Dirk was kindcaringsweetfunny and Dirk was beautifulamazingperfect and Dirk was everything Weetzie wanted in a guy. She loved him and often let the feeling of her heart beating fast with silver gem lining of adrenaline through her veins, and she jumps and dances when her heart beats in an erratic tune. Weetzie's stomach flutters with deep magenta butterflies whenever his easy smile spreads across his face, dimples deepening once he truly means the smile he hands out so delicately.

"Weetzie, I have something to tell you," Dirk said, although the urgency in his words contradicted the ease in his eyes.

"What?" She asked, almost wary. He can read her nervousness and purses his lips into a crooked line, as if he's working on choosing his words carefully.

"I have to wait till we get to the Odyssey."

They arrived at the Odyssey standing a foot apart, stiffly walking towards the automatic door. The Odyssey was a liquor store Weetzie frequented and promptly showed Dirk, proud of the place with soft, shiny paint and lavish, meticulously created decorations on the outside misleading people into thinking it was a fancy restaurant instead of the quaint, eclectic liquor store it actually was. She bought her favorite brand of cigarettes and a Coke, and Dirk did the same.

"What did you want to tell me?" She asks, almost uneasy asking while she finished drinking her Coke.

"I'm gay," he admitted, taking a long drag of his cigarette. There was a beat of silence that felt like eternity plus a day with a hundred extra hours stuffed into for good measure.

"Who, what, when, where, why, how-well, not how," Weetzie said, her mind still reeling on the words why and I'm gay. She loved him and kept loving him and hearing this admittance almost made her want to cry, knowing he could never return her feelings. It felt cliché wanting requited love but she craved it almost immediately after meeting Dirk.

"It doesn't matter one bit, honey-honey," she said, hoping she doesn't sound too strained while giving him a hug. Despite how little Dirk's sexuality meant, the pang in her heart upon hearing the news resonated a little too loudly.

Dirk took a slow, almost dramatic swig of his drink. "But you know I'll always love you the best and think you are a beautiful, sexy girl." And those are the words that hurt her the most.

A/N: Dirk's coming out scene and dialogue before and after is taken directly from the book. in my version, you can find its original scene on page seven, chapter 1. I hope it doesn't suck…