Here is the sequel to Good Luck Zack and Cody. This fan fic again focuses on Cody Martin and PJ Duncan as both of them are doing their post-secondary studies and PJ is working at The Tipton Hotel as the guitar player.

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After spending the best three weeks of his life with his friend Cody Martin, PJ Duncan arrived in Boston to start a new chapter in his life. PJ was about to start the semester as a student at Boston College while Cody was about to begin his at Harvard. PJ was also hired as a guitar player at The Tipton Hotel.

PJ and Cody discussed meeting up once the eldest Duncan son had arrived at the hotel but Cody could not resist welcoming him in the lobby as he arrived. As Norman the doorman opened the door for PJ with his luggage being carried by Esteban behind him, Cody called PJ's name and ran up to him and hugged him. PJ returned the hug as both of them kept saying how much they missed each other even though they communicated regularly between the time the Duncans returned to Denver and when PJ arrived in Boston again.

PJ said he had to meet up with Mr. Moseby first but that they could meet up once he was unpacked and settled in. Cody offered to help PJ unpack and settle in as Esteban had placed the luggage on a motorized cart that Arwin claimed to have finally perfected after many more tweaks since the last time the Duncans were at the hotel. PJ was greeted by Mr. Moseby and as he followed the hotel manager towards the elevator, Arwin started to work the remote control for the luggage cart which initially worked fine but eventually got out of control before crashing into the candy counter. Maddie Fitzpatrick, the hotel employee behind the counter, was jolted from her state of near sleep as she had been up most of the previous night. The reason for the lack of sleep Maddie had gotten was that London Tipton, the owner's daughter, had kept calling her because she could not go to sleep and asked Maddie for her help.

PJ's luggage had gone flying all over the place as a result of the impact of the crash. PJ joked to Mr. Moseby if he was sure he needed him as entertainment at the hotel since there was always plenty of it in the lobby alone.

"The fun never stops here," PJ laughed as the elevator doors closed.

The elevator went up to the twenty-third floor where PJ's suite was and was in Suite 2324, which was just around the corner from Suite 2330 where the Martins lived. After Mr. Moseby had opened the door to Suite 2324 and turned on the lights, he showed PJ around and gave him his phone number if he needed anything. Just before Mr. Moseby left, Esteban pushed the luggage cart through the door as he had to take the luggage the old fashioned way. PJ told Esteban to take the luggage into his bedroom and gave him his tip after all the luggage was in the bedroom. Esteban could not stop thanking PJ for the tip as he kept saying how it would be enough to buy his home village so his family could return to the throne of his country one day.

After Mr. Moseby and Esteban had left, PJ texted Cody to let him know he was in his suite and that it was just around the corner from his. Cody was ecstatic to find out that PJ's suite was nearby and that he would be there in a few seconds. Cody ran over to PJ's suite and knocked on the door. PJ opened the door as Cody immediately hugged and kissed his best friend.

"I'm so happy you're going to college here in Boston and that we can spend time together," Cody said.

"Me too. I'm glad Mr. Moseby hired me to work at the hotel. Now we could live in the same place," PJ responded.

"I've missed you so much," Cody said as he held back a tear.

"Me too. This is so awesome," responded PJ.

Both of them went into PJ's bedroom and started to unpack and put everything in the drawers and closet. Cody got a thrill out of putting PJ's underwear into the drawer as he became very acquainted with them the last time they were together. After unpacking, PJ said how tired he was prompting Cody to offer that he cook something for both of them. PJ said that Cody did not have to go through so much trouble to cook but Cody insisted as he enjoyed cooking the last time they were together. Cody said that he would take care of everything and suggested if PJ wanted to relax and take a bath or a shower, he could go right ahead. PJ offered to help but Cody insisted on taking care of everything and just told his best friend to unwind before dinner.

PJ decided to take a short nap and shower before dinner. After getting out of the shower and changing into a fresh pair of clothes, Cody called PJ to let him know dinner was ready. PJ could smell the wonderful aroma of what Cody had prepared immediately after opening his bedroom door. Both blonds had sat down at the table as they helped themselves to the food. Cody had prepared Garden salad as a side dish and Beef Stroganoff as the main dish. Before they ate their food, Cody poured red wine into the empty wine glasses and proposed a toast.

"To the next chapter of our friendship," Cody said as he raised his glass.

"And to our lives together," PJ said in response as he raised his glass.

Both of them toasted each other and took a sip of the wine. PJ complimented Cody on the food and remarked how it was the first time in a long time that he had Beef Stroganoff and that it was a lot better than the Hamburger Helper boxes. As PJ finished scarfing down the food, he let out a big burp which reminded Cody of the first time he had cooked for PJ at the hotel. Cody smiled when he thought about that day as what happened afterwards was a really special moment. After both of them had finished their food, PJ thanked Cody for preparing dinner and said he would wash the dishes. Cody offered to help but insisted that Cody sit and relax and watch television if he wanted to. PJ asked if Cody wanted coffee and made a pot of it as Cody said he wanted some. Cody asked if PJ needed any help but said he had everything under control. After the coffee was ready, he placed two cups of coffee on a tray along with a plate of cookies.

PJ had placed the tray on the coffee table in the front of the sofa as Cody was flipping through the channels on the television. PJ asked if Cody wanted any cream or sugar before giving Cody his cup. PJ started to sip his coffee after putting cream and sugar in it and asked Cody if he wanted to watch a movie. Both of them watched The Social Network as they continued to sip their coffee and nibble on cookies. As the movie went on, Cody cuddled up with PJ but eventually struggled to stay awake as he had a long day and some jet lag. As Cody noticed that PJ had fallen asleep, Cody got a blanket and pillow from the bedroom and placed the pillow under his head and spread the blanket over PJ as he kissed him on the forehead, turned the television off, washed the dishes, turned off the lights and closed the door behind him.

The following morning, PJ was awoken to the sound of his phone ringing and saw that it was Cody. After explaining to him what had happened the previous night after PJ fell asleep, Cody invited PJ over for breakfast. Cody decided to make breakfast for everyone as he did not want PJ to be exposed to his mother's cooking. After letting PJ into Suite 2330, the memories of the first time came flooding back and thought about how much he enjoyed it. After PJ said hello to Zack, Carrie gave PJ a big hug and said how it was nice to see him again. She also told him how grateful she was to PJ and his family for supporting Cody and looking after him while he was nursing his injuries on the ship.

Cody had prepared chocolate chip pancakes for everyone and served them up. Zack was just relieved at not having to eat his mother's cooking while Cody thought it was simply cruel and unusual punishment for anyone, especially PJ, to eat her cooking as well. As everyone scarfed down their pancakes, Carrie kept saying how she was looking forward to performing with PJ again and that he was welcome to come on over to their suite anytime and to let her know if there was anything he needed.

After breakfast, PJ insisted on cleaning the dishes and said Carrie did not have to lift a finger. After cleaning the dishes, Cody suggested to PJ they spend the morning at Boston Harbor considering their discussion of the Boston Tea Party the first time they were together and also have lunch there. Both of them got out the picnic basket and started making some sandwiches, potato salad, and sliced some fruit and put them in some Tupperware.

Once they both reached the Harbor, Cody started telling PJ everything he knew about Boston Harbor and the Boston Tea Party. They even took a tour of some of the harbour before sitting down at a nearby park and having their lunch. As both blonds scarfed down the selection of roast beef and chicken salad sandwiches and potato salad, PJ could not stop thanking Cody for helping him with his grades as the prospect of summer school or having to repeat the senior year of high school was not a very pleasant one for him. PJ also knew that if he had to stay in high school, he would not have been able to come to Boston to study and work and most of all, be with Cody. Cody kept on telling PJ that he knew he could succeed academically and that he just needed to believe in himself. PJ responded by saying that whatever the reason, he was just glad that it all worked out for the best and kissed Cody on the lips. After they finished off the fruit and whatever was left in the basket, both of them decided to return to the hotel as PJ needed to speak with Mr. Moseby and Cody wanted to do some school work and start his homework before school even started with was something he loved to do.

As afternoon turned to evening, PJ invited Cody over to his suite as he wanted to prepare dinner for Cody as he had not had the opportunity to do so yet. PJ had just finished preparing the food as Cody knocked on the door and PJ let him in. Both of them sat down at the table and after PJ poured some wine and toasted each other, they both dug into their meals. PJ had prepared Caesar salad, and smoked salmon with risotto. Cody absolutely loved the food as he felt it was the best salmon he had had in a very long time and the risotto was fantastic. Cody was impressed how far PJ had come in terms of his cooking. Even PJ realized that before he had met Cody, he could not cook anything other than preparing a cheese sandwich or a bowl of cereal and now he was cooking all sorts of dishes. Cody and PJ looked forward to many more meals alone like this together as Cody just loved cooking as did PJ and wanted to share their talents with each other. After dinner, PJ excused himself from the table and got the apple pie out of the oven which he had also made and got some ice cream from the freezer. Cody was also impressed with the apple pie and thought it was just as good, if not better, than the ones he has made. Cody asked where PJ had learned to make apple pie like that with PJ responding by saying he simply watched a cooking show and tried the recipe at home a few times. After dessert, both of them washed the dishes and decided to watch some television.

Both of them cuddled up together as they flipped through the channels but found nothing interesting on. Cody was bored out of his mind and decided to spice things up as he started to run his hand up and down PJ's thighs and his crotch. All Cody could think of was how long it had been since they last fooled around and that it was about time they took care of that. The two blonds started to make out as Cody continued to work his hand below PJ's belt line. Both of them missed the warm feeling of each other's tongues dancing around in their mouths and their lips embracing each other. PJ was on his back as Cody was on top of him getting acquainted with his best friend again. PJ unbuttoned Cody's shirt and pulled it up his back and over his head forcing Cody to break the kiss momentarily before making out with PJ again. Cody started to unbuckle PJ's belt and unbuttoned his pants before unzipping them and pulling them half way down his chicken legs. PJ started to undo Cody's pants and pulled them down his knees as PJ kicked his feet around attempting to completely remove his pants. Cody slid his pants off the rest of the way and dropped them on the mountain of clothes on the floor in front of the sofa.

The blonds were in their underwear as Cody was on top of PJ again and both of their cocks grinding up against the fabric of their boxers. Both of them loved the feeling of their hairless torsos making contact with each other as PJ slid Cody's underwear down his legs as far as he could. Cody let them slide off the rest of the way and tugged at PJ's boxers and slid them down his slender legs. Cody and PJ started making out again before Cody started to nibble PJ's neck and made his way down his torso all the way to his hardened member. Cody took PJ in his mouth and started to bob his head up and down bringing pleasure to his best friend and attempting to re-light the passionate fire that both of them had before.

PJ held on to Cody's dirty blond hair and ran his fingers through it as Cody continued to give PJ head. Cody did not miss a beat as his tongue slithered all around PJ's cock and teased it in order to stimulate his best friend as much as possible. Cody withdrew as PJ's moans sounded as if he was about to blow his load and started to play around with PJ erect nipples. PJ spat on his fingers and took his middle finger and slid it inside of Cody to loosen him up before his index finger joined the middle digit. Cody started to moan as it had been a while since he rolled around in the hay and he needed to be loosened up again. After PJ withdrew his fingers, Cody took PJ's stiff six inch cock and guided it inside of him. Cody slowly sat on PJ's length as it consumed all of the space of his backside and partially lifted himself up again before he sat down again. Cody began to bounce up and down PJ's throbbing boner like a pogo stick as he began to moan again in pleasure thinking to himself how great it felt to have PJ inside of him again.

PJ thought about how great it felt to be with the only guy he's felt this way about again. Cody looked down at that cute face and twinkling blue eyes that Cody fell in love with from the moment he met PJ. PJ looked up at Cody's adorable face and felt like the luckiest guy in the world to have him as a close friend. Cody started to quicken his pace as PJ took hold of Cody's six inch blood engorged penis and started to jerk him off. Cody started to go back and forth between moans and grunts as he was pleasuring his best friend and being pleasured by him at the same time. PJ held on to the edge of the sofa cushions so he could still keep it together and not spoil the fun as listening to Cody's moans did not help the situation. PJ could not help but start moaning himself which blended in with Cody's moans. Cody ran his hands all over PJ's torso occasionally as PJ was trying his best not to lose it.

Cody started to quicken his pace even faster as PJ continued to jerk Cody off. Cody's butt cheeks were smacking against PJ's thighs as his moans suggested PJ could not hold out for much longer. PJ slowly moaned Cody's name until PJ could not hold it in any longer and completely lost it as he splashed his hot white seed inside of Cody's backside giving it a long overdue bath.

PJ continued to jerk Cody off as his backside continued to be coated by PJ's juices. Cody's moans kept getting louder as PJ's pace quickened. Cody started to moan PJ's name as he shot his load all over himself, PJ, and even the sofa cushions. PJ remained inside of Cody as both of them struggled to catch their breath until Cody collapsed forwards with his head landing on PJ's chest as both of them drifted off into sleep with PJ still inside of Cody.

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