Twilight- Dipped Dreams

Chapter 1

-Flower+ Princess+ Enemy= Betrayal-

She stood there, at the windowsill, staring out the window at the fiends that roamed the land, chapped and dusty from lack of water's nourishment, freely and without care. On a spit over a fire, far down bellow the closed window, the monsters roasted the brown furred hide of a horse's leg. She turned from the window. A lady should not have to see such things, but she continued to look out the window, looking at the horizon instead. "Does the sight below disgust you, Princess Zelda?" Came a grumbling voice, a dark hand on the wall to her right, supporting the owner of the voice, as they leaned over her. "Another sad day in Hyrule?" He asked and she attempted to ignore him, but wasn't able to ignore the hand running down her left side, chuckling. "How does it feel to be the princess of a broken kingdom?" She looked away from him.

"How long are you going to be keeping me here?" She asked, and he smirked,

"A long time."

"I'll need a hand maid then. A girl preferably." Zelda said, and he moved her blonde hair away from the right side of her neck with the back side of his left hand as he laid his face in the nape of her skin.

"I can help you out of your clothes and into them." He offered, making the outline of her neck in shoulder out with his lips, leaning down lower. Zelda put a hand to his armored torso and turned around, her back to what was now Hyrule.

"You're hands are too large for the small threading of my clothes, and I'm afraid that if you'll forget your own strength and suffocate me by drawing my corset strings to tight." She explained, and he looked out the window,

"Hm. I see." He responded with indifference, "If you'll entertain me for the night, I'll think about it." Zelda escaped his touch when she could, but did she even have a choice in the matter? She clamped her mouth shut tight, not wanting to give him the pleasure of hearing her yell or scream. "You're going to try and be quiet again?" He questioned, letting out a rumbling laugh of mockery at her, "Good luck with that." He said, picking her up and putting her on the bed, pulling down the sleeve of her dress and pushing up her skirt, ripping the cloth.

Someone several levels below the tower where Zelda was being over taken by the castle's master, someone flinched, the hairs in their ears twitching to the sound of ripping clothing. ...Was that the sound of crisp, freshly clean fabric being ripped, I heard? Their temper flared, "MASTER! If I find out that you ripped up that dress I just cleaned, I'm going to fucking kill you dead!"They yelled up at the ceiling, making the others working around them wince at the death sentence the sound had gotten the castle master. "It took me hours to clean that dress! I told him 'bed the princess as much as you want, but leave the dress be', didn't I?" The other servants shrunk away and out of sight, as they stormed out of the kitchen, hissing under their breath and loudly declaring their anger.

Zelda covered her mouth, wishing there was someone to save her from this horrid fate of being this monster's sex slave, as he pushed himself inside of her, "Ngh! You've gotten a little loose, your majesty." He sneered and she grasped the sheets of the bed, turning her face away, as he thrust his hips forward. The pain was both humiliating and unbearable, the feeling of being ripped apart from the inside out, constantly in her mind. Tears ran down her cheeks as her mind searched for someone she could call to save her. He leaned down and nibbled on her neck, sucking on her nipples as he massaged her other breast with his free hand. When he grunted his declaration of cumming, she was both glad and horrified as he refused openly to pull out. She turned away from him when he did remove himself from her; going to sleep instead of complying with anymore of his desires/ demands.

He lay there, staring at the ceiling. Link was dead- everything that could oppose him was gone, and Hyrule was in his grasp. He felt…empty…despite this. There was a knock on the door and he got to his feet, opening the door, covering his manhood with a blanket. A girl stood at the threshold, "Good Afternoon, Master Ganondorf." The maid. Not just a maid- the head of the maids of his house- this could be figured out by the bright green band on her arm and the embarrassing outfit he had given her that went to her knees and barely covered her chest. Thankfully, she wore a grey shawl of fur around her shoulders. He blinked and sensed the threatening and pissed off aura around her. "Master, it seems that the pile of clothes next to the bed is a dress, and it looks to be RIPPED." He stiffened,

"Yes, well…" He started and she glared at him,

"Master, I asked you to leave the dress alone." She said bluntly, and he tried to recall such a thing as she swept past him and scooped up the dress, covering up poor Zelda. She went over to Ganondorf, throwing the dress over her shoulder momentarily to tye the sheets around his waist, "Master, for the Love of Fayora, could you please not rip the dress next time? You'll be the one fixing it up if it happens once more." She told him, walking out of the room, "The bath is ready in your room, and dinner will be done soon."

"The princess wants a maid servant, are you willing to help?"

"I'd rather not get involved in your flings, Master; you're the one who calls on me to be the pretend fiancée to get out of them." She answered bluntly as she made the bed more comfortable for Zelda while she slept, fluffing pillows and what not, before leaving the room, looking at him as she stood outside of the room. "Please don't stand outside in the cold too long- I've been told it lowers sperm count." She said and walked off as he jolted, and ran to his room after shutting the door, as she vanished into her room across the hall from his and sat on her bed to start working on fixing the dress. The fabric was completely useless and she sighed. "I will need a miracle to fix this dress. I'll have to make it from scratch. A new one will have to-" "KOHANA!" She looked across the hall, getting to her feet and going into her master's room,

"Help me bathe." He instructed and she pursed her lips in a fine, thin line.

"You completely RUINED the princess's dress; I don't think I'm really in the mood to do anything for you." She said her closed hands on her hips and he looked back at her, "You will buy the new materials for Zelda's new wardrobe, since you've one-handedly destroyed over half of it."

"Yes, sure, whatever just put my hair up?" He agreed and she sighed and walked over to the bath tub that he lounged it, bubbles floating on the water's surface with peach blossoms. She picked up a comb and a variety of bobby pins. She combed back his bangs and slipped the bobby pins in, in a sideways 'X' fashion, until all of his bangs were back, and she dipped her hands into styling gel and ran her fingers through his hair. He tilted his head back, "I'm not giving you hair sex Master, so don't tilt your head back." She said, roughly tilting his head back forward. When he tilted it back once more, she smashed the back of his head and he growled but fixed his mistake. When he squirmed in impatience, she gently assured him she was almost done, slipping in more bobby pins before handing him a hand mirror, "Does it suit your liking, Master?" She asked patiently, as he checked it, looking this way and that,

"It's new and rather- interesting. It's fine for now." Ganondorf said, and she nodded,

"Good. Now I'll need your purse." She said straight up and he glared at her, "You said you'd buy the cloth. Unless you want to leave the castle-" He groaned and rolled his eyes, a signal she had come to terms with knowing 'not a snow ball's chance in hell', "If you would stop ripping Miss Zelda's clothes in your incapability to hold make your lust for 5 seconds, I would not be asking for your purse to get new cloth for the clothes." He pointed to the counter where his clothes lay, and she took his rupee purse, "Do you have a preference to what you want the clothes to look like?"

"Dark colors- make some silver in them." He said, and she bowed before leaving, shutting the door behind her. She stared at the floor for a few moments, questioning herself mentally on why she was still here, before going to Zelda's room.

"Princess, come, grab you're cloak, we're going to the market." Kohana called, and Zelda did as she was requested, passing the head maid, who whispered to her, "Tonight, you shall be free, Princess. Please hold on until then."


"Here- a horse." Kohana said, offering Hyrule's princess a brown horse with several dark patched of black on its fur, "Kalifer will take you far, and he's had plenty of rest and food to go for a few days." Zelda looked at her.

"Will you be coming with me?" Zelda asked, "We could both-"

"…no, Princess, I will not." Kohana said, putting a hand up. "I'd rather see you go free than be selfish and wish myself freedom. I will be riding Stella, wearing one of your cloaks, and going a different direction than you." She got on her black horse, "For as we speak, the Fiend who imprisoned me with this curse is searching for you, and when he finds you gone, he searched for me, and when he finds me gone, we have little time. Go, now, the back alley ways are narrow, but they're big enough for you both." Her horse snorted, and Kohana smacked the other horse's rum, making him buck, before they were off. Stella neighed and Kohana stared at the dark night, before turning her horse into an obvious direction away from the castle and whipped the reigns. Just as Ganondorf burst into the horse stables and mounted his own steed, catching a glimpse of Zelda's black cloak, and giving chase. "May the Gods give speed to old Kalfier- and my own Stella."

"OOOH, ZELDA! HERE I COME!" Ganondorf cackled, the rider in front of him glancing backward, as Zelda galloped down the alleys and up old water ways, Ganondorf struck the horse in front of him. With a neigh and a whine, it fell sideways, tossing its rider, the both rolling in the dirt outside of the castle, before the horse came to a bloody stop, a crimson pool growing beneath it, as its ride struggled to their feet. They stood tall, as Ganondorf went over to them, dismounting his midnight nightmare horse. "You gave me quite a scare, Zelda." Ganondorf admitted, reaching out and roughly pulling down the hood of the cloak, crimson locks spilling out instead of the blonde ones he anticipated. "!"

Zelda, meanwhile, rode to the woods of Hyrule, far from Ganondorf's grasp, as Ganondorf threw the rider he had actually caught, onto his own horse and returned to the castle.


"After all your years of service, Kohana, I never thought you'd betray me." Ganondorf tutted, and she stayed silent, as she had done since he caught her. "Where is Zelda?" His questions were met with silence. She reached up, the chain links of her wrist shackles clinking together harmoniously, and she wrapped the chain around her neck in one swift move, and pushed her wrist farther and farther apart from each other. He grabbed the front of her dress and struggled to loosen the chain around her neck, as she choked herself. He slammed her back against the wall, as she gasped, a single second of the chain's tight grasp waning was all he needed to slip his fingers in and unwrap the iron from her neck. "That's the 7th time you've tried to kill yourself. I won't have your games, Kohana." Two tears slipped down her cheeks,

"Just let me die, already! I've betrayed you, I've disrespected you, death is the least of the punishment the crime's I've done can earn in your views!" She said, and He stood there- holding the chain up high with a hand, letting her hang in front of him with no floor for her feet, her eyes on the same level as his. He smirked.

"You want death? I'll give you a punishment worse than death, little Kohana." He stroked her cheek and she flinched away from his touch, before he left her fall and left the room. The door shut, and the sound of him locking it from the outside made her realize she had lost her chance at asking nicely. The door opened, and Ganon returned. "I will give you this chance, Kohana." She looked up at him, as he held a pair of handcuffs in his hands- ones she couldn't really strangle herself with. He knelt in front of her, as she sat on her bed, "Tell me- right here, right now- that it was all an accident. That you were careless, and it won't happen again. That's all I ask." He said looking her in the eyes, "Do we have a deal?" She closed her eyes, before opening her piercing (color) eyes and staring into his orange ones.

"I purposely let Zelda runaway, and I even told her which way to take, and used myself and her cloak as a diversion to get your attention." She told him, and he sighed,

"Sometimes, Kohana, I-"

" 'Wish I never met you'? I wish I was never born, nor any of my family, so that maybe we'd be reborn as something you didn't desire to destroy in your hunger for power and blood." She said, cutting him off, and he shook his head, changing the shackled to the handcuffs. He laid his head in her lap, and she sat there, staring at him emotionlessly. Something inside her wanted to grab the closest thing and just kill him, but what good would that bring? Look at how PATHETIC he is! He's not doing anything but taking shelter in your lap like a rat from the storm! Just slip your hands around his throat and squeeze. He'll pass quietly. Snape his neck if you want. He sighed, laying there, on his knees, his neck out in the vulnerable openness.

"You don't like waiting for me or serving me, I get it." He said after a while, "I've tried to compensate but you don't want anything from me."

"I want what Zelda has right now." He stood up, as she looked at him, "I want freedom."