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Chapter 1

What Do You See In Me?

(Gen's POV)

"Gen, don't you dare die!"

I forced myself to look at him. I must've been a pitiful sight. I felt weak as hell, and I knew I was going to die soon.

Yet...that didn't stop him. That idiot...he was crying for...for me?

"GEN!" His face was completely wet, and his hand trembled. I looked on. At the same time, though, my eyes were falling closed, and I truly wanted to just sleep.

"Yoshi...mori...why are you crying?" I asked, trying to sound stronger than what I felt. He wanted to say something, I could tell. But he was so...choked up...

The Yukimura girl was crying, too. I watched them both, confused. Why were they crying for me? They saw me as a transformed monster...they knew what I was...

And they still didn't care. They still...stayed by my side.

"Gen, stay with us, dammit! We still need you!" he was yelling. "Gen, please! You have to fight this!" the girl said.

I was still fixated on Yoshimori. He was still crying.

"Yoshi...there's nothing more...you can do. I...I'm going to die, so...so stop crying...idiot." I smiled at him. For some reason...I couldn't get mad at his behavior. And still, he...he refused to stop.

Then, I asked him again. I wanted to know. "Why are you crying for me?" "What the hell kind of a dumb question is THAT? Gen, I...dammit, you're my friend! I...I'm crying because of that!" he cried out in angst. I kept staring at him. He wiped his tears away, and the girl- Tokine- went over to comfort him.

Wait. Was I hearing right? "I'm...your friend?" I asked, my head kind of trying to wrap around the whole idea.

"Yes, Gen. We love you, and can't watch you just get hurt. Monster or not, we don't care. We love you all the same. People love Gen for Gen." Tokine said, her face kind and gentle.

"Love..." I don't think I ever realized that I had so much of it like I did just then. Atora...she cared for me. Chief...he made sure to watch over me...and Ryo...she never gave up on me, even as a child...and Yoshimori...he cared about me that much that he cried over me now...

"Yoshimori...look at me." He looked over from Tokine's arms, and I reached out to him. I had to touch him. He needed to know.

"Yoshimori...Tokine...thank you both.." I whispered, caressing his face. It was still a bit damp. I had always wondered what he felt like. He was...soft. Almost like a child...

Yoshimori kept looking at me...no, more like through me. Right into my very being. "Gen...you're gonna die...aren't you?" he asked in a small voice. I hated the hell out of it. It wasn't him anymore. But...he was mourning for me the only way he knew how...

I sighed, fully content with myself. "Yes."

"Then...I have to give you this." I wondered what he wanted to give me. Or rather, what else could he give me. I...I was starting to understand why Chief sent me here. He was right. Me and Yoshimori were...

My thoughts were cut short when he leaned over me, and the next thing I knew, his lips were pressed against mine.

I wasn't really sure how to make my body react. I had always been confused about my feelings about him. I thought he liked Tokine, so I buried my feelings about Yoshimori deep down in me, and soon, I forgot all about them.

Now, everything I held inside was leaking out of me, and I was trying to decide what to do. Then, I did.

I allowed him entrance into my mouth, and for that brief stint, he tasted and smelled like...like coffee milk. He was roaming inside my mouth, and at one point, I whimpered. He was very gentle...and I suddenly felt so vulnerable, so scared...I had never kissed anyone, let alone a boy...

Although...I thought about this kiss, and what would happen if I did live...could I still be with him? With Tokine, and the others that still love me?

Maybe living has its benefits...I wanted to live...all of a sudden, I wanted to live. Death could wait...I had to be with Yoshimori!

'Karasumori...please...I can't die here...I have to live for those who still believe in me, and for those who love me...I can't die!'

At that point, this strange feeling surged all around and inside my body. I had no idea why, but...it made me feel very warm.

Me and Yoshimori's lips were still locked. My body slowly began to heal, and when Yoshimori and I separated, I felt some energy return to me. Then, I felt Tokine's small hands touched my abdomen, and she was ecstatic.

"Yoshi! Gen's wounds...he's healing!"

I sighed. That's what it was...I was given another chance...Karasumori heard my cries...thank you.

"Gen...you bastard...you'd better not die..." Yoshi sniffed, smiling so very happily. I smiled back, but I was so weak, I was surprised that I could manage even that. He could see that, and I watched as he talked to Tokine about getting me to his home.

"Yoshi...thank you." I closed my eyes, and I could finally go to sleep.

Hours must have passed. When I opened my eyes again, everyone I possibly knew surrounded me on the bed I was laying on. I was in the spare room of Yoshi's house,and it was crowded. Atora, Ryo, Father, Masamori, Yoshi's younger brother, father and grandfather, Tokine's grandmother and another middle-aged female that I didn't really know too well was there, too. And was it ever noisy!

The grandfather and grandmother were bickering back and forth, Tokine rolling her eyes and talking to who I assumed to be her mother. Yoshi was sitting in the bed next to me, and I felt his body against my head. He was arguing with Madarao, who was ignoring every word he said. Atora and Masamori were in the corner near the room window, talking calmly and quietly. Ryo and Father were laughing and mingling with everyone else.

I was still kind of weak, and so I didn't talk. I snuggled some to Yoshi, who kept moving everywhere, but I didn't care.

My mind...I kept going back to that kiss, and I knew. I loved him, and he loved me just the same.

While everything was going on. I looked past Yoshimori at the open window near was opened to let in some air. It was also pretty dark out, but I could still see a few stars out. I looked outside for a while, until I grew tired again. I knew it would take some time for me to heal.

But not in my heart. I think...no, I know...I finally begun to heal there. I finally realized that these people were my family, and they wanted to help me understand something I never did...what it was they saw in me.

Karasumori gave me a chance to live again. I was thankful, and ready to start over.

"Yoshi...Tokine...everyone...thank you." I muttered softly before I passed out.

This life had something for even a half-ayakashi like me...maybe I need to open my eyes more to the truth.


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