I am so indescribably happy about this story. I've read practically every story (in English) for this fandom involving Bo and Jimmy and now I'm finally contributing to it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Bo's dealt with werewolves, but now there's a new monster with its sights set on him. All Bo wants is Jimmy, but the new kid in school wants Bo while Jimmy wants…. Slash JimmyBo JimBo



Bo's breath was coming in pants. He could feel the adrenaline still pumping through his veins and felt his hands shaking with it. He couldn't believe how close he'd come to dying just now….how close he'd come to losing everything. And then there was Jimmy….

His eyes snapped from the empty end of the alleyway to the wall to his left. Crouched near the ground was Jimmy, holding his head and making pitiful moaning noises of pain, pretty much stark naked. His jacket from earlier was lying near the mouth of the alley and the shredded remains of his jeans were barely clinging to his hips. The sound of the city finally came back to him and Bo gasped, taking the few steps between him and Jimmy and kneeling down next to him.

"Jimmy?" he asked worriedly. "Jimmy are you alright?" He placed a hand on Jimmy's shoulder and Jimmy let out a whimper. Suddenly, Bo was staring at blank wall. He heard a step to his right and turned. Jimmy was six feet away and facing away from him, still crouching down and holding his head. "Jimmy?"

"I'm sorry," Jimmy breathed out just loud enough for Bo to hear. Then he ran off, his skin darkening and hair overtaking his body, his face and body shifting into something more canine a moment before he vanished into the night.

Bo was left standing alone in the alley trying to figure out how it had all gone wrong.

Three Weeks Ago

"So I hear we've got a new classmate transferring in all the way from London, England," Brooke stage whispered the gossip into the air between Jimmy and Bo at the lunch table. "And Sarah said he's the hottest guy she's ever seen."

"So?" Bo asked. He could see this was making Jimmy uncomfortable. Ever since he'd lost his werewolf powers, Jimmy was worried Brooke would find someone better. Her talking about the new hot guy was not exactly helpful. Bo didn't understand either of them. Jimmy was still hot. He hadn't lost any of his good looks. He shouldn't worry and Brooke shouldn't be checking the market every other week and making him worry.

Brooke rolled her eyes. "So," she emphasized like the answer should be obvious. "Maybe you can finally find yourself a man," she suggested slyly.

Bo's eyes widened and then narrowed a bit as he pushed himself up from where he'd been leaning forward to listen. "What?" he gasped. "Brooke. No." He shook his head. She grinned furtively and he shook his head again. "No. No. No way."

Brooke sighed heavily, rolling her eyes again. "Well why the hell not?" she asked, annoyance in her tone. "It's been almost a year since we broke up and you told me you were gay. Why don't you want a boyfriend? The whole school already knows, Bo," she stated plainly.

Bo stared blankly at her. "Thank you, Brooke, for pointing that out. I thought I had at least a bit of cover, but it's nice to know I've failed miserably at being normal."

"I think being normal is overrated," Jimmy chimed in quietly from Brooke's right side. He was eating his fries like the conversation wasn't important. "And besides," he dropped the fry in his fingers and looked up at his tablemates, "who cares if he's handsome? He might have a terrible personality and then where would we be?"

Brooke nodded sagely. "Hmm….yes. Where would we be indeed. Now Jimmy, here," she began with a smile, "So gifted at being a stud and a powerhouse at once, but he never once fights or shows off his muscles." She squeezed Jimmy's upper left arm as if to clarify and Jimmy let out a shaky smile.

"Eheh. Yea," he laughed nervously. "I just don't see the point in fight….," he trailed off, eyes widening.

Bo and Brooke turned – Bo had to turn 180 degrees – to see what exactly Jimmy was looking at. Whoa. A guy had just entered the lunch room. He had blonde hair cut in a business style that looked sexy on him and eyes as blue as a crystal clear summer sky. He wore street clothes just like everyone else, but the aura he carried was like that of a prince. Just staring at him, Bo thought perhaps the guy was actually glowing but dismissed the thought almost immediately. Jimmy sniffed the air and Bo couldn't blame him. The guy had barely entered the room a hundred feet away and Bo already had some alluring, unnameable scent wafting around him.

"Whoa," Brooke breathed out. "I guess that's Scott Edwards."

Bo turned his head to look at her, or perhaps to comment on her lovesick tone of voice, and he caught sight of her face. Oh shit. She had the look she got back when Jimmy owned the wrestling tryouts times about ten on her face. She was severely attracted to him and Bo couldn't really blame her. He was having trouble not falling for the guy on first sight himself. But Jimmy was sitting two feet in front of him and he might not smell like pheromones on steroids, but Bo was pretty attracted either way.

Scott Edwards. He was, in a word, the perfect man. He showed off his brains in every class; even going so far as to show up a teacher when she got a math problem wrong in physics class. He showed off his athleticism in P.E. by single handedly winning the dodgeball game they'd played that day. Bo and Jimmy had been on his team and compared to Scott, they might as well have been twiddling their thumbs and drooling the entire game.

Scott Edwards had a cult following by the end of the day that consisted of every girl in school, and Bo was certain at least half the guys were either in love with him or at least falling over themselves to please him. It was strange because some of those guys Bo had known for years and they had only ever cared about bettering themselves and now they were mooning over the new guy from London with the cute British accent and the hot body.

Jimmy barely had a hold of Brooke as they walked by Scott on their way out of school. Scott was standing just inside the hallway with a gaggle of guys and girls around him, all trying to talk to him at once.

Bo wasn't surprised when Brooke showed up at their morning meeting spot looking sheepish and asked to speak to Jimmy alone. He knew what this meant. Barely a minute after they'd walked away, Jimmy came back and leaned against the wall next to him. Bo didn't say a word. He just waited.

"She dumped me," Jimmy managed at length. Bo let out a quiet breath. Yep. "She wants to go out with Scott Edwards and she said she couldn't flirt with him if she was already in a relationship with me," he choked out.

Bo turned his head to watch Jimmy's actions. His face showed how crushed he was, his eyes practically screaming it. He'd worked so hard to be the man Brooke deserved, the man she wanted, after the curse wore off. He'd worked so hard and she'd dropped him at the first sign of a more alpha male. Bo let out another breath and scooted closer, wrapping his arms around Jimmy's shoulders. Jimmy grabbed a hold of Bo's right arm and held on tight as he tried not to cry.

"Come on," Bo breathed out. "Let's blow off school and go hang out somewhere – Take your mind off all this."

Jimmy nodded into Bo's chest and Bo took a step back. He gently held Jimmy's hand in his own, reveling in the feel of it, and pulled him along towards the parking lot and his new red masarati.

They spent the day at the arcade, Bo's treat, and blew probably fifty dollars on every racing, gun, or other silly game they could find. Bo was surprised to find they'd won a lot of tickets by the end of the day and they spent ten minutes looking at all the prizes before Bo picked a dog whistle – "As sort of a gag joke for what happened to you last year" – and Jimmy got a remote controlled helicopter.

Bo drove Jimmy home after that and walked him to the door. He fiddled with the whistle on the string around his neck as they walked, quiet as the grave. He needed to say something meaningful; something that would top off the day and make everything better.

"Hey, Jimmy," he started quietly.

Jimmy stopped and turned to him, a content smile on his face and the box with his new toy under his arm. "Yea?"

"I just wanna let you know….," Bo tried. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves. "Don't worry about Brooke." Jimmy's smile faltered. It was like he'd forgotten all about what happened and suddenly Bo brought it all back. Bo flinched. "Ever since I met her in middle school, she's always been after the most popular guy she can get her hands on. She's all about status; being popular. She can't see when she's got a real gem on her hands; a guy with personality and class." He took a step closer, now almost in Jimmy's breathing space, and lowered his voice to a mere whisper. "She made the wrong decision….letting you go….." His eyes searched Jimmy's face for a moment before speaking again, his voice even quieter than before. "You're the best thing that she could've wished for…..I just wanted you to know."

For what felt like an eternity, Jimmy just stood there. Then a hesitant smile appeared on his face. "Thanks, Bo," he breathed out, not wanting to break the mood that had descended upon them. His eyes flicked down from Bo's eyes to his lips and Bo suddenly realized how far he'd leaned in.

Clearing his throat, Bo took a step back and drew in a deep breath. "Well, I'd better get going….School tomorrow and all," he excused himself.

Jimmy nodded like he'd just remembered that. "Yea. Yea. School. Right," he agreed. "Thanks for the fun day. See you tomorrow." And he vanished inside his house before Bo had taken even one step towards his own car.

Damn Jimmy was fast when he wanted to be. Werewolf or not.

The next day at school, Bo walked beside Jimmy into school in full defense mode. Brooke wouldn't dare come near them if he had anything to say about it. They saw Scott Edwards standing just outside of his first class surrounded, as was becoming normal, by any student with a class in this hallway first period. They were all crowded around near the lockers while Scott stood in the middle of the hall. Bo scoffed. Scott had them all bunched together while he regaled them with some no doubt brilliant story about how he did something awesomely wonderful at some point in his life.

Bo scanned the crowd and felt his frown deepen. There was Brooke, standing almost directly in front of Scott with her hands up over her heart and a dopey in love look on her face. Bo glanced at Jimmy as they neared the group. Jimmy was looking at the HomeComing banner on the opposite wall but Bo was almost certain that Jimmy knew Brooke was standing in that crowd.

Bo stepped left, away from Jimmy, and ran into Scott, hard, as he passed by him. Scott actually stumbled a step before shooting Bo a nasty glare. "Oh, sorry," Bo apologized sarcastically. "I totally didn't see you there. Guess you're not too noticeable, huh?" he ask derisively, taking a step closer to Scott in an obvious hostile manner.

"Bo," Jimmy let out in a half-sigh. Bo's eyes shot to Jimmy's face so he didn't see how Scott's expression fell into utter shock. Jimmy shook his head. "Remember what happened the last time you picked on someone?"

Jimmy? Yea. Bo remembered getting hoisted up in the air and creamed in the only thing he had any talent for. Bo remembered losing face and coming out as gay and having his heart crushed. Bo remembered werewolves and the full moon and a maze of mirrors and darkness. Yes. Bo remembered the last time he picked on a guy.

Though Jimmy probably just meant the fact that last time he picked on someone he got his ass kicked. Royally.

"Yea," Bo admitted in a rough, quiet voice, looking away from Jimmy's penetrating eyes. "I remember. Sorry."

Jimmy gave him a little smile. "Let's just get to class, alright? He's not worth it and the bell's about to ring anyway."

Bo grinned back at him and they continued down the hall like the whole event had never happened. Scott Edwards watched them until they'd turned the corner before facing his adoring fans once more. They hadn't budged an inch, almost like they were statues or puppets just awaiting his command.

He liked L.A.

His eyes flickered back down the hall before he laid a gentle smile on his face and said, "So, who do I have the pleasure of walking to class with?" Everyone shouted at once.



The next time Bo saw Scott was in the locker room. Bo had just finished taking a shower after a hard practice. Jimmy had stayed to watch practice today. Bo snickered as he pulled his pants on. Jimmy was so funny when he came to practice. Everyone kept asking him to join the team and they all wanted to practice with him because he's the best they've ever seen and Jimmy kept getting nervous and stuttering out excuses. It had been really amusing to watch, but Bo had taken pity on him and called his team to attention. He was still the captain after all.

Bo pulled a blue t-shirt over his head. When his head popped out through the hole he gasped, jumping backwards and knocking into the bench behind him. Strong arms grabbed hold of him, keeping him upright and steady.

"Are you alright, Robert?" Scott asked, his voice sounding like silk, gentle and pleasant.

"What?" Bo asked, taking a step back from Scott and out of his grip. Scott was enchanting when you passed him in the hall, being alone in the locker room was almost heart stopping. Bo forced himself not to look at Scott as he sat down on the bench and began pulling his shoes on.

Scott lowered his arms but otherwise did not move. "They call you 'Bo', right?" he asked. Without waiting for a response he continued with, "Short for Robert."

Bo shrugged and finished tying his first shoe. "So?" he asked the floor. "No one's called me that since I turned six."

Scott leaned against the lockers, crossing his arms easily over his chest. "Robert from Scandinavia. It means bright fame," he informed Bo gently. "You're parents had high hopes for you, and they were right." His voice turned wistful as he said, "You stand out. Your brightness…It could eclipse even the sun."

Bo finished tying his second shoe. "What are you on abo-" Bo trailed off when he looked up and caught sight of Scott's face. His eyes locked with Bo's and Bo forgot how to speak. Bo stood from the bench, all the while keeping his eyes locked with Scott's.

Scott's eyes seemed to glimmer in the false lighting of the room. "Bo," he murmured huskily.

Bo blinked, hard, and shook his head. "Look," he stated simply, once again looking directly into Scott's eyes. He was the captain of the wrestling team. He could stare this guy down; assert his dominance. "I don't know what Brooke told you about me," he started, "but I am not interested in you. Yea. You've got looks and you smell really good…" Bo paused to shake his head again. "But I don't want to go out with you."

"Why not?" Scott asked, sounding put out. He pouted and even that was alluring.

"Hey, Bo."

Bo and Scott both shot their heads to the side to see Jimmy standing by the lockers on the other side of the bench from them. When did he get there? "J-jimmy," Bo gasped out. "How long have you been standing there?"

Jimmy shrugged noncommittally. "About ten seconds." His eyes wavered to the side for a moment, away from the other men in the room, and then snapped back to Bo as quick as a bullet. "You ready to go? Ellie's making spaghetti tonight. Extra meaty sauce." He gave a toothy grin.

Bo blinked. "Oh. Right. Yea." He bent down, grabbing his duffle bag. When he stood up, Bo saw Scott's expression. He looked completely out of his element; like he'd never been snuck up on before and he didn't know how to respond. "Well," Bo said haltingly, calling Scott's attention back to him. Bo nodded. "Glad we had this chat. Sorry I'm not interested. See you tomorrow."

He pat Scott's left shoulder as he stepped over the bench to Jimmy's side. Then he and Jimmy left Scott there in the locker room. They were almost to Jimmy's house before they brought it up.

"So Scott propositioned you in the locker room?" Jimmy asked incredulously.

Bo shrugged, staring at the road ahead. "Sort of, I guess. I mean, he didn't say it, but I got the feeling that's what he was implying."

Jimmy scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief before turning to stare out the window. "Unbelievable," he murmured under his breath. The close quarters of the car allowed Bo to catch it though.

"Hey," he said loudly. Jimmy jumped in his seat and looked at him. Bo glanced sideways at the younger male before looking back at the road. "Listen. I'm not gonna ditch you to become one of those robot, brainless Scott fans, alright?" He glanced at Jimmy and back to the road again. "I'm sticking with you until the very end."

Bo actually took one hand off the steering wheel and ruffled Jimmy's hair playfully to top off his promise. Jimmy yelped in surprise and Bo laughed. That just made Jimmy scowl and Bo thought perhaps Jimmy's scowl was just as alluring and lovable as Scott's pout. When Jimmy's scowl turned into a grateful smile, Bo knew Jimmy would always be better than Scott. No matter what.