Part: 4 Japan

Ranma ran down the street away from his father, the panda. "I
already told you no! I'll decide who I'll marry!"

Genma swung at Ranma and the two traded blows for a while. Ranma
eventually got the upper hand and knocked Genma too the ground. He
turned to walk away. His father whapped him with a street-sign. Ranma
turned and punched him in the face "Cut it out you annoying gnat."

"Speaking so to your own father..." said Genma's sign.

"Stuff it old man I'm going home," said Ranma.

"NO! You'll die!" said the next sign.

"Better to die as a man than live as a coward," was his son's

"But the promise..." said the sign, Genma was becoming delirious.

"You sayin I ain't manly??!!! I'll kick your butt old man!"
replied the boy angrily.

"Don't yell at me that way boy..." said the sign Genma used to
whap his son.

"We're going home," said Ranma as he pulled his father down the
street behind him.

"I don't wanna," said the desperate Genma's sign.


Nodoka's day was interrupted by sounds from the hall. "Get in
there ya big coward!" said the voice of a young girl. Followed by what
sounded like an animal cry. Nodoka jumped six feet when the girl
kicked the panda into the living room.

"Hello, c-can I he-help you?" she asked nervously.

"Yes ma'am. Get us some hot water and we'll explain every thing,"
said the young girl. "Isn't that right Pops?" she snapped while
glaring at the panda that cowered back behind her fearfully.

Oddly enough, the animal was waving a sign with the words, "I'm
just a cute panda!" written on it.

Nodoka looked in shock at the pair, but complied. "Trust me Mo-
Ma'am, You won't be disappointed," said the girl.

"I hope not," muttered the woman under her breath. Too her
surprise the girl poured the water on her head.

"Hello mom," said Ranma.

Nodoka looked at her son and husband. She stood quietly for a
moment, then...


"B-but the promise." sobbed Nodoka.

"My own mother questioning my manhood?" said her son as he hung
his head. "I am manly," he said quietly but forcefully.

"B-but Jusenkyo, the c-curse..." said his mother with a
desperation creeping into her tone.

"My son is more of a man than any one I know in either form," said
Genma with a somewhat proud frown. "Well with the exception of me..."

Ranma belted him on the head. "Look, Ma, I didn't ask for this,
it's a curse. But even when I'm a girl I'm still a man. I don't enjoy
it, but I will use it to my advantage when necessary." The boy had a
somewhat dark smile on his face as he said this.

"What are you doing boy we almost have her convinced!" whispered
Genma as he grabbed his son.

"I won't lie to my mother," said Ranma.

Nodoka's eyes softened at his words a little, "You are a man my
son," she said sternly.

"You however..." she said as she turned to glare at Genma. The man
began to sweat at this. "Trying to run from you promise to me? Eh,

"Only the boy had to become manly," said Genma as he did his best
to look wizened.

She looked at her husband coolly. "It's a wonder he became so
manly around you," she said sternly.

Genma broke down. "But, but honey bunch!"

"No buts. You're on the couch," she scolded.

"Ah, home at last," thought Ranma happily as he smiled at the
scene. Genma looked like he was about to cry.


Part5: school daze


Ranma walked blissfully toward his school. "This is going
surprisingly well," he commented to himself. He jumped down from the
fence he was on and walked into the gates of Furinkan. A large group
of boys was waiting near the front of the school. Ranma ignored this
and walked into the crowd towards the school.

"There she is!" yelled one of the boys.

"Shit," said Ranma as he was herded towards a very angry Akane
Tendo. Just as he was about to be pushed into the angry martial
artist he realized something. "I don't have to take this!" He turned
on the foolish boys.

Seconds later he and Akane were back to back against the boys,
another ten seconds and it was over.

"I didn't need your help," she said coldly. Her glare was not very
harsh, but she looked suspicious of him.

"So, that doesn't make it right for me to just sit back and watch
does it?" he responded and walked away.

Akane stared at him hard, and then turned to face Kuno. The older
boy was currently issuing his daily challenge.


Akane was only slightly surprised too find that the boy was next to
her in class.

"This happens every day?" he asked quietly.

"What's it to you?" she asked as she glared at him.

"I heard about it that's all. Is it true?" he asked with a grin.

"Yeah. It is," she said as she relaxed a little.

"Sorry to hear that," he said simply and turned toward the


At the lunch period Ranma ate his lunch and wandered around the
schoolyard a bit. "I understand you had words with the fair Akane
Tendo this morning. Your name is Ranma Saotome, is it not?" said a
tall, older boy that moved from behind a tree and blocked his path.

"So, what's it to you Kuno?" asked Ranma.

"That is Upper classman Kuno to you cur. So, you have heard of me, no
doubt I knew it must be so."

"Yeah. `That asshole Kuno's probly gonna give you trouble for
talkin to Akane.'" repeated the pigtailed boy with a wry grin forming
on his face.

"What??!! Who... who would dare!!!???" raged Kuno.

Daisuke looked on in the crowd and began to sweat. Hiroshi smiled
and looked at him. "You know something about that?" he asked

"Shut up!" said Daisuke pathetically as he watched the exchange
with increasing interest.

"Like I'd tell..." answered Ranma smugly.

"What is it you spoke to the fair Akane about? Tell me!" demanded

Ranma snorted "None of your business," he stated simply.

"How dare you!" snarled Kuno as he pulled out his bokken.

"Put your stick away Kuno. You could beat me to death and I still
wouldn't tell you now," said the unfazed pigtailed boy.

Kuno growled and took up an offensive stance.

"What makes you think I'd waste my time fighting you anyway? Bye."
With that Ranma walked calmly away from the enraged kendoist.
"Coward did I give you leave?!! Come and face me knave!"

Kuno was pissed.

"Left you in the cold eh, Kuno baby?" said Nabiki Tendo smugly as
she walked up to Kuno from behind the scene.

"Heh. No doubt he feared my prowess," said Kuno smugly.

"Actually he's probably the only guy in school who doesn't," said
the girl with a snort.

Kuno growled "I shall not forget this insult Saotome," he

"What was that Kuno baby?" asked Nabiki.


Nabiki smiled "This Ranma could be...Interesting." she thought
with her smirk growing slightly wider.

Ranma looked quietly over horizon at the sunset over the rooftops
of Nerima, his first day of school not entirely unproductive. "Humph,
I'm doing well not a single real fight all day." he mused as he turned
to walk home.

"Uh, hi," said a familiar voice behind him.

"Hello Akane," he said as he turned to face her.

"How do you know my name?" she asked warily.

"I pay attention. How's it going?" replied Ranma laughing a
little. "Wow she's cuter than I thought, he thought too himself

"Well, I wanted to thank you for your help today. I know I seemed
to be a little snappy... and please don't do it again," she said

"Eh?" said the boy. He was obviously a little surprised.

"Look I'm sure you're a nice guy and all but you could really get

"I'd love too, but that's pretty much impossible now."

"W-what?!!" said Akane angrily.

"See that bush over there?" said Ranma pointing at a small shrub.
"Inside that bush, is Sasuke, Kuno's loyal ninja retainer. He'll tell
Kuno about our supposed 'lovers rendezvous' and well you can guess
what's next." said Ranma smiling.

"That is redic..." started Akane.

"Hey, Sasuke tell Kuno I said hi!" called Ranma. Akane heard a
small panicked cry and saw a small brown blur dash from the bush.

"Tomorrow morning every jerk in Furinkan will be gunning for me
too," said Ranma smugly. "Sorry Akane, but as long as I'm in trouble
anyway I might as well walk you home."

"W-Wh-What?!!" said Akane as her jaw dropped slightly.

"C'mon what's the worst that can happen? Besides I don't really
know any one else yet," he said as he turned on all his charm.

"You don't know me either!" retorted an unaffected Akane.

"Your name is Akane Tendo, you do martial arts, I'm guessing That
girl following us is your sister, Nabiki I think her name was. How was
that for starters?" said Ranma. The boy was obviously impressed with
his knowledge. "But don't give away too much..." he thought inwardly.

"God he's such a pri... a perv... obnoxi... cute!" thought Akane.
"OK I'm impressed. What's your name?" she asked. "Cute? Where did
*that* come from?" she wondered to herself.

"Ranma Saotome," he answered. Ranma thought back to the post card
sitting on his desk in his room.

"Tendo, bringing Ranma from China, Saotome."

"Almost didn't get away with that one, she'd already be mad at me
if that thing got out." he thought.

"Well, it was nice meeting you," said Akane politely.

"See ya tomorrow," said Ranma. "I'm in the animation? Sasuke is
here maybe its sort of both?" he mused as he walked away.

Akane stopped and stared at her sister as the girl walked out of a
nearby alleyway.

"All right talk," said Nabiki calmly.

"About what? Didn't you learn enough just by following us?"
replied Akane with a rough snort.

"Every thing you know about him," said Nabiki coolly.

"Why?" asked the younger girl.

"Haven't you heard?!! He's the hottest topic around school! He
laughed in
Tatewaki Kuno's face, and every girl in the School wants him!" she
said flatly.

"Present company excepted?" asked Akane smugly.

"Of course, and as usual you have him," snorted Nabiki.

"I do not! He's the first guy I've met that hasn't looked at my
chest during an entire conversation besides my father ever since I got
it!" fumed Akane.

"That usually means he's seen one before," said her sister
calmly. Akane just looked at her and walked away.

Ranma smiled to himself from his hiding place nearby. He was
standing just around the corner, leaning against the wall and
listening in. "That's true," he said too himself as he walked away
from the corner.

The next day Ranma got up early as he had been for months and
practiced some things his father would probably be proud of, but he
didn't want his mother to find out about. (Not that you uncultured
hentai!) He heard his father approaching and quickly stopped. When
the ghoul came he'd be ready, even if he had to hurt someone. He would
not end up marrying Shampoo. At least not until he was sure if Ukyo
was cuter.

"Practicing already?! That's my boy!" said Genma proudly.

"Heh. Yeah." said his son as he faced his father for their morning
work out.


"Listen boy there is some one I'd like you to meet, today," said
Genma as they finished up their morning routine.

"If you think I'm dumb enough to get sucked into another
engagement you're out of your mind," said the boy coolly as he swung
at Genma.

"How did you kno... I mean how could you think that about your own
father?" lamented Genma.

"Too late Pop. You already blew it," said Ranma as he knocked his
father to the ground with a quick snap kick.


On his way to school Ranma ran into Akane. "Hey Akane how are ya?"

Akane growled "Men!" she spat angrily.

"That good huh?" said the boy cheerfully.

As they approached the gates Ranma and Akane braced themselves as
the crowd approached.

It never reached them; it was stopped by another seemingly
immovable force. Ranma's eyes lit up "Ryoga" He called to the boy
standing in the middle of the mess.

"Hello Ranma," said the lost boy.

"What are you doing here?" asked Ranma pleasantly.

"Well, In China after we split up, I realized we never finished
our fight."

"You want to fight?" asked Ranma with an odd grin forming n his

"Yeah, I'll always wonder who would have won," said Ryoga with an
evil grin of his own.

"Me too actually," lied Ranma cheerfully.

"You just had a fight! Look at this mess!" cried Akane.

"They thought they could push *me* out of the way," snorted the
boy as he glanced around at the fallen students. "So who's your friend
Ranma, a girlfriend?"

Akane was about to issue a loud denial when Ranma smiled and said
"Like I could be so lucky to have one this cute."

The girl blushed and kept quiet.

Ryoga grinned and caught on to what Ranma was trying to do. "Ah,
give it time." he said playfully.

Akane glared at him, but Ranma just smiled and continued his
"So, when you want to do this?" he asked seriously after a moment.

"After School today? Behind the school?" offered Ryoga.
"Wait for me so you don't wander off."

Ryoga growled at his last comment, but let it pass. "It's a
challenge then. Don't think I'll go any easier on you just cause I
don't want to kill you anymore."

"Wouldn't have it any other way," replied the pigtailed boy

"Great, see you later. It was nice to meet you," said the lost boy
as he bowed politely to Akane.

"A friend of yours?" asked Akane. It was obvious she was somewhat
confused by the exchange she had just witnessed.

"Friendly rival," replied the boy, "but, I guess you could call
him a friend."

"Oh, okay," she said uncomfortably as they started moving towards
the school. "He said I was cute?" she thought to herself with an odd
feeling forming in her stomach.

Part 6 one fine mess

During lunch Ranma was pulled aside from his conversation with
Ryoga by a rather frantic looking Akane Tendo.

"But Ranma! Everyone's saying were dating!"


"What are we going to do about it?" cried Akane.

"Nothing," answered Ranma with a small shrug.

"What??!!" she almost screamed.

"Akane, first of all, there really isn't any thing we can do.
Secondly, it will eventually die down; it's just a rumor. Besides, is
it really all that bad?" as said this he looked directly in her eyes
causing her brain to freeze up.

"H-his eyes are so, so..." she thought but quickly snapped out of
it. "But they are asking embarrassing questions like, 'how does he
kiss?'" she said without looking at him. "I kinda wonder about
that..." she thought to herself, and just caught herself before she
said it out loud.

"Who said that?" her mind retorted.

He put his hand on her shoulder in a reassuring gesture. "Don't
worry Akane it will pass."

"All right," she conceded with a sigh as she turned to walk away.

"Ranma Saotome you fiend!" yelled Kuno as he swung his bokken at
Ranma as he appeared suddenly from the bushes. "Release Akane Tendo
from this obligation at once!"

"Kuno even if I was dating Akane; what makes you think I'd stop
just because *you* don't like it?" s

"Because I am your superior knave," said the boy proudly as he
paused his assault.

"Heh, you think so?" said Ranma.

"I know so," said Kuno puffing up his chest

"All right Kuno. We'll fight but we'll do this right. After school
tomorrow, behind the school." The pigtailed boy crossed his arms and
grinned smugly.

"And if you lose Akane Tendo will be mine," said Kuno loudly

"Kuno, if I had Akane, I wouldn't be dumb enough to bet her on
something as stupid as this."

Akane gasped and glared at both of them.

"If you lose you don't bother me again," said Ranma coolly.

"Agreed," snorted Kuno. The two glared at each other for a few
seconds and parted.

Akane turned away "men" she muttered.

"Akane wait!" said the confused looking Ranma. He thought he'd
worded that rather well.

"You're no different than the others," she said coldly as she
walked away.

Ranma stared at her helplessly. "What? Why am I so upset I don't
lov...? Oh, no." Ranma's thoughts were interrupted by another voice
that was his own but not quite the same.

"Thought you'd just be friends and wait for Ukyo or Shampoo to
show up did you? Heh, heh," it said evilly.

"Shut up," he told it mentally.

"Oooh! Touchy! Hit a nerve did I?" it seemed gleeful.

"Shit," he muttered. "I just had to go and fall in love with


During class Ranma composed his thoughts. "Akane, why? I'm not
Ranma really, well, mostly not. Damn, I haven't even known her that
long. Hell, I hardly know her at all! This sucks. Love huh? Oh well,
it's to late now might as well go for it."

Akane however was thinking a little differently. "That jerk he's
just like every other guy here. ... Isn't he?"


Soun and Genma sat across the table from each other and
contemplated their dilemma "Saotome we must find a way to get our
children together," said Soun solemnly.

"Quite so Tendo," agreed Genma, "but who will we engage Ranma

Soun thought for a moment. "Akane is about the right age." He
didn't want to bring Nabiki into this. He remembered that the last
time he tried to make her do something he was broke for some time, and
Kasumi was almost twenty.

"Then it's settled," said Genma. "Ranma and Akane are engaged."

The two men laughed and drank themselves silly.


Nabiki smiled as she listened in to the pair's conversation from
a tiny set of headphones. "This could be fun." She removed the
headphones from her ears and looked towards the front of the
classroom. "The longer I can keep this going the better." she mused.


Part 7: The big match.


Ranma looked across the field at Ryoga and both combatants smiled

The crowd around them was small; after all it was just some new
kid not Kuno.

"Prepare yourself!" yelled Ryoga as he charged Ranma with his
bamboo umbrella drawn.

Ranma smirked. "Here we go..." he thought.

The few students in attendance would remember this day for a long
time to come.

Ranma easily dodged around Ryoga's attacks and looked for an
opening, he could easily defeat the lost boy, but he didn't want to
humiliate him, he needed him.

Ryoga swung faster and harder frustrated with his first few
efforts. "Hold still damn you!" he yelled as he wrapped one of his
bandannas around Ranma's wrist.

Ranma frowned. "Even with the `Breaking Point' training I might
not be able to take many of his punches," he thought to himself.

"Got you!" yelled Ryoga as he put his arm through Ranma's head.

Ryoga was forced to his knees. Ranma had moved with lightening
speed, he rolled between the boy's legs and pulled his arm between
them in a hold.

The lost boy grunted, "Pretty good...but not good enough!!" he
yelled as he jumped twenty feet into the air using his one free arm.
The crowd gasped, as Ranma dodged the lost boy's mid-air kick and hit
him with one of his own knocking the lost boy to the ground. Ryoga got
up and slashed at the pigtailed martial artist as he landed, ripping
the boy's shirt.

Ranma ignored him and pressed his attack. Ryoga blocked and swung
with his umbrella but was forced back. Hibiki jumped back and threw
the open umbrella at his opponent like a boomerang. It went by the
pigtailed boy's head and carved a deep gouge into the ground and the
crowd behind him.

"Without your weapon you're mine Ryoga," said Ranma smugly.

"Think so?" laughed Ryoga as he took a fair amount of bandannas
from his head and flung them at Ranma. The two dodged between the
projectiles trading blows and avoiding the razor sharp strips of cloth
as they spun and twisted through the air.

Akane watched mesmerized as Ranma and Ryoga danced among the
dangerous spinning bandannas. "Wow he's..." she said aloud and her
friends smiled at her behind her back.

"Wow, she's got it bad," said one of the girls.

"It's about time," agreed the other.

Akane couldn't even hear them.

Suddenly, Ranma saw several bandannas spinning towards him and
realized that he couldn't dodge them because of the crowd behind him.
"Damn, Mouko Takabishi!" he cried as he used a small Ki blast to knock
them out of the air.

The crowd fell deathly silent, Ryoga stopped dead in his tracks
and stared at Ranma wide, eyed the bandannas he was spinning in his
hands spun out of control and went in every direction.

"Huh?" the lost boy said dumbly. "Ranma what the hell was that?"

"Just a little Ki blast," replied Ranma in confusion. "They
haven't seen one before now?" he asked himself out loud.

"Little!!???" cried the shocked Ryoga.

"Yeah. Litt... Akane!!!" yelled Ranma as he saw one of the
bandannas spinning toward her head from behind.

Ranma called out her name and ran towards her. "Huh? What the
hell" said
The girl dumbly as Ranma tackled her to the ground. "What did you do
that for you jerk?!!" she yelled as she hit him on the head as he
grabbed her.

Ranma looked up apologetically "Too late..."

She saw something hit the ground behind him.

"That wasn't..." she thought as Ranma picked her up in his arms
and jumped high into the air, carrying her off before the students
collected their wits and decided to find out what happened.

Ranma landed in a quiet area near the school and put Akane down.
"What do you think your doing??!!" she yelled at him angrily. He had
several red marks on his face from her slaps during the trip.

Ranma looked at her head carefully and sighed looking relieved.
"No cuts
That's good," he thought. Akane was pissed. She swung and beat on him
and he didn't seem to notice much. "Are you OK? Your not hurt are
you?" he asked her.

"What why?!! Take me back now you jerk!!" she yelled and then
stopped. "Hurt? why?"

He looked away and handed something to her. "Sorry Akane I figured
you wouldn't want anyone to see."

"What? what are you talking... Oh no," she said aloud, as she felt
what was in her hands. "My hair," she whispered as she felt the back
of her neck and found only skin.

Ranma jumped on to the roof and waited patiently. "You OK?" he
asked after a while. He seemed to be looking for someone.

Akane calmly looked up at him. "What are you doing?" she asked

"Looking for Ryoga, he probly' feels bad and he'll come looking
for us."

A few moments later, Ryoga came from behind Akane.

"There you are!! Are you okay miss?!!" asked Ryoga with a worried
looking frown.

Akane looked at him oddly. Ranma smiled and landed next to him he
had intentionally went in the opposite direction than the one he
originally started to go after he was out of sight of the school, so
Ryoga could find them.

"She isn't cut but her hair..."

Ryoga seemed to just notice this and began to apologize... a lot.

"I'm sorry! I really am! Please forgive me!!" he cried
desperately. He was almost sobbing.

"I think short hair will look really good on her," offered Ranma.
Akane didn't know what to make of the situation she should be mad; but
Ranma was nice enough to save her a great deal of embarrassment by
getting her away from the school, and this poor Ryoga fellow seemed to
be sorry... too sorry. So another beating was averted.


Part8: Kuno's big fight


Ranma looked at Akane again as she entered her house "You sure you
don't want me to help explain things?"

"No, its okay," she said as she went inside and greeted her

"Oh, hello Akane. You're home! Who was that nice young man, a
boyfriend?" asked Kasumi as she noticed her sister enter.

"NO! I mean... He's just a friend..." said Akane defensively.
"Isn't he?" she thought too herself after the words had passed her

"Well, you should invite him in I'd love to meet your boyfriend.
Father will be so pleased," said Kasumi as she happily ignored her
younger sister. That was when she seemed to notice something was
different. "YOUR HAIR!!"


Ranma walked towards the Saotome home and whistled to himself.
Kuno stood before him looking angry. "What have you done with Akane
Tendo cur?" he asked through his grinding his teeth.

"Hiya Kuno. Our fight is tomorrow," reminded the pigtailed boy as
he ignored the question.

"Tell me or..." started the angry kendoist.

"Or you'll what?" asked Ranma coolly.

Kuno pulled out his sword and glared at the boy in front of him.

Ranma's eyes narrowed and he looked at the older boy with a hard
frown. Kuno had a sword, not his bokken. He surveyed the situation
carefully. "She had an accident and I took her home," he said

"You have hurt my love??!!" roared Kuno.

Ranma knew he was now beyond words. The swordsman swung at Ranma.
The pigtailed boy ducked to avoid the blade and removed his bag and
took up a defensive stance. He looked cautiously at the sword and saw
a glowing spot on it. "No. He's far to fast with that for me to risk
the Bakusai Tenketsu."

Kuno bellowed and thrust at Ranma. "STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!...!"
He yelled as his blade became a flurry of motion.

The pigtailed boy dodged and took a few hits in the arms and
chest. Nothing major but enough to figure out that Kuno's sword was
lighter than a bokken and he could move it faster.

"Die cur!" cried the older boy.

Ranma faced Kuno and ducked under the blade. "KATSU TENSHIN
AMAGURIKEN!" he yelled as he hit his opponent hundreds of times,
easily breaking several ribs.

Kuno collapsed in a heap.

Ranma swore "I've changed things I can't be sure what's going to
happen any more."


After the incident with Kuno he became obsessed with improving his
skills. He practiced every morning; pushing the Chestnut fist just a
little faster, just a little stronger with his Ki a little more
control over the Breaking Point. He even stopped practiciing with his
father. Genma was surprisingly easy to convince.

"He gets up an extra hour early and I'm getting to old to get up
as early as that. Besides I can practice with Soun." He said proudly a
few days after it had started. Of course, he never mentioned that
Ranma was now winning every practice match. "Speaking of which boy,
I'd really like you to meet..."

"Can't, I'm busy" said Ranma simply.


One day Akane didn't come to school. Ranma was slightly surprised
by this. "Where's Akane?" he asked one of her friends.

"Don't know," she replied with a shrug. As soon as he turned away
she rushed off giggling into a group of girls. The boy rolled his eyes
and smiled at this, but didn't pay much attention too it afterwards.


At the end of the day he went over to her home with papers from
school. He knocked on the door.

"Hello can I help you?" asked Kasumi as she answered the door.

"I brought Akane's homework. Is she okay?"

"Oh! Yes! She's fine. She just wasn't feeling well."

At this point, Akane came down the stairs. "Who is it Kasumi?"

"It's just your little boyfriend with your homework," said the
older girl cheerfully.

Ranma laughed a little as Akane turned red and denied it loudly.

"Here you go Akane. You okay?" he asked as he handed her a small
stack of papers.

"Yeah. I just couldn't bear hearing every one tell me how
chivalrous you were the other day. I mean that was a month ago; it
wasn't *that* romantic... sorry about Kuno," she replied quietly.

"Not your fault. Your hair looks really good that way though,"
said Ranma as he smiled at her.

"Quit telling me that," she said. Not that she meant it, it was
just the principal of the matter. Besides, any other guy would stare
at her chest and say that, and get knocked into the stratosphere.

Ranma smiled at her blush before he spoke up again. "Well, Ryoga
came back into town and he and I are gonna get together. I'm going
right after I leave here. Want to come?"

"Sure. Where we going?" she asked.

"Ryoga's coming," replied Ranma.

"Oh," said the girl as she blushed a little more and smiled
weakly. They walked out the door and into the street together.

"You should do that more often," said Ranma as they moved toward
where Ryoga was camped.

"What?" she asked.

"Smile, you're cute when you smile," he said.

Akane stopped and laughed a little. "I'm too cute as it is," she
replied a little bitterly.

"Believe it or not, I know what you mean," said Ranma Quietly.

Akane smiled, he didn't think she'd heard him.

"Let's go before the hopeless dope tries to come find us," said
the boy as he composed himself quickly.



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