Me: Chaaaaase, would you do the honors?

Chase: Why should I, when all you do is abuse me?

Me: Because! You're the greatest villain in the history of HISTORY. *grin* And thanks to me, Omi shall come to the Heylin! ^^

Chase: Why? Just because you ask him to do so?

Me: No, silly willy walnut head! *giggle* Because of our new campaign slogan!

Chase: ... I'm almost afraid to ask.

Me: Come to the dark side! *holds out pot of Lao Mang Long* We have SOUP!

Chase: ...? *looks through his pockets* What the... who the... when... how did you get that?

Me: Word of advice, Chase baby. Make the cat door smaller. If I can fit through it, anyone can. ^^

Chase: *sigh* Fine. Ai-chan does not, nor will ever, own Xiaolin Showdown. And contrary to her belief, she DOES NOT own me. She owns only Marki Spicer.

Jack Spicer wasn't all that sure how it had happened, but for God's sake it had happened alright.

He didn't know exactly how Marki had gone from being his cousin, Megan's big sister, and his ticket to an A plus in English... to playing housekeeper for the greatest mastermind of all time.

All in all, it had been a very weird day.

It started in homeroom. He had been, as usual, tinkering away with one of his smaller Jack-Bots, trying to get the bugs out before he applied the programming to a larger model. The teacher typically didn't care unless they had a substitute, but Mr. Meyers was busy reading the newspaper, not different than any other day.

His cousin Marki, the person closest to him besides Wuya, sat directly to his left. She knew about his goals of world domination and his evil genius-ness, but unless she had been secretly researching behind his back, she didn't know anything about Shen Gong Wu or the Xiaolin/Heylin tussle. (Or that he was on the Heylin side, the side that was considered the baddest of the bad. But if she knew she'd be proud of him.)

He had actually been sort of planning on telling her about it today, after school. They were partners for their latest English project, in which they were supposed to reenact a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Marki, ever the somber girl, had picked out the scene where Juliet found Romeo dead and stabbed herself. She did this without telling him first, and he had given her a glare when their English teacher had announced the scenes each pair would be reading for.

They were supposed to be practicing today, but he had wanted to tell her about the Xiaolin and Heylin thing. He wasn't going to say anything about the Shen Gong Wu, of course... just mention that there was an ages-old battle still going on today over some very powerful Chinese techniques and that he was on the side of eeeeeevillllll. Yep, that was pretty much it. And then they were going to practice, practice, practice. Not one for the performing arts Jack had never done anything like this and Marki had sworn up and down to God she'd get him comfortable wearing tights.

Yeah. Like any self-respecting dude was ever comfortable in a leotard.

The other thing he was going to do was introduce her to Chase Young, the greatest evil genius on the face of the planet. Hey, he couldn't let her know about the war without introducing her to the guy who ran the whole operation of the side he was on, could he? He had a feeling she'd like him, actually. He had always viewed Marki as sort of similar to Chase. They were both more serious than normal people. They both used sarcasm more than they used outright humor. They both spent a lot of time alone in the darkest rooms they could find. They both didn't give two shits about people unless they could manipulate them in some way. (Or, in Marki's case, if they were family and she had to put up with them and wound up half-liking them.)

Not to mention the fact that neither of them quite grasped how to work a toaster.

In Chase's defense, he was rarely out of his castle and so had probably never tried to work one before, never mind the fact that he hadn't even wanted to try it and Jack kept pushing him to try. Chase had servants for that kind of thing, and he couldn't be bothered with trivial matters like that. In Marki's defense... a bunch of people had been yelling at her on Christmas Day, trying to tell her how much toast they wanted and how dark they wanted it, and she was one of those people who got mad very easily. Poor toaster never saw it coming, and Jack still hadn't paid his aunt for her new one.

Jack had the feeling that Chase and Marki would definitely get along. They would just sit there staring at each other until one of them got annoyed with the other's presence and left.

Back in the present, Marki leaned over and tapped her cousin's shoulder with a bored look on her face. When he looked over at her, she reached over and pointed at the Jack-Bot with a teal-colored nail. "Why do you even put an on/off switch on those things?"

"... Um..." Okay, she got him with that. Still, he was the one in the advanced science class, not her. Granted it was because she didn't want to be, but he had one leg lifted up on her at least. "None of your beeswax?"

"But it would make more sense not to have one." She leaned over, the top half of her body twisting to the side so she could tell him what he was doing wrong from a comfortable position. "If I was your enemy and you were fighting with these things, I could just do this." She flicked the switch and the Jack-Bot deactivated, a smug look on Marki's face.

"Hey!" He held his precious robot away from her destructive hands. "I don't want you breaking this like you broke Aunt Cindy's stupid toaster!"

Her eyes flashed dangerously as she glared at him. "What did I say I'd do if you mentioned the toaster one more time, sweet transvestite?"

"Stop callin' me that!"

"Hon, you wear make-up. Guyliner, even. Face it, you should just grow your hair out, put on an evening dress, and call yourself Jackie. And join a freak show. You could share a room with the Siamese twins. I mean, all you'd have to do is split everything three ways."

"You're a bitch, you know that?"

"At least I don't tell my enemies, 'Come get me! I'm stupid and I'm not a threat!'" She crossed her arms over her chest and closed her eyes with a smirk.

That expression and position really reminded him of Chase.

Jack was ready to just smack her across the face - but he knew if he did that, he could thoroughly expect a beating in gym, no matter what kind of ball they were playing with. She hit him in the head with a basketball once, on purpose, when he accused her of cheating on her former boyfriend... which she'd been doing anyway. He learned the hard way that she didn't like being judged for her actions, no matter how wrong they may be. "Oh yeah? Well, I'm still the evil genius! I'm still the king around here!"

"Yeah you are," Marki yawned, sinking down in her seat and preparing to take a nap before she had to go to her next class. "King of getting your ass whooped."

Jack's eye twitched as she began snoring. That was it. She was so getting fed to Chase's cats.