More hilarity, coming right up!

This chapter will also star a couple more guest *OC.


The Great Ape Escape- Dungeon Scene

(Puggsy and Fangface are wheeling a covered food-tray out of a cage, when they are stopped by an ape creature)

Ape Creature: So, you think you can fool us? (lifts lid… seeing Kite and Kim in the middle of a kiss) What the heck?

*Kite: Whoops! Uh… this isn't where I parked my car! (hops off, waving to Kim as he runs out)

Biff: (walks over, rubbing his hip) He could've just ASKED to switch places, rather than pushing me out!

Director: Note to self- Write up legal document forbidding others to make any more OC!

Dinosaur Daze- Cave Scene

(Fangface is climbing up the cave wall when his paw lands on a cactus. Puggsy sends him out to scream so the dinosaur won't hear them)

Fangface: YEOW! (runs back in, hands Puggsy the cactus)

Puggsy: (covers mouth, runs out) Yeow! (runs back in, hands Fangface the cactus, he sticks it back in his hand)

Fangface and Puggsy: (Run out… slip on the set and crash into the camera) …Ow…

Camera Guy: A little LESS wax on the set, guys. I can't afford a new camera!

Puggsy: Oh, shut up, Lenny!

The Defiant Casablanca Giant- Well Scene

Abdul: I shall toss you all down this wel- (pauses, seeing a girl rise out of the well)

Girl: (in a raspy voice) Seven days… Seven days…

Abdul: (in a high-pitched voice) AUGH! *runs off*

*Toni: (pulls off wig) How was that?

Fangpuss: Great! He'll be running for weeks!

A Creep from The Deep- Air Vent Scene

(Fangface sees his reflection and goes nuts, then climbs into the air vent, Puggsy going after him. The camera shows them both climbing through the vents, which suddenly become smaller the farther they go, until…)

Fangface: (pause) Ooh, I can't move!

Puggsy: Oh, great… We're stuck!

Stage Hand 1: (looks at blueprints) Whoops… Heh heh, sorry guys! I guess we accidentally got the 14x16 rather than the 17x19. *nervous chuckle*

Director: (slaps forehead) Good Lord, I'm surrounded by idiots!

The Shocking Creature Feature- Bedroom Scene

Fangface: (sleep-walking) Zzzzz… Gotcha! (starts attacking Puggsy in his sleep)

Puggsy: Fangface, let go! Let g- Uh, Fangface? What… are those? (points at Pink Panther jammies)

Fangface: 0_0 (covers himself) Uh… I'm a big fan? Excuse me! (runs off to go change)

Where's the Wolf that is The Werewolf?- Office Scene

Police Officer: (lets Fangs out of cage) I'm sorry, I don't know what happened!

Fangs: (grabs his badge) Badge Number- "I Am A Complete Mama's Boy". I'll remember it. I'll have your- HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

Puggsy: (outside) That's what you get for the whole "Plane Sign" scene, you knucklehead!

Fangs: Why you-! (chases after Puggsy)

Evil Guider of the Giant Spider- Building Scene

(The giant spider climbs up the building, holding Kim… only to find King Kong at the top of it)

Giant Spider: Hey, ape-boy! Beat it! This is MY building!

King Kong: Oh, yeah? Well, I don't see your name on it!

Kim: Um, actually, Kong, he's right. You want the building four blocks down.

King Kong: (looks over) Whoops. Okay, sorry about that! (climbs down, walks off)

Giant Spider: Pffft. Sheesh, the guy has a movie made about him, and he just thinks he owns the neighborhood!

A Time Machine Trip to the Pirate Ship- Time Machine Scene

Iron Mask: (steps out of machine) At last, we're on board the- Wait, this isn't our ship!

Jack Sparrow: Avast! Who dares trespass onto my ship, the Black Pearl?

Biff: (looks at machine settings) Oops… Um, Iron Mask? I think you punched in the wrong date…

Iron Mask: (looks at settings) So I did… Well, uh, sorry about this! We'll be going, now…

Fangs: Hold on! (takes out note-pad and pencil, walks over to Jack) Can I have your autograph, first? (Puggsy grabs him and drags him back to the machine)

Jack: 0_o …Odd bunch of meddlers.


Well, peoples, that's all the ideas I've got for today. As you may recall Kite is an OC belonging to Fangface the Second, and I own Toni. …Sadly, I don't own Jack Sparrow (that would be awesome if I did, though!)