Media: Fanfic

Title: Debutante

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: None really. Blaine isn't exactly that much of a secret right now.

Word Count: 5,763

Warnings: None really. This is going to be incredibly AU since Kurt isn't running around masquerading as a socialite and Blaine probably isn't a Debutante…

Summary: Born to the highest of high society Blaine is raised to be quite the Beau, but when he comes out as gay to his mother she gives Blaine a 'coming out party' so the other gay men of society can know he's open for business. Enter Kurt Hummel, a modern day Cinderella, who finds himself enamored with the belle of the ball, Blaine Anderson.

Alright, so I know absolutely nothing about debutantes and beaus except for what I've gleaned from some internet sites and the episodes of Gilmore Girls that deal with Rory and her coming out party. I've taken so much literary freedom with this so I'm positive that everything I'm writing here is totally inaccurate. I pray you don't hold it against me and just enjoy the show.

This was inspired by an email by someone very lovely who said I should write the story of 'Debutante' that's talked about in "Skin and Bones" only with a Klaine twist. So, that's what I did because it was too much to ignore. I gave this to my amazing beta to read earlier and I just decided to put this up as my way of saying I'm not dead and am working on "Skin and Bones".

- [1] -

In which the Prince becomes the Princess

The definition of a debutante is a young lady from an upper class family who has reached the age of maturity and is able to be introduced to society.

So, in short, she's old enough to start shopping for a husband with a really large sum of money to his name.

The last debutante to be presented to the High Court in the U.K. was in 1958 after Queen Elizabeth abolished the ceremony. Now there was a smart woman. The practice has been kept up in the U.S.A. since then… but has been tweaked a little.

Now, young women attend cotillion balls as a way to be presented to society. She is made to walk around a stage wearing a white dress which looks unnervingly like a wedding dress. Her father promenades her around and then her escort (or beau as they call them in the south) takes her away. It's an intricate ceremony complete with a special curtsey every girl must learn.

It's a proud moment for any socialite to watch her daughter go to her own 'coming-out' party and be escorted around the dance floor by a suitor; the girl's eyes glowing with warmth as she looks upon the man who could possibly be her husband. Some think it's an archaic celebration, especially the ladies in this latest generation who have been taught all about feminism and would rather dye their hair black than wear white tulle and petticoats.

There are some girls who attend these balls whose families are incredibly wealthy and prominent in the social circle, especially in the upper crust of Connecticut. One such family is the Andersons. Mr. James Anderson manages an insurance company for the very financially stable and Mrs. Angela Anderson is the head of the Daughters of the Daughters of the American Revolution sector in Hartford, Connecticut, and throws some of the most well-known parties. Only the best of the best are able to go, so you know you've made it once you've been invited to one.

When Mrs. Angela Anderson announced her pregnancy everyone was already looking forward to the coming out party that was sure to happen because there was just no way she wouldn't have a daughter.

Imagine Mrs. Angela Anderson's dismay when the doctor broke the news she was going to have a boy. She'd been so dead set on a girl that being told that what she carried was a boy she just didn't know what to do with herself. Her husband was glad though, that meant he was going to have an heir to take over his insurance business. "We can always try again for a girl," James told his wife, trying to hide his cheer.

After the initial shock Angela decided to buck up and deal with it. She and her sister started planning an amazing baby shower and most of the gifts were things that a young, upstanding man in society would use. It was lovely that everyone was planning ahead for her.

Nine months later, Blaine Valentine Jameson Anderson was born and he was beautiful. Angela adored him like no other, but there had been complications with the birth and while Blaine was healthy, Angela was deemed incapable of having any other children. She still loved Blaine very much and decided that she would do everything in her power to make sure that he was given everything, no matter what.

A few weeks later Angela's sister, Merideth, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and while Angela was happy for her sister, she was also incredibly jealous. Merideth's husband was a southern plantation owner and from very old money and had taken to calling Blaine 'Beau' after his wife made the comment "He's gonna make some girl a great beau someday."

Blaine grew up beautifully. He had a regal sort of face with a strong jaw line and beautiful black curly hair. His mother took him under her wing, determined to raise him to be a gentleman. He made sure to speak to everyone he met respectfully and was even known to bow when meeting someone who was higher up in the social ladder than his family.

His cousin, 'Vette (as she preferred to be called because no one called her by her birth name), was a little less sweet. She seemed to be the stereotypical Deb with her snooty attitude and general dislike for anyone and everyone. 'Vette barely tolerated Blaine though, but hated anyone who came near him. Blaine really didn't like her, but he let her be a brat because he was far too much of a gentleman to tell her to shut up.

Early on in life, Blaine showed an aptitude in music and the second his mother realized he could sing, she got him the best singing coach in Hartford. Quickly after that, he showed an interest in guitar and she bought him a guitar and another coach for that too. Blaine was spoiled, but he wasn't spoiled rotten. In all honesty, he was kind of a momma's boy. Blaine found he enjoyed attending his mother's DDAR meetings and mingling with the ladies there, chatting about the weather and their next fundraiser or social event.

Instead of going to public school like he'd originally thought he would be, Blaine was sent to private school; Dalton Academy for Boys, to be exact. It was an incredibly prestigious institution and had turned out many a senator or businessman. There, Blaine was swept up into the ranks of the Warblers, the school's most well-known club. They were an a cappella group that was so prolific people would rank them right beneath the Yale Wiffenpoofs.

Blaine was immediately deemed the prize of the Warblers because his unnaturally sexy singing voice. It also helped that he was an Anderson. Everyone who was anyone came to the performances just to say they saw Angela Anderson's son singing. Because of him, it very quickly became hard to actually acquire tickets to their performances. You had to either be related to a Warbler or be someone very important.

At Dalton was also where Blaine learned etiquette and how to treat a woman right. But, in all honesty, the thought of having any relations with any of the girls around him made him positively sick. For a while he waived it off as after effects from growing up with Vette, but then he started to notice the guys around him and then he really started to notice them.

It wasn't until he was locked in a closet during 5th period, making out with Andrew Frizzell that he came to terms with the fact that he was gay.

He was terrified to tell his parents, though he didn't think that they would ostracize him. Sure, his father might threaten to take him out of the will, but Blaine could live with that. He really didn't want to have to deal with a ton of money and taxes and all that rot. But he'd heard horror stories about rich parents, just like his own, who had sent their kids off to boarding schools in Switzerland or camps to "fix" the kids for problems like his own.

Blaine knew he couldn't keep his sexuality quiet for long. Gossip traveled fast in these social circles and if his family found out second she would be pissed. Not because he was gay (he didn't really know what her reaction would be to that) but more she would be pissed because she was being told something through the gossip mill. Angela usually liked to be the person who was the first to be notified of things in this matter.

Blaine decided to talk to his mother first about what was going on. He had always been horrible at keeping secrets, especially if he was the only one who knew the secret. Plus, he was sure his mother would understand; she was totally awesome like that. Well, at least in all the scenarios he's cooked up in his mind she understood. He'd decided to call it a victory if he wasn't killed by her.

He found her in the garden one day, looking over the new flowers the gardener had planted that morning. "They look wonderful mother."

"Don't they? I think they'll be a lovely accent to the dress I'm wearing for the DDAR meeting I'm hosting here next week," she twittered, flipping her own luxuriously long black curls over her shoulder. Blaine had his father's face and build, but he had his mother's eyes and hair and he loved that he looked like her. Blaine wasn't naturally vain, but he enjoyed knowing that he looked aesthetically appealing.

"Mother, I need to speak with you," Blaine said, hands clasped primly behind his back. In all honesty, he was using this as an excuse to hide how badly his hands were shaking.

Angela smiled at him lovingly and said, "Of course, darling." She took his proffered arm and walked with him to the gazebo where they settled under the shade of the awning, "Now, what is it you wanted to say?" she asked, automatically crossing her legs at the ankle and settling her hands in her lap.

Blaine sat as straight as he could and looked her in the eye. "Mother, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have thought about the possible repercussions of what I'm about to say and I am very sure of the fact that I am gay; very, very gay." Angela stared at Blaine for a long moment and Blaine felt his heart almost beat out of his chest. "Mom?" he asked, feeling almost like he was five years old. "What are you thinking-"

A moment later it was like a switch flipped in his mother's mind and a manic glint sparked in her eyes. The look terrified Blaine and he wondered if he'd somehow broken his mother. A second later a slow smile bloomed on her lips, "Well, darling, I was thinking about how purple would be a lovely color for the orchids at your coming out celebration."

Blaine felt his jaw hit the cement ground. "What?"

"And also, I think you should still wear white. It'll contrast the darkness of your hair perfectly." She went on, reaching out to take his hands in hers, looking positively glowing.

Blaine almost felt incensed, "I just told you I'm gay and all you can think about is a coming out party?"

Angela waved her hand in front of her face, "Oh honey, I've thought you were gay since you were eight. But I have always wanted to give a coming out celebration for my child and now I have my chance! After all there are so many gay young men out there now a day. Plus, you're so handsome I'm sure you'd have your pick of the lot. And why should all those Debs get to have their own party when you're just as good as them?"

"Mom-" Blaine started, too stunned to know what to say, Angela wasn't listening though.

"I cannot wait to start planning! This will be wonderful! And just think of the irony, a 'coming out party.'" She giggled at her own feeble joke and made a motion to stand but Blaine held her down.


She glanced down at him."Yes, darling?"

Blaine felt like he was suddenly drowning. This wasn't happening. "Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself? Wouldn't most people be offended by the idea of using a debutante coming out party for, you know. And what about dad? How will he take it?"

"Your father was the one who first asked me if you were gay. He won't care. He might even be pleased; less of a chance of you getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock like that Harold boy from your grade did last year. Not that there was ever any danger of that, you're too much of a gentleman to ever take advantage of anyone." Angela stared at him as if she was really seeing him for the first time. It was almost as if she couldn't understand his apprehension.

Blaine shook his head, trying to settle what was going on, "Mother, most people are a little uncomfortable at the thought of a guy liking another guy. This might tip some people over the edge."

Angela rolled her pretty hazel eyes and laughed, "Well, then they can eat their hats. I could care less what they think. I'm not ashamed of you, Blaine, dear. You need to be proud of who you are and you should be given the chance to be presented to society like any respectable young lady."

"But mom, I'm not a young lady," Blaine protested feebly, feeling like he was drowning. He almost felt like she was treating this like a game of some sort.

"I know that, sweetheart. I am your mother, after all. But I'm just saying that you should be allowed to have your own cotillion. Or! Your own beautillion!" She shook herself free of Blaine's hand and murmured, "Now, I need to call your aunt so we can start planning. I want to get this all set before you turn 17. After all, at 16 you're getting to be a little old for a Deb." She wandered away, leaving Blaine thunderstruck.

Blaine sat in the wicker chair for a moment, mentally retracing everything that had just happened. He stared down at his feet then up at the chair his mother had just vacated and tried to reconstruct the conversation they'd just had but he was still as lost as he had been.

He didn't leave the garden for another thirty minutes and when he did, he was still stunned. Everything was very cordial at dinner, like usual. After dinner his father pulled him into the study and they settled into the leather chairs across from one another. His father looked uncomfortable and cleared his throat to speak but Blaine beat him to it, "Mother talked to you, didn't she?"

James nodded once and then murmured, "She also said she wants to throw you a 'coming out party,' like the ones the Debs have?" Blaine nodded once.

"Are you okay with that?"Blaine shrugged, "Well, I know that she really wants to do this and I want to make her happy. I can't help but feel that she's turning this into almost a joke. Or that she's seeing me like a girl. I'm worried about what others would think though, how this would affect your company."

James blinked at his son and then began to laugh, a full belly laugh. Blaine couldn't help but feel a little miffed at his father's reaction. This was serious! Why was no one taking him seriously today? "Father, I don't think that you should laugh at this. Having me come out to society like this could cause serious damage to your company."

"Blaine, I don't honestly care about how people would react. You're my son and I am incredibly proud of you and everything you do. I don't care about your sexuality and the world shouldn't either. No one is going to find a better insurance company than mine and if any of my clients left because of you then good luck trying to find anyone else to take their business." Blaine felt a ball of pride grow in his chest at his father's words and he had to force himself not to cry.

"The point I am trying to make is that, are you sure you don't mind making a spectacle of you just because she is desperate to throw a coming out party and have a reason to plan cotillions?"

Blaine shrugged. In all honesty, he didn't want to do it, but his mother wanted it and he hated to refuse anything from her. Especially if it made her eyes glow like that. "If it makes her happy, then—"James cut him off, pulling off his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose. "I don't care if it makes your mother happy. Would it make you happy?"

Blaine shrugged once more. "I don't truly know. I just barely came to terms with my sexuality, and now mother wants to make a spectacle of it. I almost feel like one of her causes."

"Then we'll tell her no. End of story."

Blaine sat there, staring at his hands and finally shook his head, "No, let her have this one thing. She has never refused me anything I wanted. She can throw her party and I'll attend whatever ball she wants me to attend. Plus, it'll be good networking for you and for me. I'll meet people outside Dalton and maybe make good connections for college."

"Aren't you afraid of being taunted or ostracized?" James prompted, taking every precaution to make sure Blaine was solid on this idea before giving Angela the full go-ahead.

Blaine settled back in the chair, resting his hands in his lap and crossing his legs. He looked older than he honestly was and it was quite unnerving for James. "Dalton has a no-bullying policy. Someone makes one crack about me and they can be immediately reported. End of story."

James smiled fondly at his son and nodded once then once more. "Alright then. We'll let your mother get started. I hear she's already picked out purple to accent the white theme."

Blaine laughed softly, "At least she didn't decide to go with the rainbow theme."

"Don't give her any ideas." James laughed and stood up so they could leave the office together.

That night Blaine lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling feeling almost sick. This wasn't how he'd planned for his coming out to his family to go. He knew he should be thrilled at their reactions. It seemed almost too fairy tale-esque and sometime soon he was going to prick his finger or the wicked witch was going to come and ruin everything.

He rolled onto his side, staring out his window at the dark world outside. Maybe… just maybe something really good would come out of this. Blaine knew that wasn't the way things worked, but he could hope, right?

Blaine's prediction of the wicked witch showing up turned out to be eerily accurate. His mother had apparently scheduled a rush tailoring session for that afternoon and while he was being measured his mother was talking to some of the best caterers in New England.

He'd been standing for the last half hour and was getting just a little annoyed when Vette burst in. Vette had the potential to be very pretty, except that she wasn't. Her nose turned up too much at the end and her dark brown hair had been straightened and curled so much that it looked fried beyond help, no matter how much she tried to save it with extensive conditioning sessions and emergency trips to her personal stylist. "Is it true?" she demanded, hands on her hips.

Blaine glanced at her through the mirror reflection and rolled his eyes. "Is what true?"

"That you're a fag and Auntie Angie is going to throw you a coming out party." Blaine cringed at the use of the words but didn't correct her. There was no point. His silence was apparently enough because she let out a barking, soulless laugh, "Oh, that's rich! You mom has finally gone over the deep end."

Blaine groaned a little, trying to ignore 'Vette's entire existence. "What do you want, Corvette?" She grimaced as Blaine used her full name. He was the only one who called her that and he only did it when he was truly annoyed. It was the only way he could express his hatred towards her without stepping out of his gentlemanly façade.

She crossed her arms petulantly and muttered, "I just wanted to see if the rumors were true. From what I hear, she's going all out for you. I love how she's making a joke of such a prestigious event by mixing it in with announcing that her son's a homo."

"Honestly, your attempts at mockery are a rather pathetic attempt at masking your jealousy. As I remember, your own coming out party was very sparsely attended and your escort left halfway through with Aleece Brehman." Blaine replied coolly and from somewhere near his feet the tailor chuckled a little.

'Vette bristled at him, "And you think your own party is going to be widely attended?"

"I truly could care less if it was. I'm not doing this to find a husband like you were since that's the only way you seem to think you'll be able to get a husband. I'm doing this for mom, to make her happy."

'Vette refused to go down without a fight, "So, you don't care that everyone is going to know you're gay?"

Blaine smiled down at the tailor, "Excuse me for a moment." The tailor nodded and scooted back a little. Blaine turned to his cousin and smoothed down the front of the white silk vest they'd just been fitting to him. "My sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. I love who I am and if someone else doesn't, then so be it."

'Vette growled at him in a way far too akin to a wild animal and stormed out of the room. Silence fell for a moment until the tailor piped up, "Well, isn't she just a peach?"

Blaine laughed and stepped back onto the podium and the man resumed his original work. After a few more minutes of uninterrupted silence the man said, "I think what you're doing is very inspiring. I always love it when a meet a young person who isn't afraid of who they are."

"Well, then you're one of the wonderful few," Blaine said softly.

"And hopefully there will be more like me to follow." They didn't say much to each other after that, but a silent bond had been forged between the two of them and it was wonderful.

Though Blaine kept telling everyone that he was fine with who he was and this party, 'Vette had achieved part of what she'd attempted to do; sew the seed of fear. Her harsh words and attitude towards him terrified him because he knew she was going to be just the beginning. Blaine was an expert at acting like he was above close-minded people and their actions but in all honesty Blaine was incredibly vulnerable to insults and slurs.

That night after dinner Blaine sat down with his mother as she went over the guest list. "Well, we will have to invite that Berry girl. She was at 'Vette's party and it would a rather large faux pas to not invite her. And also extend an invitation for a plus one because I remember she came with a beau last time." Blaine nodded, not really interested anymore. He'd heard so many names in the past hour that he was above caring by now.

When she finally let him go it was almost 9 o'clock at night and they had a list to send to the company who made her invitations that was about three full pages long. Blaine barricaded himself in his room and pulled out his guitar, plucking at the strings. About a half an hour later, his cell phone started bussing on the pillow next to his hip and he answered, "Blaine."

"I just heard your mother is throwing you a coming out party," Andrew's voice hissed in his ear. Blaine rolled his eyes, "Every time I hear that it really begins to sound less like what she wants it to be and more like what everyone else thinks it is."

Andrew's voce was condescending as he replied. "Well, what did you think? A guy having a coming out party? Most everyone I know wouldn't make the connection to the whole debutante thing." There was silence and Blaine had a sinking feeling that he knew what was coming next. "You haven't told anyone about me yet? Because, I'm not like you. There's no way I could take everyone knowing. I haven't even told my parents."

"Chill out, your secret is safe with me," Blaine murmured darkly. It wasn't like he was in love with Andrew, but he'd at least hoped that he'd have some guy to stand next to him and keep him company during this party.

"Thanks, dude. So I guess I'll see you at school, then." He hung up before Blaine could say anything. Blaine tossed his phone onto the pillow and scratched at the metal wires of his guitar, making a grating and perfectly horrifying chord.

The next day found Blaine sitting outside for lunch with Wes and David, his two closest friends. They were honestly a lot like the other guys at the school, rich and preppy with a fairly narrow view of the world. Blaine liked them, though, because they were fairly open-minded. Wes, while being a little stiff and looking like he had something up his ass, was obsessed with order but always tried to be fair in everything he did. David was a little more laid back and joked with Blaine, but he was always proper and made sure to give the appearance of maturity and zen.

"So, you're actually letting your mother do this? That's more than I would ever allow her to do," Wes mused.

They had taken Blaine's news extraordinarily well. All this positive feedback was leaving Blaine a little light headed but he was glad his only opposition had been 'Vette so far. David said he already knew and Wes said something about having an idea already.

"I would rather she didn't. But she likes the idea about throwing a party and the way she has it planned it's more like a get together for the Debs, their beaus, and their parents," Blaine murmured, picking at his lunch.

"Doesn't it bother you that she's basically treating you like a girl?" Wes pressed and Blaine caught a glimpse of David rolling his eyes.

"Well, she always wanted a girl. And what harm could it do?" Blaine said softly, not really truly believing it himself.

"Well, a lot," Wes replied. "You just saying you're gay is probably going to piss off a ton of the population. You're just lucky that your parents are some of the most awesome people in existence and that you go to a school where ignorance and prejudice will not be tolerated."

Blaine smiled a little at his friend, "There are a lot of people worse than 'Vette out there. I just have to have courage, right?"

"Right." David clapped Blaine on the shoulder causing to Blaine to jump a little, "But, some good could come out of this too. Your mom said she was inviting some of the openly gay guys from the surrounding area, right?" Blaine nodded and a slow grin spread across his lips. "Well, maybe you'll find your Prince Charming out of the group and he'll sweep you off your feet."

"Right. Just make sure that your mom invited us too so we can help fight off the wolves and ogres," Wes said, a smirk on his face.

"And in payment you can introduce us to some single Debs," David finished. Blaine grinned at the two boys and continued on with his lunch until the carillon chimed, signaling the end of lunch.

The next couple of weeks flew by and before Blaine knew it, the party was upon him and he felt like a nervous wreck. David and Wes were there, true to their word, helping keep him together. "Just be happy that this is only a one day thing," Wes said, helping Blaine with his bowtie.

"No, it's not. My mother has already started talking about having me attend next month's DDAR cotillion and to be there I have to have an escort so that means either going with a blind date, find someone in the next month, or one of you is going to have to pose as my beau," Blaine babbled incoherently.

David laughed as Wes choked a little. "Well, if you don't find anyone in the next month I will gladly play the part of your arm candy." Blaine gave David a thankful smile and adjusted his tie for the fifth time that hour.

Wes was sure that they'd finally calmed Blaine down when Blaine started up again. He whirled around and stared at the two boys wildly. "Why am I doing this? Allowing my mother to throw this thing for me is basically like putting out a sign to the world saying, 'Hey look! I'm gay, here's your permission to beat the shit out of me.' I've given so much to her after all these years and now I'm giving her consent to flaunt me at cotillions because I'm gay! I seriously don't think I can do this. I've played the perfect son for 16 years, I can't do it anymore. And I've been to the sort of parties before, I know the type of people that attend them. People like Vette and now I'm subjecting myself to having to deal with them for years because once you go Deb you never go back-"

Wes and David looked at each other, worry etched on their faces. "We're losing him," David said and immediately Wes sprang into acting, demanding the control that his personality warranted.

He grabbed his friend by the shoulders, "Blaine! Don't do this. What you're doing is wonderful, for both your mother and you. This shows that you are proud of your sexuality and it tells all those pig-headed morons out there that you won't be pushed around. Remember what you said earlier; courage?"

That one word struck a chord in Blaine. He swallowed and smiled a little at his friend, "Courage. Right. I can do this. But you had better not leave me."

"Just as long as they don't mistake me for your boyfriend," Wes replied, clapping Blaine on the arm.

Blaine quirked an eyebrow at the oriental boy. "I never took you one to be a homophobe."

"I'm not. I just wanna have a chance with some of the girls that are gonna show up."

An innocent look masked Blaine's internal smirk and he immediately deadpanned, "But there are a ton of girls out there who are attracted to gay guys." Wes stared at Blaine in disbelief, at an obvious loss for words. David broke them up a moment later.

"Incoming." He stepped away from the door as Angela bustled in.

She gasped at the sight of her son who was dressed in a white pair of pants, white dress shirt and a vest the color of pearl. "Don't you just look so dapper?" Angela bent a little to kiss him on the cheek and Blaine felt his heart warm a little at the look of pure happiness in her eyes. He knew that a lot of this was for her but he didn't mind as long as she kept looking that happy. "Well, come on boys. Blaine, we will see you at the grand entrance in a few minutes."

Angela ushered Wes and David out of the room and Blaine stood before the mirror once more before heading down the hallway to the main staircase. A few girls were milling about around there, waiting for the main event and when they caught Blaine's attention they hurried over to giggle. "It's so cute that you're doing this," one tall girl said with a malicious grin on her face. "So this means you'll be taking the girl's position in the relationship also?"

Blaine was about to say something sharp regarding her escort but another girl broke in, "Honestly I think you having a coming out party is making a mockery of the whole institution. I mean, you're not a girl, no matter how much you want to be one."

Blaine turned a strained but practiced smile on the girl, "Edina, I would never want to be a girl, because then I might have a chance of ending up as bitter and cruel as you." Blaine was never one to make such misogynistic comments towards women; he had a lot of respect for the female race, but when the girls acted like Edina or 'Vette that was when he lost his temper.

Blaine had just about had it up to here with people and didn't think he could take another comment from anyone. He was going to do this and then be done. Blaine was almost at his breaking point when he heard it. He was just about at the bottom of the steps when a soft, melodic voice from behind him spoke. Blaine turned and looked up and could have sworn his heart fell out of his chest.

"Excuse me. This is my first time here."

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