own.

He poked his head into his father's room to see Bill was still sleeping. Will smiled and walked out. He went to the organ chamber then sat down. Reviewing his keys, he tapped the lowest note then held down. He played a few of the lower notes. No apparent complaints. He went to the highest note and held. It echoed marvelously in the chamber. He stopped and heard a few groans. No for his true revenge, he played random notes all over the key board. The scales went at once. Every other note. Banging his hands into them. He would hate to be drunk now. He continued on with a grin of satisfaction. A hand grabbed one of his.

Will stopped a moment to look at his father.

With miserable eyes, Bill collapsed on the bench beside Will.

Will pressed on the highest note and held.

Bill covered his ears.

Will laughed as he let go to hear many moans and curses.

Bill looked at him. "I took care of you after," he said before setting his head in his hands.

Will nodded. "I know." He set his hand on his father's shoulder. "Stay here." He returned after a few moments to help his father back to his quarters.

Bill covered his eyes.

"It's all right," Will told him softly as he removed his father's hand.

The room was lightened by only three candles in the corner. Will shut the door then sat beside his father.

Bill shut his eyes as his forehead was gently dabbed with a cool, wet rag. He gagged then emptied his stomach into the bucket at his bedside.

Will held his hair back. He now knew both sides to the mystery that of rum and personally didn't like either. He wiped his father's face then headed for deck.

"I don't think the crew enjoyed your little musical talent," noted Maccus, handing him a mug of coffee.

"Neither did my father," said Will.

"Now what?" asked Maccus.

"Now I repay my father for what he did to me. He stayed beside me and I'll stay beside him. You just keep the coffee coming," said Will.

He stayed true to his word and remained at his father's side. Nine years ago he was the one drunk then was comforted. He was doing the same. While his father slept, he picked up a few books and read by the candlelight. After reading Under the Black Colors, he took the book of Celtic legends. One of the legends was marked and the pages discolored more than the rest. He picked up the marker. It was made of braided leather. Tied at the bottom was a woven gold band with diamonds and sapphires. Will grinned. They truly did have the same rings.

"William," called Bill softly.

Will smiled and sat beside him. "Good morning."

"It's morning? How long was I asleep?" asked Bill.

Will shrugged. "All afternoon and night."

"My head," moaned Bill. "Now I have two beating things."

"Just think of one as mine," said Will.

Bill smiled and shook his head. He sat up, leaned against his pillow. "How was your day?" he asked as he took his coffee.

"I can't describe it other than never feeling so alive in my life. Wills, is the greatest treasure in the world. Not even my freedom is worth more than him. Elizabeth is such a wonderful mother. She's done a great job raising him. They're both so strong," said Will.

"So are you Will," Bill told him gently.

Will handed him the ring. "Promise me you'll never take this off again," he said.

Bill took his ring. He slipped it on his finger and nodded.

Will smiled gently. His eyes were thoughtful.

"Do you remember your mother?" asked Bill.

"A little," said Will. "She was beautiful. Everyone she knew loved her. I still see her smile and hear her laughter. She was always sad and tried keeping me away from anything to do with pirates." Bill's eyes lowered. "She did love you though. A few men once proposed to her. She said no to all three. Her heart belonged to another."

"Your mother deserved someone better than me," Bill told him sadly.

"How did you know of Mum's death?" asked Will.

"It was after I agreed to serve," began Bill. "It was the strangest thing ever. Jones's ten years had passed. We were given one day of shore leave if we desired. He had some speck of emotion to him. I went to Scotland to my old home. I paid my respects to my family's graves. And then I went down to London and took a walk through the gardens. It was there where I found your mother's grave and Lily Alexandra Evelyn Seastone Turner's. I sat there all day in my guilt and misery. For years I lived in misery and of a broken heart. About a year before we met, my heart healed. The moonlight no longer had an effect on me one night. My blood was needed to lift that curse. It meant one thing. You were alive."

He slipped his arm around Will who was sadly looking at him.

Will exhaled deeply and began his side of the story. "Mum was so happy, I had never seen her happier. She told me that we were going to be a family and I was going to get a father and be an older brother. I remember talking to her belly and feeling the baby kick. A few months later. I found the medallion at my bedside. Mum said that you must have sent it to me. I never took it off. I remember her going into labor. I was in the other room at my grandfather's home. After hours, I was told to go see her. She was very weak. I heard them say she wasn't doing well. It was a hard labor. She made me promise to take care of Lily. It was her father's favorite flower. Mum died looking into my eyes. Lily died in my arms a few hours later." Through his tears he managed to smile. "She was beautiful. She had dark hair and these beautiful sea blue eyes. I left that night. Grandfather said he would take care of me. I was to go to school and be raised noble. I didn't want that. From a story I heard about cursed Aztec gold in the Caribbean, I knew you had to be there somewhere. I fled, found a ship bound for the Caribbean and never looked back once."

Bill touched Will's scar. He knew he would never find a more opportune time than now. "Lilies are my favorite flower," he said softly.

Will looked at his father with wide eyes. He noticed his father's brilliant, sea blue eyes, the same as Lily's.

"I'm sorry for everything Will. I'm a horrible father," Bill admitted and felt he should leave his precious son alone.

Will shook his head. "No, you're not." He pulled at his father's hand. "You're a great father. You just did what you had to."

"That's no excuse. I chose wrong," said Bill shameful.

"Between the two of us, Mum and Alex weren't too sure Lily was yours to begin with and everyone else thought someone else was the father," noted Will with a laugh. He pressed his palms against his face and leaned forward on his knees.

"Speaking of which, you never answered my question that I asked you ten years ago," Bill said, suddenly reminded.

"What? Will I know the answer still?" wondered Will.

"What the hell just went on between you two?" asked Bill.

Will turned his head to him with an expression of wonder. "Huh?" His father simply looked at him.

"Your almost father," reminded Bill with his arms folding across his chest.

"Oh, him, right. I tend to forget people after they have been ferried," said Will.

"Uh hm," muttered Bill. "All right, so what went on between you two?"

"Do you want tea? I'm going to make you some tea. You need tea," Will said quickly and nodding.

"William," Bill said, his voice impatient as he grabbed the hem of his son's trousers.

"I've been avoiding this topic with you," admitted Will as he was seated beside his father by the seat of his trousers.

"Get the worst of it over with now," requested Bill.

Will leaned away from him. "Don't strangle the messenger."

"Just," said Bill.

Will scooted away and leaned away. "Mum slept with him on more than one occasion and I was three signatures away from becoming his adopted son."

"Which three before I go to that house and kill someone so I don't mistakenly kill the wrong person?" wondered Bill through his teeth.

"Mum, Gabriel, and Alex. Grandfather already signed them. Alex wasn't sure because he had a feeling who Lily belonged to. Mum wasn't going to just yet since she was waiting for you. Gabriel wouldn't do it unless it was last resort since you are his older brother. Apparently, Grandfather signed them right away, but I really don't blame him. We did get along perfectly and he taught me mostly everything I know," said Will.

"You're right, I need tea," said Bill and immediately left his place beside Will to quickly exit the room.

Will looked down at his dog who was looking back at him with amusement.

"Dead men tell no tales!" Teach squawked from his perch.

"That's what I'm afraid of," Will told him.

Outside the cabin where the festivities were occurring, he happened to hear several languages worth of cursing and quite a few shouts and screams. Will being Will, counted on his fingers how many words he said in all the different languages. He thought it would be most amusing to report back to his father. After about five minutes, he lost count and decided it was best to keep his mouth shut when his father returned. He decided since this was going to take a while, that he would move to their chairs and table in the center of the room. The chairs were much more comfortable and he was a table away from his father, which was the main reason.

Bill Turner's presence returning to the room was most surely unmistakable, as he was stomping and grumbling the entire way down the stairs. Will lowered his head as he bit his fingernails, paying no heed to his father knowing it was best to let his father do the speaking first. He slightly cringed when the tea tray was dropped on the table and the china rattled.

"Talk. Now."

"Just know it took him a year after you left for him to go anywhere near us and it was happen chance that he did get back in our lives," said Will.


"Mum, Alex, and I were walking in town and we walked into the chocolate shop across the Tower. My favorite chocolate shop to be exact. We were browsing chocolates as usual and I was begging for them all as usual. After going there, we went to the toy shop the street down. It was nearing Christmas and Mum said she wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what I wanted on my list so I led the two of them around the shop. Well, let's just say a certain oldest sister and her sons and her younger brother were in there as well looking for a toy for her two year old child. Ironically, he and Mum were both reaching for one of the wooden boats at the same time. Legend says the two of them got talking again and Mum had this idea that his sister should bring her family over for dinner one night and, of course, Eugenia agreed. Keep in mind, we never called her that because she hated it. She much more preferred her first middle name, Diana.

"Well, that night was a Saturday night. Low and behold, all three brothers tagged along. Keep in mind I have no memory of this night and I was merely told by others around me. We had a wonderful night and I've been told I was hanging around Beck's shoulders the entire night—"

"Beck?" asked Bill, but not in the form of an unknown question. He was questioning with a smile on his face of amusement.

"Yeah, he told me he would prefer if I call him Beck rather than Cutler. All of his close friends called him Beck and so I did," replied Will. "Well, Eugenia or Diana if you want to call her, decided that since her children were two and eight and I was four and Dirk was twoish, that the four of us needed playtime. Since she was staying in London for a while on account of her husband sailing for a while, she brought the children over a few times a week and Beck always came on Saturday. After a while, it stuck. A while means a few months. He began coming over for dinner every Saturday night and spent time with all of us. Neither of the uncles of mine objected since he was still a good man and had his playful nature.

"As I began growing up, I requested more and more time with him because he was like the father I never had and he knew you and he always told me stories about you, but I never knew it. I always knew the stories of The Pirate, The Marine, and The Nobleman. Saturday dinners became Saturday afternoons to play with me and tell me stories until he tucked me in bed at night and stayed for evening tea and talk. Alex was sailing, Gabe and Dirk were in Scotland, Grandfather was attending Parliament, and Mum had some sort of Ladies even to attend. It was the middle of the week and I wasn't feeling too well. I was in bed throwing up since I woke up like I had been for a few days then. Well, Mum didn't want to leave me with the maids and servants because she was my mother. She wanted someone who I wanted to be with to look after me so she went to the one place where she knew she would find someone to look after me and that someone happened to be at Navy Headquarters.

"Yes Father, Cutler Beckett became my official babysitter when I was a child. Whenever there was a need for me to be watched, he was the first one on the contact list and if he wasn't available, they went down the Beckett brother lines and let me just say the days Theo watched me are the most vividly remembered days in my young childhood. He spoiled me. Wonderfully. I got candy and chocolates and new toys and I didn't have to take naps we played on the piano all day and I got to run around and get dirty. Honestly though, I much more enjoyed my days in the office.

"I remember my first day there and that day was when everyone discovered a little talent about me. He had to do office work, but he said I could sit there with him while he did his paperwork. For a while I played with the toys I brought with and stared at the map because I had a fascination with maps. As you could imagine doing paperwork, he was called away from his desk for a moment where I became curious. The paperwork was all to do with the funds of the past month. I was learning numbers in my daily education lessons and I thought he would be proud if I showed him what I knew. By the time he was done, I had his funds all calculated out including into the separate groupings being spent, grants, donations, received, and remaining.

"Well, from that day on I'll just tell you that I spent more time there than I did at home I think. Before I left, my face was clearly well known that new recruits knew who I was. At any time of the day I was allowed to simply walk in and go to his office. More than one occasion, I was called to an office of an Admiral to help look over the numbers of his accounts. I was taught the bookwork of sailing. When he should have been working on the paperwork, he would get his books and diagrams out and teach me what I needed to know about sailing."

"What is the most vivid memory you have of your time with him?" Bill asked softly, beginning to see his son again.

Will smiled. "It's so simple really. Silly perhaps honestly. It was near evening and the setting sun was shining through the window. The map on his wall was glowing orange. I think I was eight. I asked him a question about the world and if the sun and the moon shined the same everywhere. He told me "it does, but it shined the brightest in the faces of the ones you love the most". He said he loved me. He had grown to love me and he wanted to be my father." He smiled softly to himself, purposely taking a pause to subtly see the disappoint and pain on his father's face. "But I told him, I already had a Daddy somewhere out there on the sea and since the sun shined the same in London as it did wherever my father was, then the sunrays that touched his face were now touching mine and so we were together. I told him my Daddy didn't have to grow to love me, he just loved me from the beginning, but I didn't understand why he wasn't there. And I told him, since my Daddy wasn't there, that I did need a father and I would be delighted if he wanted to be my father. You see, a father is someone who takes care of someone and loves him. A Daddy is someone who loves his son even if they are a world away or in each other's arms. I told him no matter how far apart a son and his Daddy are, the love they have is always going to be the same.

"And he agreed with me, completely and told me that he would bet the Devil my Daddy was thinking about me right at that very same moment too because I so strongly thinking about him. He said when one person has unusually strong feelings for someone else, that person is also being thought of at that very same exact moment. And he never asked me I loved him too. I told him that I did love him. I loved being with him because he was like my father not my Daddy. And then he said that because he was my father, he had to teach me a few things. He then brought one of the blueprints to a ship with labels on every line, and laid it out on the floor. It was wider and larger than him when he was standing. Mum, when she came to bring me home, caught us lying on the floor on our stomachs, head in hands, and feet swinging back and forth like we were a father teaching his son.

"I know it hurt her to see that, but I know it made her feel better knowing that I still had some sort of figure in my life that I could look up to as a father when I needed one."

"Did you say that William or are you trying to make me feel better?" asked Bill.

"Daddy, would I lie to you?" Will asked.

Shaking his head, Bill's lip trembled as a smile widened across them. He wiped the tears from his eyes with his fingertips and sniffled only once. But, as he thought more about his son's true honesty and words just spoken, he turned his head and was unable but to allow the tears to fall from his eyes. Will was only eight years old and had the chance for a father, yet his still wanted his Daddy more than a father and he had not one memory of him.

Will rolled his eyes as he stood. He knelt beside his father's chair and cupped his father's face between his palms. "I've always wanted you. If I have to spend eternity with one person I'm glad it's you. I was told to take what I wanted most because there was curse to be paid in the end. I may have married Elizabeth, but I chose you. Had I not gone on this ship to help Jack make himself captain then Elizabeth and I would be happily married and raising Wills. Because I had to help Jack become captain to save you, I chose you not her."

"Tá mé chomh mór sin i ngrá leat, Mac," whispered Bill.

"I love you too," Will told him. "But you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and blaming yourself and feeling guilty all the time. Really. I know the emotions of anyone part of the crew at any given moment and you are the worst. You wonder why I'm always depressed is because you are always depressed and then you get more depressed because I'm depressed and I feel horrible and you feel horrible until we're both sitting in here moping." He smiled as his father began softly laughing. "You are all right. It was me not you."

"You know something Little One, I can see the two of you laying on the floor looking at the prints of a ship. The three of us did it when we were teenagers, only we were spread out looking at maps," said Bill. "He was a good man, but he was trapped in a world he had no choice but to agree with. He would have made a fine pirate. He was already an excellent sailor. I suppose, if anyone had to be your father, I suppose it's all right that it was him."

"Not like it matters anymore," noted Will, standing again.

Bill shrugged. "I still think it's all right."

"Since I'm thinking about it, I did promise him I would give his brothers hell and I haven't yet," said Will.

"Those two are strong. They will be here for quite a while Will. I'm not worried," Bill told him.

A long whined came from behind Will. Orion was standing there with his head down and his nose nudging his ball. He softly whined again and nudged his ball again.

"You want to play I assume?" Will asked.

Orion barked and his tail furiously wagged behind him. He picked his ball up into his mouth and trotted forward. Sensing Will was not following him, he turned his head and barked again.

"All right, all right. Come on Orion," said Will, stepping forward.

Bill watched his son leave. He finished his tea in peace. Literally. His mind was at ease, but there would forever be regret filling his heart. Regret was more strong an emotion of them all because it brought the rest of the emotions to life. Regret was something he could always heal though. Everything he ever regretted in his life was resolved in a manner better than the previous situation. And every regret he shared for himself led to his son being with him every day of their lives.

Warmer and more spirited, he hopped to his feet and reviewed the books on his shelves. As always, he found himself reviewing his Celtic sections and settled on the treasury of children's tales. His mood was light and he and Will agreed adults were allowed to read children's tales as well.

Like every time when he got a book out, Teach's wings flapped until a weight the heaviness of a macaw settled itself on his left shoulder. He leaned his head down at the words.

"Story time."

"Yes Teachy, story time," replied Bill. He flipped through the contents. "Ah, I think you'll like this one."

"Um, before you get comfortable with your other son, how about you and Teach have story time on deck and entertain the souls that are here like they are entertaining Orion because a lot of them are young and I think it was a passenger ship," Will said with his head poked in the room.

"Are you jealous?" wondered Bill.

"Why would I be jealous of Teach and how do you know he likes it when you talk to him like he's a baby?" wondered Will.

"He does," Bill stated confidently. Teach whistled his song and bobbed up and down. "See, he likes it."

He followed his son onto deck where Orion was playing fetch with a few children with a watchful mother nearby. Most of the men were conversing with the crew about normal sailing business. Will was undoubtedly doing the records.

"Big birdy."

"Handsome Teach."

Bill turned. "Do you like stories?" The little girl nodded. "All right."

After completing the record of the captain, Will stepped on deck for his next story only to discover there was already a story going on. He leaned against the doorway with his arms folded and listened. His father was a good story teller and all the children and teenagers were seated around him listening. A few of the adults were also surrounding him. He spoke so vividly and acted out each scene. Yep, that was his father.