Our Prince Harry

The Harem did not know what to make of this young noble, he was unlike any person they've dealt with, this noble didn't speak with the air superiority towards them, or if they were dumb animals. No, he spoke as though they were people, friends, many times he asked for their opinions, or questions, startling them every time, wasn't even upset when they didn't answer, just smiled and continued on as though they did.

For a moment many of the Harem, mostly the youngers hoped the Prince was like that.

During the party, none of the Harem had seen the Prince having kept their heads bowed as trained, though many believe Fenrir did with some reluctant, they did not know what he looked like.

"Ah, here we are, the Hospital Wing" the noble ("Harry, call me Harry) when they passed through huge double doors, "and here comes my favorite Medi-witch, whatever you do don't sneeze or you'll never leave" Harry then whispered to them.

"Is that so?" said the Medi-Witch coming up behind Harry, causing him to squeak and hide behind Tom.

The Medi-Witch giggled before bowing to the Harem.

"Hello I'm Madame Pomfrey the Head Medi-Witch of the castle" she said, "now if you please, step behind one of the curtains and strip so we may begin"

Each Harem took a curtain, where waiting for them was Medi-Witch, who were very professional in their examination, the Harem expected the young noble to watch, but he seem to content to talk to the sickly or injured guards that were there.

"Whoever did this; either wasn't professional or didn't care" tutted Tom's Medi-witch as she examined the scared tattoo on his inner arm.

The tattoo was a glittering green skull with a snake protruding from its mouth, all slaves had them, even the creatures though their worked differently for them. With wizards and witches the tattoo locked their magic, preventing them from using it. With magical creatures, it varied depending on the type.

With a disapproval click of her tongue the witch grabbed a jar filled with cream, she rubbed it on the scarred tattoo.

"Rub it on twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed" she instructed, before continuing on with the examination.

Once done, she told Tom to dress, after he dressed she removed the curtain, and left him sitting on the bed

"All done?" the young noble asked, coming over to him.

Tom nodded, startled when the Noble sat down next to him, for a moment he expected the young man to start talking but he didn't he merely sat there. An hour later the medi-witches finished with the others.

"Everything is fine, healthy as can be" Pomfrey said, "some scarring, but the cream should help with those, I will send the cream up to their rooms, with instructions for Firenze"

Harry nodded.

"Now then, as for you—"

"Oh look at the time! Still have things to do"

Harry quickly ushered the Harem out the room.

"You can't run forever young man!" Pomfrey called after him.

"That was close" Harry said once they were out the room, he looked at the Harem who stared back, he could see the curiosity in some of their eyes.

"I'm schedule for my yearly shots tomorrow; I think she was trying to sneak it in today" he explained, "now, to the lake!"

Harry led them through several halls, those that pass by gave slight bows, the only ones who didn't bow were the centaur guards.

"Heading to the Lake?" the centaur named Aegis, his body was a dark brown body, and brown hair.

"Yep, please let us through"

Aegis nodded, before pushing the door that lead to the lake open.

The moment they got the lake's shoreline, Harry picked up a stone and throw it at the lake, the Harem jumped when tentacle shot out and grabbed the stone.

"That's the Giant Squid" Harry explained, catching the stone that was thrown back.

Harry threw back the stone before taking off his shoes, he moved until his feet were into the water before sitting down, it took some prompting before he was able to get the Harem to do the same.

This noble was so strange, it unnerved him, and Severus was sure the others felt the same way, he didn't know what to do or how to act, with the other Masters and Mistresses it was easy.


With this noble, it was the opposite, it was though he wanted them to act disobedient, to act out of place, Severus had served Masters who acted similarly and the moment he bends to they're will, he was severely punished and sent back to Trader Dursley.

It could be that this noble was just the same, if that was the case then Severus was not going to bend.

"There you are"

A noble girl with long bushy hair, and intelligent eyes came towards them.

"Hey Hermione!" the noble greeted with a big smile.

"Do you know how much trouble you're in?!" the one called Hermione scold, surprising the Harem when she smacked him upside the head.

"Ow! What was that for?" Harry all but whined.

"For skipping your Potion lessons!"

"But Mione, you know Potions and me don't mix"

"That's why you practice!" Hermione scold.

"I have and every time the carpenters have to come in to fix the hole in the walls"

"It doesn't matter, as the Prince, it's your duty to attend these lessons, so to serve your People better"

"How is blowing up a room going to help my People?"

The Harem who were watching the conversation, all froze when Hermione's words sunk in.

Prince, the Noble was the PRINCE! All this time they had been in the presence of their Master!

"Uh, Harry"

Harry followed Hermione's pointed gaze, and found the Harem now staring at him with wide and slightly fearful eyes.

"Great" Harry groaned.

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