Media: Fanfic
Title: Debutante
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 2,200+ (58,000+ Overall)
Warnings: None really.

Summary: Born to the highest of high society Blaine is raised to be quite the Beau, but when he comes out as gay to his mother she gives Blaine a 'coming out party' so the other gay men of society can know he's open for business. Enter Kurt Hummel, a modern day Cinderella, who finds himself enamored with the belle of the ball, Blaine Anderson.


In which it's the End

Kurt was waiting at the front door for Blaine and his parents to arrive. It was the first dinner they'd had since the dinner at Blaine's home. Carole and Kurt had been cooking all day, forcing Burt and Finn to clean, under supervision of course.

He wanted everything to go right.

Blaine had mentioned his mother's slight change in outlook, however forced by Blaine or Mr. Anderson. Kurt wanted everything to go right so that Mrs. Anderson would stop acting so antagonistic toward them.

At exactly seven o'clock the Andersons drove up to the Hummel-Hudson house and parked. Kurt rushed to meet them while the rest of his family stood in the doorway, watching.

Burt had made it clear a few days after the date for the dinner at their house had been set that they weren't going to pander to Blaine's family. They were Hummels and no one pushed the Hummels around. No one was allowed to put on airs, they were proud of what they were and what they had and Blaine's family would just have to appreciate that.

Blaine was the first out of the car, rushing toward Kurt to place a soft kiss on Kurt's cheek and hugged him tightly, "Thank you for having us over." He told his boyfriend, looking both excited and worried sick. Mr. Anderson got out first and opened the door for his wife. She turned immediately to look at the house, her lips pursed into a straight line.

Burt immediately called to them from the porch, "C'mon in. We're eating out back."

Mr. Anderson took his wife's arm and dragged her into the house. Her shoulders were tight but she managed to tell Carole, "Your designs are lovely."

Kurt and Blaine followed close behind, listening as Carole responded, "Oh, you mean the decorations? That was partly me and partly Kurt. You should see what he's done with other parts of the house. I'll have to show you after dinner."

Finn hung back to walk with Blaine and Kurt, whispering to Blaine, "You mom looks really upset."

"She's pissed because she's not getting what she wants. It's good for her," Blaine replied, looking oddly cheerful as he wound his fingers with Kurt's. "The main point is that she's actually here. I was afraid she was going to throw a tantrum in the car. But she asked me in the car what Carole's job was again. I'm hoping that means she's trying." Kurt smiled softly at Blaine, leaning his head against his boyfriend's shoulder. Blaine looked happy and Kurt just loved seeing that smile on his face.

Outside the adults were sitting stiffly in small plastic chairs that Burt had pulled from the garage and cleaned off himself. He was at the grill while Mr. and Mrs. Anderson sat across from Carole, who was going through the cooler and bringing out a few drinks. There was an awkward silence floating in the air that made Kurt's throat constrict. "What should we do?" Kurt asked softly, leaning towards Blaine.

"Let them figure it out." Blaine murmured.

They hovered off near Burt as his flipped the hamburgers. "Now how do you want your burgers burnt?" He called, grinning at his joke.

Angela looked mortified for only a second before her husband jumped in. "I actually like mine still mooing, but any liquid on her plate freaks out Angela here, so make hers well-done." Burt nodded as Angela made a small squeak of annoyance. "Don't give me that, you know that you do." He turned to Carole to continue telling his story, ignoring his wife. "We were at the club and it was this big dinner party and the poor waiter didn't hear her when she told him what she wanted. When he brought it out, she all but screamed and scared the wait staff near us. You remember that, don't you dear?"

Angela narrowed her eyes at him, "Vaguely. I do remember your steak was so raw that you spilled some on your shirt and Mrs. Archer thought that you had been stabbed and almost called 911." Carole giggled cheerfully.

"It wouldn't be the first time that the hospital would have seen something like that. We get so many odd calls in. Once we had a guy bring himself in, covered in blood and tells us that he fell on a knife sitting on his couch five times."

Angela's eyes widened, "So what did you do?"

"Why do you look so happy?" Finn asked Blaine as they took their own seats away from the parents.

Blaine gestured to his mother. "Because, in any other situation my mother would be complaining about how this isn't proper dinner conversation. I'm almost afraid to say anything else in case it breaks the mood." The boys sat there for at least another ten minutes, carefully watching for any signs of danger.

Thankfully, nothing happened.

Burt finished cooking the burgers while Carole chatted with the Andersons and the boys gave up watching for signs of trouble and instead settled for talking about the latest Glee assignment. Every so often Blaine would look over to see tightness in his mother's eyes but she continued listening to Carole as she talked about the hospital and Burt would chime in with his own stories about the shop. Blaine could almost hear his mother thinking, "I would rather be anywhere but here listening to this woman talk about her job dealing with sick people but it is rude not to look at her when she's talking." He was proud that she was sticking through with her promise to actually be kind.

Burt handed out the plates and set out the condiments on the table. "Okay, serve yourselves." Mrs. Anderson stared at the table for a second and Burt lifted an eyebrow. "It's just ketchup and mustard." She shook her head.

"No, no. I was thinking that I can't remember the last time I had a hamburger."

All eyes turned towards her. "You're kidding." Finn breathed and she shrugged, looking almost sheepish.

Burt turned toward her husband. "And you?"

Mr. Anderson snorted and rolled his eyes. "I have one at least every time I go to the club."

"And that is why your cholesterol is so high." She shot at her husband, reaching tentatively for the ketchup. Blaine watched her carefully, finding it almost comical watching his mother, in one of her better dinner dresses, sitting on a plastic chair with a paper plate on her lap and reaching for the Heinz container. He glanced over to Kurt who had the same expression of humor on his face.

Everyone waited while Angela squirted her food with ketchup and there was a collective intake of breath as she picked up the utensils that Carole had been kind enough to get her from the kitchen and cut out her first bite. She chewed once, twice, and then her eyes opened and she swallowed in a very unlady-like sort of way. "Burt, I am impressed. This tastes wonderful." A second later her words seemed to hit her and she quickly realized what she'd just said.

Less than a second later everyone was laughing and dinner continued. Finn wolfed down his first burger and got a text which had him rushing out the door to meet some of the Glee guys at Artie's house. Angela worked daintily at her hamburger, talking with Carole, while Burt and Blaine's dad talked shop. Kurt and Blaine watched on with twin grins until Kurt tugged Blaine's hand and leaned over to whisper, "Let's leave them. I want to be alone with you for a while."

They abandoned their plates and Kurt dragged them back through the house to sit together on the porch. Blaine stretched out along the platform and put his head In Kurt's lap while Kurt played with Blaine's hair softly. "Do you think that your mom is finally coming around?"

Blaine shrugged, which was hard to do lying down. "She has been like this for so long that I highly doubt that one hamburger and two family dinners will be enough to stop her from being the witch that she has been. I say give her time and sooner or later she'll get there. She's just going to have to learn that neither of us are going anywhere."

Kurt laughed and leaned down to place a kiss on Blaine's cheek. Blaine gazed up at Kurt, marveling at how the light from the porch lantern above their heads created a crown-like halo around Kurt's perfectly styled hair. Right then he was reminded of something and started to speak without realizing exactly what he was saying. "When I first saw you on the staircase, I couldn't get you out of my head. All I could think about was your amazing smile and voice and how good you looked in your suit and I remember wishing that you were one of the suitors that my mother had invited and not some Deb's date."

Kurt chuckled and traced Blaine's cheek with his finger. "Well, technically I was. But don't tell Rachel that I was glad she asked me, because otherwise I don't think we would have ever met." Blaine shook his head, refusing to think about a life without Kurt.

"I won't tell her as long as you don't tell her that I was incredibly jealous of her when I found out she was your date. Which is why I was so happy that you agreed to dance with me." Blaine told Kurt, reaching up to cradle Kurt's hand against his cheek. "I'm so thankful for you. I don't think anyone would have ever gone through anything like this for me, ever. You're like a knight in shining armor." (

"I'm not so sure about knight." Kurt told Blaine, booping his nose. "I think I should rate higher on that scale than just a knight."

Blaine reached up and pulled Kurt down by his neck to meet him in a slow and languid kiss. "How about my Prince, does that sound better?" He whispered, falling back into Kurt's lap.

"As long as I'm yours. That's all that I want." Kurt murmured, letting his hand rest on Blaine's chest. Blaine's hand came to cover Kurt's and there they sat until lights turned on in the house and Mr. Anderson called to tell Blaine that it was time to leave (and commenting that he couldn't believe it was almost midnight).

Blaine didn't mind having to leave then though because he knew that Kurt was always going to be waiting for him. This was only the start of their romance; they still had so many more dragons to slay, together.

I am so sad to see that I am actually done with this story. It has been a long and fun run and I am so thankful for everyone who has stuck through my long chapter hiatuses all the way to this final ending. I am thankful for everything and I promise my stories will actually be pre-written which means actual regular updates. Once again, thank you to everyone who has gotten me through this story, mainly my beta who has been amazing and it probably the reason why I actually finished this story (mainly because I loved reading her comments because she's awesome and funny.) Don't forget to read and tell me what you think, and finally, thank you!