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I was sitting at Caroline's and I favorite booth at The Grill staring off into space thinking about the day's events and Caroline was of course sitting across from me in her own thoughts. This was something she and I did every night after she became a vampire. It was pretty much started after she bite Matt and had a breakdown, saying she wasn't ready and she was afraid she was going to crack any minute and drain somebody.


Caroline and I were walking around the woods so she could try and calm down but she kept sniffling and whimpering so I finally hugged her and tried to calm her down and she hugged me back as tears were pouring out of her eyes. "Stefan I'm so scared!" She cried to me wetting my shirt in the process. "Shhh Care it's going to be okay." I told her trying to calm her down "No Stefan it's not! I'm a blood sucking monster who can't control herself around the person she cares about most! What am I supposed to do?"Caroline kept yelling at me. "Caroline listen to me, you're going to have to calm down so I can help you okay? Just take deep breaths like I told you and we'll figure this out." I told her with a calm voice. She nodded, took a few breaths and calmed down a little.

I tried to figure out what to do. I looked at my watch to see what time it was. It was 12:30am and I remembered barely anybody would be at The Grill because Tyler was having an after party at one of his friend's house. "Come on." I told her. "Where are we going?" She asked. "The Grill." I said grabbing her hand to come with me her. Her hand was smooth like silk. We pulled up to The Grill and walked up to the door and went in. We sat at a booth in the corner but there was a fire close by us, once we were comfortable I looked at her and said "Okay now tell me what's bothering you."

End Flashback

That's what started our midnight meetings, sometimes it wasn't at The Grill, sometimes it was on her roof or in the woods most of the time we would just go where ever our feet took us. It was nice to talk to somebody about what I went through being a vampire, I had Lexi to talk to but since Damon killed her I felt alone, but now I had Caroline. She would tell me how she felt about things and what she was afraid of for her new life as a vampire and I would tell her how I would be there for her if she needed me. It was cool, just the two of us talking alone together under a night sky or close by in front of a warm fire.

Nobody knows that we do this, it's our secret. I would wait till Damon was asleep and I would come to Caroline's. I would knock on her window twice she would open it then we would climb onto her roof and stay there till morning or we would jump off her roof and walk to the lake or The Grill, like we did that night when she had a breakdown.

Caroline and I were so open with each other, we didn't hide anything. I even hate to admit it but, I told her things I never told Elena, like my life after becoming a vampire how I was a monster and I loved the rush of taking somebody's life. I could never tell Elena that I always had to sugar coat it in some way by saying I loved the taste of blood without the details in between and when I would tell her she would get a sickening look.

As I was deep in thought I heard across from me "Hey Stefan?" Caroline asked "Yea?" I looked up at her. "Can I ask you a question?" She asked seeming unsure if she really wanted to ask. "Yea Care of course." I looked at her questioningly. "Um it's kind of a personal question in your case." She said looking down "Caroline you know you can ask me anything." I told her. It was cute how she got all worried "whoa Stefan you can't think of her like that." I told myself.

"I know Stefan but I guess I'm worried about the answer." She said. "We'll never know until you ask Caroline." She sighed and looked down "Are you still in love with Katherine?" I was surprised by this, but I did have my answer. "Yes Caroline I'm still in love with Katherine." Her face fell "Oh." She said "But I could never be with her." I told her. Caroline's head popped up "What?" She asked confused. I stood up straighter and began to explain "Katherine may love me but she's her first priority in life. Once Klaus shows up she would leave me for dead." "Stefan I'm sure she wouldn't do that to you." Caroline said.

"That's what she did in 1864 when the council was rounding up the vampires. I went to try and save her, I was shot and killed by my father, she escaped from the tomb and left because Klaus was looking for her and I knew none of this until a few weeks ago. So, I could never be with her because she only cares for herself, I was lied to by her for over a hundred years thinking she was dead and then thinking she was just locked in the tomb, and she ruined the relationship I had with my brother. Also my life was ruined forever by her because I am now a slave to blood." I said saying the last sentence with a grim expression.

"I'm sorry Stefan. I should have never asked you such a personal question." Caroline said looking ashamed. I grabbed her hand and held it in mine. "It's okay Caroline. You never got the whole story so I understand why you would ask that." I told her trying to reassure her. "It still doesn't give me the right to ask." She said apologetically. "Caroline its fine." I said to her. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled back, when we hang out together that's all I usually do around her.

Her smile faded when she realized I was still holding her hand, she quickly pulled away. "So you ready for football to start up again?" She said trying to change the subject. "Actually I'm not sure if I'm going to play this year." I told her. "Why not!" She asked surprised "Well I think it's a little unfair that you have a vampire and a werewolf who are really fast and strong play on the same team." "So! We need all the help we can get. Haven't you noticed we suck? We didn't get better till you came along and plus with Tyler being a werewolf we could at least make it to playoffs this year!" I laughed out loud at her rant. She didn't look amused "How come every time I tell you something that's freaking me out you laugh?" "I'm sorry it's just the way you get yourself all worked up over something it's kind of funny." I told her with a smile. She looked at me and tried not to smile but she finally let out a laugh and we started laughing together.

After a few minutes we finally calmed down. Soon Caroline started to look like she was a little sleepy. "Hey Care? You ready to go?" I asked her. She nodded but made no move to get up, her head was resting on her hand and her eyes were closed. "Come on Caroline." I said getting up and picking her up. I threw her arm over my shoulder and tried to walk her out of the restaurant which was pretty hard because she kept slumping.

I checked the time on my phone and saw it was 1:30 am and we had school tomorrow not that it mattered if we slept or not because vampires only need like 2 or 3 hours of sleep, but I didn't need sheriff Forbes wondering why her daughter wasn't home and was out with me. Once we were outside The Grill I picked her up, made sure no one was around and used vampire speed to get to Caroline's house.

Once we were there I looked down at Caroline to try and wake her up but I couldn't help but stare at her, she looked so comfortable in my arms I didn't want to wake her but I had to. "Care? Care wake up." I said shaking her a little bit. "Huh?" She said waking up and taking in her surroundings. "Stefan? How did we get to my house?" "You were starting to fall asleep at the Grill so I picked you up and ran here, and now I need you to wake up so you can get back in through your window." I told her. She groaned and leaned her head against my shoulder "But I'm too tired." She whined "Caroline." I used the tone I used when she was being mean to Bonnie when she made her ring. "Please Stefan. Can you please take me up to my room?" She asked with a whiny tone. I huffed "Fine, just hold on to me." I told her. She held on to me tighter and for some reason I liked the way how her arms felt around me. "Geez Stefan, She's your best friend you can't think of her this way." I said to myself as I jumped and landed on her little part of the roof. Caroline reached over and opened the window and I carried her inside. I laid her on her bed. "Stefan why do I get tired easily?" She asked me as I went to sit on the chair next to her bed. "Well you're a new vampire so your body is adjusting to the transition of a vampire system so it's kind of like having the flu. Your body is just out of whack." "Oh okay. So how long is it supposed to last, I mean I've been a vampire for a few weeks shouldn't it be used to it by now?" "Well when you first transitioned you drank human blood then you tried animal blood with me and now you drink human blood to control you thirst so your body couldn't keep up with all of it so it's taking longer." I said getting up "How long did it take you?." "Well I started drinking human blood and kept drinking it for awhile so I transitioned pretty fast without my body going out of whack."I said sitting next to her on her bed. "I understand now." Caroline said sleepily "Your such a good friend Stefan." I smiled and bent over and kissed her forehead "Good night Caroline".

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