"Where the fuck are you taking me? This is so not the way to your house."

Jack sighed, trying to block his cousin's annoying voice from his mind. He was half considering just turning around and forgetting his daily suck up to Chase. But he bore with her... just because she was his cousin and she was sort of okay. If she wasn't he probably would have fed her to the cats already, not just thought about doing it because he was ticked at her. The only reason he didn't stay ticked at her was because she was his cousin. He didn't like staying pissed off at family. It made for too much awkward silence at Thanksgiving. Plus she was really sort of... well, if she ticked him off really bad, later she would just do something to make up for it. She'd fix one of his robots or play a video game with him or something.

Like he'd decided before, she hated being judged. If someone got ticked off at what she said, she considered it being judged. Only difference was that if she had been the one to actually say something, she wouldn't get upset and start pelting people with basketballs.

"I told you already," Jack finally answered her, "it's a surprise. There's somebody I want you to meet."

Behind him Marki groaned, heaving her backpack up on her shoulder. "I told you, Jackie, I'm done with fix-ups! They always end in disaster."

"It's not a fix-up! It's just a friend of mine who I thought you'd have some things in common with. After all, you both just wave me away like I'm a fart."

"Um, that's because you are. And hey, I'm suddenly a lot more interested in meeting this person! Ha-ha!"

"... Weirdo..."

Once they got to the mountain, Jack took a Heli-Bot from his backpack and attached it to his shoulders. "Okay, Marki, now you hold on 'cause you're gonna be flyin' Air Spicer."

"... I'd really rather not."

"What? You don't trust my robots?"

"I don't trust anything you make. You put a fucking on/off switch on an offensive robot. Dumbass."

"Would you shut up about it already?"

"Shut don't go up. Prices do."

Jack scoffed. "Yeah, real mature. Learn that from your baby sister?"

"Hey!" Marki pointed a finger at him. "Just so you know, sweetheart, she learned everything from me."

"No, I think she's the one who taught you."

"Take it back or I'll poke you in the eye with my bobby pin."

"Fine, you're evil all on your own."

"Damn fucking straight."

"Just hold on, I gotta fly us up there!"

She sighed. "Fine." She held on to one of the bars that came out of the Heli-Bot. "And just so you know, I don't got you, babe."

"Like I said, weirdo." Jack initiated the bot and flew them up to Chase's giant castle. He could hear Marki whimpering behind him as she held on, and that was when he remembered that she hated heights. Well, just one more bonus was he got to freak her out. He made the bot veer and started shouting at her. "Oh my God! It malfunctioned! Marki, we're gonna die!"

She screamed. "Fix it! Oh my God!"

He laughed and resumed the course up to the castle. "Gotcha!"

He felt her smack the back of his head. "You asswipe! As soon as you land this thing I'm gonna kill you, ya little chicken shit!"

So. Worth. It.

Once they landed on the top part of the mountain that jutted out, Marki gave him a kick to the back. He managed to stay standing though it did knock him a bit off balance. "Jerk-a-saurus rex."

Jack rolled his eyes and walked up to the door. "Yep. Yep, that would be me, Marks."

"And I told you not to call me Marks. I barely tolerate Marki."

"But you do because your real name is stupid."

"Are you gonna knock or am I gonna have to break the door down?"

"Fine, I'm going. Bossy." He knocked a few times on the door. "Oh, Chase Young, sir! Please open the door! I've brought someone and she really wants to meet-"

The door swung open, smashing Jack against the side of the building. "You," Jack managed to choke out in a shaky voice, his hand the only visible part of him.

Marki decided to crack up laughing. "Bwahaha!" She pointed at her cousin as he hobbled from behind the door in the shape of an accordion. "That's what you get for making me sound like a desperate whore! That just made my day. Good one." She held out a hand to shake that of whoever had opened the door.

Standing there, of course, was Chase Young in all his evil glory. Onyx hair with a green shine, falling down to his waist. Gold eyes with black slits, that went right through you. (Kind of like that tuna noodle casserole Marki's mom had brought to last year's family reunion.) And of course his armor, and signature arms-crossed-over-his-chest stance.

Marki immediately sobered up and stuck her hand out farther. "Nice to meet you."

He gave her the once-over, without moving anything but his head, and then looked over to the crumpled-up Jack. "Spicer, who is she and what is she doing here?"

"Gah!" Jack hurriedly straightened himself out and ran over, wrapping an arm around Marki and drawing her close. "Chase, sir! This is my cousin Marki Spicer. She's older than me but we're in the same grade because she's stupid."

Marki reached over and whacked Jack on the back of the head. "I'm not stupid. I chose to get held back. The more time you spend in a place the more you learn about it and appreciate the fact that you'd rather be somewhere else."

Jack gulped and let go of her, inching away. "A-Anyway... I've kinda been planning this for a long time and set the date for you guys meeting for today."

Chase raised an eyebrow, the pissed off look not disappearing. "And you did all this without telling me? How impressive that you managed to pull it all off, cat nip."

Jack looked nervously at his wrist, pretending to check the time. "Oh wow, Marki! Look how long we've been here already! We're supposed to be practicing our Romeo and Juliet thing! Come on, let's make like a banana and split!" He let out a weak laugh, even seeing that Marki was making no move to leave.

Marki's eye twitched and she once again delivered a smack to her cousin's big head. "You idiot! How could you not even clear this with him? Sometimes I swear we're not even frickin' related! Seriously! When you do things like this it's some kind of game to you! It's like a big 'fuck you' to both people, like their time is less valuable than yours! God, you stupid asshole!" She finished off her speech with a knee to Jack's stomach.

Leaving her cousin screaming in pain on the ground, she flipped her hair and walked over to the other man. (Well, she reasoned, the only man here, but she'd not say it and leave Jack alone for now.) "Look," she began, "I'm sorry he did this. I mean, I know he's stupid, but I didn't imagine he'd be this stupid."

The other simply shrugged. "Believe it or not, I'm fairly used to it by now. And seeing as you are actually related to him and..." He looked her up and down again. "Clearly nothing like him, and also having no physical injuries... you must have adjusted well too." He leaned against the doorframe, and cocked his head at the cracked side of the building. "How long have you been hoping someone would do that to him?"

"Pfft." Marki rolled her eyes. "Since my mom and aunt came home and told me, 'Look, Marki! There's your baby cousin!' He's always been an idiot, so I apologize for any stupid behavior he's done before, what he's doing now, and..." She tilted her head to the side, to the other side, and did this a few more times. "Well, anything he's going to do. Because I can assure you, this is not the end of his stupidity."

"Trust me, I learned that the second time he showed up here."

"How many times has he shown up here anyway?"

"... Counting today, that would be..." He rolled his eyes upward, as if he were thinking. "Four hundred and sixty-three."

"Oh my God, I am so sorry. You poor thing." She looked back at Jack, who had finally picked himself off the ground. "If he wasn't kin I'd have already opened a can of whoop-ass on the little nerd. I only have one nerve, and he's constantly working on it."

"In any case." Raven hair nearly hit her in the face as he turned around. "It looks like I have a guest. Please, come in."

Marki was happily on her way in when she rememebered her cousin. She leaned out of the door and grabbed him by the ear, dragging him inside. "I am so not done with you. Did I mention how you better learn to sleep with your eyes open?"

YAY. By the way, just because I love torturing Jack, that doesn't mean I don't just plain love him. I do. It's just way more fun torturing him than doing serious stuff with the sweet little geek.

I sense hidden magnets in both Chase and Marki with reverse polarityyyyyy... :D

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