Title: An Interesting First Love

Author: LaLaLovelyApples

Rating: M (technically it's K at this time but I plan to change that)

Summary: [Kakeru/Yuki] There's a rumor about the Prince. All signs point to love, which, naturally, catches peoples interest. More importantly, this catches Kakeru's interest. [Future M]

A/N: I wonder why this pairing is not a big favorite? It's so cute... Also, sorry for lame title but I thought it was kinda suitable?

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I gained no material profit in writing this.

His smile was coy and sincere. "You know... you're a pretty interesting guy." He said, and at first Yuki wasn't sure he heard him right. He didn't know why his chest was pounding, hot blood rushing to his cheeks. "Ma... Mana..." Yuki muttered weakly, a profound warmth enveloping him. Kakeru grinned. "Eh? Are you finally going to confess your undying love for me, Yukichan?" He grinned playfully, until he saw Yuki clench his fists and start walking toward him.

"Y-Yuki?" He put up his hands, preparing to defend himself. "Yuki- I was only- I didn't-" Kakeru stopped. Yuki walked right past him. Red-faced.

'... This is bad.'

Kakeru chased after him.


There was a rumor going around. The prince seemed in a daze during class, in the halls, and at lunch. The once-polite young man was now virtually unresponsive. A troubled look constantly adorned is face. But it wasn't until he sighed, longingly, that everyone knew.

The Prince has fallen in love!

"It's totally me!" A girl swooned, starry-eyed. "No way! I'm the most elegant!" Another said, gesturing with dainty hands and fluid movements. "Well, I hear Yuki only likes smart girls." Said one with pigtails, grinning smugly.

"Actually..." One lightly chimed in. A girl with short hair and glasses, reading a magazine. "Actually, I heard the Princes' grades are..." she looked up, "are... are slipping."

The others gasped. Silence.

"He's so in love with me!" They squealed excitedly, a cacophony of delight and obsessiveness following after. "Cut it out already!" A boy said through clenched jaws, huddled over a work sheet and nearly snapping his pencil.


"What's with all the noise?" Red eyes calmly looked at the school, muffled, girlish laughter reaching the court. "You mean the girls, Kyosempai?" A nearby freshman asked. "There's this rumor..." He hesitated. "Rumor?" Kyo looked at him, passing the basketball. Normally he wouldn't try to understand girls, they were always loud and dicey. But this was different, it was... excessive. Even more so than usual.

"It's about..." The freshman swallowed, passing the ball back to Kyo. "S... Sohmasempai." He saw Kyo grit his teeth, eyes flare. "A-Apparently..." He saw the ball strain under Kyo's steel hand. "H-H... He's... in love." "HA! Don't make me laugh." Kyo spat. "Like that bastard rat could ever love anyone but himself." He growled loudly, squeezing until the ball popped.


A pale hand touched his ear. It was hot. "Someone's talking about you." His voice... Yuki looked up. "Manabesan?" Kakeru sat down next to Yuki, smiling wide. "It's a superstition! Your ear gets hot when someone's talking about you."

Their shoulders touched.

Yuki quickly looked at his lap.

"I... didn't know you were superstitious, Manabesan..." He said, softly. He hoped Kakeru wouldn't hear his panic. "Not usually... but there has been a lot of talk lately, and Yunyun looks really red." He saw Yuki start to touch his bangs, trying to hide his face. "It makes me wonder if it's true... Or..." Kakeru leaned closer. "Maybe..." Yuki shivered, Kakeru's breath on his ear.

"Maybe Yuki-chan's actually thinking of me naked?"

He looked at Kakeru, wide-eyed. His face was hot and his heart throbbed erratically. Kakeru saw him, frozen. Saw his mouth partly open, silent, and finally close. Why wasn't he hitting him? Why wasn't he saying anything and why... was he watching those lips, the fair color and skin and slight quiver of fear...

Kakeru's hand touched Yuki's cheek, forcing a shivering gasp from the feminine boy. "Yuki..." He whispered, watching him with dark eyes. "Do you... love me?"

A/N: Will be continued, probably? This is my first fanfic so, hopefully all goes well. Also, sorry for it being so short.