A Thorn Among the Roses

Supporters of house Capulet wept heartbroken tears on a cloudy morn as they watched the body of Juliet, the now late heir to the Capulets, being taken to the tomb that would become her eternal resting place.

As the funeral procession passed these mourners, they gently set the deceased girl down, making sure she wouldn't be jostled from the shock so much that her peaceful position atop her deathbed would be altered. The townspeople, noticing this, began to solemnly step forward and gently toss irises onto her.

It was just as they slowly started backing away, the last few grief stricken townsfolk just tossing their flowers, that a dagger shot out from the center of the crowd, stabbing Juliet in the supposedly lifeless heart.

Shocked and bewildered, Lord and Lady Capulet's heads began to whip in all directions, searching for the thrower. However, they failed to notice a young member of house Montague sprinting away, guffawing as he received a high five from his friend.

And so, the young girl's life truly ended.

A/N: Ah, my first drabble! What do you guys think of it? This isn't going to be a long fic, as I only plan to post the five drabbles (including this one) that I have written... Next chapter will be up soooooooooooon!
OH! I should explain this, shouldn't I? Okay, these drabbles are just little things I came up with in LA class a couple weeks ago when we were watching Romeo and Juliet. This particular drabble is based off the scene in the... Zeffirelli(?) version where when they're carrying Juliet to the tomb and people start throwing flowers at her.

All characters and settings are created by William Shakespeare and all situations and adaptations this is based off of belong to their respective owners. I own nothing but my imagination.