Ugh...I'm so sorry this took so long to post. A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I have not been able to focus on this story. Actually, I was so excited about the idea and the prologue that I whipped out the prologue and didn't really think of what I wanted for the rest of this story, so that also contributed to the tardiness of this chapter. This chapter is definitely shorter than I generally write but I really wanted to get something out to you and I hadn't finished what was meant to be the back part of this chapter yet but I decided it could work for the beginning of the next chapter. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.




I lazily opened my eyes but I found it to be extremely difficult, my head was pounding so hard. God why did my head hurt so bad? I brought my hand up to my head and felt something wet but sticky on my fingers. I slowly brought my hands close to my eyes and was surprised to find something dark on my fingertips, blood.

Then suddenly it all came back to me. Klaus had taken me, Katherine, and Tyler for the sacrifice. Bonnie had somehow managed to locate them and they had all come after them even though I didn't want them to. Elijah had somehow been able to free me when Klaus got a hold of Damon, but as I was running to safety I had been knocked out somehow. I sat up slowly looking around me but I was alone. Where was everyone? Where was I? As my eyes began to focus I recognized the ruins of Fells Church in the near distance and then I suddenly saw a flash of bright light in the sky and as the pounding in my head started to subside I could make out what sounded like grunts a short distance away. I struggled to get up and walk toward the noise and the light I had seen.

I walked a few feet towards what I soon recognized as a small clearing in the middle of the woods near the falls. What I saw amazed me. Everyone I cared about was in that clearing fighting to save me. Bonnie was in the center of a circle of fire holding hands with Luca and Jonas and they appeared to be chanting some sort of spell. Caroline and Tyler in his wolf form were fighting another vamp together, a fair distance away Jeremy had a super soaker full of what I'm guessing was vervain and was squirting some of the vampires while Alaric had a blow torch and crossbow. Stefan and Katherine were handling a few vamps of their own and Elijah and Klaus were dueling as well. But where was Damon?

I looked around but didn't see him anywhere when suddenly I spotted him tied up and slumped against a tree. I quickly ran towards him, trying not be noticed. When I reached him his eyes widened.

"Elena…what are you doing here?" he asked weakly, "You have to get out of here."

"No." I said stubbornly as I struggled to free him from the ropes that I knew were soaked in vervain. "I'm not leaving you Damon." As I untied the knots from the rope I noticed they had also rammed a stake through his shoulder keeping him in place. After I had managed to get the last knot out, I looked at the stake and back at him.

"This might hurt a bit."

"I don't doubt it." he said as I grabbed hold of the stake. I pulled hard and Damon's face contorted in pain but I was able to pull it out.

"They're going to kill you Elena." You have to run." he said looking at me seriously.

"No Damon. I have to get you out of here. You're hurt and weak." I said helping him to sit and I could see the pain still etched across his face. "You need blood."

"Yeah let's go to the blood bank furthest from here. Let's go right now far, far away from here." he said trying to get me to leave.

I just shook my head and grabbed a sharp rock on the ground and took in a sharp breath as I slit my wrist with the rock.

"You're crazy." he said trying to shove my arm away but I shoved my wrist against his lips.

"Just drink it Damon, you can't save me unless you do." He looked at me for a moment hesitating before parting his lips and gradually sucking on my wrist. It was the oddest and most amazing sensation I had ever felt before I couldn't help but think.

Then suddenly I was ripped away from Damon and hurdling through the air and in Klaus' grasp. "Ahh good you're awake." he sneered sliding his finger across my cheekbone as he somehow had be floating in the air. Then he started screaming out in pain suddenly and he let go of me and I hit the ground. I looked up to find Katherine, Stefan and Damon all around Klaus' body. Damon had shoved the dagger into Klaus.

Damon was suddenly beside me cupping my face and looking me over. "Are you ok, did he hurt you?"

I simply shook my head and smiled back at him but then I saw Klaus slowly begin to stand up with a flick of his hand he had Katherine and Stefan pinned against nearby trees. He picked up a stake off the ground and began walking towards us. He raised the stake and aimed it towards Damon. My eyes grew wide but for the life of me I couldn't say anything, Damon must have noticed my expression because he turned around quickly putting his hands up, but Stefan was suddenly in between Damon and Klaus.

"Stefan no!" Katherine yelled out.

The stake plunged into Stefan's heart and Stefan fell back into his brother's arms. Katherine grabbed the dagger off the ground and plunged it into Klaus' heart and Elijah suddenly appeared and plunged a second dagger in. I looked away but my eyes fell to Damon sitting on the ground with Stefan in his arms. I staggered over to them and saw Stefan's ashen skin and could not bear to look. Damon sat there crying and I did the only thing I knew to do, I put my arms around him and held him as he cried.

I sat up suddenly my eyes darting all around me. I was in my room, in my bed, covered in a cold sweat. I sighed and wiped my forehead, it was just another dream, only it wasn't just another dream. It was a memory, the same memory that has haunted me nearly every night for the last five years.

I got up knowing that attempting to go to sleep again would be useless. I padded downstairs and poured myself a glass of water and sat down on one of the stools. Klaus, Stefan's death…for the last five years this same memory haunted my dreams but it has only gotten worse since I moved back to Mystic Falls. It used to just be snippets but now it was the entire horrifying night.

I knew the dreams were worse now that I was home. My friends in college and in San Francisco had suggested I see a therapist and I tried but how exactly do you explain that the reason why you're screaming your head off at night is because you're reliving the night you were nearly sacrificed to break an ancient curse and that vampires, werewolves and witches all existed in your life. Yeah therapy was really going to work. I'd probably end up in an insane asylum if I told them my life story.

Ugh I really have to stop thinking about the past like this.

I peered out the window and saw the sun was almost up and it wasn't raining. I went back up to my room and changed quickly and laced up my sneakers intent on going for a run. As I stepped out of the bathroom my eyes wandered to the window seat and another memory started to enter my mind.

"Cute p.j.'s"

Ugh. I couldn't think of that now.

I hadn't always been a runner but it was a good habit I picked up in college after months of feeling restless and looking for trouble, I found running to be a good alternative.

I just started running letting my mind clear, music blasting through my headphones and without realizing it, I found myself a mile away from the old Salvatore Boarding house. I had avoided this place since I came back. I hadn't been back here since the night Damon left but for some reason instead of turning the other way as I normally did, I felt myself running towards it this time.

I made my way up the road and the long driveway until I saw the familiar structure and I stopped for a moment to take it in and catch my breath. I walked the rest of the way and pulled out my keys from my pocket, easily finding the right one and slipped it into the lock and opened the door, but I didn't make a move to enter. I stood there frozen bracing myself, thinking. A day after my 18th birthday, I received a copy of a title for the Boarding house and to my surprise it stated that I was half owner of Boarding House. Damon had given me the house but left no note or explanation. I thought Damon was dead for months and but then he sent world through Alaric that he was ok. After that I refused to come back to the Boarding House and sent Jeremy to deal with the place, even told him he could live there if he wanted.

I don't know what brought me back here now. That's not true, I know exactly why I'm here. Today was exactly five years since the date of our compromise. As I walked through that door and slowly wandered around the house, I don't know I think I half expected Damon to just pop up and be there, pouring himself a drink, lounging on the couch reading a book, coming up from the basement with a bag of blood. Everywhere I turned I thought he would just be. I paused at his bedroom door and took a breath before throwing the door open. In my head I could imagine him propped up on one elbow smirking at me but he wasn't there.

I shook my head at my own idiocy. We said five years but we never stated when we would meet up exactly. Of course Damon wouldn't just come back here at exactly the five year mark and me moving back to Mystic Falls in a hurry when I looked at the calendar realizing there was only a month left, quitting my job, leaving the life I had built for myself in San Francisco, all in the hopes that Damon would simply just come back to me. I was ridiculous.

I laughed out loud at my idiocy.

I shook my head and walked out the front door and locked it behind me and jogged back to town deciding to stop at the Mystic Grille for some breakfast.

"Hey Elena." Matt said greeting me from behind the bar as I walked up to him, "You're here early this morning."

"Yeah felt restless and I went for a jog." I said taking a seat in front of him. A year ago when the Grille's owner decided to retire to Florida, Matt, Tyler and Jeremy bought the place. Tyler and Jeremy were basically silent partners while Matt oversaw the day to day operations, although occasionally Jeremy would come in and help out too.

"Jogging? You? I think California really messed with your head." he teased and I balled up cocktail napkin and threw it at him. "Hey!"

"You deserve it." I say smiling.

"Alright so what can I get you?"

"How about some coffee, and orange juice, and a stack of blueberry pancakes with bacon and scrambled eggs." I said smiling.

"Now that's the Elena I remember." he said smiling before disappearing into the kitchen and I started to read the newspaper.

"Hey have you heard from Caroline or Tyler?" he asked as he came back out. "I've been trying to get a hold of Tyler but he won't return any of my calls and I need his take on something important."

"Uh…no." I said, "Aren't they still on there year long honeymoon bumming around Europe or something."

"I guess so." Matt said I could hear the sadness in his voice.

After everything that had happened with Klaus, the bond between Caroline and Tyler only intensified and in the end Caroline ended up breaking Matt's heart. They stayed in Mystic Falls for awhile but after you've gone a few years and you still look exactly the way you did when you were 17, they decided it was time to head out.

The funny thing was, Matt is still the only one that is completely in the dark about what has gone on in this town. How he has never managed to find out is beyond me, but I kind of liked that Matt seemed like the one safe spot in this town.

I suddenly felt the hairs in the back of my neck stand up and my heart started to race. "Hey isn't that Stefan's brother? What's his name?" Matt said looking behind me.

I didn't need to turn around to know that it was him. Matt's words only confirmed what my senses were already telling me. He was back. I took a deep breath and turned in my seat slowly and standing in front of me was the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on gazing right back at me with his crystal clear blue eyes.