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Our Prince Harry

The stars were still in the sky when Fenrir was awoken by Firenze.

"The Prince requires you're services" the Centaur said softly as not to wake the others.

"How did you get up here?" Fenrir grunted as he rolled out of bed.

Firenze gave a small smile before glancing at the clothes laid out at the edge of bed, the Alpha looked at them before nodding, the Centaur then left to let the other get dressed.

Shifting in the bed next to his made Fenrir pause, he looked over to see Draco's grey eyes peeking out at him from underneath the covers.

"Go back to sleep Pup" Fenrir said.

Draco stared at him before closing his eyes, the Werewolf finished dressing and headed downstairs, when got to the Den, food was waiting for him as was Petunia, who still looked sleepy eyed.

"Eat and then we'll leave" Petunia yawned.

Fenrir nodded and did as told, after eating the Alpha followed the woman out to the Stables, where the Prince was waiting by the horses.

"I thought today would be a good day for an outing in the forest" the Prince said with a small smile.

Fenrir nodded, eyeing the horses with an expression that Harry translated as wanting to eat them or be far away as possible, an interesting look for the Werewolf.

"Do you wanna walk or ride?" the Prince asked, petting his black horse.

Fenrir stared at him.

"Walking then" Harry mumbled after a moment of awkward silence.

Mounting his horse, Harry hoped this plan worked.

By the time they came to the spot, the sun had finally risen.

"Thank you, I'll take it from here" Harry said dismounting.

"Yes my Prince" said the centaur guard in charge named Amphion.

Once they left (with Harry's horse), the Prince turned his attention to Fenrir.

"Can I see your left arm please?"

The Alpha did as told; gently Harry took hold of the out stretched arm, his fingers caressing the scarred tattoo, freezing when the Alpha tensed.

"Sorry" Harry said before murmuring an incantation.

Fenrir instinctively growled at the sound of the spell being done more so than the magic that flowed through him.

"How's that?" Harry then asked taking a step back once he was done with the incantation.

It took Fenrir a moment to understand exactly what the Prince was talking about, and he was surprised at what he found.

When a human slave got tattooed, said tattoo suppressed their magic and made them submissive, when a creature slave gets the tattoo the creature itself is suppressed making them and their magic submissive. Such a feeling was not pleasant.

It was a persistent ache that got worse if orders were disobeyed.

He couldn't feel it anymore, the ache was gone.

The Alpha looked wide-eyed at the Prince who stood there waiting.

"You're still bond to me" Harry said, "I couldn't find a way to get rid of it completely, but you should be able to feel you're wolf now at least"

The Prince was right; already he could feel his wolf scratching at the surface happy to be freed from its chains.

"So" the Prince then said with a little grin after the Alpha continued to stare, "how about a run?"

There was a Werewolf Pack under the Royal family's protection, they roamed freely in the land of Hufflepuff, Harry's mother the late Queen Lily Potter, had been a good friend of the late Alpha before her passing. Now Harry was a good friend of the late Alpha's son the current Alpha of the Pack. The Prince spent a lot of his summers and once a whole year with the Pack, he knew how the Pack worked, he was part of the Pack.

The Prince had learned a lot during his stay with Pack, he has seen more than any human ever had. So he knew of a way to get the Alpha's trust, admittedly it was not a sure thing and was dangerous now that Fenrir was no longer suppressed by his tattoo, but the Prince was willing to take that chance.

"R-R-Run?" the normal confidant Alpha stammered.

Harry nodded as he took off his shoes, the Alpha watched with wide-eyes as the Prince then took off, disappearing into the forest.

"Come on!" came the Prince's voice.

Fenrir remained frozen for just a moment, before slowly a smirk appeared on his lips and with a deep rumble he took off after the Prince, it didn't take long for the Alpha to catch the Prince's scent or catch up with him.

"To slow!" Harry teased when he dodged a tackle from the Alpha's.

Laughing Harry continued running, grinning when he heard the Alpha not far behind, briefly he wondered how long it would take for the Alpha to stop playing and actually catch him.

"Apparently not long" the Prince thought as he was tackled, they rolled a bit in the ground before the stopped, the Alpha warm body pressed against on top of his.

Laughing Harry rolled over until his was on back, head back exposing his neck, he was the prefect pose of submission, and above him Fenrir froze. Harry looked the Werewolf in the eyes and waited. He remained still when Fenrir lowered his head and sniffed at his neck, he remained still when he was given a hesitated nuzzle. Fenrir lifted his head up, something flickered in the other's eyes before he rolled off the male.

"Well, I suppose we should find someplace to stay" the Prince then said unbothered by the behavior, grinning at the curious look, "we won't be returning to castle for a while".

They found a cave just as heavy rain began to fall.

"What are you trying to do?"

Harry turned from inspecting the cave to the Alpha, after incident the Werewolf had been quiet, eyes boring into the Prince's head.

Harry smiled and sat down, he patted the empty spot next to him, the Alpha hesitated before going over and sitting down, startled when the Prince moved closer, until their legs were pressed together.

"I want your trust" Harry answered honestly.


"I want us to be friends, Pack but to do that I need you're trust".

Fenrir stared at him, "….You want me to be you're Alpha?"

Harry rolled his eyes, because of course that is what the Werewolf heard, "Yes" he then said.

Fenrir narrowed his eyes, suspicion in them, making Harry inwardly sigh, this was going to be a long week.

The rained stopped sometime in the late afternoon, by then both were hungry, taking in the sky and how close they were to the river Harry decided fish was suitable for dinner, but first a bath. Running and rolling in the dirt was fun and all but Harry was still royalty and being dirty for so long was starting to make him itch.

Fenrir watched the Prince leave the cave, he could run, leave while the human was gone; but he couldn't do that, not without Remus (and perhaps the rest of the Harem if he was honest with himself). Not to mention he wasn't sure he could handle being hunted down again, which left him with very little options.

Grumbling the Alpha followed the human.

When they got to the river, Fenrir took note that the river's current was slow, so it shouldn't be able to carry anyone of should they slip, but the wolf knew better.

"Alright, bath time then food!"

The wolf watched surprised as the Prince stripped down until he was naked as the day he was born and went into the river. The Alpha stood there stunned, humans from what he experienced didn't do well with public nudity, though he was quickly learning that the Prince was not most humans.

"Aren't you coming in?" Harry then asked, pulling him away from his thoughts.

Looking at the crystal clear water, the wolf in him whined, pushing eagerly to feel wild waters again, Fenrir agreed eager to get his mind of the confusing Prince.

The moment the Werewolf's body was revealed to him, Harry's eyes widen, his face heated up and he quickly turned around.

"Naked Albus, Naked Albus, Naked Albus" the Royal chanted in his head, he really hoped the images would get rid of his…problem.

It was defiantly going to be a long week.

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