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It's game where everyone has a drink, and a person say, by example, "I've never eat an apple" if you have eat an apple you should drink, if not, you don't drink, SIMPLE?

But usually, the "I've never" chosen by the participant often reffers to sexual experience ;)

« I've never had sex on a plane » Akina, the captain of their university cheerleader's team, proposed, knowing perfectly that she would be the only one to drink to that.


Misaki was sitting quietly on the bed of one of the student at who was this room, flustered about all the time she was wasting. Right now, she could be studying peacefully in her dorm, but, of course, she had to lose her stupid keys.
Her only chance was to find her roommate who was curiously missing. Having heard the music in one of a student's room, Misaki thought that she was maybe at this party, but it was too good to be true.
Instead, the other students "forced" her to stay to play that stupid game.

"C'mon Misaki, enjoy the party, anyways it's not like you have something to do until your roommate gets your multiple calls" Takashi, her lab partner, told her, probably sensing her annoyance. He took out of his pocket a flask of alcohol and put some in her juice bottle.

"I figured out you weren't drinking alcohol" He smirked at her.

"Alcohol is expensive, juice is cheap" She replied monotonously, repelled by the odor of her new drink.

"Then it's my treat" He warmly stated.

She grinned, and took a sip. Normally, she wouldn't have accepted it, but she was far away from getting her dorm's key. Takashi was right, she had to enjoy some university's experience.

"I've never slept with someone 20 years older than me" One of her classmates said proudly and drank after she had made sure that she was the only one who did that.

The truth is everybody knew that she was sleeping with her biology teacher, which was in theory illegal, but it seemed that she had missed that part.


Knowing that she would never have the chance to drink to one their comments (always referring to sex experience), she decided to drink while the person was talking.

One hour passed and she received no call from her classmate. She was starting to get pissed, but mostly a little drunk.

The door of the dorm opened, getting her hopes up but they faded away as soon as she noticed that it wasn't the owner of her lost keys.

"Usui! YoU waNt to PlAy?" A drunk girl screamed at him, unconsciously moving aside to leave him a place to sit beside her.

"Uh, nope, actually I was searching for…" He said not interested at all while he scanned the room.

Seeming having found what he was searching for, his gaze turned on Misaki switched to his lab partner beside her.

His eyes went quickly dark but he hid it immediately behind his nonchalant attitude.

"Whatever… so what's the game" He replied coldly, sitting beside the girl who had previously screamed his name. Someone gave him a drink.

"It's : I've never" She answered, overly happy by the proximity she was having with the so-handsome-and-popular Usui.

"Ok great, I'm in" He boringly stated, taking a sip as he evilly glanced at Misaki.

What is his problem….

She asked herself, but knew unconsciously the cause of his torment, and this cause was right beside her.

"Need a refill Misaki?" Her lab partner asked, having noticed the emptiness of her bottle.

She didn't even have time to reply, that she had a beer in her hands.

"T-Thanks" She replied, confuse about his sudden generosity.

In the mean time, an alien was attentively watching them.

"I've never slept with someone not native from Japan" The girl stated glancing at Usui, making it totally obvious that she had experience with "foreigners".

She drank but surprisingly stopped when Usui also took a sip of his drink.

"Oh, I guess that makes two of us" She replied, somehow turned on.

But he ignored her, watching blankly his drink. A drink that was soon empty, after all the "I've never" that people tried on him. It seemed that he almost drank to all of them.

Across the room, a raven girl wasn't exactly sharing the admiration of his classmates for him. She was literally storming. Others might call it jealousy, but her stubbornness was calling it anger. To be jealous, you need to have feelings involved. But it was clearly not the case of Misaki, her sarcastic and twisted mind speaking for her. Or was it the alcohol in her blood that made her wished to smash the alien who made her believe, very deeply and unconsciously, that she was the only one for him for all these years?

But it seems that she was just another ordinary and indistinctive pawn in his game.

"Misaki, your turn" She heard someone said.

She stood up, a little unsteady because of all the alcohol her lab partner made her drink. She thought about what she could say. Of course she couldn't talk about her sex experience because they were non-existent.

She glanced at Usui, who was somehow reassured by her loss of words.

This sight of him just made her wish to smash him even harder.

She wouldn't give in to him because she hadn't lost yet.

Just one little lie wouldn't hurt anyone, she thought.

So she breathed, and humbly said:

"I've never had sex with someone in this room"

She rose her glass to her lips and slowly swallowed what was left of her drink.


Every one was looking at each other, exciting to know who will be the boy who will drink to this statement.

But, of course, Misaki hadn't planned this part of the plan. If she "had slept" with someone in this room, the other person would have also drank to her statement. But she had slept with nobody...

She waited for the humiliation to come and crashed her.

But the crowd suddenly became unexpectedly amazed and animated, their gaze pointed at one boy.

She turned around and saw Takashi taking the last sip of his beer.

She had not difficulties to hide her complete astonishment behind her immense relief.

He grabbed her arm and she followed him to the door.

"So it's time to go for us, we have some business to continue" He lightly said as he closed behind them the door, leaving a bunch of overly enthusiastic and astounded students.

But there was only one exception that contrasted with the previous energy.

And this exception had looked at her with intense defeat and emptiness. Just before the door was completely closed, she caught a final glimpse of him, clenching the supine material of his glass while looking impassively at the plastic breaking under his fingers.

Takashi let go of her arm and walked in the corridors, followed by Misaki. She owed him at least a thank you.

"Hey, thank you for earlier, you really saved me" She said, bowing her head, ashamed.

He patted her head and looked at her with a bright smile.

"It's okay, I figured out that it was to make a certain boy jealous" He smirked.

She was already red from the alcohol, now she became even redder when she realized what he meant.

"O-Of course not, we're just friends" She stammered.

"Oh, you knew whom I was talking about" He said while winking at her.

She looked away, not finding anything else to say.

"We have been lab partners for more than 1 year now, I know how to recognized people who are destined to be together. The way he looks at you every time I'm around is not a gaze of a simple friend. And the way you looked at him when he haven't wisely exposed that he was sleeping with every one, was not a gaze of simple friend who didn't care" He related, hiding a certain pain in his voice.

She wanted to deny it, but that would be a waste of time. She knew that Usui and her were more than just simple friends but, yet, so far away to be together as a couple, especially after what she learned about him tonight.

He stopped in front of his room and slid his key into the door lock. He didn't open it, seeming to be hesitant about something.

The next thing she knew was that he had pushed her on his door, but not violently. He trapped her with his arms and looked at her with fever in his eyes.

"You're aware that he is not the good guy you thought he was"

She looked away, disturbed by the way he was looking at her.

"Yes, I know that right now, he is more stupid and idiot than I thought he would be" She hissed, remembering the events of the night.

Takashi smiled, confident.

"Then, you wouldn't mind if I do that" He whispered.

It was too fast for her to react, especially with all the alcohol in her blood.

As he pressed eagerly his lips on hers, she felt him pushed the door behind them.

He was bringing her to his room.

A student room, which surely involved a bed.

There were no ways that this could end well.

Just before he closed the door, he momentarily stopped and framed her face with his hands.

"Since one year, I've been waiting for the day you would stop to watch him and looked at only me"

And with all the sincerity a guy could have, he brought his lips closer to her ears and murmured:

"I love you, Misaki"

She didn't know why she hadn't pushed him away when he pressed back his lips on hers. She didn't know why she was staying there when running away would be so easy.

She didn't know, and didn't want to know.

But she felt two hands on her hips and wondered why. It couldn't be physically possible because Takashi's hand were on her cheeks.

She opened her eyes and as soon as she did it, the next thing she was looking at was the floor.

"Sorry, she's already taken" She heard a familiar voice hissed, venom in his voice.

Of course, it was him.

He was dragging her to god-knows-where like she was a plain potatoes bag.

Even if she ordered him to put her down and hit her fists against his back, all he did was ignoring her.

"I'm really not in the mood to hear you right now"

His voice was crisp and cold, admitting no more complaining.

She heard him opened a door, probably the door of his room, and he threw her with the minimum of delicacy that he could find in this moment of anger. He put both of his hands close to her ears and pushed his upper body in order to look at her.

She sincerely thought that her death was close by the look in his eyes.

" How come you never told me "

His anger faded away to be replaced by an enigmatic sadness.

But she didn't fell for it, he could be the saddest man and she wouldn't care.

"Uh, you're one to talk, you've slept with the entire planet" She replied, profound bitterness in her voice.

He looked at her, suddenly remembering the game before she uttered the "I've never" that crushed him.

"It was not the entire planet, and it was before I met you" He rectified without looking away.

She met his vibrant green eyes and couldn't help but to avert her gaze. Deep down inside her, she just hoped to hear that all of this was a lie.

She smiled from disbelief.

"Yeah, right, it has been more than 3 years that we know each other. You're saying that you haven't slept with anyone since that time. Don't fool me, a player is a player." She stated.

Her words made him flinched back.

"You're right and I'm not proud of what I did. But it was before. Unlike some people" He cruelly replied, clearly referring to the girl who was under him.

She shoved him aside unable to bear with her reflect in his eyes, and sat on the edge of the bed.

It was supposed to be a white lie, not something that would make him think that she's the most horrible person on Earth.

Because she was clearly not, compared to him.

"I lied, I've never slept with Takashi….or anyone else" She angrily replied, preparing to stand up and leave the room.

But two arms wrapped her and pressed her up against him, taking her breath away.

Minutes passed as the atmosphere seems to be lighter and as his anger lowered.

He looked at her, retrieving a certain lost hope.

"Why?" He finally murmured, his eyes sparkling again.

She tried to escape from his strong hold and realized that she had no chance. Besides, she couldn't bring herself to tell him the reason behind her lie, but she did after becoming aware that her silence wouldn't have an impact on his hold.

"Because there's no chances that I can compete with all the girls you… you…well you know what" She nervously gulped as she tried again to escape.

And then she heard a small and light giggle.

"So, Misa-chan wants to compete with them after all" He chuckled.

He was making fun of her, and this smile on his face was still there even after she had hit furtively but fiercely his chest.

"P-Pervert, I didn't mean it like that" She stuttered.

He looked at her in a way "Oh-I-know-you-did", but after what his teasing smile transformed into a sincere one.

"Hey, wanna hear something I never did?" He asked, admiring her frowning face.

"Uh, judging by tonight, that would be very unexpected of you" She joked, but with a hidden sorrow in her voice.

By one quick movement, Usui pinned her down on the bed. He contemplated her golden orbs that were also scrutinizing him, revealing a curious surprise due to his sudden action.

He slowly bent down his head, reducing the space between them. Sensing that she would soon understand what he was up to, he hurried to imprison her lips with his mouth, something she first resisted. But somewhere along the way, she forgot why she first struggled and decided to give up. He trailed slowly his fingers up her neck, to end up on her tinted pink cheeks.

"I've never slept with someone I love." He whispered sincerely.

She looked at him inquiringly, unable to tell if he was serious. But little did she realize that he was being honest, she also realized all the sudden lust in his eyes.

Not long after, he was alone on his bed, rubbing painfully his head.

"And don't see tonight as the perfect occasion, pervert" She yelled at him, pointing an accusing finger at him.

A finger that was soon trapped by his hand and she was immediatly pulled her under the covers. He enlaced her waist making her back squeezed against his chest.

"Geez, Ayuzawa, you are so tensed up for something so trivial as sleeping together" She heard him say and had no problem to guess his grin plastered on his face.

"I-Idiot, it's really not trivial"

And then she heard him laugh, which had no effect to calm her.

"Of course it is, it's just two people who are tired and who rest beside each other… "

By the time the words flew to her ears, she felt somehow reassured which didn't last long.

"Unless you had thought about something else, so sly…"

He didn't get the chance to continue, her elbow violently stamped in his stomach.

"It's your fault if I think about things like that" She snapped after what she realized something.

"Does that mean, in the game, with those girls, when you said that you have slept with them, all you meant was… " She said but didn't finish her sentence, thinking that it was obvious what she meant.

"Good night, Ayuzawa" He murmured as he lightly kissed the back of her head.

He didn't reply and probably never will.

But she couldn't help but to smile a little, thinking that the so-well-skilled Usui, might be at the same level as her when it comes to this.

So she simply closed her eyes thinking that it was the only solution.

After all, she had lost her keys and if the only place where she could sleep were in his arms, then she wouldn't be the one to protest.

His calming heartbeat echoing on her back as a lullaby, she slowly fell asleep and promised herself to lose her keys more often.

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