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Harry looked around, checking that everything was organised. Kreacher and Ginny had been busy all morning getting the food ready for today's Weasley Family Sunday lunch. He and Ginny had been back from their honeymoon for two weeks, and they had decided to host the lunch so that everyone could see their home.

Their honeymoon had been extremely relaxing. They had spent a lot of the days exploring the island where they stayed, as well as relaxing on the beach. The island had been extremely peaceful and it had been a blessing that there were no other wizards or witches around to annoy them. The only attention they had received that he'd disliked was the attention that Ginny's bikini had attracted from other male hotel guests.

He had returned to work a week after they had gotten home and had told Kingsley that he would only go on missions now if it were necessary. Kingsley agreed with his decision and had actually said that Harry had been on enough missions over the past few years that would equal a normal Auror's mission-load for at least five years. Plus, being the Head of the department meant that Kingsley would prefer him to be in the office controlling things. Harry was quite happy with that.

Ginny had returned to training around the same time that he had gone back to work. She had told him that apart from a little teasing from the other girls, training had been going well. In fact, she had said that she was so happy that she was on top of her game and could not wait for their first game so that she could show off her new surname on her Quidditch robes.

Their marriage was not widely known. There had been no reports in any of the wizarding papers or magazines. They had not asked their wedding guests to keep their news secret, but it seemed that they had not gone out of their way to make huge announcements about it, either. Harry imagined that it would come out soon enough, definitely after Ginny's first game of the season.

"What are you thinking about?" Ginny asked from behind him.

He broke free from his thoughts and turned to face her.

"Oh, I'm just thinking about things just now, how good life is at the moment," he replied.

Ginny smiled at him and walked up to him and slid her arms around his waist. In return, he enclosed her in his arms and laid his cheek on her head.

"Mmm, things are good, aren't they," she agreed. "I'm so happy, Harry."

"Me, too, Gin," he replied. He lifted his head up and looked down into her brown, brown eyes. "After the past two years, we deserve this."

She nodded in agreement and stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him. He was tempted to keep on kissing her but did not think that was how he should go about greeting everyone on their first visit to their home.

"Do you think they're all there, ready to leave?" she asked.

Harry glanced at the clock. "Well, the Portkey will leave in about fifteen minutes, so I imagine they'll all be sitting in the kitchen of the Burrow waiting impatiently."

Ginny laughed. "That was a clever way of getting them past the Fidelius Charm, and it means we don't have to Side-Along Apparate everyone here."

"It's just one of the benefits of being Head of the Auror department," he said. "The message sharing our address will appear just before the Portkey activates, so it saves us a lot of work."

Ginny kissed him again. "Very clever. Now you can help me take all of this outside for when they arrive."

He and Kreacher helped Ginny take all the food and drinks out into the sunny garden, where he had earlier set up some tables and chairs for everyone. Once that was done he and Ginny sat together on a deck chair and waited for everyone to arrive.

A little while later they noticed a blue light appear just near the front gate, and then a whole crowd appeared on the lawn. Harry watched with amusement as their guests regained their balance and looked around to see where they were.

"Oh, my!" Molly exclaimed. "What a beautiful spot."

"Thanks, Mum," Harry replied.

All of their guests turned to face them where they were lounging.

"Merlin, Harry," said Ron with a groan. "Why do we always have to see you two wrapped up together?"

Harry laughed in reply and then when Ron was slapped by Hermione and his mother he laughed even harder.

"If you must know, Ronald, we were just sitting here waiting patiently for you," Ginny said. "We have much more self-control than that."

Both George and Ron raised their eyebrows at their sister's comment but must have decided it would be safer not to comment as Ginny's wand was being twirled in her hand.

Harry stood up and pulled his wife up to join him. They walked hand-in-hand over to greet everyone.

"Welcome," he said with a smile. "This is Six Phoenix Path, where I've been since the end of last year. I thought we'd give you a quick tour inside, have lunch, then check out and test what I've had done out back."

He and Ginny showed everyone around their house. Molly and Andromeda admired the kitchen and the living areas, while Fleur gave decorating tips to Ginny on the room they eventually planned to use as a nursery. Hermione and Percy were reluctant to leave Harry's study, which was full of books he had found in Grimmauld Place, as well others Harry had acquired over the years. Charlie stayed with Harry's owl, Aesir, giving him a lot of affection. Arthur was taking in all of the paintings on the wall, while Ron, George, and Bill were discussing the photos, which were all over the house. Angelina, Mira, and Audrey chatted with each other beside the window that looked over the front yard.

Harry's breath hitched when he spied Ginny walking about their house with Teddy grasping her hand. Teddy was looking up adoringly at his Aunt Ginny and had changed his hair to a similar shade of red. Harry got a flash-forward to when their child would be running through the house, probably chasing after his godson.

After the tour, everyone moved out to the front lawn where the tables and chairs were set up. After doing justice to Kreacher and Ginny's cooking efforts, they all relaxed on the grass or on the chairs. Harry sat with his wife leaning against him. The other couples were lounging in similar ways, including Molly and Arthur. Teddy and Victoire were chasing each other around the lawn.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the peace and quiet, but I really need to tell you lot something," Ginny said from her place against Harry.

Harry saw Molly sit up and look at him and Ginny expectantly. Before he could say anything, Ginny groaned and he imagined that she was also rolling her eyes.

"No, Mum, we are not expecting a baby," Ginny said. "And don't expect one for a while yet."

Everyone laughed, including Molly.

Bill then sat up and looked a little nervous. He quickly looked at Fleur and then took a breath before speaking. "Don't worry, Mum. I've got some good news for you on that front. Fleur's pregnant. So you do have another grandchild on the way."

Molly squealed and moved with the speed and agility of someone half her age to her eldest son and his wife and engulfed them both in a huge hug. At the same time everyone else was offering them their congratulations.

Once Molly had calmed down, Percy gave a little cough. "Um, I have something to tell you all, too."

Ginny sat up in front of him, a little surprised. Harry was a bit surprised, too. Percy had told Ginny about his engagement to Audrey at their wedding. He presumed that everyone else knew, so he could not imagine what Percy's news could be.

"I asked Audrey to marry me and she said yes," Percy revealed.

Molly squealed again and did the same athletic movements as before but this time towards Percy and Audrey.

"Percy, you..." Ginny started.

Percy sent her a glare that stopped her words immediately. It was the same look that Ginny and her mother could make. Harry found it quite strange to see it from Percy.

"We were actually going to tell you all a while ago, but we didn't want to upstage Ginny and Harry's wedding day," Audrey said.

"You've been engaged that long?" Molly asked.

"We wanted to tell the whole family together and this has been the first chance," Percy replied.

"You could have told everyone at our wedding, we wouldn't have minded," Ginny said.

"I know. I did tell Percy that," Audrey said.

"Yes, but by that stage Ginny and Harry had disappeared," Percy said.

Everyone chuckled. Harry pulled Ginny close to him and kissed her ear. "Mmm. It was definitely worthwhile making them wait," he whispered in his wife's ear.

Ginny chuckled and turned her head to kiss him.

At the same time Ron groaned. "Don't you two ever stop?"

Harry stared at his best mate. "We've got two years to make up for, you realise."

"Get used to it, dear brother," Ginny said. "You realise, that instead of groaning you should be doing the same with Hermione."

More laughter ensued at this. Ron and Hermione turned violent shades of red.

"I'm heading back to Romania soon," Charlie said from his place on the grass. "I've asked Mira to come with me."

No squeals were heard at that statement. Molly looked a little worried. Harry knew she wouldn't be overly happy if Charlie and Mira moved that quickly in their relationship. Ginny looked as though she were trying to have a wordless conversation with her friend.

"I have to get back to my job, or I might not have one at all," Charlie said. "Mira's staying here, though. She wants to be near her family for now."

Harry could tell that Charlie wasn't too happy about that and he couldn't blame him. Being separated from Ginny for so long had been hell. He hoped that Charlie and Mira could handle it.

Mira was looking a little upset, too "We're not breaking up," she said, perhaps more to Charlie than to the gathered group. "It's just too...early for me to go with him. And I do want to be around my family right now. So we'll keep in touch and see how it goes." She finished by patting the back of Charlie's hand reassuringly.

"Will you be happy with that?" Arthur asked his second son.

"Yes," Charlie replied. He clasped Mira's hand. "We'll be fine."

"Goodness me, it has been an afternoon for surprises," said Andromeda.

"That it has," Ginny said.

"All right," said George, standing up. "I have another one for you."

"Really?" quite a few of the crowd asked, including Angelina.

George pulled Angelina to her feet and then dropped to one knee in front of her. Everyone gasped. Angelina laughed as she looked down at him.

"You're not…?" Angelina asked.

"No, I'm not," George said, sighing and pulling a box from his pocket. "I guess I'll take this lovely, sparkly ring back to the shop."

Angelina threw herself at George, trying to take the box out of his hand. They both ended up on the ground. "Oh no, you don't!" she said.

Harry was highly amused by their antics. Leave it to George to do things more unconventionally and relaxed than everyone else. Luckily for George, Angelina would not expect anything different, Harry thought.

"So, that's a yes, then?" George asked.

"If you pass me that box it will be," Angelina said, still reaching for the box that George was holding out of her reach.

George pretended to deliberate for a while and then shrugged and tossed the box to Angelina. Angelina opened it, gasped, and then started snogging George.

"Merlin!" Ron exclaimed.

"Aren't you even going to ask her properly?" Molly asked, looking a little dismayed.

At that point Victoire and Teddy appeared and joined the adults on the grass.

"What dey doin'?" Victoire asked, her eyes bright and shining, her words as concise as any newly-speaking toddler's, as she pointed at George and Angelina.

"George and Angelina are going to get married," Bill explained to his daughter.

"Oh!" the youngest Weasley replied. "I marry Nebil."

"What?" asked Fleur.

"I goin' to marry Nebil," Victoire repeated determinedly.

Harry chuckled and so did many of the others. Neville had really won over Victoire, it seemed.

"I don't think so, honey," Bill said to his daughter. "He's too old for you. Why don't you marry Teddy?"

"NO!" yelled Teddy, looking very worried. "I don't want to get married. Grandma, I don't have to get married, do I? Uncle Harry, I don't want to marry Victoire."

The gathered group were roaring with laughter at the two children. Andromeda was reassuring Teddy that he didn't have to get married until he was ready and Fleur was holding Victoire, who was crying and muttering "Nebil" every so often.

"So does anyone else have any news to share?" Charlie asked.

Harry looked at Ron. All of the other Weasley brothers had shared some exciting news one way or another, so it was almost necessary that Ron shared some, too. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea.

"Hey!" Ron exclaimed. "Nothing new here."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked, laughing at his friend's predicament.

"We're already engaged," Ron stated. "And Hermione's not pregnant."

"Good," Molly said.

Everyone looked at Molly.

"They should wait until they're married," Molly said.

At that, they all nodded and kept staring at Ron.

Ron sighed. "There's no news. Work is the same, home is the same, and nothing is new for Hermione," he said and then turned to his parents. "What about you two, Mum and Dad?"

"Actually…," said Arthur slowly.

Harry looked at his father-in-law curiously. It was not often that Arthur made grand announcements. The others were looking curiously at him, too. Molly was looking just as curious as everyone else.

"I'm thinking of taking Molly on a holiday. I have a lot of leave owing and I think it's time we had a break."

"Oh, Arthur," said Molly. "Where are we going? When?"

"That's entirely up to you, my love," Arthur said.

"I'll take you to the travel agent tomorrow, Mum," Ginny said. "You can take a heap of brochures and decide from that."

Molly grasped Ginny's hand in thanks and then kissed her husband.

"Right," said Charlie, clapping is hands together. "That's enough family news. What have you got hidden out back…"

"Hey!" Ginny exclaimed. "I have news. I was the first one with something to say, but I was interrupted by Bill…then Percy and Charlie and George, then Ron and finally Dad."

"Our hearts bleed for you, Gin-Gin," said Charlie.

Harry felt Ginny's body stiffen with anger at Charlie's words and the use of one of her least favourite nicknames.

"What's your news, Ginny?" Angelina asked from where she was sitting in George's lap with his arms wrapped around her.

"It's nothing too exciting, but our first game is on the twelfth and I'd really like you all there," she said.

Harry hugged her closely. He knew she was nervous about her first game at home in over two years and there would be a lot of attention once the press and crowd spotted her new name on her jersey.

"Sorry, Gin," said Charlie. "I'll be stuck over there for a month at least until I can manage even a short trip back."

Ginny nodded. Harry knew it was quite difficult for Charlie to get home regularly. Luckily, everyone else said they would be at the game, and this seemed to keep Ginny happy.

"And on that note, it's time to head out to the back paddock," Harry said.

They all stood up and Harry led them all out behind the house to the paddock, which was partially hidden from the house. While he and Ginny were on their honeymoon, Kreacher had finished off the Quidditch pitch and broom shed. As they rounded the small grove of trees, there was a gasp from Ron, Charlie, and George.

"Brilliant!" exclaimed Ron.

"Harry, you're my favourite brother," Charlie said as he slapped him on the back. "This is the best backyard Quidditch pitch I've ever seen."

Harry laughed at Charlie's comment and the fact that none of the other Weasley boys remarked on Charlie's statement. They were too busy looking at the pitch in front of them.

"What about brooms?" George asked, looking slightly panicked.

"I'll go and get them," Ron said and he started walking away from the gathered group.

"No, it's okay, Ron," Ginny said. "We have some brooms in the shed over there."

"Enough for everyone?" asked Bill a little dubiously.

Ginny smiled cheekily. "Sure do. Though some aren't top-line ones. I came back from Australia with a heap of training brooms, recreational brooms, plus my game ones."

"You're my favourite sister, Gin," Charlie said with a laugh.

"Technically, I'm you're only sister," she replied. "But thank you for adoring me none the less."

Harry walked over to the shed and started handing out brooms to everyone who wanted to fly. Lastly he grabbed his new Nimbus and Ginny's favourite Cleansweep and they joined the group in the air. Everyone except for Molly, Andromeda, Fleur, Victoire, and Hermione spent the rest of the afternoon playing Quidditch. It was a fun afternoon as they kept changing the teams around, though Harry usually found himself on the opposing team to Ginny, as they were probably the two best fliers there, which made them a little more competitive than they would normally be for a Sunday afternoon game.

Late in the afternoon, their visitors started heading off to their respective homes. Eventually, Harry and Ginny found themselves alone again. They stood at the window overlooking the front lawn with their arms wrapped around each other.

"Did you have a good day?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," she said tiredly. "But it's nice to be alone again."

Harry nuzzled against her neck. "Mmm hmm."

Ginny arched her neck, giving him better access to the sensitive areas around her collarbone.

"I've been wanting to do that all afternoon," Harry said as he kissed his way up her neck.

"I've been wanting you to do that, but my prat of a brother kept interrupting," she replied.

"That's probably a good thing, Gin," he said as his hands started to roam under her shirt. "I lose all control around you, you know."

"I guess we don't need them seeing that," she answered.

"No, we don't," he agreed just before his lips met hers.

"They're not here now," Ginny said a while later in a husky voice. Her hands were on his bum and they were pulling him closer to her, causing him to groan.

"Thank, Merlin," he said. "What would I do without you, Ginny? I'm so glad we're here together like this."

"Me, too, Harry," she said, "Thank Godric you accepted all those gifts I sent."

"Thank Godric you sent them," he said before lowering his lips to hers again.

They stayed at the window for a long time. When they eventually pulled away there were beautiful pink colours in the sky outside that hadn't been there when they last looked out.

"I think the dragon is lost," Ginny said, suddenly pulling away from him. She started walking towards the stairs and looked over her shoulder at him. "Are you going to come and help me find it?" she asked saucily.

He groaned. How could he resist? All she had to do was mention the dragon and he was putty in her hands. He quickly reset the wards on the house and followed his wife upstairs.