Before I begin, I'd like to give credit to Susan Doenime and
Mike Loader. This was my first published fanfic, written before I'd
really started reading fanfics. It also nearly caused me to stop
writing. Due to someone I haven't spoken too in years, [Yes folks,
this is why.] I had a problem with this fic. It seems said person had
read 'Ill met by Starlight' a fic I hadn't heard of at the time, and
decided to 'suggest' a few ideas for my story. I hadn't read the story
at the time, but later found out that it had a few scenes that were
very similar to said fic. I apologized for it, and it's been a nasty
blotch on my writing record ever since. I feel I should put it up
anyway, as I get lots of requests for it.

Another reason I decided to post it again is that it isn't
actually plagiarism. You cannot copyright an idea; the scene is not
verbatim, and besides the fact that a similar event happens, and a
similar result. It was written without having even seen 'Ill met by
starlight' beforehand, with a second hand account of the scene from
someone who didn't inform me that it was in fact second hand. I read
the fic after I had several people tell me about the 'problem'. I
admit that I wouldn't have included the scene if I had known about it,
nor did I intend to step on anyone's toes by reposting it. 'Ill met by
starlight' is an excellent dark fic, and if you enjoy that sort of
thing I suggest you read it. I am through apologizing for it though;
so please do not bother trying to tell me that said scene is
plagiarized from another work.

Also, Reiraku, the name, was not stolen from another fic
either. I got the name from a Japanese/English dictionary. [I keep one
nearby when I write, in case I needed a name or something.] I have
heard that another author used the name before me before and I haven't
read the fic, I can't even remember the name of it, or who wrote it.

On another note, this fic has been cleaned up as well.
Spelling, formatting, some of the dialogue has been cleaned up, the
whole works. It's sort of a rewrite, but not quite.

I'm not doing this in place of any of my current fics. I'm
going to do this with all my old fics that I don't have posted here
over the course of the next few months or so. This is what I plan to
do when I don't really have time to write a fic, but want to do
something productive on my PC. Like tonight, I have to go to work
tomorrow, so I don't really have time to write something. This takes
less time, when I have more time I'll do more writing. So don't think
I'm putting off other stories for this. You'd have just gotten nothing
instead if I hadn't done this. ^_^

Now I've been long winded enough, on with the fic. This is
just the first three parts, others will follow.


Spirit Within

By Carrotglace.

Part 1: the beginning

Carrot slammed the book on to the table angrily. "That's it?!!! 38
volumes and that's it??!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!" He had just finished
reading Ranma 1\2 in its entirety.

Suddenly a voice entered his brain " You think You could do
better?" it asked in an amused tone.

"Hell yes!" he yelled not paying attention to where it came from.

"Would you like to try?" it asked.

"HUH?" said Carrot realizing he was alone.

"Would you like to try?" it repeated.

Carrot looked around his room. "What the hell?!! Would I have to
come back here?"

"No. I can Make it Permanent, but be warned once I make it
permanent; it's just that, permanent." It said this with a dangerous
sounding foreboding in its tone.

"It won't be any good if I can't remember anything," said Carrot
as he tried to listen for where the voice was coming from.

"Then it is agreed. You will remember everything; so will Saotome."

Carrot felt a surge of pain in his head and his body fell to
the ground.

A few hours later, his parents found him. The official report
was DOA, with the cause of death being a brain hemorrhage.


Ranma Saotome jerked in pain as his father talked to the guide.
"How long till we get there?"

"Not long," said the guide. All the while behind them, two souls
became one.

"Your Souls are now merged as one neither are you Ranma nor

"Why like this?" asked the new Ranma.

"It keeps you in tune with this world and insures you have feelings
for Genma and Nodoka, as well as Ranma's fears, hopes, and memories.
As well as your own, yours will be more dominant. Also it prevents me
from having to Destroy Ranma's soul. You are now Ranma and Carrot
there is no separation you are one being. Forever."

"Come on Ranma," said Genma impatiently.

"Sure pop."


Part2: China


Ranma looked at her father distastefully. "Good going Pop," she
grumbled as she chased the Panda away from the springs.

The panda ran past a young boy about Ranma's age and caused him to
teeter on the edge of the cliff. Warning lights flashed in Ranma's

"No," she said as she dove and caught the boy by his shirt as he
fell. "Hang on Ryoga!" yelled the redhead as she felt her arms being
clutched by the boy.

"Let go! It's just water!" said Ryoga as he glared up at the girl
who was nearly strangling him with his own shirt.

"Not on your life. You go I go," said Ranma as she strained to hold
him up in the awkward bending position she found herself in. "Drop
your bag, It's to heavy."

"No way!" said Ryoga angrily.

"Look jerk we'll go get it I promise," grunted Ranma.

Ryoga begrudgingly complied and the girl pulled him up.

"I didn't need your help... uuuh." Ryoga looked at the stunning
girl who had saved him and his brain fried.

"No you don't Hibiki!" said Ranma as she smacked him up side his

"You know my name?" muttered Ryoga in shock.

"Don't you recognize me Ryoga?" asked Ranma playfully.

"UUUHH...sure?" said the lost boy as he blushed.

"Its me. Ranma Saotome, the guy you were obviously dumb enough to
track here," said the girl coolly.

"WHAT?!" yelled Ryoga as he stared at her.


Ranma held the lizard in her hands carefully as she walked near to
one of the pools.

"Magic springs??!! That's crazy!!" yelled Ryoga.

"Humph" said Ranma. "This is the spring you almost fell in..." The
girl tossed the lizard into the little pond, a moment later, a small
piglet was struggling to stay afloat in the pool. "Ya, see, I got
lucky. At least I'm human, Pop wasn't so lucky."

Ryoga couldn't believe his eyes. "Y-you mean, you really are Ranma
Saotome?" he said dumbly.

"Yeah, and you owe me, Porky. What do ya say, pals?" Ranma extended
her hand and Ryoga took it

"I'll forget about our feud at least," said Ryoga coolly.


A few minutes later Ranma said goodbye to Ryoga and went to find
her father.

When she found him they had a long 'talk' and Ranma left him alone.
"I'm going to train on my own for the rest of the trip, Pop. I'll meet
you in Two months."

With that Ranma went away on her own, her father was too tired to
argue with her.


"Time to put this knowledge to use," thought Ranma sarcastically
as he awoke hanging from the harness after Trying to train for the
Bakusai tenketsu.

"What was I thinking?" but he continued anyway. A week later he
tended to the burns on his hands carefully wrapping them, once again.
"What *was* I thinking?" he again asked himself. The next week he
attempted the Mouko Takabishia and the next the Hi Ryuu Shouten Ha,
each week he was satisfied with his progress. He was quite surprised
to find he could accomplish the Mouko Takabishia at such an early
stage, it being a high level KI attack and all. Always thinking the
same thing as he tended to his training wounds. "What was I thinking?"


"Great! I got a few weeks to spare," thought Ranma as he walked
through the wilds of China.

He walked into a familiar looking village and thought to himself.
"I'm hungry that rabbit I caught didn't last." Ranma made her way
Joketzuko. "Oh, man I don't need this." She thought as she realized
where she was.

Of course it began to rain.


Part 3 Ranma vs. the Amazons

Ranma looked around at her surroundings. Something quickly caught
her attention. Her father, still a panda, was sitting looking battered
in a cage.

"Pop!" she yelled as she ran to the cage. "What happened?"

The panda growled pathetically. A large mace swung at Ranma's head
she quickly ducked to avoid it. The girl was saying something in
Chinese. Ranma looked at her dumbly "Shampoo," echoed her mind as she
recognized the girl in front of her.

Shampoo continued to rant in Chinese. "You speak Japanese?" asked
the redhead.

Shampoo only looked at her.

"Child get away from that cage that animal is dangerous!" said an
aged voice.

"It is not! It's my Pop! The stupid jerk!"

"Pardon me child?' asked Cologne as she hopped into view.

"I said this panda is my father," replied Ranma coolly.

Cologne's eyes narrowed "I don't see the resemblance."

"The stupid jerk went to Jusenkyo," answered the foreign girl with
a heavy sigh.

"Oh, I see," said the old woman with a strange smile forming on her
lips. "I will release him if you defeat our champion."

Ranma snorted in response "So I can end up with the kiss of death
or a wife I don't want? No, thanks."

Cologne was obviously surprised, "You know much about our village
young lady."

"Look honored elder, I just want to get my Pop and go," said Ranma
politely as she viciously bit back sarcasm as best she could.

Cologne smiled "Very well, Shampoo give the man who stole your
prize the kiss of death," said Cologne as she pointed to the Panda
with her staff.

Shampoo nodded and walked toward the cage.

"NO!" said Ranma as she jumped between them. "I'll do what ever
you long as it doesn't get me engaged or killed."

"There is nothing," replied the old woman calmly.

"Very well I will fight Shampoo," said Ranma bitterly. "At least I
tried," she thought to herself.

The old woman eyed Ranma carefully for a moment and frowned.

Ranma looked coolly at Shampoo who was stretching on the other side
of the dirt clearing they were to fight in. "Great," she grumbled.
Shampoo growled at her and her village cheered. "Only one way out of
this," thought the redhead.

Her father was being held at the other side of the ring by two
guards armed with spears. "Growff" he said pitifully.

"Such confidence in me," thought Ranma sarcastically as she rolled
her eyes.

Shampoo quickly took the offensive as the battle started.

Ranma merely dodged and weaved her way around her blows.

"The girl is learning quickly she cannot defeat Amazon streng..."
Seeing Ranma on the defensive Cologne was boasting to her village,
when a realization hit her. The girl wasn't running at all! "No, Get
away from her Shampoo!" She called out to her great granddaughter,
but it was too late. The foreign girl raised her arm in a spiral
and uttered the words that sent fear into Colognes heart.


Shampoo screamed as the blast tossed her into the air like a doll.

"NO! HOW?!!" yelled Cologne in outrage. The village backed away
and gasped in awe. An explosion could be heard from the blast as it
peaked, and Cologne watched helplessly.

Suddenly, Ranma shot from the tornado, grabbed her father, and ran
into the woods. The villagers were to shocked to care.

Ranma smacked her now human father on his head with the pot she'd
used to fix her fathers 'condition'.

"Ranma you make your father proud!" said Genma with tearful eyes.

"Shut up old man. What were you thinking?!!" scolded Ranma. The
girl jumped as a gnarled staff struck the ground where she'd been
standing. Genma wailed and passed out.

"Where?! Where did you learn that move?!!" asked Cologne angrily.

Ranma pulled her father over her shoulder. "You're such a good
son," said Genma.

Cologne froze.

"From the person who invented it. BAKUSAI TENKETSU!!" replied the
girl as she created a smokescreen of dust and stone from underneath

When the smoke cleared Cologne was standing alone.

"She died over 3000 years ago... Son-in-law," said Cologne with a
smile. She turned and made her way back to the village.

In the trees above Ranma muttered to herself angrily. "Damn, she