Title: An Interesting First Love

Author: LaLaLovelyApples

Rating: M (technically it's kinda like "T+" or something at this time but I plan to change that)

Summary: [Kakeru/Yuki] There's a rumor about the Prince. All signs point to love, which, naturally, catches peoples interest. More importantly, this catches Kakeru's interest. [Future M]

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"The... truth..." Yuki echoed, his voice weak and broken. Kakeru's eyes were draining him, his big, warm hands making him shake. The way they lightly squeezed him, pulled him forward... He watched him get closer and closer until he finally had to turn his head away. Kakeru was so close now, he could smell the soap on his skin and feel the warmth of his body. Yuki gasped when he felt Kakeru's lips on his neck, planting a gentle kiss. "I need to know." He whispered, his breath spreading along Yuki's neck. It was too much.

"Ka-Kakeru..." Yuki's breath shook and he closed his eyes as the room started to spin. He couldn't deny Kakeru now, he knew. It felt so good, being so close, having Kakeru's lips on any part of him.

God, Kakeru, "I love you..."

It was barely a whisper, like a dream, but it filled them the second the words passed from his lips.

Kakeru was watching now, watching the tears fall from the smaller boy's eyes. Yuki was quick to wipe them away, but they wouldn't stop. "I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry Kakeru," he begged, "I know it's wrong. I..." please don't hate me...

Kakeru gently pushed his hands away, cupping his face. So warm... Yuki thought as Kakeru closed the distance between them with a kiss.

He took advantage of that inviting gasp, tasting Yuki in a kiss that made his head spin. Yuki helplessly moaned into the kiss, Kakeru's tongue tickling and pleasing him. He felt every swipe and nudge so intensely it made him shiver. What if that tongue were somewhere else...?

"Wait! Kakeru!" Yuki cried, tearing away from those delicious lips. "What, what's wrong?" Kakeru asked, concern lacing his voice. "That... That was my..." He looked down, red and embarrassed. Kakeru's eyes widened. "Yuki, was that your first kiss?" He smiled when Yuki didn't say anything.

"Good. I want your last kiss, too." Yuki looked up in surprise. Kakeru quickly stole another kiss. "And each one in between..." He smiled wide, looking Yuki in the eye. "Kakeru..." He choked, fighting his tears.

Yuki was the one to kiss him now. His new love moaned, deepening the kiss. He leaned forward and grabbed Yuki's small waist, pulling him close until their bodies fully pressed together. He felt Yuki wrap his arms around his neck in response, a hand combing through his hair. He felt the gentle pulls, his pleas to continue. 'Gladly.' He smiled to himself. He swept his tongue across Yuki's mouth, pleased when he clumsily did the same. "Mmh," Kakeru moaned, encouraging Yuki to do it again. When Yuki tried he pressed his tongue against it, swirling it around Yuki's as he whimpered in surprise. "Ka-Kakeru," Yuki gasped and turned his head again. Kakeru kissed his neck in response, unbuttoning the collar of his shirt and attacking the newly exposed skin. "Kakeru!" His body shook and his head tilted back, the pleasure building and overwhelming him. "S-Stop, Kakeru, I..." He swallowed and tried to move away. Oh god, oh god, this can't be happening...

He quickly covered himself as Kakeru looked at him with concern. "Yuki?" His eyes trailed down to his hands. He couldn't help but smile, making Yuki's color deepen. "Oh..." "D-Don't look!" He said quickly, crying out when Kakeru grabbed his hands. "Yuki," he said, bringing them up and gentling leading Yuki backward until he pressed against a wall, "don't be embarrassed, this is perfectly natural-" "Kakeru! Don't tease me!" Yuki begged, humiliated. "I'm serious," Kakeru said, smiling wide. "Erections are perfectly natural, including this one." He pressed his hips against Yuki's making the smaller boy yelp as their cocks rubbed against one another. "A-Ah! Kakeru?" He cried, the other starting to slowly grind their hips together. "What, are you surprised?" Kakeru said between grunts. "Yunyun, you've given me these before you know." "H-How can you say that so casually?" Yuki said, beat red and insanely happy. "And stop calling me that!" Kakeru laughed. "Make me."

He quickly kissed Yuki before he could retort, eliciting moans and sighs as the slow rhythm of his hips continued. 'Jesus, this has to be a dream,' Kakeru thought, Yuki's sweet moans and taste filling him. And god, his body, desperate for him, eagerly pressing back with every stroke of his hips. Fuck heaven, this was a thousand times better.

Kakeru was the one to break the kiss this time. Yuki looked at him with hazy eyes, panting and licking his tender lips. "Kakeru, don't stop." He begged. He grabbed Kakeru's collar and started to gently tug, urging him back. Kakeru smiled and kissed his cheek and neck instead. "Yuki," he whispered, his hands trailing down to his hips. He squeezed them lightly, earning a small whimper. "Spread your legs for me." Yuki nodded and obeyed, slowly parting them and allowing Kakeru to nestle in between them. He groaned happily, squeezing Yuki's hips and moving his own from side to side, dragging himself along those soft, warm thighs. "Oh god, it's so hard," Yuki whimpered, pressing forward. "M-More, Kakeru!" "Anything you say Yunyun." He smiled and pressed hard against him, slowly dragging his hips back and forth, the pressure threatening to bruise them both. "Oh god, oh god!" Yuki cried, moaning with each forceful stroke as Kakeru started to pick up the pace.

Sweat made their hair and clothes stick to them, precum forming large, dark stains on their slacks. "Oh, god!" Yuki cried as their hips and thighs continued crashing together, his desperate moan quickly muffled with deep, passionate kisses. He blindly kissed back, the speed of Kakeru's thrusts forcing his pleasure to build and build until he saw white. His lover's orgasm followed quickly after, his head buried in the crook of Yuki's neck as they struggled to catch their breaths. Slowly they sank to the floor, holding on to each other, Yuki settling on Kakeru's lap while the other tenderly kissed at his neck.

"Kakeru..." Yuki quietly moaned, his hands trailing across the bigger boy's chest and shoulders. "Kakeru..." He swallowed, feeling the other one kiss lower along chest and collar. The gentle touches made his heart flutter, and the high of his afterglow encouraged him to finally ask.

"Please be my boyfriend."

He waited for a response, his heart beat drowning out everything else. He was smiling, excited, expecting the best possible outcome.

Instead, Kakeru started laughing.

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