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Ch. 1: "We are the Capricorn Pirates!"

It was a clear – albeit kind of foggy – night on an island somewhere on the Grand Line. It seemed like the kind of night something great would begin, and this ordinary Sunday night was no exception.

On the path going into town from the bay, a sixteen-year-old girl stepped out of the fog. She had wavy, brown hair that went to her shoulders and brown eyes; she wore a black, long-sleeved shirt with yellow-and-black, elbow-length arm warmers attached to it, blue jeans, black sneakers, and goggles. This girl was Yuki-Rin, the girl who was about to go to the Grand Line with her pirate crew, the Capricorn Pirates.

"Damn, I can't see anything," Yuki-Rin cursed as she squinted at the moonlight, which barely illuminated her way. At this point, Yuki-Rin was ready to give up on finding the village for the night.

"Guess I should be headed back to the ship. I'm sure Molly, Heathcliffe, and Hatori won't mind that I didn't find the village," Yuki-Rin said to herself. With a sigh, she turned around and headed back east on the trail, which lead back to bay. After walking a few paces, Yuki-Rin tripped over something. Upon closer inspection, Yuki-Rin discovered that she tripped over a boy that was around her age.

"Please… Get me out of here," The boy pleaded.

"Do you think she'll come back?"

"Obviously. It's gettin' late, so, Yuki-Rin will probably be back by now."

A blue-haired, black-eyed boy wearing a pair of rectangular glasses sighed as he got up to cook dinner for himself and the other two people sitting with him in the galley of the ship they were in.

Hatori, dude, Yuki-Rin WILL come back," A black-haired, black-eyed boy wearing punk rock clothing told the bluenette.

"Heathcliffe, you are not helping," Hatori said as he get out a hot pot and began putting random foods over it. A girl with chin-length, somewhat wavy, black hair, blue eyes, and punk rocker clothes just sighed as she gave a knowing look to Heathcliffe.

"You can't trust me half-sister?" The girl asked with a grin. Heathcliffe just facepalmed.

"You win this round, Molly," Heathcliffe told Molly before Yuki-Rin entered.

"I'm back," Yuki-Rin announced.

"Good, you're just in time to have some fish-and-strudel tacos," Hatori said.

"Thanks, but, no thanks. I need to ask you guys something important," Yuki-Rin told her modest crew only consisting of herself (captain), Hatori (fisherman and the worst chef ever), Molly (first mate), and Heathcliffe (musician).

"Go for it. I'm all ears," Heathcliffe said as he tossed a paper plane into the air.

"How would you guys feel if we got a new crewmate as early as tonight?" Yuki-Rin asked everyone. Heathcliffe raised his hand.

"One question; Is it another guy?" Heathcliffe asked his captain.

"Yeah. But, before you meet him, I need to get him cleaned up," Yuki-Rin explained.

"Should I make extra food?" Hatori asked Yuki-Rin.

"Don't bother. Plus, Heathcliffe, can I have some of your old clothes for our potential new member?" Yuki-Rin asked her musician.

"No, I am not giving away any of my punk rock clothes," Heathcliffe stated.

"Alright, then, can I have your non-punk rock stuff?" Yuki-Rin asked Heathcliffe.

"Sure, whatever," Heathcliffe answered as he went to his room on the ship to find some clothes. Yuki-Rin then went to the entrance of the interior parts of the ship.

"Alright, you can come in now," Yuki-Rin told the possible new member. Because of the light inside of the ship, Yuki-Rin could see the boy better. He had short, blonde dreadlocks matted with blood, dirt, grease, and sweat, blue eyes trying to take in the whole scene, and a fairly muscular body covered in dried blood and dirt. All he wore were tattered, black shorts.

"Is this your ship?" The boy asked Yuki-Rin.

"Yep. Welcome to the S.S. Gemini. Need anything?" Yuki-Rin said to the boy.

"I need a shower very badly," The boy answered.

"Right this way," Yuki-Rin said as she led the boy to the bathroom.

"Uhh… I don't think I've gotten your name yet," The boy said. Yuki-Rin smiled.

"My name is Yuki-Rin, and I am going to be a famous pirate! And you?" Yuki-Rin introduced herself.

"My name is Kazuma. Kazuma Miyafuji," Kazuma introduced himself. Yuki-Rin smiled.

"I hope you enjoy your stay," Yuki-Rin told Kazuma. Some time later, Kazuma was done with his shower. He now wore a light blue yukata with gray hakama pants.

"Man, that felt good," Kazuma said to himself as he entered the galley, where the rest of the crew was.

"This must be the new guy you were talking about," Hatori said to Yuki-Rin.

"He seems like a cool guy," Heathcliffe said.

"Guys, this is Kazuma Miyafuji. Kazuma, these guys are Molly O'Flannigan, Heathcliffe Sarutobi, and Hatori Chidori," Yuki-Rin introduced Kazuma to the rest of the crew and vice versa.

"Hey, man, we're gonna get along just fine," Heathcliffe told Kazuma as he high-fived him.

"In case you didn't know yet, Yuki-Rin and I are actually half-sisters," Molly said as Hatori brought a bowl of ramen to Kazuma.

"Yes, I know my cooking really sucks, but it's the thought that counts," Hatori explained as Kazuma took a bite from some of the noodles. A few seconds later, he spat the noodles out.

"What the hell did you put in this?" Kazuma asked Hatori.

"Oh, just sauerkraut, grapes, and wasabi," Hatori answered. After the disaster known as dinner, Yuki-Rin was getting to know her new crew member better as everyone else did random stuff.

"Yuki-Rin, I can't thank you enough for saving me. I don't know what would've happened to me if you never came," Kazuma said to his new captain.

"Don't you have a home to come home to?" Yuki-Rin asked Kazuma.

"Unfortunately… No. My home burned down a week ago. My dad's been in a coma since then due to injuries he gained in the fire, and I've been living in the wild, trying to survive until you came along," Kazuma explained.

"That sucks. Molly and I ran away from our World Noble parents. Heathcliffe and Hatori wanted to come when we docked at the islands where we met them, and that's how they joined," Yuki-Rin explained.

"I see. How long have you been at sea?" Kazuma asked Yuki-Rin.

"About two and a half weeks. I like being a pirate better than being the daughter of nobility, because you can make the sea your own home and you don't have to listen to prissy-ass sadists who hate pirates," Yuki-Rin explained.

"Hmmm… A nice, tomboyish girl who comes from nobility but threw the nobles' life away to become a pirate? I think I just fell in love," Kazuma thought to himself.

"So, do you want to join?" Yuki-Rin asked Kazuma.

"Heck yeah! We're going to be great friends!" Kazuma said as he put his arm around Yuki-Rin, who smiled.

"Welcome aboard," Yuki-Rin said to Kazuma. This was only going to be the beginning of a memorable voyage.

Ending Note: Alright, here is our current crew lineup!

Captain - Yuki-Rin
First Mate - Molly O'Flannigan
Musician - Heathcliffe Sarutobi
Fisherman - Hatori Chidori
Swordsman - Kazuma Miyafuji

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