Hello, and welcome to my first published story on Fanfiction! This the first of three (and 1/2) stories in an epic saga that I have dubbed the Radiant Chosen Series. Why is it called Radiant Chosen? The summary gave you a clue...

The story start midway through Chapter 145: The Clock's Ticking for the Time Machine in Mahora Sensei Negima!, and Episode 657: A Semi-Final Frontier! for Pokemon, so get a good idea of the plots of either up to that point. In addition, there is a link to Deviantartist SuperSonia AKA Youtuber Aelita1234 AKA my girlfriend. I have commissioned drawings for the series, which will continue as more chapters get updated. While she is not Da Vinci, please use the drawings as a visual guide to the story. As well, follow my personal forum, also found on my page, to find out about updates and such.

I admit that this chapter is too short and dry for most tastes, but it has to be in order to explain aspcts of both worlds for those too lazy to read the tidbit above. Also, the way that the two worlds meet is rather cliche, but it serves a greater purpose in the next chapter. You don't want anything happening at random, now do you? I didn't think so. Finally, the Romance genre will take a REALLY long time to develop. So please, give them a chance before throwing out this story.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this work to fellow Fanfiction author Pete the Rock, whose stories not only got me interested in the crossover realm, but in Fanfiction as well.


A.N. 9/27/11: As far as I know, this is the first ever Ash Ketchum/Yue Ayase crossover story anywhere. As such, there is no official shipping name for the pairing. As such, I am dubbing the paring BakaRavenShipping. If somebody can get that officially listed on the shipping sites, or confirm if there are any other instances of this pairing out on the net, I would be most appreciative of that person.

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Deliverance from Evil

A Pokemon/Mahora Sensei Negima! Crossover

Chapter I: Underground, Overexposed

In the very bowels of the Earth, far underneath the unsuspecting feet of the residents of a bustling town, lies a giant, spherical cavern, containing a large ancient ruin. The ruin is symmetrical, having four walkways which extend outward from a center platform that is suspended above the bottom of the cavern. A large glowing sphere of energy, about fifteen feet in diameter, hovers over the center of the glyph-covered central platform. Giant tree roots cover the sides of the cavern. The ruin appears to have been undisturbed for many years.

That, however, was going to change very soon. The faint sounds of faraway footsteps were slowly getting louder with each passing second. From the noise they were making, it appeared that there were several people running fast, making no attempt to conceal their approach to the central cavern.

"An exit! We've caught up to the light!" a voice called out.

"Alright!" another person, who had a British accent, cheered. Soon, the entire group ran into the chamber. There were eight people total: seven young teenaged girls, and a boy, no more than ten years old. The boy had reddish brown hair that was tied up into a short, messy ponytail. He was wearing a light green collared shirt, a green suit, and a red tie. A white weasel-like creature was on his head, and a staff-like object, covered completely in bandages, was strapped to his back.

As each person entered the ruin, they stopped, taking in the sight of what now lay before them.




"What the-?!"



"Wow, it's huge!"

"WHAT IS THIS?!" a redhead with glasses demanded. "What's a giant ruin doing here under the academy?!"

"How should I know?" the boy replied. He turned his attention tho the center of the room. "Chamo, take a look at the center…!"

The weasel lifted its head, looked at the light, and nodded. "Yeah, you're right!" he said. He had an accent too, but a Brooklyn accent.

"Everyone!" he yelled. "Run to the center! It's the final glimmer of the World Tree's magic!"

"We've got a goal!" a girl cheered. She had her orange hair tied up into pigtails.

"RUN! RUN!" a dark green-haired girl with glasses urged. A mad dash ensued, with everyone racing towards the main platform of the ruin like it was Black Friday at the shopping mall…

…With one exception. One girl was walking far slower than the rest of the group, and was engrossed in studying the root-covered walls of the ruin intently.

"Hmm…" she pondered. She had long purple hair, and wore a witch's hat and cloak. "These tools could be some kinda tool to focus the magic of the World Tree…" Chamo noticed that she had fallen behind.

"Well that's not important right now! If we don't hurry, that giant lizard's gonna catch up-!"


The group, still running, turned their heads, and looked at the source of the "sthomp." To say that they were not happy with what they saw would be a clear understatement. Right where they were standing just seconds earlier stood a giant, terrifying dragon. It spread out its giant grey wings and let out a fearsome "GRROOOAR!"

That was enough to make even the purple-haired girl begin to run for the middle of the ruins.

"HERE IT COMES!" a raven-haired girl warned.

"IT'S HUGE!" the green-haired girl exclaimed. "Its wingspan must be about 30 meters!" That was enough to make the redhead with glasses go pale.

"No, no, no, we don't stand a chance!" She exclaimed as they reached the center platform.

"Big Bro!" Chamo asked. "The Cassiopeia!"

The kid took out a pocket watch-like device, making some adjustments to the knobs on the top. "It's good to go," he replied.

"O-okay," the other redhead stated with impatience, "then let's go! Now! Push the button!"

"I can't!" the boy stated. "Kaede isn't here yet!"


"I-IT'S ABOUT TO TAKE FLIGHT!" a girl with dark purple hair screamed.

"WE'RE OUT OF TIME NEGI!" the green-haired girl demanded. "DO IT!" The boy shook his head.

"NO! Kaede is-!"

"Right here!"

Next to the boy, almost as if right out of thin air, a tall brunette appeared wearing a bear ear headband and a classic schoolgirl outfit. Her appearance certainly relieved Negi's worry.

"Kaede!" he exclaimed in relief.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting," she apologized. If Negi was angry, he certainly didn't show it.

"No, perfect timing!" he stated.

"Phew!" the girl replied. Negi did a quick head count before turning to everyone.

"All right, we're all here!" he declared. "Let's go!"

"Everyone hold hands!" shouted Chamo "Make sure you don't let go!"

They all stood in a near complete circle, each holding the hand of the person next to them (except Chamo; he was situated on Negi's left shoulder). But just as Negi was about to press the button on the top of the Cassiopeia, he stopped, staring intently at the device. After a few seconds, everyone began to stare at him, wondering what was wrong.

Chamo was the first to speak. "Hm?" he asked. No response. "What's up, big bro?" Again, no response.

"H-HEY!" one of the girls shouted. "It's coming! Coming really fast!" That certainly got a response, for two reasons. One, it was said not by Chamo, but by the girl with glasses. Second, he instantly realized what the girl was pointing out. In all the time that was spent waiting for Kaede and getting ready to use the Cassiopeia, they had forgotten all about the dragon, which was now flying straight towards them.

If there was ever a time for the group to panic, it would be now.

"Big bro!" Chamo yelled at Negi. "What are you waiting for?! Push the button!"

Negi squeezed his eyes shut. The dragon flew closer.

"NEGI?!" the girls yelled.

Finally his eyes snapped open. "Hold on tight! Here we go!"

The dragon swooped downward, its course set, and jaw open. Some of the girls screamed.

Negi pressed the button firmly.

Instantly, a ticking noise, like that of a wristwatch, reverberated around the chamber. At the same time, a powerful gust of wind enveloped the group. Both the ruin and the dragon quickly disappeared, as the group found themselves in the time stream, one that they hoped would send them back home. However, a hurricane of wind was pounding them from all angles, as they struggled to stay together.

"THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE!" Negi yelled, not sure if anyone could hear him over the sound of the roaring wind.

Then, he suddenly felt the presence of something else within the time stream. He looked around to confirm his suspicions.

Two titanic beings had emerged out of the wind. The first was a colossus blue and grey four-legged creature, with an azure-colored jewel embedded in its chest. Light blue pulsating veins contrasted with the dark blue skin. The beast had a large, flat forehead protruding out of its head, and a giant grey fin above its tail.

The second creature was directly opposite the first, and across from Negi's group. It was significantly shorter than the first, and was bipedal, with pinkish-white skin accented by the purple veins running down from its head, which resembled that of a serpent. Two fins stuck out of its back, and a pink jewel was nestled in each of the creature's shoulders.

The first being had its head reared back, a blue ball of energy formed inside. The other had a pink aura around its right claw, which was cocked backwards, as if to throw something. Negi quickly surmised that the creatures were fighting each other.

'And we happen to be in the way of their next attacks!' Negi turned towards the others, a look of sheer terror on his face.


Negi could not finish his warning, for at that second, the beings released their attacks, and a blue ball of energy and a pink wave of energy simultaneously collided with Negi's group. The resulting explosion forced everyone to release their grips. Before they could be flung far from each other, however, they were all enveloped in a pink light, and dissolved into nothingness.

If ever there was a time for Ash Ketchum to panic, it would be now.

He was competing in the Lily of the Valley Sinnoh League Championship Series, and had reached the semi-finals for the first time in his career as a Pokemon Trainer. His semi-finals opponent, however, was Tobias, a powerful trainer who had reached the semi-finals using only the powers and skill of the legendary Pokemon Darkrai. In the first half, it seemed that Tobias would once again cruise to an easy victory, as Ash's Heracross, Torkoal, and Gible provided little resistance. Sceptile, however, eventually managed to defeat the Pitch-Black Pokemon. Just when it seemed that luck was finally back on Ash's side…


The announcer heralded the arrival of the blue and white legendary dragon that Tobias sent forth. Ash was stunned for a few seconds, before grinning. Even though he was up against another legendary Pokemon, Ash still managed to have his trademark confidence (or overconfidence, depending on who you ask).

"I'm not gonna lose no matter what kind of Pokemon he uses!" he stated. "Now, use Leaf Blade!"

The Sceptile, which looked like a giant green gecko, ran forward, the leaves on its forearms growing green and extending into blades. It then jumped and sailed towards the blue and white dragon.

Tobias was not intimidated at all. "Latios, use Giga Impact!"

The Latios became covered in a purple and yellow hue before charging at Sceptile. Closer and closer the two creatures sped, a collision imminent, when…


Ash heard the sound coming from the battlefield, an saw a pink light appearing where Sceptile and Latios would collide. "Sceptile, watch out!"

The warning came too late, as something materialized in front of Sceptile. The Wood Gecko Pokemon had no time to react, and crashed clumsily into the object, before being broadsided by Giga Impact. As Sceptile and the object plummeted to the ground, Ash raced towards the rapidly falling creatures. He was halfway there when they hit the ground, kicking up enough dust to force Ash to shield his face.


When the dust cleared, Sceptile was lying on the ground, out cold. That was expected; the sheer power from a Giga Impact is undeniable, and the fact that Secptile had not been in a position to block the attack made things worse. The injuries, compounded with those sustained from its previous battle with Darkrai, were enough to knock the Wood Gecko Pokemon out.

What wasn't expected was the girl that was now lying near Sceptile, as well as the snow-white animal that was next to her. The girl had very long purple hair that flowed down to her hips in what could only be described as cowtails. She appeared as a cross between a schoolgirl and a trainer: she wore a black turtleneck, yellow shorts, red school shoes, and black socks that extended up to her thighs. What was strange about her, however, was that she looked as much like a witch as well: she wore a blue robe, a witch's broom and hat lay near her, and a thick green textbook was held loosely in her left hand.

Both human and Pokemon (?) were very dirty from the impacts with Sceptile, Latios, and the ground. They also did not appear to be moving.

Ash raced out to the middle of the field, quickly glancing to check on Sceptile, before making sure that the girl was still breathing. He could do no more, as the referee and paramedics arrived, forcing Ash to back off and let the professionals do their work.

Ash returned Sceptile to his Pokeball, then watched as the girl was carried off to be treated for any injuries. Ash wished that he was still battling, but not because of annoyance that it was suspended. He felt partly responsible for her injuries.

Little was it known then how much this girl would be of importance to not only Ash, but to the vast worlds in which the two would soon begin to traverse.

To Be Continued...