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"Katie?" I whispered in confusion as i sat up from the awkward position I had been lying in. Just seconds before now I had been babysitting my six year old sister, but as we were sitting on the couch and watching Disney movies, everything had faded to black. And now I heard not a sound in return to my call.

I glanced around and was confused to see trees all about. What had happened? I lived in the city, and not only that, but I had never seen such odd trees. I have even taken a whole class on trees a few years back, and could swear these were like no other I had studied.

I shook my head to clear it of thoughts, and stood up to search for my sister. The ground surrounding me was completely undisturbed, and for a moment I began to think I was alone, but I quickly pushed that thought away, I had to retain hope.

A few yards off I saw a small dark cave, and walked over to it; it was my best bet. Even if my sister was not there, we would then have a shelter for when she was found if it was safe.

I crawled inside, and besides it being pitch black and the floor feeling a bit slimy at times, it was not too terrible. A few moments later my head connected with what was apparently the end of the cave with a loud crack. I let out a gasp of pain and fell down against the wall while clutching my head.

Suddenly my eyes widened in fear, and my pain was forgotten momentarily as a harsh voice broke through the silence of the forest "Vras alag dajal. Ha pus agh shapit. (Kill the child. Eat well and fast.)"

I knew not what it meant or who spoke it, but the voice and language nearly made me shake in fear. Outside the cave I heard the sounds of clinking metal, and the same language being spoken among a group of people, and then suddenly a child-like scream.

Time seemed to freeze for a moment… what had I done? I crept silently to the mouth of the cave, stopped just out of the light, and watched a scene unfold before me.

I sat petrified. The people that stood outside were bigger in all ways than any others I had seen before, and each dressed in an assortment of leather and metal armor that couldn't quite manage to distract the eye from their disgustingly sallow skin. Their faces too were disturbing with their seemingly stretched and flattened features, and lank black hair. I shuddered inwardly at these people, but did not dare do more than take shallow breathes as I attempted to calm my heart.

But my heart was not to be calmed.

One of the men had moved over a bit, and revealed my eyes to what had been hidden from me before, Katie. Her face was covered in tears, and she was staring up at these people with complete and honest fear. I couldn't have moved if I had wanted to. And honestly I didn't deep down.

Suddenly she was out of view again, and I heard her give a final scream. She never even got to finish. My heart hammered so hard it was a wonder they didn't hear it, and I almost wish they had, but I had no such luck. I heard every crunch of a breaking bone and every chomp of their teeth as they bit into skin. And I could do nothing. I was screaming inside so loudly I couldn't think. But I made no sound. And I could do nothing


It was hours before I could move. After those cannibals had left all I could seem to do was sit staring at her remains. What kind of jacked up place was I in? This would have never happened on Earth. Oh dear lord if only we could be safely at home watching Cinderella Two or reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban together before I put her to sleep. She never had gotten to finish that book…

I crawled all the way out of the cave and stood up, practically all of my joints creaking from lack of use as I did. I walked over and sat beside her mangled body, her head being the only recognizable part remaining. Apparently demons didn't like to eat face.

I wanted so badly to cry, but I was beyond tears at this point. I brushed away her blood stained blond hair and leaned over her, closing my eyes "I'm a shitty sister Katie and you deserve better. But you didn't get better, and I love you so I pray that I am good enough for you." I couldn't bring myself to use past tense as I slowly whispered these words "I'm sorry I didn't read you more pages before bed, we coulda been done with The Prisoner of Azkaban by now, but I'll bet Jesus doesn't mind witchcraft too much to read you a chapter or two at night. Either way, I'll probably see you within a week, being stuck out here and all, but if not… I love you."

I kissed her forehead softly as I had so many other times before when she had fallen asleep before remembering to tell me goodnight, or when I felt that loneliness that came no matter how many people I was around. Kissing her forehead didn't help this time though, it was worse… so much worse it felt as though my heart was being ripped to shreds. A single tear fell from my eyes onto the spot I had kissed. I never cried, but Katie was worth it. She was worth a infinity tears, but I didn't have that many. If only I had found her before the people had, then I would not be alone.

But they were not people. And I was most definitely alone.