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PJ felt as if he was on top of the world when Cody said those three words that he was waiting to hear Cody say for a while. Even though PJ was not sure if Cody simply said those words the night when he threw him a surprise birthday due to fatigue or alcohol, it still made him feel happy. In the days following PJ's eighteenth birthday, he felt more excited than usual whenever he hung out with Cody and had a certain warm feeling inside of him. Of course, PJ did not want to force the three words out of Cody when he was sober and alert so as not to turn his friend off in case if Cody did not feel the same way.

Mid-terms were coming up for both blond teens but PJ had a difficult time concentrating when studying as all he could think about was Cody. PJ was even struggling to comprehend the material that he had to study for and thought about asking Cody to tutor him. PJ backed off that idea because Cody being there would have distracted him even further and attempted to comprehend the material on his own. PJ managed to get decent enough grades when all was said and done but he had to deal with a situation that nobody has had to deal with before, the fact that Cody got a "B+" on anything.

Cody had gotten "A's" on every assignment, test, and exam he had done and did not take the fact he got a grade below an "A-" very well. Cody moped around the hotel suite for days following his "B+" and even cried his eyes out on his bed. Carey and Zack were not able to pull the youngest Martin twin out of his funk until PJ tried his hand. The blond Duncan teen saw that the Colorado Rockies were going to be at Fenway Park for an interleague series versus the Boston Red Sox and thought that perhaps going to the baseball game would cheer his friend up. PJ brought up the idea of going to the baseball game with Cody and the Martin twin was keen on the idea because not only did he like the Red Sox, but always loved hanging out with his best friend.

In the days leading up to the game, Cody was excited about going to Fenway Park for the first time since he went with Zack and Mr. Moseby to see the Red Sox play the Yankees and ended up having to save the hotel manager from the mob mentality of the city after costing the Red Sox the game. Cody was so excited that he had started to put the "B+" behind him and return to his normal self. Everyone was relieved at that since whenever Cody felt upset, it was not a pretty sight and would isolate himself from everyone else.

The day of the game had arrived and both teens were excited to spend the day together at the ballpark even though they would be cheering for different teams. With PJ being from Denver, he was not about to switch allegiances just because he happened to be studying and living in Boston. Once they had arrived at the stadium, PJ could not help but feel in awe because he knew that Fenway Park was full of baseball history and countless stories. Before taking their seats, they went to the concession stands and got some hot dogs, assorted snacks, and soda pop. Normally, Cody would not even touch food and drinks at public places such as a ballpark because of bacteria, germs and other things that drove him crazy but was willing to make an exception this time and did not want to make PJ feel uncomfortable. Cody reached for his wallet but his best friend had beaten him to it and ended up paying for the food and drinks. Cody figured he could just pay for the next round of food or whatever else they would buy.

The first couple of innings remained scoreless, but the third inning both teams were able to score a run in their respective half of the inning which gave both blond eighteen-year olds something to cheer about. The next couple of innings resulted in no runs, but by the top half of the sixth inning the Rockies were able to score two runs which obviously made PJ happy as his team took a 3-1 lead heading into the bottom of the sixth inning. Cody and the rest of the hometown crowd were feeling a bit depressed but the Sox managed to get one run back in the bottom half of the sixth inning making it a score of 3-2 in favour of the Rockies. Heading in to the top half of the seventh inning, PJ asked Cody if he wanted something to eat or drink and said he wanted some hot dogs and soda. Cody went with PJ to the concession stands in the hopes that at least he could pay for this round of food but PJ beat him to it again and paid for the food again. Cody felt slightly upset because he wanted to pay for something just as a matter of pride but had no such luck so far.

The Red Sox were able to hold the Rockies scoreless heading into the seventh-inning stretch and were able to tie the game at three heading into the top of the eighth inning. Both teams managed to score a run in their respective half of the eighth inning and with the score tied at four, the hometown crowd was hoping that the Red Sox bullpen would hold the visiting team scoreless in the top of the ninth inning and hope to win the game in the bottom of the ninth. The hometown crowd was disappointed however as the Rockies hit a grand slam and bust the game wide open making it 8-4 in favour of the visitors causing most of the fans to head for the exits. PJ was in a happy mood but Cody was feeling down and it was not so much about the score of the game. The Red Sox managed to get one of the runs back in the bottom of the ninth inning but it was too little, too late as the Rockies ended up winning the game 8-5.

PJ was obviously in a good mood as a result of the game but Cody was feeling upset but did his best not to let it show. After the game, the blond teens went into the merchandise store at the stadium and decided to look around. When PJ saw the Red Sox jerseys, he thought about buying one for Cody. PJ said he wanted to buy a jersey for his friend but Cody said he was not into wearing sports jerseys which struck PJ as being rather odd since he remembered Zack told him that Cody wanted a new Red Sox jersey. PJ then thought nothing of it and decided to leave with Cody back to the Tipton.

On the way back to the hotel, Cody started to make it known that he was upset about something through his body language.

"What's wrong buddy?" PJ asked as he noticed Cody's body language.

"Never mind, it's nothing," responded the youngest Martin twin.

"I know something's bothering you, please tell me. Did I do or say something to upset you?" asked the blond Duncan teen.

"Well, you're always paying for everything and sometimes I want to pay for stuff when we go hang out," responded Cody.

"What do you mean?" asked PJ.

"Today at the game, you were paying for everything and even wanted to buy me a $150 jersey," responded Cody.

"Sorry, I just wanted to treat you today," responded PJ

"Ok, but sometimes I'd like to pay when we hang out," responded Cody.

"I just thought you could enjoy some of the things in life you might not be able to afford," responded the male Duncan blond.

"WHAT? YOU'RE SAYING MY FAMILY AND I ARE POOR?" protested Cody as they entered the front lobby of the hotel.

"No, no, no. That's not what I meant," PJ responded nervously as he knew he had just messed up.

"Ok, then what did you mean?" responded the blond Martin twin.

PJ struggled to come up with a response that could fix the awkward situation he found himself in.

"Ya, that's what I thought," responded Cody as PJ did not say anything in response and walked towards the elevator in a visibly upset state of mind.

"Wait Cody, let's just talk about it. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you," pleaded PJ but it was to no avail as Cody stormed into the elevator alone and went up to his suite.

PJ attempted to catch up with Cody and knocked on the door of Suite 2330 but nobody answered as Carey was out on a date and Zack was hanging out with Bob. PJ kept knocking for almost ten minutes but there was no answer. PJ knew by that time that Cody was ignoring him and started to cry as he went to his suite, entered, and walked over to the sofa as he fell on to it and continued to cry as he clutched the head cushion against his face. PJ was hoping that Cody was not upset to the point that he wanted to break up with him as he eventually tried to call and text him, but again there was no answer. PJ eventually cried himself to sleep on the sofa but got very little sleep as he felt that his life was falling apart as Cody meant the world to him and felt that his life had changed dramatically since he met him.

Meanwhile, Cody did what he usually did when he was upset. He isolated himself and stayed in his room and cried heavily as he could not believe the guy he considered his best friend would say the things he did. Cody checked his phone every time PJ tried to call him or text him but was not in the mood to respond and was even on the verge of deleting his contact information from his phone but felt too lazy to do anything at that point. In terms of his relationship with PJ, Cody did not know what to do and thought that perhaps he should decide in the morning or when he thought he was in a better frame of mind.

Both teens could not help but think that what was supposed to be a special day for both of them turned out to be a disaster that left them on the brink of breaking up. Cody did not really want to think about the future of his friendship with PJ as he was too upset to think, but PJ was determined to do everything he could to try and save his friendship with Cody. The eldest Duncan sibling knew he had messed up big time and was determined to fix his mistake.

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