Rumor has it that most of you would read anything to do with 'It Only Takes 5 Weeks to Fall in Love', hands-down, one of the best Finchel stories ever! And yes, I am quoting some of the reviews I have received, both on 'It Only Takes 5 Weeks to Fall in Love' and 'In the End, It's Right'. The most wonderful idea struck me yesterday as I finished writing the last author's note of 'In the End, It's Right' and I asked you all about it: should I write a prequel to the events that took place in 'It Only Takes 5 Weeks to Fall in Love'? Unable to get this idea out of my head and having many reviews giving me approval, I just had to write it down. So here is the prologue to the prequel to 'It Only Takes 5 Weeks to Fall in Love'. This story is called 'Nine Months of Solitude', as it follows Rachel during her first pregnancy as she prepared to become a single mom. This story will focus solely on Rachel, and only Rachel. There will be no other point of views. Finn will only be around for the prologue and first two chapters (remember they broke up when Rachel was only two months along?). I hope it doesn't bother you much. The bright side is, we get to watch Rachel go from fearing motherhood to accepting it, from struggling to get over Finn to coping without Finn. And there will be more of Priscilla in this story! Yay! I know some of you might not like her as much because of what a (insert swear word of choice here) to Finn, but she really isn't that bad. She's just a bit sarcastic and has very good comebacks for every situation. She cares about Rachel; she doesn't want to see her hurt again. There will be nine chapters in this story (one for each month of Rachel's pregnancy) and I am still debating whether or not there should be an epilogue. So, without further adue, I present to you…the prologue of 'Nine Months of Solitude'! The prologue is entitled 'Thirty-Six Hours'.

Finn's visit was very much out-of-the-blue. Rachel had been doing some paint touch-ups when she heard a knock on the front door. She grimaced; she looked terrible. Her hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail and she was wearing short jean shorts and a tank top, despite the coolish weather.

Reluctantly, Rachel went to the answer the door, suspecting it would be her best friend Priscilla or her confused neighbor once again asking if she had any idea where her dead husband, Phil, was. But she instead saw Finn's face when she opened the door. He flashed her his trademark smile and leaned against the doorframe.

"You look hot." Were the first words that came out of Finn's mouth. For once, Rachel found herself unable to talk; she was speechless. Her dads had always told her that actions speak louder then words, so she instead thrust herself into Finn's arms. He picked her up in the air, his grin growing wider as he heard her shrill laugh fill the atmosphere. Then he placed her back on the floor and kissed her passionately. She grinned as their lips moved with the rhythm of their heartbeats. Finally, she pulled away.

"What are you doing here?" Rachel asked, breathless.

"Visiting you." He grinned. "I'm on my way to Maine to look after my grandpa; he fell, apparently, and Mom is busy with work."

"How kind of you." Rachel said softly, a smile lighting up her face.

"I don't have much longer here." He frowned. "The flight attendant said I would have thirty-six hours with you before I have to go. How long is that, anyways?"

"A little over a day." Rachel giggled.

"I'm gonna make sure that all thirty-six of those hours are spent with you." Finn told her, wrapping his arms around her waist and bringing her petite body close to his.

"Where else would you go?" Rachel teased. Finn chuckled and they kissed again.


"You aren't taking me to a Broadway show, are you?" Finn asked skeptically as they walked down the busy streets of New York.

"No!" Rachel exclaimed. "Had I known in advance, we could've gone to see a lovely rendition of West Side Story. But your surprise visit made that impossible." She grinned as she stopped him outside a small, charming diner named Charlotte's Web. Finn frowned at the sign.

"Isn't that the name of a book?" He asked. Rachel nodded her head and smiled dreamily.

"It was one of my favorites when I was little. Before I could read, my dads would read a chapter to me each night. And then when I finally could read, I read it by myself." She grinned. "I was on my way to rehearsal one day when I saw this sign. I hadn't had any breakfast, as I had been in a rush, but the sign caught my attention. It brought back childhood memories, and I just felt the need to explore." She grinned. "They have good coffee here." Finn smiled and kissed her on the head.

"You're adorable." He whispered. Politely, Finn grabbed the door for her and held it open. Blushing, Rachel walked inside. As soon as the door closed behind them, they were once again arm in arm.

They both got plain coffee to go, Rachel promising that she had cream and sugar back at her apartment. Then they continued back to Rachel's apartment complex, moving slower then time itself, enjoying the moment together (knowing they wouldn't have another one for quite a few months).

"You want to go to Central Park?" Rachel asked shyly, turning to face Finn. He smiled and nodded his head, knowing 'yes' was probably the best answer. The coffee was forgotten, and the young couple continued through the busy streets of New York until they reached their destination. Of course, Central Park was crowded. They took a seat on an empty bench and talked to one another about their lives.

"I've missed you." Rachel said softly. Finn smiled and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ears.

"I missed you, too, Rach." He whispered. They kissed again. He was surprised at how desperate and needy Rachel's kiss was. It had been at least five months since they saw each other last, and daily phone calls and texts did nothing to satisfy their hunger for each other. They were two twenty-one-year-old people madly in love.

Finn was the one to pull away from her. She blushed and smiled and they continued to talk to one another, catching up on things going on with one another's lives. Rachel told him that after her successful run doing Wicked, she had been offered a role in a rendition of Hairspray, but Rachel wasn't satisfied with the role they had offered her (she had been offered the role of an extra in an ensemble, with her amazing talent!) and turned down the offer.

"That sounds just like you." He murmured, kissing her on the head. She blushed and they continued to talk about their lives. A while later, they left Central Park and walked around the large city aimlessly, sightseeing and pointing out places that had been significant to their relationship since she had moved there.

The sky went from being cloudy gray to dark gray with streaks of orange showing through. It was getting late, so they started to walk back to her apartment. By the time they reached the complex, it was nearly dark. Because of the bright city lights, you could rarely see the stars. But tonight, Rachel could see a few of them glittering dully in the night sky.

Tired from their long walk, Rachel instantly collapsed on the couch when they arrived. She still couldn't believe that so much time had passed. It seemed as though Finn had just arrived, but in reality, he would be leaving in just a few more hours. Finn took a seat next to her, exhausted as well. A brilliant idea sparked in Rachel's mind. With her heart racing, she sat up and smiled at Finn. She wasn't so tired anymore.

"We need to do something to commemorate this visit." Rachel said softly. Finn frowned, confused; what the hell did commemorate mean? He thought for a moment, and using context clues (just as his middle school teachers had suggested all those years ago), he guessed the meaning of the word had something to do with remembering stuff. He'd remember to look it up in the dictionary app on his iPod.

"Wasn't sightseeing around New York enough?" Finn asked; he was exhausted. All he wanted to do was sleep. Rachel's gaze fell a little, but she refused to give up. She leaned forward and grinned slyly.

"You'll love it." She promised in a whisper. Finn frowned as he watched Rachel stand up and beckon him to her bedroom; was she going to let him sleep on the bed this time? He hoped so; her couch was too small for him to sleep on. With a sigh, Finn reluctantly got to his feet and followed his tiny girlfriend to her room. She jumped onto the bed, the same sly smile on her face. Finn was beginning to grow very suspicious… what exactly did Rachel want to do?

Rachel noticed Finn's confused expression and rolled her eyes. She remembered that actions always spoke louder then words, so she slowly stood up and walked over to him. Drawing both arms behind his neck, she placed the most fiery, passionate kiss she could manage on his lips.

Finn was shocked; Rachel never initiated any heated making out like this before. He always had to practically force her to do anything remotely intimate. But tonight, she seemed to have let everything go. As she gently guided him to the bed, he found himself having to literally scream 'mailman' in his head. She wanted to go all the way; she was finally ready to give herself to him.

"Mailman?" Rachel breathed, pulling away. Finn nodded his head, unprepared as Rachel pressed her lips to his again.

"You sure you want to do this, Rach?" He whispered as she nuzzled his ear.

"I couldn't be more positive." She said softly. With a wide grin, Finn reached his hand up her shirt and fumbled around with the clasp of her bra. He was glad he came to visit. And Rachel was glad she was finally ready to take the biggest step in their relationship.


Finn returned to his small apartment in Columbus, Ohio two and a half weeks later. His visit to Maine wasn't what was on his mind; the whole time away from home had been thinking about Rachel and those thirty-six hours together. It was the first time Rachel had allowed herself to get intimate with him. It made him regret leaving the next morning.

The calls and texts they exchanged began to dwindle, but Finn thought it was something else. Maybe Rachel just didn't have anything to say, for once. Maybe she was getting over the initial feeling that night had brought her.

Either way, Finn paid no attention to it. Those thirty-six hours became known as 'thirty-six hours of perfection' to him.

But to Rachel, the last event had been a mistake. For here she was, lying on her bathroom floor against the cool tile, sobbing to herself. And next to her was a cheap home pregnancy test. The results were positive.

And that's how Rachel became pregnant. Funny how the first time she decides to become intimate with Finn, she ends up expecting a child. I thought I would put a funny twist on the pregnancy. And yes, it took Rachel five years to decide to give up her v-card. At least she didn't wait until she was twenty-five like she said in Grilled Cheesus XD. So what do you think? Is this story off to a good start? I am always open to suggestions! Don't hesitate to send me a message! Please like my Facebook page, called 'Finntastic17- Fanfiction', read my other stories (I'm assuming you've read 'It Only Takes 5 Weeks to Fall in Love' and are reading 'In the End, It's Right', so I won't advertise those, but please read 'The Other Way Around', 'The Only Hope for Me is You', and 'Bury Me in Black'). Also, I have a website! The link is on my Facebook page. Now, the most important thing I ask my wonderful readers to do: REVIEW!