Hi peoples! I decided to start a new story, having been inspired by Jewel-Gurl73's story, "Beauty and the Beast Bloopers".

So, ever wonder what happens on-set of Fangface before the episodes go on air? …Well, you're about to find out!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, but I DO love to mess with them ^-^

End of Opening Intro

(Fangface stands in place as the title appears, but is suddenly yanked off screen. Puggsy stands in his place, covering up the "Fangface" title with a banner with his own name on it)

Fangface: Why you…! (starts chasing Puggsy)

Don't Get Mean with the Cobra Queen

(Fangface is riding on top of the giant cobra, with Puggsy hanging on the end of a fishing rod dangling in front of the reptile)

Puggsy: Help! Someone save me from this crazy werewolf! (Line snaps)

Biff: GotchaAAUGH! (Biff catches Puggsy but topples over the edge) *Crash!*

Puggsy: Nice going, meathead! *ow*

Biff: It's not MY fault you're so heavy! *grunt*

Puggsy: I'm not heavy! YOU just have to work out more!

Fangface: (leans over) *grr* You guys okay-WHOA! (slips and falls) *Thud*

Biff and Puggsy: OOF!

Puggsy: Thanks, Fangface. I'm probably paralyzed now!

Biff: You're mouth isn't, obviously…

Puggsy: Ah, shut up and get off of me!

Kim: (Turns to Camera Guy) You may want to stop rolling…

Where's the Wolf that is the Werewolf

(The evil werewolf leaps off the cliff and lands on Puggsy's shoulders)

Puggsy: What are you- WAUGH! (Biff slams on the brakes and the evil werewolf falls out of the car)

Biff: Eh heh… Sorry! There was a bunny in the road…

Director: (slaps forehead) Oy vey… Animal trainer wanted on the set!

Puggsy: For the rabbit, or the werewolves?

Fangface: (from cliff-top) I HEARD THAT!

Space Monster Mishap

(Fangs runs down the hall, up and down the ladders, and through different doorways while Puggsy just leans against the wall, waiting for him to run by. …Rather than Fangs running past him, Mystery Inc. does)

Puggsy: What the…? 0_o

Freddy: (looks around) Whoops. Sorry, wrong set!

Take Two- (Puggsy leans against the wall, waiting for Fangs, but instead Batman and Robin run out)

Batman: (pauses) Uh… this isn't the bat cave.

Take Three- (Puggsy is standing straight beside the doorway, waiting for Fangs.)

*Two hours later*

Puggsy: Where IS that pin-head? (suddenly, there's a flushing noise and Fangs finally runs out)

Fangs: Sorry I took so long, I had to… (notices Puggsy's glare) What?

Invisible Menace Mishap

(Fangface is growling and tugging on Puggsy's pants and rips them off… revealing a pair of Yogi Bear boxers. Everyone laughs)

Puggsy: 0_0 They're not mine, I swear! (Everyone laughs harder. Puggsy blushes and pulls his pants back up) Ah, laugh it up! I'll be in my dressing room.

Don't Abra When You Cadabra

Fangface: I just gotta beat Puggsy's high score, with my last *grr* ball. (hits pinball around, it gets stuck. Fangface snarls and picks up the machine, shaking it… and the interior falls out and crashes on him) …Ow…

Kim: Well… at least the ball isn't stuck anymore, right?

Puggsy: Veterinarian wanted on the set! (laughs, then takes off when Fangface starts chasing him)

Romantic Plot with the She-Wolf Robot

(Fangpuss climbs onto the back of the she-wolf robot, opening the back to switch the wires. There's a *ZAP* and he falls onto the ground, coughing up smoke)

Evil Guider of the Giant Spider

(Fangpuss runs around the gang, ripping the net off of them. Rather than accidentally ripping of Puggsy's pants, he rips off Biff's, revealing a pair of Yogi shorts)

Puggsy: A-HA! …I TOLD you they weren't mine.

Biff: (pulls up pants and waves at Camera Guy, angrily) Cut! Cut!

Space Monster Mishap

(Puggsy waits by the doorway and Fangs runs out on cue this time.)

Puggsy: (grabs Fangs' shirt, it stretches) Now c'mon! We've got to- (The shirt rips off, revealing a fierce dragon wrapping around a skull tattoo) …Uh… 0_o

Fangs: (blushes, covers up tattoo) Um… I can explain…


Director: (talking into phone) Social issues? Now, listen up! There is NO ONE on this planet who gets along better than the cast!

(There's a crash, and Puggsy and Fangs run by screaming, pursued by a very angry Kim)


Director: O.O …Tell 'People Magazine' that I'll call 'em back…

Begone, You Amazon

(Fangface looks at some grapes in his hand, then looks up at Puggsy, licking his lips)

Puggsy: Oh no, Fangface saw those grapes, and now he's gonna eat me!

Fangface: Yeah, yeah! (leaps up and shoves Puggsy into his mouth, then immediately spits him back out) Bleck! Geez, Pugs! When was the last time you bathed? *grr*

Puggsy: *cough* I don't know… *hack* When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

Director: CUT!


Fangs: (on the phone) For the last time, Mom! It isn't permanent! The tattoo will wash right off! …I hope

That's all I have now… But more bloopers will come! You can count on that ;D