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"Vladdie!" Jack shouted and forced his friend into a hug.

"Hello, Jack," he patted the large man's back with much less enthusiasm. Though he had rekindled their friendship they still had too many differences to be as close as they had been.

Maddie stood off to the side holding her suitcase. When the hug ended Vlad welcomed them in. A moment of awkward silence began before Danny appeared through one of the hallways, "are they here- Oh, hey."

"Danny!" Jack moved to give him a hug as well.

"What are you doing here?" Maddie asked pleasantly.

"I thought I'd visit while you were here, the University's not too far away," he smiled and hugged his mother next.

Vlad smiled and picked up a discarded suitcase, "I'll show you to your room."

"So you must visit Vlad a lot then," Maddie asked following their host.

Vlad did become more evolved in their lives. He would stop by when he was in Amity Park and hold pleasant conversations, even call on occasion. Maddie was still a little suspect but she had every reason to be, Jazz as well, but somehow Danny seemed to enjoy his company.

"Yeah, when I don't have classes or just need to get away from my roommate," Danny shared.

"As long as you're not intruding," Maddie spoke motherly.

"It's fine," Vlad assured, "I rather enjoy having Danny over. He's usually just sits at the table with his textbooks."

"My roommate likes to watch TV a lot," Danny stated, "It's kinda annoying when I'm trying to study."

"Remember our college days, V-Man?" Jack asked happily.

"How could I possibly forget?" Vlad asked back.

Maddie rose a suspicious eyebrow.

"We had fun didn't we, V-Man?" He slapped a hand onto his shoulder.

Vlad laughed, "I certainly remember you enjoying the adventure."

Danny smiled and looked at his mother she laughed a little.

"Well, here you are," Vlad set down a suit case to open the door.

"If you get lost follow the arrows," Danny instructed.

"Don't listen to him," Vlad rolled his eyes.

"I keep telling you, at least put in exit signs," Danny insisted.

Vlad turned away, walking down the hallway, "The sheer tackiness."

"Like the green and gold aren't?" Danny followed him, "You don't own them, Vlad."

"Someday," he argued.

They turned down another hallway, "You think they suspect anything?"

"Of course not," Vlad assured.

"I missed you," Danny swayed to bump into him.

"It's only been a week," Vlad argued.

"A whole week!" Danny fanned to be shocked, "What are we doing in the hallway you should be fucking my brains out right now."

"Ha ha," Vlad mocked.

Danny laughed, "Aw, you missed me, admit it."

Vlad sighed and rose an arm across Danny's shoulders, "You make it difficult to miss you when you call everyday."

"Is it a crime to want to say goodnight to my boyfriend?" Danny asked.

"Don't call me that, you know I hate that word," Vlad objected.

"What would you rather I call you? My lover? You hardly qualify," Danny shot back.

"That's of your own volition," Vlad stated.

"We gotta tell my parents first, that was the deal," Danny reminded.

"If I remember correctly the deal was for your virginity," Vlad argued.

"Are you saying I'm not anymore?"

"Oh please, I met some of your prior boyfriends, Daniel," he stated.

Danny laughed and stepped in front, spinning towards Vlad, "Ya know you can go a couple yards and not make a touchdown. Thought you would of learned that from your precious Packers."

Vlad shook his head, "There's no talking to you when you get like this."

Danny laughed again and stepped forward, draping his arms over Vlad's shoulders, his own arms crossed between them. "C'mon," the brunette coaxed, "you know I saved myself for you."

Vlad's arms uncrossed, falling down, wrapping around Danny's waist. He leaned down to gently press his lips to Danny's. The embrace ended and they started walking again, Danny lacing his fingers with Vlad's. "Do you think they'll be okay with it?"

"Well, they know we're both gay," Vlad stated.

"Wait, you told them?" Danny looked at him.

"Yes. Jack was trying to talk to me about my bachelor lifestyle and I may have insinuated it was because there was no men available my age," he shared.

"What'd you say?"

Vlad sighed, "There are no men available my age."

Danny chuckled, "When was this?"

"After we helped you move," Vlad stated, "They came here before leaving."

"And they didn't say anything about us hanging out a lot?" Danny asked.

"Not a word," Vlad shrugged. He held open a door they stepped inside. Kitchen noises greeted them, Vlad smiled at his staff politely.

Danny pulled himself up to sit on a part of the counter not being used. The billionaire turned to talk to the head chef, "When will dinner be ready?"

"It will be served at five," he answered respectfully.

Danny looked down at a pile of washed and peeled carrot waiting to be chopped, with a smile he picked one up.

Vlad's conversation ended, he looked at his watch and turned back to the brunette sitting on the counter, eating a carrot. Danny smiled, "Naaay."

Vlad rolled his eyes, "Go get your parents and take them to the study."

"Why?" Danny asked.

"We'll tell them," Vlad stated like it was obvious.

"Before dinner?" Danny objected, "We'll just eat in awkwardness then."

"Fine, after dinner," Vlad leaned against the counter beside Danny's leg.

"You're nervous," Danny sang.

"Of course I am," Vlad sighed, "They're my friends."

"And my parents," Danny stated.

"Precisely why I'm nervous," Vlad crossed his arms again.

"Aw, Vladdie, you still have me," Danny assured playfully, "I'll call eight times a day if you're lonely."

"Please don't," Vlad stood and walked out of the kitchen, "Once is annoying enough."

Danny dropped down from the counter and followed him, "You're not fooling me, I know you like our late night chats."

Vlad ignored him talking to someone else.

Danny waited for their conversation to end before wrapping his arms around Vlad's waist and leaning into his ear, "Especially the ones we have the nights my roommate's not in."

Vlad laughed lightly and removed Danny's arms, stepping away from him to the door on the other side of the dinning room.

Danny groaned and walked after him, "Do you ever stand still for more than ten seconds?"

"I'm going to get Jack and Maddie for dinner," he stated.

"Dinner's not till five," Danny argued.

Vlad stopped and reached his arm towards him, moving his sleeve to reveal the face of his watch.

"Oh hey, look at that, it's almost five," he laughed.

"Yes," Vlad rolled his eyes, turning towards the stairs.

"Do you ever get lost?" Danny asked.

"On rare occasions I forget where I was going or get distracted," Vlad answered.

"All I need to know is where the bathrooms are and how to get to the kitchen," he smiled.

"Nothing about my bedroom?"

"I went the unconventional route," Danny stated. Vlad paused. His feet stopped moving. Danny had taken a few steps ahead before realizing and turning back, "What?"

"Nothing," he shook his head and continued.

He did that whenever Danny said something from the past. The brunette wondered is Clockwork had let him keep his memories but didn't want to ask. He didn't want to live like he was in that timeline because this one seemed better in a weird way.

"It's gotta be against fire code or something," Danny said as Vlad knocked on the bedroom door. "I mean how are people supposed to get out in a place like this."

"There's windows," Vlad shrugged.

"Yeah let's just jump out the third story window, sounds good," Danny remarked.

"Why are we jumping out of windows?" Maddie asked opening the door into their conversation.

"Daniel's trying to annoy me," Vlad stated with a smile, "Dinner is ready."

Their group started walking down the hallway again. "Are you staying tonight?" Maddie directed towards her son.

"Probably not, Vlad's probably had enough of me," he grinned.

"That's an understatement," Vlad shot back.

Jack looked back at Maddie.

Danny saw the look they shared and panicked. If his dad noticed something then his mom had to of seen it for awhile.

They knew.

He smiled. They knew and they weren't saying anything which meant they were waiting for either him or Vlad to say something.

He supposed it wasn't surprising, that they noticed. They had been flirting on and off for three years.

Jazz knew, so did Sam and Tucker, just like his ghost powers.

Vlad opened the door to the dinning room and they took their seats at the long table.

During the meal conversation seemed to center around how Danny's classes were going, how annoying his roommate was, and how Sam and Tucker were doing.

After dinner the moment came. Danny looked over at Vlad. Just because he knew they knew didn't mean that he wasn't any less nervous.

He sighed, "Hey, guys…We have something to tell you?"

Maddie gave her attention. Jack looked between them, "You and Vlad?"

"Yeah," Danny forced a small laugh, "That's precisely it actually."

"We're dating," Vlad finished.

"For about a month now," Danny continued.

"Just a month?" Maddie asked, "That's the only part that's surprising."

Danny laughed.

"Welcome to the family, Vladdie," Jack said happily.

"I thought I already was," Vlad replied with a chuckle.

"Now you are in a different way," Jack supplied.

Ant that's where they left it.

His parents told ghost hunting stories that Danny had heard before and eventually it was time to say goodnight. Danny stopped in the front hallway, "Okay, I've got classes in the morning." He hugged his parents, "I'll see you guys for lunch tomorrow?"

"Sure, sweetie," Maddie agreed.

"I'll call you at the usual time?" Danny directed towards Vlad.

"If you must," Vlad sighed although his smile wasn't easily hidden.

Danny snuck a kiss and walked towards the door. "Bye, guys," he waved before leaving.

"Ya know, Vladdie," Jack put a hand on his friend's shoulder, "out of all the guys Danny could be with, it's alright that he's with you."

"That means a lot to me, Jack," Vlad smiled and walked them back to their room before going to his own.

He laid in bed reading when Danny called.

"That went well," Danny stated.

"Yes," Vlad agreed, "I think it's because you're not living here."

"Is that an invitation?"

"Hardly," Vlad replied.

"Hey, we told my parents," Danny said happily, "know what that means?"

"You know I don't really care about the deal anymore," Vlad sighed, "you mean more to me than that."

"Aw," Danny swooned, "cutie."

"Juvenile," Vlad returned.

"Stiff," Danny retorted.

"Give me time and I can be."

"Not from what I remember," Danny replied.

"From what I remember that night was more about you," Vlad corrected.

"Heh, yeah," he laughed, "want tonight to be different?"

Vlad breathed out his ghost sense, "where are you?"

There was no answer, the line went dead, he was hung up on. Vlad closed his book and set it on the nightstand, waiting.

Danny walked through the wall.

"Did you even leave?"

"I had to take my car back to school," he shared and jumped onto the bed beside the other man before turning to his human form.

Vlad looked over at him.

"So what do you say?"

"To sleeping with you, right now?"


"That's a little less than romantic, isn't it?" Vlad stated.

"You want romantic?" Danny asked sitting up onto his knees.

"It would be nice," Vlad wrapped his arms around the brunette's waist as he mover to straddle his legs.

Danny settled into the billionaire's lap, leaning forward to gently kiss his jaw and neck, "Ever have those feelings of dé jà vu?"

"I guess," Vlad answered.

"And how you said nothing had changed between us, we just suddenly felt differently.?"

"Yeah…" Vlad prompted.

"Well," Danny moved to the other side, Vlad's hands gently caressing his back, long ago slid into his shirt. "Three years ago I went back in time." Danny sat back to meet his eyes, "I got stuck there."

"Story time?" Vlad asked, amused.

"Truth time," Danny corrected. "I spent three years there. When you had your accident with the Fenton Portal I stayed in the hospital with you. I lived with you when you were allowed to go home. Then I had to be born again and you were heart broken. You killed yourself."

"Why don't I remember any of this?" Vlad questioned humorously.

"Clockwork set it all right because of the meteor," Danny went on, "You needed to be alive for that. I think he didn't erase everything though. That's why you feel like you're reliving some things and you love me."

"I love you?" Vlad retorted.

"I've loved you for twenty-one years," he stated. Danny smiled and shifted up from his relaxed slump, "and you had my virginity before I was even born."

Vlad blinked a couple times, eyebrows furrowing in thought, "I think…" he looked up with a smile, "Describe it."


"You must remember it, tell me what happened," he insisted with a smirk, pulling him closer.

"We had sex," Danny laughed off.

"No, no," Vlad corrected, "I feel violated. Like a sex dream I didn't sign off on. What did I do in this parallel universe?"

"I see, you want me to depict every detail for your pleasure," Danny retorted.

"And yours," Vlad's hands slid down.

"Hm," Danny hummed leaning in to kiss his lips softly. "You laid me down on our bed," he sank back to his neck, "kissing me thoroughly. You seemed to really like playing with my ears." He gave Vlad's a gentle nip, "Drive me fucking crazy with your tongue." Again he emphasized the point. "And you always seemed afraid of hurting me. If I would of let you, you would of just set up camp down there," he snickered.

"But you being the masochist that you are weren't at all agreeing," Vlad chuckled.

"Eh, it was fun, but it felt so good when you finally just fucked me," Danny sat back again.

Vlad smiled, "I remember."

"You do? But-"

"I could make you scream," he pulled him close again. "I should of made you beg."

"How do you remember?"

"I just do," Vlad shrugged.

"Do you remember other stuff?"


"Cuddling, I don't know, the other stuff," Danny asked.

"Maybe," Vlad sighed, "If you remind me."

"Like that night we had the really bad storm and I stayed the night," the brunette reminded, "We laid in bed talking, did that spark anything?"

"Why? Had we done that before?"

"Tons of times," Danny smiled, "When you came home from the hospital you were tired but didn't want to sleep, that's what you said. So we laid down and just talked, that's when you first asked me to be your boyfriend."

"I did, didn't I? Huh, I still hate that word," he stated.

Danny laughed, "Well, you said it."

"I thought about a baby for some reason… Did we-"

"That was Jazz," Danny answered, "We babysat a lot."

"Oh," Vlad seemed a little disappointed.

Danny leaned forward, nuzzling Vlad's nose before kissing him, "We have this lifetime for kids."

Vlad laughed and kissed him again, properly this time. Barely into it, scarcely any spit swapped, hardly any tongue used, the door opened.

They looked up. Vlad's incriminating arms fell to rest on the bed. "Oh," Jack paused awkwardly.

"Looking for something?" Vlad asked.

"The kitchen," Jack answered, "Danny, I thought you'd left."

"I came back," Danny smiled just as awkwardly.

"The kitchen's down the stairs and to the first hall on the left," Vlad instructed.

"Told you, you need arrows," Danny stated.

"And I suppose you'd have me color-code them like a hospital?"

"Hey, whatever works," Danny shrugged.

"I think I'll pass on the snack…" Jack scratched his neck, "good night."

"Night," both Vlad and Danny said before the door closed.

"Well, now they know we have sex," Vlad sighed, "Two birds one stone kind of deal."

"We don't have sex though," Danny corrected.

"What do you think he took this as? What do you think he'll tell Maddie he walked in on?" Vlad pointed.

"Well then, we shouldn't disappoint…"

"What a shame that would be," Vlad leaned forward, his lips ghosting over Danny's neck, his hands coming back up.

Danny laughed at the tickling sensation of the other halfa's facial hair. Vlad kissed up to his ear, whispering against it, "Do you want me to be as generous as before?"

"It wouldn't be completely horrible if you were," Danny stated.

Vlad's hands settled over his hips, pulling them forward against his own. His attention moved again this time to grope a firm backside.

Danny groaned his hips falling into a rhythm with Vlad's, ridding every thrust. His head rolled forward, looking down at the man's chest, his fingers following his gaze. He pushed himself up onto his knees, to push down the bed sheets in his way.

"We're really doing this then?" Vlad asked, his breath lost.

Danny nodded wordlessly.

Vlad smirked, "Well in that case." He took hold of Danny's shoulders and rolled him onto the bed below himself.

Danny laughed and brought up his arms to wrap around Vlad's neck, meeting him in a kiss.

It ended with Vlad pulling away just enough to meet pale blue eyes, a smile gracing the distance between them.

"What?" Danny asked.

"Just remembering," Vlad answered before closing the distance again.

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