Chapter 1: First Meeting

It's about Hiccup shooting down Toothless, but he didn't go outside to shooted down the her, he stay inside in Gobber's Store and they meet in the forest. Just one problem: They fall in love with each other and Toothless is girl. It's going have some tradegy at the end of the story just to let you know.

Here we go:

Hiccup was working at shop with Gobber of he sharping sword for a viking of fighting the raid of dragons trying to steal some food for the queen they leads them then "Someday I'm going to get out there" Hiccup was thinking how he wants to become a viking like his father, Stoick but they never gave him a chance to approve his skills out there in the battle because of many accidents that happen around his village which he starts reminding himself that he was loser in the viking world. Gobber the black smith was telling to Hiccup with a serious voice of remembering what happened last time of Hiccup trying to capture or kill a dragon and Gobber was fixing his right hand for his rock that was shape for hammer.

Gobber looks at Hiccup with serious face then "They need me out there, Hiccup" he implied to Hiccup was seriously before he left. "Stay here, you get the idea" Gobber the black smith was telling to Hiccup with a serious voice of remembering what happened last time of Hiccup trying to capture or kill a dragon and Gobber was fixing his right hand for his rock that was shape for hammer.

Gobber starts screaming the battle cry towards the village as runs out of his shop with doing that of ready to battle the dragons with his life then Hiccup's eyes turns towards at his inventions of being bola throwers which he begins calling it when he starts inventing as his mind starts telling of being 'Should I try to hit the Night Fury tonight or not' and he turns his face around to the viking who was telling Hiccup to hurry of moving his hand up then down for him with serious face which Hiccup begins walking towards the fireplace of gets hammer off to gives towards the other viking and he gets the sword sharping as he starts shrining some sparks flying around the sword as Hiccups starts taking the blade away from the wheel as he runs towards the window of gives to his fellow viking who needs it for the battle of his own village.

The Gobbers, Monsterous Nightmares and Naddersheads begins leaving the village of vikings as they know that they're queen wasn't happy with food as they were still scared inside of they're hearts and wills even face or take stand against her which some of them wish or pray inside of they're langauge for savior from evil queen someday.

Every viking was happy as they begins celebrating another victory for themselves to see Monsterous Nightmares, Gobbers and a little of Nadderheads were leaving with less food leaving of they're village but some of them's eyes turns towards the Hiccup whose was inside of the shop of Gobber awhile he starts making some plans of going to work onto the inventions of trying to help his village which the battle was over for now and Stoick looks around the village to see no Hiccup as he telling himself of being 'Maybe...I should let him start dragon training soon...because the devils will come back for us again' then Hiccup starts walking out of Gobber shop of being quiet as he was exiting the Gobber's Store awhile he feels burnt smell inside of the air which it meant a lot of new homes for people as he wants to battle the dragons someday but something inside of his heart was telling him to give up this goal to become something more than this and he turns his face of sees the other viking kids who were Astrid felt someone's presence as she turns her face towards 'useless to weaking' viking in the village which she never told or tease him like the others did awhile she starts making her serious face notice towards Hiccup. Hiccup has deep crush on Astrid which it was starting to get old on him because of his heart wasn't feeling the same love he did before but she doesn't like him of being useless to hard person to get her attention and Hiccup's face turns as he begins walking his house of cheifs of Berk on top of the mountian which it was near the Meal Hall. His mind was telling him with soft-voice of being 'Maybe I should get some firewood for the village of this morning' afterwards of being couple hours after the raid of dragons come for food awhile Hiccup begins walking towarsds the backdoor of going of sneaking ouside as he starts walking towards the tall, dark green trees of being the forests as his face looks around for branches to make free wood tonight.

Hiccup was carrying dark brown leather pack around his back which it would come around his shoulder towards his chest which he had daggers for protection but he knows that of being not protection from dragons awhile he sees some animals looking around for food as he starts gather some branches of a little brown to dark brown from trees as he begins talking to himself with soft-honest voice of being "Maybe I should of try to hit that Night" awhile his eyes looks around for more firewood to burn tonight as he starts seen the rocks around the area of being great place to train with your sword to axe for combat.

Meanwhile inside of the light blue skies of being clouds around them wasn't distracting them from they're flights which Night Fury was female as she begins thinking about coming out of caves because the evil queen was trying to get her to become like her.

The black night fury was flying next with Monsterous Nightmare which some of the dragons were trying to hit or flirt with girl because of being the only female inside of the dragon's pack was differcult for her awhile her eyes at other dragons with serious green eyes with black slits middle of her eyes and "I'm going to scout mission for the queen" she speaks with honest-soft voice as she starts turning her right bat wing towards the wind of goes back towards village of trying to catch some extra fish for her 'servants' which her mind doesn't like the sound of calling them those kinds of things. The other dragons turns they're faces and eyes were looking at her with wondering faces about telling her guards of leaving the princess alone to hit for herself which Monsterous Nightmare replies of being "She can take care of herself..." of being serious voice as his dark red eyes with black slits to clouds of traveling to dragon's cave or den.

Night Fury begins flying with her black scale bat wings flapping towards the woods for some food for her 'servants' which her voice inside of her mind was saying "Becareful...become one with your surrounds" as her eyes looks around to sees some peaceful bunnies walking around the forest's light green grass as she begins walking with her paws as her senses of hearing were up of wants to make her surrounds come back towards herself.

Night Fury's eyes looks around her sorrounds of trying to see any vikings around or threats around the surrounds of sensing lands then she begins remembering her training of being Princess wasn't easy task as she begins looking around to finds rocks inside of the lands which she starts smelling around the grounds of feeling someone's presence was here before as Night Fury's head towards to see if the threat left.

Near the Night Fury was hunting down around the surrounds which he was walking towards where his fate and chances will maybe end of his life or began something that's forbidden between the two packs.

Hiccup starts walking towards the forest as his eyes looks around his surrounds of trying to being careful around the lands and rocks and he packs fire wood into his pack softly and quietly of trying not to get the attention of being threats which he understands that dragons would come around the forest to hunt for food but Hiccup never come close to killing one because inside of his heart as he felt that he didn't need to. "This should be enoug-" he was speaking towards himself of being sure of himself as his eyes looks towards north of sees Black Night Fury which he stops his speaking of words awhile he begins walking towards her softly and quietly as his right foots snaps off trees branch which he was making mistake as he gives his position towards the Night Fury which her left ear flaps up of hears the noise as her head towards sound which her eyes travels of sees a human awhile she begins growling towards him as she comes closer of being ready to pounce if he makes the wrong decision as she begins talking with her langauge which it starts surprising Hiccup of understanding the words coming from her mouth of being "Human, what are you doing here" Dragoness was asking of having not trusting and deep hate in her voice of humans but her eyes looks down at Hiccup with serious and hateful eyes as she begins wondering about his weapons which she starts smelling the air around which she continues inside of her mind of telling her of being 'No weapons...he must being really idiotic or brave for human to come out here' of having soft-a little surprising voice.

Hiccup's eyes starts widen as he begins thinking about his mind was playing tricks as Night Fury pounces onto Hiccup as her front paw onto his body as her serious-hateful eyes then "Did you say something..." he replies of being confuse-scared voice as his amber eyes looks into her dark green eyes with black slits onto them awhile he begins thinking inside of his mind of says 'She's going to kill him at this moment' of wondering how his life was going to end at this moment than Hiccup looks away of thinking about his mother who was killed when he was just baby.

Night Fury starts walking away from the human of growls of being hateful and anger inside of it which Hiccup begins sitting up from the soft grass as he looks onto Night Fury who was turns her back away of starts flying away from the human of not saying another word towards him because she doesn't understand about how the human could understand him which Hiccup was having confusion because of his understanding Dragonese was going to take a lot of being take in.

He starts getting off of walking the dark green forest which he begins walking towards his village of not going to speak a word about see the Night Fury or how he talk with Dragons awhile his mind replies with soft voice of being 'Hiccup...maybe you can use this new found gifts to end this war..' as his eyes looks around of forest for Hiccup didn't know his fate was forever changed by meeting Night Fury that he began soemthing forbidden between the two tribes and he never turns his head to looks back where the Night Fury was flying away from him which she looks down at the human of having confusion and serious face which she keeps asking herself of being wondering question which it's how can a human understand us.

After walking out of the forests which he was talking to himself of being a little confused about his solution of thinking about Night Fury which he was thinking about how can understand her which her dark green eyes with black slits were attractive towards him awhile Hiccup stops of his walking as his cheeks turns pink of thinking about that of speaks to himself of being honest voice of being "There's no way...I just said that" of looks down onto the forest for couples minutes.

Hiccup begins run away towards his home of not wanted to think about what is happening to himself or why did he find Night Fury attractive inside of his mind or eyes awhile he starts walking though the village of wondering who was dragoness he met today as some villagers weren't looking or paying any attention towards him because of scared about Hiccup destroying or mess something up like he did his past mistakes of trying to catch or kill a dragon in his life and he begins open the wooden door of his home as his eyes looks up towards his father who was picking his gray hairs off his beard awhile he watching the fire of having serious thoughts around his mind about Hiccup being Dragon training as he starts walking upstairs of trying to being quiet as he was nearing almost halfway to his bedroom.

"Hiccup" he begins talking with serious-viking-like voice towards his son awhile his eyes looks at him of puts his big hands together as he begins contines his sentence as both of them replies at the exact time of being "It's about killing/not killing dragons" as both of they're eyes connects together as Hiccup begins getting confused again with his dad but he says " go first, Dad" Hiccup telling him with wondering voice of what he was going to say about killing parts but his mind on the Black Night Fury who nearing killed him today which Hiccup starts thinking about question was he asks himself 'Why didn't she just kill me' of being wondering voice as his eyes looks away from his Dad of being onto the floor.

"Dragon training is begins tommorrow, Hiccup" Stoick speaks of having serious voice of trying to find out if his son can kill dragons like his tribes did before him which he starts walking towards the shelf of having weapons which he sees black leather base with dark silver sword as his grabs the steel of cold blade as he takes inside of his hands then he carries the swords to Hiccup of gives it to him as he says of being serious voice of being "Son...please train hard for us" awhile Hiccup tries hold the sword with his right hand which he felt the sword was nearing perfect for him to hold as his eyes looks towards it of shows his reflection though it. Hiccup holds the sword up with both of his hands onto the base as his father's eyes looks onto his son of being wondering face about what his son can accomplish inside of his life. "If you can keep the deal than I will reward you...for your hard work, son" Stoick was telling him of being serious-honest voice as he grabs his basket of having clothes for his journey of going towards the dragon's den which he starts walking towards the wooden front door as Hiccup replies "Deal" of being serious voice to his dad of having fake smile towards him of trying to get his mind off on solution of seen Night Fury who could understand him and Stoick opens the door softly than he says of being serious-sad voice as "Train hard...I will being back..someday" as his eyes turns towards his son of being a little worried about Hiccup entering the ring of Dragon Training.

"I'll being here..maybe" Hiccup was telling his dad with little sad-fake honest voice of knowing that his father, Stoick will never accept his son for himself as he starts walking towards the wooden table of starts eating some fresh bread and soup awhile he never could get Night Fury out of his mind which he needs to start learning more about the dragons who were raiding but something wasn't right about them because they never really eat or feed onto the food they have to gotten which he speaks to himself of being serious-honest voice as "Why don't they eat..when they take the food away from us" awhile the people were serious about staying around here as Hiccup becoming Dragon Slayer wasn't one of things he wants to do in the world as Hiccup begins walking upstairs softly and quietly of trying to figure out his questions inside of his mind awhile he looks around his room of sees his wooden and leather bed at corner with a window behind him and another corner has some drawings to plans about his inventions which he walks towards his bed of puts his dark brown vest onto the corner of the bed softly.

He begins falling asleep with some serious thoughts about the Night Fury who could take his life today which she didn't take the chance awhile he could understand her way of speaking as Hiccup starts closing his eyes for final time to get some asleep as he drags some leather blankets over himself comfortable and warmly as he starts dreaming of meeting Night Fury again in friendly solution than he begins wondering about of who was she or why could Hiccup listen to her.

As the Dragon's nest which it was nearing a balcony where Night Fury's eyes were looking towards the river of having wondering face as she speaks towards herself of having wondering-confused voice of being "Why didn't that human take my life today?...Why am I thinking about him so much?" as Nightmare Dragon walks out of the caves as his eyes looks at the Princess Night Fury with her mind having serious thoughts about the human who she met today of knows they were the enemies which he begins wondering if the princess could find a mate in time for mating season as Monsterious Nightmare begins speaking of being "You know the queen is not going to be pleased by your action" as protective-serious voice about the princess stepping out of Nest to hunt for herself without Queen's commands.

The queen made the night fury the princess of the dragons cause she sees the only female dragon in the dragon nest as the dragon guard walks into the cave of Dragon's den as he starts smelling some human's ships close of being precaution lines awhile he starts flying towards his brothers and friends of telling them about the dangers of approaching they're homes as Night Fury keeps thinking about the confused-viking human. She starts smelling some danger which it was another attack tribes who were going to try and find they're way towards the lands of Dragon's den which guard replies of being serious-voice of being " princess..and go to the safe place" awhile Night Fury starts sighes of sadness as she starts flying towards the safe place which it was waterfall and a lot of forest trees around the surrounds which her mind begins thinking about Hiccup who was walking towards her location of having wondering face about black scales onto the grounds.

She flies towards the safe surrounds of looks over towards the areas of lands which she lays her paws down onto the soft grass softly which she starts looking around for any threats as her eyes looking towards Hiccup who nearing the grounds as he begins drawing Night Fury inside of his book of being wondering face and Night Fury hears some sounds onto the grounds as her eyes looks up to sees the same viking from before which her mind begins wondering voice as she speaks to herself of being 'What is he doing here again?' awhile her eyes and Hiccup's eyes connects with one another but she doesn't begins growling at him because of shows curious look onto her face.

"What he's doing here again" she saying to herself again with confused voice as she begins tilting her head towards the right of sees the human with no weapons. Night Fury begins gets up from her laying spot slowly of trying to make sure the viking boy doesn't trie anything threat towards her as she starts flapping her large bats as she starts flying towards him of begins talking with Hiccup as he pushes himself away from her as she replies of being "What are you doing here" of having curious-surprising inside her voice and eyes looks at Hiccup's clothing of seen no weapons straps towards his belt or behind which Night Fury.

"I just come by here to mind" Hiccup speaks towards her of having wondering-curious voice about how he can understand her way of speaking as his mind wonders where did he get this new speaks and he starts walking away from her softly of not wants show any disrespect or make any threats towards her because he knows that he has forgetton his sword back at his home as Hiccup begins walking towards the forest of going back to his home as his Dragon Training begins tomorrow which he needs to being serious because he doesn't want to make his dad's disapproval of him continue for the rest of his life.

"Where did Hiccup goes wrong" Gobber speaks with serious voice towards the teenager vikings who were looking at Hiccup was going to sit down the next table of not saying or implied of how to where he was going to sit down which Ruffnut tells Gobber of trying to make a joke which it was "He didn't get eat and he shows up on training.." as Gobber shoves his good hand towards his back softly as "He's never where..he should be" Astrid starts replies of being serious voice as her eyes looks up towards Hiccup of trying to sees he has something on his mind as Hiccup doesn't notice Astrid looking towards him.

As Hiccup wasn't there of being his mind was Night Fury who was flying towards the den of trying to make sure it was safe and sound which she was begins thinking about human-viking of being brave boy who could face or fight a dragon aheads on with no weapons required which Night Fury begins wondering who or why didn't the boy tried to make attack onto herself today as the question starts circling around her mind or thoughts as her eyes shifts towards the island where her real home which it was nearing when her parents were alive awhile she starts feeling like sadness around thoughts of losing someone close to her again inside of her heart beats faster as Night Fury was telling herself of being "I will not make the same mistake twice in" of being serious-anger voice about trusting humans to help her when she was needs help as she turns her face away from the island to focus on going back home which Night Fury picks up speed onto her wings of trying to back towards the den faster and quickly.

Hiccup looks at Gobber of being serious face as he begins talking with himself of being "I need more answers about Night Furies and why didn't she attack me when she has chances to" as his serious of needs more answers towards his questions awhile he continues replies of being towards the others of being "I have question about dragons.." awhile Gobber's eyes travels towards Hiccup of wonders what gotten into the boy which he starts begins telling him of being "What is it, Hiccup" Gobber begins of being sirprised eyes towards Hiccup of wants know about the Dragon Training or some training about dragons which his mind was begins telling himself to being ready for anything.

"Has viking ever falling in love with a female dragon before" he replies of being wondering-curious voice as the twin looks at each other of being confused for the first time of they're alives as Fishleg looks over towards Hiccup of thinks inside of his mind was being 'Where did that question come from' awhile Snotlut was telling himself of being 'where did that question come from' as his eyes were looking at his cousin awhile Hiccup begins thinking about Night Fury who shows herself like twice front of him as she begins flying around inside of his mind which he was never going to tell anybody else about his new found feelings for the Night Fury but Astrid looks at him of being wondering-surprised eyes by the question as Hiccup was asking nearing impossible the question and "No Hiccup..why are you asking that question for? " Gobber was talking with being curious voice as he starts thinking about being confused about his mind which he begins wondering of the question of Hiccup's eyes looks over towards the groups of teenagers as they starts looking down towards the dinner of being curious to confused by Hiccup's remark about being falling in love with female dragon which it could never happen because it was forbidden.

"No reasons..." Hiccup implies of having trying to confused Gobber and the rest of the group as everyone were suprised of how Hiccup just asks them about the question awhile Gobber throws the Dragon Manual onto the table of being serious voice of being "You need alive and breathe this stuff...Dragon Manual...everything we know about every dragon...we have encounter" as thundering sounds off of being outside which he starts walking away from the group as Hiccup looks over at the book of having wondering face as he starts talking with himself as being "I need more answers about Night Fury..." awhile Astrid's eyes lands on Hiccup awhile her mind was telling her to just ingore him till he can screw everything up for training or blew things up.

Hiccup picks Dragon Manual up of starts opening the pages up of being wondering face as he starts talking with himself of being "Strengh Classes...Mysterious Classes..." as he starts turning the pages of sees different kinds of dragons as he begins thinking about the Night Fury of trying to find the page for her which it was nearing blank because of having no imformation awhile he starts opening pages as his eyes looks for more answers for Night Fury but his eyes were showing no answers towards his question of being "Who are you, Night Fury?" as the question circlig around his mind of thoughts as the rain starts coming down towards the ground and houses outside.

Next Time: Making New Friend and Learning Something New

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