It wasn't often Dean Winchester was caught by surprise. Sure, there were the moments on a hunt when a pissed off ghost might pop up at an inopportune moment, or a witch might get the upper hand in a fight. But he was rarely totally surprised.

So when Dean checked his voice mail after climbing back into the Impala, he was totally unprepared for the message that awaited him.

"Hi Dean. It's uh…well this is Morgan. Morgan Grey. Uh…we met about 8 months ago in Savannah. I was…well I was hoping you could give me a call back. It's really important."

Dean didn't need the reminder of where they met. It was just after Sammy had left for Stanford, and in a bought of sudden empty nest syndrome, Dean decided that he would split from John for a few weeks and take some cases on down south. It just so happened that his first case took him to Savannah, Georgia. A standard salt and burn, but damn if there still wasn't a pretty young thing to save.

And boy was Morgan Grey pretty. Pretty and grateful.

"Best damn night of my life," Dean mumbled to no one with his trademark smirk splashed across his lips. "Wonder if she wants try and one up herself."

Quickly hitting the call back button, Dean waited anxiously for Morgan to pick up the other line. It was a relief when her southern drawl finally flowed through the phone.


"So Ms. Grey, you missed me already?" Dean joked.

"Dean? Dean Winchester? I can't believe you actually called back," she stated. Dean was a little taken aback at her bluntness.

"Well, yeah. You said it was important." He paused, waiting a beat to see if she would pick up the conversation. When no response was given, he continued on. "What was so important, Morgan?"

There was a sigh on the other end. And then a nervous chuckle. "Well Dean, you know we had that one great night about eight months ago…"

"Honey, I wouldn't forget something like that," Dean cut in.

"Well, I've got a little…memento from that night waiting for you at my place."

Had he left one of his shirts there by accident? Maybe one of his guns? But that wouldn't warrant an important phone call eight months later. "What kind of memento are we talking about?"

"Dean I'm…I'm pregnant."

Dean dropped the phone. Not almost dropped. But really dropped. Like onto the Impala's floor, where he proceeded to kick it under the seat, and just out of reach. Not that any of this was registering to him at the moment. The only thing he was currently hearing was the two words making up his worst nightmare. I'm pregnant.

Someone kill him now.

It wasn't until he could hear the muffled calls of his name from under his seat that he finally woke up and was scrambling to retrieve the phone from it's hiding place. When he brought the phone back up to his ear, he was slightly amused to hear what the woman on the other end was saying.

"Oh for hell's sake, he passed out on me!"

"You're pregnant?" He was embarrassed by the fact that his voice was actually shaking slightly. But damn it all, he had a right to be a freaking train wreck. The woman who he'd spent one night with (one great night) had called him eight months later out of the blue and informed him he was going to be a father.

"Yes Dean, I'm pregnant," Morgan sighed. "And I'm sure that it's your baby, before you ask. I haven't been with anyone else since."

Dean took in a deep breath, trying to calm his frazzled nerves. Two surprises in one day couldn't be good on his heart. "I'm in New Orleans right now. I'll be in Savannah by tomorrow morning. And listen Morgan, I'm in."

"What do you mean, Dean?"

He sighed, and then spoke with conviction. "I mean I'm in this. For the long haul. With you. I'm that kid's Dad, and I'm not going to let it grow up without knowing who I am."

There was a sniffle on the other end, and then Morgan's voice flowed into Dean's ear with a slight shake. "We'll talk about it when you get here in the morning Dean."

There was a click on the other end, and Dean was suddenly left with silence and his own thoughts. He was going to be a dad. A damned father. He waited a beat, and then turned the Impala's keys and gunned it out of the motel parking lot, uttering one simple word.


It was around ten o'clock the next morning when Dean screeched into the familiar parking lot of the apartment complex where Morgan lived. He'd called her about an hour ago to let her know he was almost there, and since then had been giving himself a pep talk, trying to preparing himself for the next several hours that would change his life forever.

But now, actually sitting in the parking lot, he couldn't make himself open the Impala's door.

Everything just seemed too real all of a sudden. Too crazy, and that was saying something considering he dealt with the crazy every day. But this was just so…crazy.

"Damn it, Dean. Man up," he scolded himself. "You not only got yourself into this mess, but you got Morgan into this too. So you're going to go in there and fix it."

"Talking to yourself now, Winchester?" Dean jumped. He freaking jumped. But it wasn't like he was totally in the game right now, and Morgan wasn't even supposed to know he had arrived yet.

He turned toward the open window, taking in the sight of Morgan Grey leaning into the Impala with a girlish grin on her face. She looked just as good as she did eight months ago, Dean noted. Her dark hair had gotten a little longer, and she might have had a little touch of darkness under her eyes, but all in all Morgan looked pretty damn great. And Dean could hardly believe it but…hell, she looked like she was glowing. He thought that was a myth about pregnant women.

And Morgan was pregnant.

"Admiring your handiwork?" she teased Dean as his eyes lingered on her protruding belly. When he didn't respond, she straightened as motioned for Dean to follow her out of the parking lot. "Come on. We've got a lot to talk about."

Dean quickly stepped out of the car and caught up with Morgan's retreating form. He would never admit it to anyone, but he could already feel his protective side coming out in full swing. Morgan could trip on crack in the pavement, or get light-headed, or even…

And hell was he turning into a girl?

It didn't take long for the pair to reach the apartment entrance and walk down the hall to Morgan's small home. She quickly turned the key and strode in, Dean awkwardly following behind.

"Do you want a coffee or anything?" she questioned as she made a quick left into the small kitchen. "You must have driven all night to get here."

"Coffee would be great, thanks." Dean replied, leaning on the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. An odd silence fell between the two as Morgan poured a fresh cup of coffee into a mug, neither really knowing where to start. There was just too much to say, Dean supposed.

It wasn't until Morgan had placed the steaming mug in front of Dean and pulled herself up onto a stool that he decided enough was enough. But naturally, Dean wasn't the best person to start conversations on delicate topics.

"We were…I mean we…we used protection right?"

"Morgan let out a bark of laughter before quickly retorting. "Yes Dean, we took all the necessary precautions. You just apparently managed to score one past the goalie."

Dean could feel his face heating up. Which was totally not a Winchester thing to do. But neither was impregnating a one-night stand, he supposed.

"So, uh, what are we going to do, Grey?" Dean questioned. "I'm sticking by what I said earlier. I'm in this. I want to know the kid, and I want them to know me."

Dean was surprised when Morgan's eyes started to shine a little bit with tears. He wasn't trying to be sweet or anything, but he was 22 years old and he was going to act like an adult, and especially a father, should act.

"What's wrong?" he questioned. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No, no. Not at all," Morgan quickly replied, wiping at her eyes. "You actually said everything right. It's just…there's some stuff you've got to know before you really make a decision here."

She'd captured Dean's interest. What kinds of things would he need to know? He couldn't think of anything. Not really, anyway. Unless the kid was…

"The kid's not sick, right?" he quickly questioned. What would he do if the kid was sick?

"The baby is perfectly healthy," Morgan reassured him, and he audibly let out a sigh of relief. But that moment of calm was quickly pulled from him. "It's me that's sick, Dean. That's why I called you."