Wills pulled the wheel more his direction. He felt it tug his arm so he pulled it his direction again. He pulled back again. He laughed as it tugged his arm. He turned to his father who was on the opposite side of the wheel, his mouth tugging into a smile and attempting to muffle the laugh.

The two looked at each other then burst into laughter, Wills's laughter lasting much longer.

"We're acting how Jack and Barbossa used to," noted Wills, his laughter loud and pure.

"Just keep in mind that I have proof that I am captain," reminded Will.

"Aye, you're heartless," said Wills.

"Don't remind me," Will told him.

"Heartless, heartless, you don't have a heart," Wills said dancing around his father.

Will came right back at him. "At least I'm not the one that has to face Elizabeth's fury."

Wills's amusement suddenly dulled. He looked at his father and nodded. "You're right about that one. When do you think we'll meet up again?"

"I can't say," admitted Will. "All I know is that you've been with me for about a month and away from your mother for nearly two months."

"She's going to kill me," noted Wills.

"Probably," agreed Will with a smile that meant he was glad it wasn't going to be him for once. "Be sure she kills you at sea then Calypso will have to save you or risk me becoming Jones."

"Don't bring that up," Wills told him.

"Wills, it was a week ago," reminded Will.

"I don't care," snapped Wills. "I don't want to think what being born on land means to me."

"If it means anything, I wasn't sure what was going to happen to me once we reached Singapore," said Will.

Wills's face suddenly lit. "You never told me about Singapore from your perspective."

Will dragged his son to the helm stairs. He drew a deep breath. "Barbossa needed someone to go into Sao Feng's uncle's temple to steal the charts without being caught. Of the rest of the crew I was the only one with enough cunning and unimportance to the mission. I wasn't needed to assist in bringing weapons or appearing harmless enough to be bait to sing the song. I was forced to accept the required task and Barbossa knew I wouldn't get caught because I wasn't an idiot when it came to piracy by then. You see, while on our venture to Singapore I taught myself to think like Jack as much as I could remember or interpret from his mind. Before I left I brought a few weapons to your mother and told her to take them all. I taught her how to conceal weapons quite well I've been told.

"Anyway, I ended up by crawling through disgusting, molding, rat infested sewers that were worse than this ship under the command of Jones, which is bad. I spent the entire time cursing at Barbossa for making me do this and Jack because we had to get him back. It was simple enough to get into the temple. Guards were outside. The temple was lock and Sao Feng's uncle was the only one to have the key. As I took the charts I wanted to be caught. You see, I had my own intentions and making a bargain with Sao Feng would help me acquire these intentions. I needed a ship and a crew that would be loyal to me and the charts to bring the Pearl back from the Locker. Let's just say I had a bit of entertainment causing a commotion inside the temple causing the guards to fetch Sao Feng's uncle. My plan was most successful at the time when they caught me save the sword hilt to my head then waking once again bound to a pole."

"Once again?" asked Wills.

"The pelegostos," replied Will.

"I haven't heard that one," noted Wills.

Will rolled his eyes and continued. "Sao Feng was staring at me in curiosity. He asked what I was intending to do. I told him I needed to talk to him about a very important offer. He refused and asked which I would prefer: water, lashing, or removal of my hands as was common for thieves. I told him I knew what the lash was like, I needed my hands I liked where they were, and I had nearly drowned a few times prior. He wanted to remove my hands, but I mentioned Barbossa's name. Because I knew of the private meeting he understood that I was better left more alive than anything. He did seem disappointed that water was our only option left.

"I stood waist deep in a bucket of water. I admit the water was rather warm. All the while, I watched Sao Feng continue his activities and enjoy the steam as he patiently waited. I had my father on my mind and thought of new plans I could use to get to Sao Feng. I didn't have much time to think though. A man came in and nodded. Next thing I knew three pushed me under the water. I was on my knees underwater for a few minutes. Before you say it, I know, I should have died and I did feel like I was going to die for a while. Oddly, I've always been able to hold my breath for an unusually long amount of time."

"That's not so bad I suppose," said Wills.

"Now, tell me about when you arrived back at the island after returning to Port Royal. How did you end up hanging by your ankle above the dock?" asked Will.

Wills rolled his eyes and groaned as he face went red. "I was coming back from the rigging after helping fold the sails. The rail was wet and I slipped. My foot was caught in the rope. I fell backwards, nearly smacking my head on the dock. I have never been so ashamed in my life. People were on the dock and watched as Alex and Sam were looking at me from the rail laughing too hard to help me. What's even worse is that my tunic flipped over my head and I got caught in that as I tried to cut the rope from my ankle. Unfortunately, Mum cut me loose after having seen it."

"That's still not so bad," said Will.

"Who do you think has good, embarrassing stories to tell?" asked Wills.

"Jack," said Will, delighted.

"I'm sure he would," said Wills.

"No, no, no, Jack's coming," said Will.

Wills's eyes shot out to sea. He sighed in such relief. "Thank God it's Jack that finds me and not Mum. I don't want to die yet."

"I don't think even Jack will calm her enough not to kill you," noted Will.

"Aye, he'll probably run to save himself," said Wills.

"Run to run away," said Will. "Though, he doesn't always run."

Wills's eyes saddened as his body slumped. "After Jack comes, I won't see you for four years."

"We've had a month," reminded Will. "And we must go our separate paths for a time."

"I suppose," agreed Wills.

The two of them watched as the Black Pearl approached. Wills did feel much better knowing that he would be home in a few days. He did miss his mother after all and he missed torturing Thomas when he was bored.

"Wills, hide," Will said monotone.

"Why?" asked Wills.

Will pointed to the helm.

Wills sighed deeply as his eyes widened in horror. "Oh no, she's here."

At the helm of the Black Pearl was no other than Elizabeth. Jack stood beside her with his arms folded across his chest. His yelp carried out to sea when she slapped him across the face for touching the wheel and then the compass shoved against his chest.

Wills and Will stood at the helm not moving and only watching Elizabeth come aboard the Dutchman. The crew backed from her and looked at them in wonder. Her feet bounded louder and louder.

Wills hid behind his father as she stepped off of the last step.

Elizabeth's lip was curled in anger. Her eyes were wide and devilish. She breathed heavily. "Where is he?" she asked, each word carefully emphasized.

Will stepped aside and motioned her to his right.

Wills stood, biting his nails. He weakly smiled at his mother. "Hello Mum."

Elizabeth screamed in fury as she slapped him across the face and smacked his head a few times. "William James Turner, you are going to die! I am going to kill you young man. As soon as we are home I'm chaining you to the mast of the Horizon then you'll never get out of my sight and you'll be at sea there. I'll bring everything to you if I feel like it. Rather, I'll stab you now and make your father watch you die." She smacked him a few more times then breathed heavily a moment before throwing her arms around his neck. "Oh God, Wills, don't ever do that to me again. Ever! When I realized what you did I was going to die. Wills, you're going to be the death of me. I was so worried about you. What if you hadn't found your father? What if you died? What if something terrible happened to you? You could have died Wills. I don't know what I would do if you had died."

"I'm all right Mum. I'm alive you know," said Wills.

Elizabeth nodded as she pulled away. She turned to Will then slapped him across the face.

"Ow, what did I do?" asked Will.

"It doesn't take two months, especially with this ship and Calypso's favored captain, to return to Isla del Sol and you aren't even back yet. You went sailing with him didn't you?" she asked.

Will nodded. He raised a finger. "But I did save his life twice as you can see with his arm."

Elizabeth whipped around. She saw her little boy's arm still resting limply in the sling. Her eyes became sympathetic. "My little boy, what did you do?"

"Who cares? You have him now," said Jack. He went to Will, slapping him across the face.

"What was that for?" asked Will.

"You made her captain my ship for the past three weeks. She nearly sunk the Pearl twice and she took my compass. We couldn't do anything without her permission. I was afraid to even drink water around her," said Jack.

"I didn't tell him to find me," said Will.

Jack turned to Wills. He raised a finger, thinking of what to say. Not having any thing most appropriate to say, he smacked the back of his hand across Wills's nose. "That's not even what you deserve William Turner." Wills turned away, softly whimpering. "You're fine."

Wills turned, his hand still over his nose and tears in his eyes. Blood dripped from between his fingers. "I think you broke it," he told him.

Jack and Elizabeth pulled his hand away to look at his bleeding nose.

"It's just a bloody nose," said Elizabeth. "You'll be fine."

"What happened to your arm?" wondered Jack.

"He cut his arm, it got infected, I burned it to seal the wound and keep infection away, and he still can't move it very much," said Will.

"I was miserable for a week," added Wills. "It still hurts."

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around him. "I got your note Wills. How is he?"

"I don't know. We haven't spoken with each other since we agreed to stay out of the other's life," said Wills softly.

"Give him time," whispered Elizabeth.

Will felt eyes looking at him.

Jack was staring at him. "Mate, what's wrong? Your white and thin and have blackening eyes."

"I haven't ferried a soul in a month Jack and a few things have happened. I need to go back to World's End as soon as possible," replied Will. "I don't have the face for tentacles."

Elizabeth pushed her son away to look at him. "You're beautiful Wills, more beautiful with your bronze skin and the two earrings shining just like Will's." Realizing what she just said, she tugged at Wills's ear. "When did you get this?"

"About a week after I arrived," replied Wills.

"I want to peek," said Jack.

Wills tilted his head so Jack could get a better look then smacked him in the nose as well.

The three Turners sat on deck with Elizabeth holding her son in her arms a little while later.

"You wanted to see us," said Eddy, Theo, Skully, and Karibe behind him.

"I heard about what you did and I want to thank you for saving my son's life," said Elizabeth. She kissed each one on the cheek then turned to Bill. "Thank you for being the one that comforted him." She kissed his cheek and hugged him.

"That was the first time I was glad I had no heart," admitted Will.

"What really happened all those years ago? No one told me," wondered Wills.

Will sighed. "Bring the chest to my cabin Elizabeth. We have a lot to talk about."

Bill and Elizabeth looked at each other. Knowing where this was going, Bill shut his eyes.

In the captain's cabin, the four Turners sat at the table, the chest sat at the end.

"Son, you're fifteen and seen what this ship's purpose is. It's time to tell you the truth," said Will.

Elizabeth drew a deep breath and began. "It was just after Will and I married. Will noticed Jack on this ship fighting Jones. He rushed over to help, but was attacked by a crewmember that happened to be your Grandfather."

Wills looked at his grandfather. Bill explained. "In Jones's time, one becomes part of the ship and lost from his mind. I did lose my mind and did fight your father. Almost killed him once and he nearly killed me."

"I made him a promise," said Will.

"I rushed over to assist your father. Unfortunately, Jones was the first one I confronted. We battled and I fell," said Elizabeth.

"As soon as I saw your mother fall, I ran my sword through Jones's chest. It didn't matter of course. He bent the sword to his chest. I tugged, but was unsuccessful. I didn't understand the curse yet. He slammed me into the side of the ship," said Will.

"We looked into each other's eyes desperately. Jones noticed our love. He asked Will if he feared death and raised his sword—" Elizabeth's voice choked.

Will continued. "During this, Jack had managed to take hold of the chest and key at once. He asked Jones if he feared death with the heart in one hand and his sword in the other. For a moment Elizabeth and I looked at each other with the slightest hope that everything would be all right now. It wasn't." He paused to reach under the table and brought forth a sword. "Jones stabbed me in the chest with this."

"Why?" asked Elizabeth.

"There is nothing wrong with the sword, only those that wield it," replied Will.

Wills pointed to the stitching on the maroon tunic. "Is that how?"

Will nodded as he pulled the cut in his tunic aside, exposing a much smaller scar to the left of the one across his chest.

"Then what?" asked Will softly.

Will shrugged. "I've never truly remembered."

Bill sighed and moved this chair closer. "Jones told Jack to take what he wanted most then I rammed into him. I now attacked. I saw my own son, my treasure, stabbed. I wasn't going to let my son die without Jones suffering in some way. I was almost lost over the side of the ship and Jones's heart was stabbed. Jack helped your father's hand pierce Jones's heart. Jones was no more. A new captain was claimed."

Elizabeth came back to tell her tale. "Your father was dying fast. I held onto him, trying to call him back I cried for him to hold on, but he was too far gone to be saved. There was so much that I wanted to say to him at the time. We never talked the past year. We had just been married and I couldn't lose him." Her voice cracked into tears that were ceased by Will's arms around her.

Wills blinked away the tears. "Keep going."

Bill did. "Your father had no strength left inside his soul. His life faded from his body. It was too much for him to hold on any longer. He died in Elizabeth's arms. She pleaded and screamed for him to come back. Jack pulled her away knowing what was next to be done." Bill's eyes were focused on the Dead Man's Chest, but gazed far into the distance. "The crew began surrounding you and chanted, 'Part of the ship. Part of the crew.' Maccus held that chest above your body…open…empty. I pulled the sword from your body and ripped your tunic more as I did so. I raised the knife above my head. For a single moment I hesitated. I didn't want to do this, but I had to. I slammed the knife into your chest and began cutting. I was blinded by tears the entire time. I had never done something so painful, so heartbreaking in my life. The crew later agreed that day that it had to be me."

He swallowed hard, the memory returning to his mind. His hand reached to clutch his own heart.

"I still hear the ribs breaking and feel the blood flowing across my hand. I cut and reached inside your body until my hand palmed the limp organ. I cut, pulled your heart out with one hand and cut everything attached to it with the other. I don't remember doing any of that, but I know I did it. I still see the heart that had sacrificed everything, done much love, made me a promise, and was not being torn from you forever. With both hands as if it would break, I lowered your heart into the center of the chest, shut it, and turned the key. Immediately, your heart began beating again. I have never found a more beautiful sound than that of your steady breath. I watched the cut heal itself. I held you against me, waiting for your eyes to open again. All I ever wanted was to see your eyes. I did see them again. You looked at me, the chest, and glanced at the scar on your chest. Before anything else, I helped you to the helm and you brought upon the end of the battle. You woke not as Will Turner the blacksmith. No, that Will Turner died. You woke as Captain Will Turner of the Flying Dutchman that day. You awoke to a new life. So, nevertheless, you did die that day and were reborn as well."

There was a moment of silence as all four of them looked at the chest.

"So, my father's heart is in that chest?" wondered Wills.

"I just told you how it got there," reminded Bill.

"I've never believed it. It's difficult to believe," Wills told him.

Will pulled the necklace from around his neck. He handed his son the key. "You're fifteen. Do it."

"You told me never to open the chest," said Wills.

"You were nine years old. I want you to understand the truth," said Will. "Do it."

Wills took the key in his palm. Last time he had this key in his palm he was eleven and wanted it. Now, he wanted nothing to do with the key, but turned towards the chest. He looked back at his father.

Will nodded before shutting his eyes and lowering his face in his palm.

Wills looked at the chest, slowly moving toward it. The steady beat was louder and louder with each step he took. He set the key in the lock. Hesitating, he turned to the other three.

Will was trembling, his face buried in his hands; Bill wrapped his arms around him to pull him against him; Elizabeth's eyes were locked on the chest.

Wills's hand reached for the key. He turned the lock, opening the great seal. The key was in the lock, the lock unlocked, and the chest a simple lift of the top from opening. He heard the steady beating inside. Because it sounded much like a heart, he was overcome with sudden fear and wonder. He had to know though. If this was some illusion then what was binding his father to the duty.

Slowly, with a trembling hand, he pushed the top backward until it was horizontal with the back. His breaths and heart stopped, eyes filling with tears. Inside the chest, against a corner was a beating organ that resembled a heart in Theo's medical books. It looked like a heart. The beats were corresponding with the pulsing of the organ. His trembling hand reached inside the chest then pulled back out. No, he had to know it was there. Seeing wasn't believing. He had to know. He reached back inside the chest.

Knowing his actions, Elizabeth's eyes widened as she froze. She hardly realized how straight her back was to acquire a better view.

Wills's hand hesitantly reached into the corner. He palmed the beating object into his hand then brought his hand from the chest. His face flooded with tears, his heart wasn't beating, and he wasn't breathing.

"It's real," he whispered to himself, staring at the heart that was pulsing in his palm in front of him. "It's real." He turned to his father.

Will was clutching his chest in apparent pain. His body trembled. He whimpered and bawled against his father.

Bill's palm was over his son's eyes, keeping them hidden. His eyes were squeezed shut and buried in Will's curls.

Wills looked at the heart. One of two questions needed to be answered, he clenched his fingers tighter around the object.

Will suddenly shrieked in pain as both hands clutched his chest.

The heart slipped from Wills's hand. He slammed the chest shut as quickly as he could and locked it forever once more. He stared at his hand, where the heart was a single moment ago. He walked back to his family, his steps unconscious and distant. He pulled his father from his grandfather then pulled everything covering the scar. He pressed his ear against his father's chest. Nothing. He took his father's wrist. Nothing.

Wills collapsed on his knees in front of his father. Every question, every unanswered question he ever bore was suddenly answered. The curse, the Flying Dutchman, one day on land for ten years at sea, the reasons why he wasn't allowed aboard the ship- everything was answered. There was truth in everything. His father was heartless, captain, and cursed for all time.

He brought his palm to his face and suddenly wailed, tears pouring from him. His love and every hope he ever had that he and his father would be together one day for the rest of their lives dripped on the floor in front of him.

Elizabeth was first to move to her son. She pulled him against her body.

Bill was next to bring both of them against him.

Will sat in the chair, staring at his son knowing there was no longer a false hope that Wills bore. He found himself falling to his knees in front of Wills. He peeled apart the arms that hid him from the world to pull Wills against him.

Wills's arm slowly reached around his father's body. He buried his face against the silent, dead chest.

Will's arms held Wills close enough to feel his son's beating heart, knowing that each beat broke him more and more. He tucked his son's head beneath his chin. Shutting his eyes, he knew nothing would be the same between them again.

Very few words were spoken. It was a quiet good-bye between Will and Wills. They had the past month together, everyday with the other. Neither wanted to say good-bye. Will didn't want to let him go. Wills refused to let him from his arm. He wanted his father more than anything, but feeling nothing, he knew he would never have him.

"I'll wait for you," he whispered.

"It's only four years," reminded Will.

Wills pushed away. "Four years is a long time," he told him.

Will nodded. "But ten years is longer," he said.

"I can't say it," said Wills.

"Then don't. We are going to see each other again," Will told him.

Wills nodded. He threw his arm around his father. "I love you."

"I love you Wills, more than anything in any world," whispered Will.

Wills nodded.

Will pushed his son away. He turned to take a few steps. He came forward with the chest in his hands. "Since the day I met you, when you were two days old, this has belonged to you more than your mother. You're my reason for this suffering to be worth it. You're my everything keeping me alive. You are my heart Wills. It's only fitting that I give what belongs to you in your hands."

"I'll keep it from any harm," Wills promised, supporting the chest against his chest with his arm.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon," said Will, it sounding more of a question than request.

Wills smiled. "Always, always."

He looked at his father for a few more moments then turned away from him and the Dutchman. With each step taken, his world became clearer and clearer. He wasn't meant to be at sea, he never would be with his father, and his father was forever bound to the sea.

The chest still against his body, he watched as the ship sailed farther and farther away until the horizon was lit with a bright green glow. The sun was no more as well. Everything was answered. There were no more questions. He had nothing left to ponder. There was no hope left inside him.

"You're father wanted me to look at your arm," said Gibbs.

"It's fine," Wills told him as he walked past him.

He weaved his way below deck, past his mother who sat on the stairs staring distantly into the blackness, past Alex who gently swung in a hammock, pale and lonely as usual, past a few crewmembers, until he found a quiet corner where no one would find him. He sat. Rather, he sat on something. He reached into his coat pocket. A sea turtle with a three-letter word spelling out son.

"We can never be," he whispered to the turtle. "Not even these can keep us together anymore. I will never abandon you though. Not you. I may leave, but I'll never abandon."

He curled in the corner, the chest snuggly in his lap. Listening to what he truly knew to be his father's heart, he cried himself to sleep.

After hours of quiet and the crew having gone to sleep, Jack found Wills alone in that corner. He sighed and took the boy in his arms, being positive that the chest was in Wills's lap. He brought Wills to his quarters, laid him on the cot, covered him, and set the chest on the pillow next to him. Knowing what transpired between him, his parents, and grandfather, he shook his head not wanting to bring that moment back in his mind.

Looking at Wills, he saw how the teenager changed. The hopeful glow that his face once bore was lost. He knew Wills discovered things about himself and his father that shouldn't have been discovered. Four years ago, he knew there was something about Wills that was not of the sea. There was something about him that was un-Turner. Jack understood that it was rejection by the sea. Wills had his grand adventure at sea, saw it all, done it all. There was nothing left to do at sea or reason to be with his father anymore.

"You and Will aren't meant to be are you?" Jack asked himself.

He watched Wills sleep a moment then turned away, fearing for what Wills would become now that the mysteries of the sea were no more.

Will held his sea turtle with a smile. He was a father for over a month to his son. Never had he ever had a more enjoyable experience in his life. Now it was over and he was destined to return to what was assigned to him years ago. Part of him was relived to be in World's End again. Most of him would eternally sob. He understood everything about his son and Wills understood everything about him. They would never be together. Their paths were like fire and ice, life and death, good and evil- sand and sea did not come together. Both were consumed by everything.

"I know that look," said Bill, coming behind him.

Will nodded. "He knows."

"He'll be fine. Even if he is destined to land he can still come to sea and visit you," said Bill.

"The rest of his life. I have my son only for the rest of my life," said Will.

"The rest of his life is a very long time. He is fifteen years old Will. Don't worry about your son. He's smart," said Bill.

"He's a Turner. Something always goes wrong in our lives," said Will.

Bill turned to the horizon. "Don't worry about him. You have a duty to do and I suggest you do it. Wills's life wasn't saved by just himself. She won't save him again."

"You don't know that," said Will.

Bill pointed to the horizon. "Will, your duty."

Will turned to the water. His duty was neglected for near of a month, and his soul craving to ferry them. He sighed. This was the only reason his life was important anymore.

Will found himself beginning to go back into his depressed state of mind. He would ferry souls looking lonely and longing for freedom. He was silent most of the time, carving while sitting on the mast.

Bill would not tolerate his son's behavior any longer. He brought six bottles of rum from the hold then stacked them in a pyramid on the table in the captain's cabin.

"All right, I understand. Stop feeling sorry for myself," said Will as he walked in the room.

"Can you do something for me?" asked Bill as he took Will's hand to lead him on deck.

"What?" Will asked as he rolled his eyes.

Bill pointed at a rope hanging from the mast. "Pull this down for me."

Will looked around his feet, seeing that he wasn't standing in the middle of a pile of ropes. "Why?"

"Just do it," said Bill.

Will pulled the rope. It fell on top of him.

Eddy was standing in a coiled rope as he took a damp cloth to the rail out of boredom. He shrieked as he was hoisted into the air by his ankle.

Every pair of eyes turned to Will.

Will dropped the rope then pointed to his father.

"I thought we were done with this," Eddy shouted as he swung back and forth.

"You double crossed both of us, so we pulled a joke on you," called Bill.

Understanding now, Will managed to laugh.

"I learned my lesson now cut me down," said Eddy.

"Ask your captain. It is his decision alone," said Bill.

"You can hang there for a while and enjoy the different perspective," called Will.

Eddy gave a furious shout. He began making an attempt to reach up to pull the rope from his ankle.

"What say you to a round of Dice?" asked Bill.

The crew gave a resounding cheer.

"Now that the boy isn't here we may use money again," noted Karibe.

"Or my boots because I have no money," stated Skully with a smile.

Bill sat down to play the first round with Theo and Karibe.

Skully tapped on his shoulder. He pointed to a quiet spot at the bow.

Will sat on the rail with one leg hanging over the side, swinging back and forth. His hair and blue bandana blew in the wind. Calm and quiet, he was reading a book.

With a smile Bill turned his attention back to the game.

"Captain, souls off the starboard bow," called Eddy not long after.

Will glanced up from his book. "Actually off the port bow," he corrected.

"It's starboard from my 'new perspective'," grumbled Eddy. "Welcome to the Flying Dutchman my good sirs where punishments are Hell."

Will pulled the three marines aboard. "Please ignore him. He's too much blood in his head."

"What is he doing?" asked a marine.

"Punishment as he said," Will told him.

"Punishment. I helped you do all those things to your father," reminded Eddy.

You also helped him do all those things to me," said Will.

"I caught your music box," added Eddy.

"That is true, but you also mentioned what my life is like with Elizabeth," said Will.

"You told us. Anyway, who held your son down while you burned his arm? Who got you the barrels of sand? Who switched your father's tea with the inked tea this morning?"

Bill immediately clamped his hand over his mouth. He looked at each crewmember then opened his mouth.

"It's not that bad," noted Skully. "Well, at least not as black as before."

Bill clamped his hand over his mouth as he walked away from them with a cold glare.

"Excuse me for a moment," Will told the marines. He went to the mast and held onto the rope with Eddy dangling from below.

"Are you finally going to cut me down?" asked Eddy, looking at him.

Will shook his head as he threw a rope beside him. "Not quite."

"What are you doing?" Eddy asked again.

"You'll see," said Will as he spun him around several times. He then tied a rope around the other ankle, it dropping to deck. Hanging onto that one, Will slid down. He walked to the bow with the rope in his hand. After swinging the roped under the rail, he pulled on it. Seeing his intention, others joined as well until Eddy was above their heads.

"Hold the rope," Will told his father then stood on the crosstree to the foremast looking at Eddy.

"Will, what are you doing?" asked Eddy with wide eyes as the black knife was pulled out.

"Adding to your punishment," replied Will then cut the rope.

Eddy squeezed his eyes shut, tensing. Opening an eye, he noticed he wasn't moving. He saw Will with his ankle in one hand and the rope in the other.

"Gaelic for payback isn't it?" he asked.

Will shook his head. "Not Gaelic. Turner." He dropped the rope.

Eddy swung to the other side of the ship while spinning and creaming. He then swung back to Will who shrugged at him before swinging back.

Will went back on deck and was immediately received with wild applause. He bowed gloriously.

The three marines looked at each other.

"Why was this not punishment?"

"Far more appropriate than the brig and flogging."

Bill looked at Eddy then Will and smiled through his black teeth with an idea. Payback.

A note from TurtleHeart: well, a lot more added into the mind of young Wills Turner with plenty more to come in the future. until then, happy readings!