Title: Oh Jealousy, Look What You've Done

Author: mistress_

Fandom/Pairing: Glee Rachel/Sam

Rating: T

Disclaimer: If I owned it, I wouldn't be writing fan fiction about it…The title is from the song Jealousy by Good Charlotte…

Spoilers: Through Special Education…

Summary: Quinn wants to have her cake and eat it too…

Author's note: This idea has been stuck in my head for weeks…It will be from Rachel's POV…Hope you enjoy…

Part 1

I feel the eyes flicker to us all through glee rehearsal. Everyone is curious as to why we are sitting together. I am sure at least 2 or 3 are speculating about the nature of our relationship, but I just ignore them. Finn and I haven't been broken up for a week, but apparently sitting next to another boy automatically means I have moved on or some such thing. The fact that he is part of the reason for the breakup probably doesn't help the rumor mill and I am sure I could deny it until I am blue in the face and no one would believe me anyway, so I just let them think what they want. Noah Puckerman is my friend. In this last week I have come to realize that he is the best friend I have ever had. As much as his public persona screams badass, in private he is very sweet and caring. Not that I will ever actually tell him that, but he is. I came on to him at one of the lowest points in my life and he could have totally taken advantage of me, but he didn't. He walked away before I made a huge mistake and I will never be able to repay him enough for that. He also wouldn't let me shoulder all the blame with Finn. I tried, but he insisted that he was as much to blame as I was. I look at him and we share a secret smile I am sure is misconstrued by anyone watching, but that is their problem. I am brought back to glee club as Mr. Schuester starts talking.

"I want to shake things up a little," Mr. Schuester states. "Breaking out of our norm was amazing at sectionals and I want to keep it up. I am going to give you two weeks to work on this assignment. I want duets, but I am going to pair you up with people you haven't sung with before."

"You get to pick?" Santana asked cautiously.

"Yes, Santana," Mr. Schuester replied. "When we have done duets in the past you all fall into your comfortable patterns. I want to hear some new things. With regionals coming up, I want to see if we can find a combination to really knock their socks off."

"So what are the pairings?" Noah asks impatiently.

"Artie and Lauren," Mr. Schuester began, "Finn and Tina, Puck and Quinn, Mike and Santana, Mercedes and Brittany and Sam and Rachel."

I almost laughed at the look of horror on Quinn's face and I wasn't sure if it was more from being paired with Noah or me being paired with Sam. I glanced at Noah to see a grimace firmly planted on his face and I placed my hand reassuringly on his leg.

"As I said," Mr. Schuester continued, "you have two weeks to come up with something. You can talk to your partner now and when you are done you can leave."

"Fuck me," Noah groaned as he rubbed his hands over his face.

"That ship has sailed," I giggle and then full out laugh when his head snaps up and he looks at me like he can't believe those words just left my mouth.

"Okay Puckerman," Quinn says crossly as she steps in front of us. "Be at my house tonight at 8 and we'll start working.

"No can do," Noah shrugged. "Berry and I have plans."

"So cancel them," Quinn replied like it was a forgone conclusion.

"Um, no," Noah retorted. "I know you are used to guys jumping through hoops and shit for you, but been there, done that. We can meet up tomorrow afternoon."

"What if I am not free?" Quinn sniffed primly.

"Then you tell me when you are free," Noah growled in frustration, "and we'll work something out."

"Tomorrow afternoon is fine," Quinn ground out, obviously not happy. "We'll meet up after school. Sam and Rachel can meet then too."

"If you're free," Sam interjected, looking a little embarrassed by his girlfriend's behavior.

"That should be fine," I smile at Sam. "Thank you for asking."

"Whatever," Quinn just rolls her eyes and starts leaving. Sam shrugs and follows her out.

"The next 2 weeks are going to suck," Noah groaned.

"You could have just agreed to meet with her tonight," I stated. "It's not like taco night with my dads couldn't be rescheduled and I could have watched Hannah until you were done."

"I spent most of last year jumping through every God damn hoop she placed in front of me," Noah frowned. "It sucked then, but I thought I was getting something out of it. There is no way I am doing it now when all I am going to get is way too many hours stuck with her wishing I could gouge my eyes out."

"Lovely imagery," I grimaced. "Shall we pick up Hannah then head to my house to start our homework?"


As I made my way to the choir room to meet Noah, Quinn and Sam I had to admit I was a little nervous. I didn't know Sam all that well and the fact that he was dating Quinn meant that she was probably telling him all kinds of awful things about me. I hear foot steps behind me and turn to see Noah coming up behind me.

"Are you sure we can't just bail?" Noah asks as he slings his arm around my shoulders.

"As much as I know you like to push Quinn's buttons," I smile, "I think that if you ditch this she might just hunt you down. She's stopped me in the hall twice today to make sure I made sure you were at practice this afternoon."

"Like you're my keeper," Noah rolled his eyes.

"You did just ask my permission to not go," I point out with a smile.

"I was just joking," Noah sighed. "I know you would show whether I did or not and I think I might feel guilty if I left you alone to deal with Quinn. Guilt sucks."

"That's almost sweet," I giggle. "It seems I am having a positive influence on your psyche. You're maturing before my very eyes."

"Shut it, Berry," Noah playfully retorted as they neared the choir room. "I might decide I can live with the guilt."

"You know you love me," I laugh as we walk through the door to find Quinn and Sam waiting.

"You kept us waiting so you could have a little lovefest?" Quinn snapped.

"It hasn't been 5 minutes since the final bell rang," Noah retorted. "Just because I want to have a pleasant memory before I am stuck working with you…"

"Noah," I cut him off, not wanting them to start screaming at each other before any work can get done, "just let it go. Remember, the sooner you finish, the sooner you can get out of here."

"Sorry, Rachel," Noah sighed and took a deep breathe. "Let's just get this over with, Q."

Fine," Quinn huffed, "we'll go over to this side of the room and Sam and Rachel can go over there."

"You realize you aren't the boss of us, right?" Noah argued. "Maybe Rachel wanted to meet somewhere else. Maybe I wanted to meet somewhere else."

"It is fine, Noah," I put a hand on his arm to calm him down. "We're just going to decide what song to work on. Lets just do that then we can get out of here. Daddy was looking forward to breaking out the grill tonight."

"Let's just get this over with," groused Quinn, walking to where she had indicated before.

I give Noah one last smile then head to the other side of the room with Sam.

"Those two really seem to bring out the worst in each other," Sam said quietly, his eyes darting to the glaring match Quinn and Noah seemed to have going on.

"You have no idea," I sigh. "But we should concentrate on our own assignment. As I am sure you have noticed, I am very driven and want to win this to ensure at least one solo for myself at Nationals. Have you given any thought to any songs you would like to do?"

"A few came to mind," Sam admitted. "I was thinking maybe Stars Tonight by Lady Antebellum, Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship or if we want to push our comfort zone maybe Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson."

"I have to admit I am impressed with your choices," I smile. "I think that if this wasn't for Nationals, Scream would be very exciting to try and master, but I don't think it would make a good competition song for us. I also overheard Finn and Tina discussing Good Girls Go Bad so that is probably out, not that I don't think we would do a better job. I think we should go with Stars Tonight. That was actually one of the songs on my list also."

"Cool," Sam smiled. "You know, you seem a bit more relaxed then I was expecting. I don't mean that to be insulting or anything, but everyone has led me to believe working with you would be like a lesson in, um, crazy."

"I can imagine," I reply with a sigh. "I will be the first to admit that I can get a little bossy, pushy and OCD about things, but I feel I have mellowed out a little in the last few months."

"Berry," Noah whines from across the room and Sam and I turn in the direction of the noise, "help?"

"With what, Noah?" I ask.

"Pick a damn song for us," Noah sighs as he glares at Quinn.

"You can't come to a consensus?" I ask as Sam and I move towards them.

"Brilliant deduction," Quinn frowned. "Nothing romantic."

"Um, well, let me think," I wrack my brain for a good song for this horribly mismatched pair. "What about Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell) by The Bouncing Souls?"

"Never heard it," Quinn sniffed.

"I have it on my phone," I reply and quickly shuffle through my songs to give them a preview.

I've got to be me baby and you gotta be you
Something isn't right but I know I love you
I only want what's best
I don't know, is this some kind of test?
Yeah and you're failing, all we do is bicker
Say goodbye
Kiss my ass, I hope you die
Wish me well, you can go to hell

Wish You Well by The Bouncing Souls

"That's fuckin' perfect," Noah grinned.

"Whatever," Quinn just rolled her eyes. "Are we done here?"

"I guess," I shrugged. "When do you want to meet again, Sam?"

"We'll get together again tomorrow afternoon," Quinn seemingly answering for her boyfriend.

"Sorry, Q," Noah smirked, "but Rach and I are busy."

"Fine," Quinn growled. "We'll figure it out later."

With that she seemed to huff then grab Sam's hand and pull him out of the room. Sam quickly looked back, shrugged and gave us a half smile.

"Did I forget some plans we have tomorrow?" I ask Noah.

"Nope," Noah chuckled. "Just pulling the Ice Queen's chain."