One week passed and it would be like Usui had never existed.

He was always two minutes late for his class and she didn't even had time to turn around when the teacher announced the end, that he was already gone.

The only place she could talk to him was in his room, but the one time she tried to knock on his door, she failed pathetically and turned back.

Maybe it was a good thing, because she wouldn't know what to say except that she was sorry.

But she wouldn't beg for his forgiveness, not sure that she could even forgive herself.

She didn't know how she couldn't have trusted him. It has been more than 3 years that she met him, and he had never laid down his eyes on someone else than her. He was constantly teasing her, something that first annoyed her.

But she could give every thing to make things go back to normal.

Maybe it was his interest for her that made her feel insecure.

She was violent and constantly denying her feelings when his were so obvious.

She never understood why she was the only one he was looking at when every girl was looking desperately at him.

Maybe she was just unconsciously waiting for the moment where he will give in to someone else.

But he never ceased to look at her…

At least not until she jumped falsely to conclusions and ruined every thing.

But something she could have never expected was the intense pain located in her chest, because she never thought that it would be this hard to lose someone she never truly had.

"You look like a mess" Takashi stated while storming out into her room.

Because that was where she had been for the last week, hiding her pain behind her books.

"I didn't know that I have to look appropriate to study" She replied, sarcasm in her voice.

"You look more like someone who broods on her loss" He corrected as he came closer to her desk.

She didn't raise her head and pretended to be absorbed by her book.

" It's midterms, there's no time for such a thing, and I'm perfectly fine"

He closed her book.

" You're not what I call fine "

She gazed slowly at him and saw the concern in his eyes.

" I'm…getting better"

She was a pathetic liar.

"…or you're just getting used to the pain"

There was a silence, an uncomfortable one.

And then she exhaled sharply.

"Seriously don't you have something else to study other than my self-being." She sighed as she searched the page where she was before he closed her book.

"No…I won't sit back there and watch you hold back your sadness behind such a stupid reason" He replied while he pointed all her books scattered on her desk.

"School is not stupid"

"So you admit that you're holding back your sadness"


He came behind her and leaned to put both of his hands on her desk. She felt the sudden warmth of his chest on her back.

"I love you" He whispered sadly to her ear which made her shiver.

He distanced himself and came closer to her window, staring blindly at the stars.

"But sometimes it's not enough"

She turned on her chair, not sure about what he meant.

He continued to look outside until something seemed to have caught his attention. He closed the curtain and stared at Misaki.

" Because we both know that there is someone out there, who waits for you "

His voice was tinted of a certain sorrow, like he was starting to realize something.

"He's done waiting I made him run away, it's over" She said while drawing undetermined forms in her notebook.

He glanced back at her window and walked to her bed.

"Don't put a period where he might have put a coma, Misaki"

She looked inquiringly at him like she didn't understand the subtle philosophical message in his last sentence.

"I'm just saying that you haven't killed anyone, and if he's not willing to accept what you did, than…"

A smile appeared on his serious face.

"…you might reconsider me" He said as he gave her a wink.

She chuckled but couldn't stop to wonder why he was encouraging her.

"Why are you doing this?"

"I just want to see you happy…" He finally admitted, not only to her, but to himself also.

Uncomfortable by the seriousness of their conversation, he stood up full of energy.

"Now, stop to study for one second and go fetch us some coffee, we have a whole night of biology study in front of us" He said as he gave her some money.

"oh and Misaki, you might want to go to the café of the faculty outside the building, not the cafeteria" He said as he peeked out the window.

"Uh…ok" she replied as she closed the door, confused about his instructions.

Love is about who will walk out and who will walk in.

About who will give up every thing just to see that one person happy,

And if what it takes is to let go,

Than he might surrender, and watch her walk away while she still can…

The night was cold, too cold to be outside without a sweater. But of course she hasn't thought about it. It was crazy how in one week, the temperature could drop down so drastically.

But despite the cold, she was glad to take some fresh air, something she hasn't done since one week. Her room was kind of plain compared to the immensity of the night.

She took the shortest way to go to the faculty's café, meaning that she took the path in the University's garden.

During this time of the year, the trees were showing their best colors before being empty of any leaves.

Shivering and cursing the temperature, she wondered why a guy chose to study outside when it was this cold.

But she quickly stopped to stare at him, even though he wouldn't have noticed her presence since he was sitting on a bench, his back facing her.

Her feet refused to continue their way, but they refused also to come nearer the blond guy who she hasn't spoke to since one week.

So she just stayed there, wishing to be a tree to go unnoticed.

Of course, his inhuman senses told him that someone was behind him and that's when the uncomfortable moment started.

He looked at her with unreadable eyes and she just stood there, like an insignificant tree.

A tree that was unable to restrain its uncontrollable trembling due to the cold.

"You should get back inside if you're cold" He suggested while getting back to his books.

It took her time to process the information that he was talking to her.

"I-I won't give in to the cold" She replied, trying her best not to tremble.

"As expected from you"

He left her space, deciding that it was worthless to argue with her.

"And you, aren't you cold?" She asked as she sat beside him. Soon enough, she realized that her question was stupid judging by the cotton sweater he was wearing.

But his answers always found the way to surprise her.

"It's not like I'm able to feel something anyways" He murmured.

She stared at him, confuse.

"Well, every one is supposed to feel something when it's cold"

Lost in his thoughts, he raised his head toward the sky.

"Not always. When you understand that the sun won't ever appear, you just have to get use to it"

She stood still, thinking about what he just said and didn't find any sense to it.

"But the sun will come out eventually" She replied innocently, more speaking about the morning.

A slight smile appeared on his features, as if what she had said hold a meaning in his non-sense story.

It felt good to talk to him, even though it must have been their weirder conversation.

But she had the strange feeling that he was holding something back. He was distant, somehow different. But who wouldn't be, after what she did…

"Hey, about what happened…" She started but was cut by the waving hand of Usui.

"It's okay, I figured out it will happen" He replied, still impassive. But a glint of sadness in his eyes faltered his hidden look.

"W-Why would you have guessed that?" She stammered, partially because of the temperature that was messing with her comprehension and partially because of what he had said.

His grip on his pencil seemed to be tighter.

"You like him, don't you?"

His question caught her off guard so much that she didn't have a proper answer to give. All that came off her mouth were meaningless sounds.

She just wanted to scream that it was nothing compared to the feelings she was holding for him, but why was she never able to swallow her idiot pride and finally admit it...

She didn't know if it was the cold that tacked her down on the bench or just the feeling of weakness to see him walk away.

He made her a slight smile, pretending to be okay. He collected his books and began to walk away until he heard her crisp and frozen voice.

"Y-YOU'RE WRONG! So don't you dare to make one more footstep"

Her same old aggressiveness….

He turned around and saw her playing with her fingers, probably regretting what she had said.

"I-I don't like him, I thought I did but it was just a question of time before I realized that I confused my feelings"

Her shivers were intensifying every minute.

The tears were coming, she tried to fight them back because she was not someone who cries easily.

"But it doesn't matter anymore, because you will probably never forgive me after what I did"

She stood up wishing that the trembling would stop.

"I slept with him. It's true. But it's not for the reasons you thought. That night, I acted on revenge because I thought you were…" She stopped, momentarily choked by her unstoppable trembling.

"All I'm saying is that…I-I…I'm sorry"

It was too much, if she continued to stay there, she will become an ice block in an instant.

So she stumbled along the gardens, trying to find the entrance but her frozen mind didn't seem to cooperate.

And then, there was this unexpected warmth that surrounded her.

The intensity of her shivering slowly decreased until all that remained was the sound of her own heartbeat.

Or maybe two heartbeats…

Her brains must have been so frosted that she hasn't seen him coming. Nor did she remember when he wrapped her with his sweater.

It was like her body was melting in his arms. But the more it did, the more she regained consciousness and automatically tried to get away.

But she was just a mere prisoner of his hold, and she soon found herself back against his chest.

"I told you that it was cold" He sighed, concerned in his voice.

She didn't answer, letting the silence filled in.

In fact, she was just enjoying their position even if the word "embarrassed" was written all over her face.

She even pretended to shiver, afraid that he might let go of her as soon as he will know that she was okay.

But she was a bad actress and betrayed herself by one of her fake quiver. Which made him look down at her and framed her face with his palms.

"Are you pretending to be cold?" He scoffed.

The red on her cheeks became evident.

"Maybe…" She mumbled.

He stared at her, searching why would she do that.

"Oh, would it be because you don't want me to let go" He asked with humor even though he knew that this answer would owe him a punch.

And it did, but with less strength that he would have expected from her.

"I'm warm now so there's no need to care for me anymore" She said as the cold was slowly imprisoning her again due to the distance she had made with Usui. Even if she had his sweater, it wasn't as warm as him.

He noticed her light trembling and wondered why she reacted that way.

But the answer slowly processed to his brains.

"I forgive you, Misaki"

She slowly pivoted to see if he was joking.

But by the look of his face, he was obviously not.


She had lied to him and doubted about him.

She couldn't sincerely hope for his forgiveness.

Not after what she did…

"You can't, there's too much to forgive" She whispered, still with her back facing him.

She heard his footsteps brushing against the frosty grass until she felt his warm hands on her cheeks.

"Well I just did, so you'll have to accept it" He grinned, dipping his burning eyes into hers.

She had no choice but to smile and her observation senses instantly decreased to zero.

And, of course, he had never missed one of those careless moments.

He bent down her head with his two hands wisely placed behind her neck.

His forehead against her, all that she could feel was his breath warming up her lips.

She gripped his shirt, reducing the space between them.

Their two eager breathes became louder and louder, until his lips touched hers.

She won't hold back, finally understanding that it was what she truly wanted.


As the kiss deepened, his hands lowered to her hips and he grabbed her tightly, moving her closer to him which made her body arched.

She slipped her hands behind his neck and whimpered as his tongue reached the inside of her mouth.

"So naughty…what would it be in bed, misa-chan?" He said playfully, giving him an excuse to pause their kiss because he was out of breath.

But the pause became a stop when Misaki punched him and gave him a dark "you're just a pervert" look.

"I'm sorry, Usui" She whispered, still out of breath from their kiss.

"It's okay, I'm used to it" He winked at her, rubbing his fake-hurt shoulder.

She rolled her eyes.

"You know what I meant"

She was playing nervously with the fabric of his shirt.

"I know and I hope you know what I meant when I said that I forgive you" He grinned.

"B-But I don't deserve it"

Her voice was barely audible, like she was speaking to herself.

Usui laid his hands on hers, to make her stop her nervous behavior but mostly to make her look in his eyes.

"Misaki, you haven't murdered anyone"

She smiled, remembering that Takashi had told her the same thing.

"I wasn't speaking to you because I thought that you liked him so I was okay to let go if you were happy. But now that I know that you did it on pure revenge, I'm kind of flattered" He smirked, hoping to see her smile once again. But she was rather confused.

"Flattered?" She hissed, wondering how somebody could be flattered over the terrible things she did.

He averted his gaze, becoming serious.

"No… really not, in fact. I'm more …disappointed … that you could have believed that I would do something like that to you, that night when you had walked into my room"

He wasn't angry and he wasn't trying to blame her.

He was just…disappointed.

"Trust me, there's nothing you could say that I haven't told myself" She said ashamed while she lowered her head.

"That's why I won't" He replied as he stopped to look at the stars and decided to take her gently by the shoulders.

His smile was kind, genuine. But it somehow became something else…

"Well, I know a way to make up for what you did" He proposed slyly.

Once again, it was too late to avoid the predictable blow coming from Misaki.


She began to walk away knowing that it would be a matter of time before he will be beside her.

Well, more under her, because he had taken her in his arms.

"Idiot! Put me down" She shouted, struggling from his princess-style hold.

"Not-a-chance. Who knows in which bed you might be running to this time" He grinned, and laughed when she gave him a not-so-convincing angry look.

One week ago, the thought of her with another guy than him made him smashed his head on the walls.

Now, he was joking about it.

But it was as simple as the nightly frosted temperatures.

It might be cold when the sun is invisible and unreachable, making your thoughts illogical and numb.

But when the morning comes, the warmth of the sun vanished every uncertainties of the night.

So did Misaki with her presence…

And now, Usui just has to pray that the night never comes…

But if it did, every alien knows how to fly and retrieved the sun.

So does Usui…

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