(In Lenny and Squiggy's apartment)

*knock knock*

Lenny: Come in!

The door opens and Ms. Babish enters the room

Edna: Hi boys!

Lenny: Is it the rent? Please give us more time! I PROMISE we'll have it by next week, honest!

Squiggy: Yah, honest!

Edna: No boys, it's not the rent, I was wondering if I could ask you guys a favor.

Squiggy: (With a look of suspicion) What kinda favor?

Edna: Well, a new tenant moved in today, and I was wondering, if you can show her around the apartment complex.

Lenny: I don't know, last time a girl moved in here she was... err... unusual.

Squiggy: Oh face it Len she was ugly.

Lenny: I didn't think she looked that bad…

Squiggy: She had a mustache, Len!

Lenny: Well I thought...

Edna: Will you guys help me or not?

Squiggy: Why can't you do it?

Edna: Because I wanted to repaint my apartment today.

Lenny: Well I got to go to the market to buy more Bosco.

Lenny leaves the apartment and goes to the market.

(With big eyes and a puppy dog face) Edna: Please Squiggy

Squiggy: Alright I guess.

Edna: Good, she'll be over in a few minutes.

Squiggy: *sigh*

Edna leaves the room to tell the new tenant to see Squiggy.

***A few minuets later***

*knock, knock*

Squiggy: Come in!

The door opened and there stood a beautiful, but modest women, she had semi-long hair, loosely curled. She had blue eyes, and wore a black skirt that was finger tip length and a feminine purple shirt.

"Hello!" she said

Squiggy stood, shocked, blinked his eyes twice then said

Squiggy: Hello

"Are you Andrew Squiggman?" she said

Squiggy: Huh, oh… yah. But you can call me Squiggy, what's your name?

"Hi Squiggy, nice to meet you, my name is Audrey" said Audrey

Squiggy: Well, I beta show you around huh.

Audrey smiled

Squiggy: Alright, umm let's go see the incinerator first

Audrey: Okay

So they walked to the incinerator, then Squiggy showed her the laundry room.

Squiggy: Alright, so that's 'bout it

Audrey: Thanks a lot, it was very kind of you to show me around.

Squiggy: No problem, uh, if you want I could walk you to your apartment.

Audrey: No, thank you anyway; I'm going to go look for a job.

Audrey: Do you know of any openings?

Squiggy: There's an opening at the brewery, one of the bottle capping girls quit yesterday.

Audrey: Really? That's GREAT..uhh I mean for me. Do you think you could put a good word in for me?

Squiggy: sure

Audrey: thanks!

Audrey kissed Squiggy on the cheek and left to her apartment

Squiggy (love sick) clumsily went to his apartment.

(Audrey had gotten the job and it was lunch break)

Squiggy: Len!

Lenny: oh! Hey Squigg!

Squiggy: Lenny I met the most amazing girl! She's the new tenant!

Lenny: No way! Does she have a mustache?

Squiggy: … no, no, she's beautiful! And I'm gonna put the old Squiggman charm on 'er.

Lenny laughed

Lenny: Well, I'm glad for you Squigg!


Joe: Did you see that hot new girl Audrey?

Nick: Yah, she's been hangin' around Squiggy a lot.

Joe: I don't know why, he's not her type, a pretty, fragile woman like that should be hangin' around me.

Audrey walks in the room

Squiggy: Hi Audrey!

Audrey smiles shyly, and walks toward Squiggy

Audrey: Hi Squiggy! Hi Lenny!
Lenny: Well I'm gonna leave you two alone.

Lenny smiles, and walks over to Laverne and Shirley's table

Shirley: Isn't it nice that Audrey and Squiggy are getting along so well.

Laverne: A little TOO well.

Lenny: what do you mean?

Laverne: Look.

Laverne pointed at Nick and Joe

Nick, a handsome muscular guy with a height of 6 feet 4 inches, walked over to Squiggy, and towered over Squiggy's 5 foot 3 inch height and small frame

Nick: Hello Audrey, how'd you like to come and sit next to me, instead of hangin' around this squirt.

Audrey gave him a disgusted look

Audrey: Don't call him "squirt" and no thank you, I do not want to sit with you, I want to have lunch with Squiggy.

Squiggy: Go on ova back to your table nick, she don't want you.

Nick then grabbed Squiggy's shirt, and picked him up off the ground. (He was wearing his brewery uniform)

Nick: You're gonna regret that remark, now, convince her to eat with me or you're gonna get this!
Nick curled his free hand to a fist and out it in front of Squiggy's face, the put his hand back down at his side.

Squiggy: Go ahead and hit me, Andrew Squiggman fears nuttin…'cept darkness. And I ain't gonna give up Audrey!

Audrey smiled for a split second, then got up on her tippy toes (she was about the same height as Squiggy) starred into Nicks face, and gave him an intimidating look. Where have I seen that look before? Squiggy thought

Audrey: If you don't put him down right now, you're gonna have a permanent imprint of my fist on your face!

Nick looked extremely shocked

Nick: Alright, alright, calm down.

He reluctantly put Squiggy down. Lunch is over, and everyone started walking out the door and went back to work, Squiggy was the last one in the lunch room, and he began walking out the door.

Audrey: wait!

Squiggy turned around, and Audrey grabbed him and passionately kissed him.

Audrey smiled shyly

Audrey: Thanks for being so brave, not a lot of guys would have done that for me. I'll see you later okay?
Squiggy: sure

Audrey went back to her bottle capping station, and Squiggy, love dazed and surprised, went back to his job as a truck driver.